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The New York Communist The Pink Terror IV. Bloody Thursday in the 8th Thursday evening, just as dusk was descend plot, went down to Casino Hall to investigate the pealed from the decision of the chair but Becker Oingt uns dhe Eraser side and lights began to ap; matter. Once inside the building they were sub man again instructed that no appeals were in order pear in the store windows, a number of jected to a close scrutiny by the retainers of the and the chair so ruled. Schneider protested this Right Wing members of the 8th grasping Executive Committee, led by Grossman, and those decision and several comrades demanded that the white papers firmly in their right hands, were seen known to be Left Wingers were refused admittance protest be recorded, but Beckerman, with that cold slinking in the shadows of the houses toward East to the meeting. Those who survived this first ex logic that so often has saved the Board of Alder41h Street. When a fellow member of the Branch amination were ushered into the hall where they men from deviating from the paths of duty, pointed approached they were observed to huddle closer to were immediately seized by the second line of de out that as there were no records nothing could be the wall and hurry past with averted faces. They fense, led by Abe Beckerman, alias Abie the Agent, recorded.
were on their way to the reorganization meeting of the 6th and subjected one by one, to a It was then decided by the Executive Commit in Casino Hall, 85 East 4th Street, at the command protracted investigation as to their political, relig. tee mercenaries that only questions were in order.
of the Executive Committee, and the last lingering ious and artistic beliefs.
Asked whether any member of the Socialist Party, shreds of conscience still troubled them. But Are you a member of the Left Wing? One not a member of the Left Wing, would be permitted black night, under whose pall men do deeds that comrade was asked.
to joint the new Branch no matter what his or her blanch their faces in the clear light of dawn, Do you believe in an organization within an or beliefs, Beckerman answered in the affirmative.
dropped down, and smothering the faint cries of ganization?
Whereupon he ws asked how his answer squared conscience, the Ring Wingers hurried on. Do you submit to this reorganization?
with Anita Block statement, but this be refused Early the same morning a carefully picked When he refused to answer these questions he to answer on the ground that he did not want to em group of Right Wingers had received the following was informed that he couldn be a member of the ter into a personal discussion.
letter: Party unless answered. Hereplied that he had been He then declared the meeting adjourned. It is Dear Conrade: meeting of the member of the Ath member of the Socialist Party for four years, that authoritatively stated that the net results of the Asembly District, Socialist Party, will be held Thursday, no charges had ever been brought against him, and meeting were about twelve Dames and address. co.
May Buh, at 30 at the Casino Hall, 85 East 4th that he had no reason to believe that he was under Waldmian claims 71, but his knowledge of the Street.
This meeting is called by the Executive Committee of compulsion to answer any questions discussion facts doubtless oquals his knowledge of Socialiem.
Local New York for the purpose of reorganizing a branch then took place between the members of the investi. While this serio comic meeting was going on, the of the Socialist Party in the 8th Assembly District. gating committee, some wanting to expel him from majority of the members of the Branch were at For the past montbe, it was impossible the members the meeting and others arguing that he be allowed tending the regular Branch meeting in the headof the branch to conduct meetings and to transact the legitimate business of the Party because of a group of to remain. Finally they decided to allow him to quarters, which was still intact owing to the fact kell styled Left Wingers, who place allegiance to factional stay.
that a guard had been formed to protect the furni.
ism above that of the Party and who have organized a Party After some thirty or forty people had gathered ture from Assemblymen and Aldermen with pen within the Party, meeting behind closed doors and deciding in the hall, Potter, a member of the 21st took chat for pilfering. Under a special order of busibeforehand what is to be done at the meetings of the the chair and announcing that the meeting was ness, Gerber letter to the organizer was taken up branch; send delegates to a Central Committee of faction where these delegates receive instructions what they open, called upon Beckerman to state its purpose. first.
are to do and bow they are to act at the meetings of the Beckerman announced that the Executive Commit. motion was made to disregard the action of Central Committee, with every member bound to vote in tee wanted the names and addresses of those who the Executive Committee and proceed to carry on the branch as the leaders dictate; and every delegate in stood for the reorganization scheme. He further the ordinary business of the Branch as heretofore, the Central Committee must act us the steering committee directs.
explained that these names would be investigated and to make an immediate appeal to the State Com The Party organization must be free from any dictator. and another meeting called for those who were mittee to rescind the action of the Executive Comship, no matter in what form it manifests itself.
found to be satisfactory or in other words, suffi. mittee. After come discussion, during which the This meeting on Thursday, May 8th, is to place and ciently devoid of intelligence to obey without ques members who had been attending the organizeganization in the district free from dictators and from out.
tion all the commands of the Party bureaucracy.
aide influence.
tion fiasco came in, the motion was carried unani. There is no intention of curbing the ideas of the com He continued to the effect that as he was not sure mously. Two reporters from The Socialist, the orndes. Discussion of Party matters are always desirable, that all those present were Right Wingers, no busi gan of the Pink Terror, Berenberg and Tuvim, were but there is no room for another organization within the ness could be transacted. At this point somebody present during the meeting, and were observed tak.
organization, and only such comrades who are not members of the Left Wing Section or who have cessed to be called attention to the fact that the chairman had ing copious notes which will doubtless appear in affiliated and left the Left Wing will be admitted to mem not been elected. Immediately Anita Block aug the next issue, if the publication is able to survivo bership mented Abie remarks by saying that those who the publication of Waldman speech. Bring your Party card with you, as no one will be ad. gave their names in would be investigated, and if Thus ended Bloody Thursday. The plot for the bitted without card. Only members of the 8th found to be would be invited to another political butchery of the 8th fizzled out, and will be admitted.
All comrades having the welfare of the Party at heart, meeting.
according to the latest advices the Executive Comand who are not members of the Left Wing should at Comrade Schneider, who is not a member of the mittee was gathered in Gerber office weeping bittend, and help build up loyal party branch in the 8th Left Wing, made an objection to this procedure, and terly over the twelve pitiful Dames which repro Youn for a United and Solidific Organization, moved that the meeting start reorganization right sented what was to have been a new and obedient EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE.
away and for that purpose that a chairman be im Branch. Our statistician compute that taking into Local New York, Socialist Party, mediately elected and the meeting proceed to busi. account the deposit paid on the furniture ven, Simultaneously the organizer of the Branch, ness. Beckerman told the chairman that this mowhich was held in readiness, we price of Casino Comrade Dauber, received the following ukase: tion was out of order and the semiconrade from Hall, and the hire of mercenaries, besides the tip Mr. Sam Dauler, the 21st ruled accordingly. Schneider ap to the cop on the beat, cach name cost the comOrganizer, 8th Assembly District, rades of Local New York over 10, to say nothing Local New York, Socialist Party. Dear Comrade. This is to inform you that the Execuof the cost of the cellar where the plot was hatched.
Live Committee decided that in view of the fact that your For the Freedom of Debs and all other branch is affiliated and an integral part of the so called Political Prisoners Left Wing Section, an organization within the party organization, organized for the purpose to destroy the party GTH ASSEMBLY DISTRICT organization, and contrary to the decisions of Loul New The Conference of the Russian revolutionary York, your branch is therefore suspended from the organ. Socialist organisations of New York and Comrades: The Joint District Commit.
ization, and is no longer an integral part of Local New York vicinity calls you to a tee of the 8th Assembly District bus callA meeting of the members of the 8th will be ed for a Special Meeting of all 8th walled by the sub committee of the Executive Committee MASS MEETING u kou a practicable for the purpose of reorganizing the brancbes on Thursday, May 22nd, branch WEDNESDAY, MAY 21st, 1919 at Brunch Headquarters, 122 Second Are For the Executive Committee of Local New York. JULIUS GERBER, At MANHATTAN LYCEUM Important matters will be discussed. Executive Sec y.
66 East 4th Street TAE JOINT DISTRICT COMMITTEE, Several Left Wingers, being informed of the SPEAKERS BENJ. LIFSHITZ, Organizer John Reed Hourwich For the Freedom of Debs and all other Eadmonn MacAlpine Gelibter Political Prisoners COME AT P. ADMISSION FREE HEAR YEI HEAR YE! HEAR YE The Conference of the Russian Revolutionary Socialist organisations of New York and ucinity, together Loose your belts and got ready!
ith the 4th Russian Branch calls you to a MASS MEETING HALL TO RENT The big day is coming TO BE HELD 43 WEST 29th STREET, NEW YORK Time: Saturday Evening, May 17th, 1919.
FRIDAY, MAY 16th 1919 At BROWNSVILLE LABOR LYCEUM LIGHT, CLEAN, AIRY HALL Place: 8th B. Branch Headquarters, 122 Second Arc.
SEATING OVER 100 PEOPLE 219 227 Sackman Street, Occasion: Get to gother membership.
Brooklyn, CAN BE RENTED FOR SEVSpeakers ERAL DAYS AND EVENINGS Dancing, talking, eating, singing curcitement de lure In English: DURING THE WEEK ZUCKER WATON Pretty girls and lively men.