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The York Communist An Outline of the Communist International Adopted by the Congress of the Communist International in Moscow (March 6, 1919)
IL which openly places the working class in a privi system, defrauds, by words, the masses of partich The conquest of political power by the proletar leged position in society, is on the other hand pation in the state administration. Actually the iat means the annihilation of the political power provisional institution. When the resistance of the masses and their organizations are totally deprived of the bourgeoisie. The power of the bourgeoisie bourgeoisie is broken, when it is expropriated and of the real state administration. In the soviet sy lies in its state machinery, with its capitalist army gradually reduced to the labor strata, the proletar. tem the masses themselves administer, for the to under the leadership of capitalist junker officers, ian dictatorship disappears, the states dies out and viets attract the ever increasing multitude of the its police, its prison wardens and judges, its par with it classes vanish.
workers to the slale administration. Only through sons, state officers, etc. The conquest of political So called democracy, e, bourgeois democracy, this method will the whole laboring people gradu.
power means not only the change of persons in the is nothing but the concealed dictatorship of the bourally become interested and take an active part in cabinet of ministers, but the annihilation of the geoisie. The much praised general national will the administration. The soviet system rests upon state machinery of the foe, the conquest of the real exists as much as the united people. In reality the the mass organizations of the proletariat, upon the power, the disar aing of the bourgeoisie, of the classes exist the classes with opposite, irreconcila soviets themselves, upon the revolutionary labor counter revolutionary officers, of the White Guard; ble purposes. But as the bourgeoisie is a small unions, cooperative, etc.
and the arming of the proletariat, of the revolution minority, it needs this fiction the national Bourgeois democracy and the parliamentary ary soldiers, of the workers Red Guard; the aboli will of nice, pleasant sounding words to system separate the masses from the State, by the tion of all capitalist judges and the organization of strengthen its dominion over the laboring classes division of legislative and executive power, by the the proletarian court; the abolition of the rule of and impose its will upon the proletariat. The pro toleratiou or unrecallable mandates. In the soviet the reactionary state officers and the creation of new letariat, on the contrary, being an overwhelming system, on the contrary, the right of recall, the executive organs of the proletariat. Immediately majority of the population, exercises the class pow. union of the legislative and executive power, the after the victory of the proletariat follows the dis er of its mass organization, of its soviets (councils. function of the soviets as working colleges, unite organization of the hostile power, the organization to abolish the privileges of the bourgeoisie and to the masses with the administrative organs. This of the proletarian power, the destruction of the assure the transition to the communist society. unity is promoted also by the fact that under the capitalist, and the ersction of the proletarian, state The main power of bourgeois democracy lies in soviet system the elections themselves are conmachinery. Only after the proletariat has become the purely formal declaration of rights and lib. ducted, not in accordance with artificial territorial victorious and the resistance of the bourgeoisie has erties, which are unattainable by the laboring peo districts, but in accordance with productive been broken, can the workers use their former foes ple, the proletarians and half proletarians, while units.
for the new order, place them under control, and the bourgeoisie utilizes its material means to deceive The soviet system thus realizes true proletarian gradually add to the work of the communist con and defraud the people through its press and its democracy, the democracy for and of the proletarstruction.
organization. In opposition to this the soviet iat against the bourgeoisie. The industrial prosystem (council system. this new type of the letariat is preferred in a sense as the leading, bent Slate power, endeavors mainly to give the prole organized and politically most mature class, under The proletarian state, like every state, is a ma tariat an opportunity to realize its rights and lib. which the half proletarians and small peasants chine for suppression, but this machinery is direct erties. The soviet power gives the liest palaces, gradually arise. This provisional privilege of the ed against the foe of the working class. Its aim is houses, printing shops, paper stocks, etc. to the industrial proletariat is utilized to withdraw the to break the resistance of the exploiters, who uso workers for their press, their meetings, their unions poorer petit bourgeois masses in the country, from all the power at their command to smother the end other organizations. And only through such the influence of the large peasants and the bear.
revolution in blood; its aim is to make this resist methods will proletarian democracy be realized.
geoisie, and to organize and educate them u co ance impossible; the proletarian distatorship. Bourgeois democracy, with its parliamentary workers in Communist construction.
Germans obtained no more than a fraction of the Soviet Russia Red Army which only got this evening, sent to me from grain they expected from Ukraine. It was a poor the All Russia General Staff. It shows that the (Continued from page 3)
speculation on the patriotism of other races! What front of the Red Army, drawn continuously and they got they found on the farms of big farmers without any regard to the thin reporting and patrol The greater part of the Ukraine is now and land holders, where it had been collected in lines, represent a front line of all together 12, 000 in the hands of the workers an peasants great stores. But the small farmers were crafty, as kilometers, in other words, five times as long as government of the Ukraine. And this will they always are, they buried the grain in their the entire external islınd coastline of Norway from fields!
be the greatest aid to Soviet Russia. Let Christiana tr Borisglep on the Varangian boundus first consider the regiments of the directorate Comrade Sklandsky lighted his fourth cigarette be ary! the area which the Red Army has won under Hetman Petlura, and then the troops of the fore he got through with Ukraine. We also went back for Ceniral Russia in the first year of its ac Entente. In Petlura army are the Ukrainian na into the question of the inner organization and the tivity amounts to about 3, 240, 000 square kilomeworking methods of Red Army. But we must tionalists and the counter revolutionists, in additers, or about ten times the area of all of Norway.
tion to some Galician regiments. His troops never.
postpone this to another day.
And now shall light a Russian cigarette. am theless are already fairly disorganized and are de It is so cold here in the Iron corridor in the eager physically to find somehing that will fill the berting to us in masses. Our Bolshevist Hetman in fortress of the Kremlin, that am hardly anxious largest space in a short time even if it is only Ukraine is Rakovsky, formerly very prominent in to look a bit at the heavy military map cigarette smoke the Rumanian In Sebastopol and Odessa the Entente han its main basis of operations. They Moderate Socialist Office Holder even have negroes there. In Ukraine we have cap. Continued from 1)
tured districts which have put all together several millions of poods of grain into our surplus. The Tell us what you spoke on that social revo eleven defendants uniform sentence of twenty lution?
five years imprisonment, the minimum sentence (Question objected to by Zabel and objection that he might have imposed upon them being one sustained. year.
After he had testified and was leaving the court Before imposing sentence Judge Backus ad building, LaDucca was arrested by the police. dressed to the defendants the following words: Members of local Bronx Socialist Party.
Counsel for defense objected to the arroel of a wit There can be no excuse for your actions. You SHALL LOCAL BRONX GO LEFT? Dess for he defense, to which Zabel gave the fol. have banded yourselves togetha and worshipped lowing answer: at the shrine of criminal anarchy. You have been Zabel If this man was taken don know, he is drinking from the bitter cup of poison which has TO DISCUSS THIS MOST IMPORTANT QUES not a witness any more, he has testified and has left led to your destruction.
TION CONFRONTING THE MEMBERS OF the court room; and what the police department The man responsible for the sending to prison of LOCAL BRONX ALL COMRADES ARE URGED does with him is none of counsel business. eleven Milwaukee workers for a term of twenty.
TO ATTEND In reporting the arrest of LaDucca, The Milwau five years, who charged them with a crime, which, it kee Leader wrote as follows: was evident, they did not commit, and who brought MASS MEETING Three other members of the local Italian about their conviction by braten illegalitics, by the branch of the Socialist party were arrested Monday, vilest sort of trickery and by inflaming minds ON SUNDAY AFTERNOON, MAY 18th and the police announced that literature had been of the members of the Jury against the defendants At o clock found on their persons that might prove of signfi by producing evidence intended to show that the defendants were socialists, members of the LW.
At the FINNISH HALL, After deliberating seventeen minuter, the jury and anarchists, was Winfred Zabel, Socialist Bronx Opera House Bilde found the eleven defendants guilty of Assault District Attorney for Milwaukee County.
442 East 149th Street with Intent to Murder.
It remained for the Supreme Court of Wisconsin Commenting on their conviction, The Milwaukee to almost entirely undo the crime against eleven The following speakers will address the meeting: Leader of December 29th, 1917, had the following members of the working class committed by Social.
to say: ist District Attorney Winfred Zabel. The Wis BERTRAM WOLFE The element which seemed to weigh most heav consin Supreme Court has just ret aside the conJOHN REED ily against the defendanls during the trial was the viction secured by Zabel in the care of nine of the BRODSKY fact that they were supposed to have been mem. eleven prisoners, seven of whom have been frood bers of an alleged anarchistis organization in Bay altogether (after having spent over a year and JAY LOVESTONE Vim (Milwaukee) which advocated the overthrow half in prison) and two of whom are to get another of the existing forms of government and society by trial.
ADMISSION FREE, Party Card Must Be Shawn The two whore conviction the Supreme Court confirmed, will. appears likely, soon be Judge Augustus Buokos imposed upon the pardoped.