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The New York Communist International Notes Thermal sturbances.
Italy The Soviet Strike in Ireland ing after the fake decreo had been published in THE Italian frontier is closed on account of in The general strike in Limerick is spreading over that city by a bourgeois newspaper: The following report the whole south and west of Ireland. Soviet of Enemical of the action of the new Executive Committee of strikers is already in complete operation and is You are defeated. You have reached ruch low level that your causc is bow desperate. You wish to contine the Italian Socialist Party throws some light on the even issuing its own currency. It is recognized by living in idle luxury and have us work for you, and you matter: all soctions of the population in Limerick as the find the revolution menace to you. Enemies, you slander and misrepresent us when you say that we anarchists would At the first meeting of the new Executive Com source of authority, except of course by the British une om Mberty to enslave women.
mittee of the Italian Socialist Party, held at Milan military. The city is in a state of siage and is en You forge our name to this vile decree that your vilo hands have written. For centuries and all over the world, in the office of the Avanti, the following declara compassed by foot and mounted troops, while ma anarchists were bghting against all decrees, all force and all oppression. We ourselves have used force and violence tion, presented by Lazzari, was adopted. chine guns and artillery have been mounted. No only against our oppressors. We want to live and la live. Today, the forty eighth anniversary of the pro one is allowed to enter the city without a permit. in perfect freedom. it conceivable that we would now issue such a monstrous and contradictory decree?
clamation of the Paris Commune, the Executive The bourgeois press credits the strike to Sinn Think for yourselves! Lit likely that anarchists Committee, at the beginning of its work, declares: Fein, but it is the Labor movement which is in conwould advocate or even permit such degradation of women. a) That it remembers how the third You think only to provoke trouble. You are only trying to deceive the ignorant people. Don you defeat of the French proletariat, in the suppose we have Wive, mother, sister ind short stirring space of half a century, has daughters of our own?
been gloriously vindicated by the Russian Below is a Reprint of a Circular Distributed Among British Solknow Death for prodiers in Russia by the Russian Soviet Government au Moscow.
Soviet Revolution, marching firmly toward vocateurs. Deatb, no matter who they are Wo Fill be of Interest to American Forkers.
will make you pay for your vile crime. Anybody its owu internal consolidation and the milifound circulating such dirty propaganda will be tunt union of all the proletariat of Europe; put in the same class. Everybody, whether with us or not, who opposes such contemptible prope(b) Expresses the most fervent hopes Quit Fighting, British Soldiers, and ganda methode deserve commendation of the Italian Socialist Party for the GerWith all our soul we fight on for all that Join Your Russian Comrades!
is best for Russia man and Austro Hungarian revolutions, because it has entered with an ardor on English Prisoner from Archangel Front Writes to Resolution Passed by the Conference of the search for a true and real Socialist reHis Brother Scots the Labor Unions of the City of Vladivolution. Is it right for working people of one country to kill vostok and Vicinity with Reference to (c) Denounces once again the illusions working people of another?
the Recent City Election.
craftily disseminated in the Conference of The conference of the Labor Unions of the The Allied troops, invading Russia, bave so often City of Vladivostok and Vicinity, upon consider Paris which, under the ingenuous mask of been told that if they are taken prisoner they will ing the subject of the (City) elections, and realWilsonian bourgeois ideology, is recreatbe tortured and killed by the bolsheviks, that it is izing that at the present moment, when the ro actionary forces have reached their fullest die ing the Holy Alliance among the con.
interesting to see what in fact happens when an play, and when Siberia and the Far East had English soldier falls into the hands of the Russian been divided up between domineering little king querors, 10 oppress not only politically but workmen and peasants army. Here is the letter and invaders, and participation in the Insitutions also economically the conquered popula of a private of the Royal Scots taken prisoner last created by these Bosses would be completo tions, dumb victims of the mistakes and month Dear Archangel.
repudiation of working class politics; that the complete annihilation of the libertica conquered the rapacity of the bourgeoisie, captained by the Great Revolutious of February and Octobe, by imperialistic militarism, and against To the Men of the Royal Scots deprives the working class of every oppurtunity to conduct a tematic campaign the international proletariat; Koatlas, Monday, Oct. 14, 1918.
That the candidates botninated by the Working (di Sends its warm greetings to the Class in the Duma. City Council. if elected wonder if you all know the kind of men you are would unquestionably be refused admision to Comrades recently liberated from prison fighting. do. You are fighting an army of working their offices; and from internnicnt, and restored to the That the entire policy of the various govermen, and there are no officers amongst them. Everybory mens is directed to the bumiliation and analarcivilian battalions of the Party with spirit is the same. They ask, why do we fight them. Well, ment of the working clu, us is apparent from that is more than can say: in fact, don know why the new election law; more eager and determined; we have come to fight them, and another thing that counts That any work in the Institutions which a (e) To our own member Arturo Vella is, they don want to fight us. They are not fighting presentare carrying out the political and eco nomic function of the Divatonship, would be pot and to all Comrades still in prison, sends their own class, the working class, but the capitalists of the greetings of fraternal solidarity, in the Russia and all countries. Since have been a prisoner only repudiction of the Class Ideals of the Working Class, but would be complete ackcertainty that the renewed action of the proI have been treated as one of themselves, and given me nowledgement and recognition of the Dictatorplenty to eat and drink. have also seen one of our men ship: letariat will achieve the speedy liberation That the Duma (City Council. in view of the that lies in the hospital wounded. He tells me that he present condition, would find itself powerleu to of every victim of militarist bourgeois per has been well treated and looked after as a friend, a bouwd any taxes on the propertied classes, ad secution.
working man, and not a soldier.
The order of the day also presented by Yote ask you this question; is it right, that the upon the poorest part of the population; That after the publication of the het (of can workingclass of one country should come and fight the Lazzari was approved as follows: didates of the Labor Union) the various officials working class of another country. We are not al war in power stubbornly refused permission, not only The Executive Committee noting with with Russia, and the Russians are not at war with us, to inue daily paper, but eren pre election bulletin for the purpose of conducting campaign the greatest satisfaction the development but with the capitalists of all the countries, the people propaganda. and the progress of the organization of the whom we work for and keep in plaaty, while we, the That under the pretense of various technical Party, recommends to the sections to exer.
working class, merely exist. If the working class knew errors and formalitica, more than one half of the why they ar: fighting and for who they would refuse to candidates nominated by the Central Bureau of cise the most rigid care in admitting former fight any longer. Think things over and ask yourselves, the Labor Unions were eliminated from the ticket or new Comrades, holding incompatible is it worth while killing each other to please other peo through formalities and technicalitios created by these same officials; the presence in the Party of anyone who ple, who care not what happens, as long as their pockets That officials of the militia invaded meeting (This has explicitly supported the war.
are being filled at our expense. From what have seen of the conference of the Central Bureau of the refers to the Party former resolution ex the Russians are a good people and they are fighting for Unions, interfering with the work, and because of that number of candidates bave us protest a good cuuse, a cause that every country in the world declined to be nominated. cluding all social patriots. should follow.
And that because of all enumerated room PRIVATE LAPHAM, TUTH ROYAL Scots.
the attitude of the workers at this time, because of The French and the Saar Miners the oppressive political conditions, should bo clearly one of boycott; The following item is taken from Soziale The conference, therefore, decided to withdrew ticket Number Eight (Labor Union Ticket. Praxis: protest against the police peruecution and raide In the Saar mining district negotiations between trol of the situation, and sympathetic action is daily and u demand for the restoration of democratic liber ties; Calling upon the workers to boycott the elections in the miner organizations and the French military expected by the workers of the north and east, much In organized way, it declared that the cloctions will be commander in regard to the introduction of an unrest being manifested in Belfast and throughout participated in only by an insipificant part of the popole eight hour day have been going on. The French the textile centers of Ulster.
clearly a one sided one, and unrepresentative of the ha of the population; commander has given a flat refusal to the demands of Russia The conference further demands that new elections be the miners. He justifica his refusal by a statement ordered under copditions whereby the working class will us to the coal famine that prevails in France just In view of the fact that the editor of The New have an opportunity clearly and definitely to stato its demands, and to obtain representation in accordance as in Germany; and also by an assertion that the Europe, the frat paper to print the alleged Soviet wil its numbers, decroc on the nationalization of women have It is further resolved that this relation be published French miners have to work ten hours. In reply solemnly withdrawn the charge and apologized for and be brought to the attention of the Cotond of the Foreign Power to the plea that the eight hour system is in force in (Sipood) ALEXANDER MOROSOV, China its error it is interesting to read the following transthe Palatinate, he replied that it would be abolished lation of the Anarchists denial of their part in the Secretary of Central Ben u soon as the French troops entered the district. affair, posted on the walls of Sarator the morn.
Trade Union (Candid. 7)