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The New York Communist Welcome Home!
Look abroad, to Paris, where our noble Allie ers; their condition is worse than it was before the For a year and a half you have been under squabble. over annezations and indemnitics, and war; their Unions are being broken up, and in armo either on the battle line in France, or in plot to prevenit the workers from taking over their dustry is closing down in order to reduce these own Governments.
camp over bere wages to a point below the living wage before the DOT.
Some of you volunteered. The great majority the National Socurity League, incite you against the The capitalist press, and the White Gaards of of you were conscripted without being asked whethEvery effout of the workers to improve their com er or not you wanted to go. But as free men and that Bolshevism is attempting to destroy our workers and their organizations. They tell you dition was an effort for you, every demand of the citizens, you would have refused to go if you had workers for industrial democracy is your demand.
not believed that this was a War for Democracy, a The revolutionary Labor movement is your move War against Tyranny and Oppression, a War to ment. You belong to the working class. You are Make the World Butter Place to Live In.
The Machinists on Unemployment workers. not soldiers. You are crushing your selves when you help to crush the workingela The War is over. You come home flushed with We, the machinists and metal workers in the revolution.
victory, eager for that increased measure of free.
meeting assembled at Labor Temple, 1411 Street and Be men. Join hands with the workers of Ro dom that was promised you. As you sailed up the 2nd Avenue, New York City, on March 18th, 1919, harbor, wild with the joy of home coming as you do hereby adopt the following: sia, of Hungary, of Italy, of England Fall in!
paraded the city streets, hung with banners and MANIFESTO!
The iron battalions of the proletariat are forming thunderous with cheering crowds eagerly you Through the devoted service of the workers in ito dustry and the workers on the battlefields, the war looked around to see the signs of that new world has been brought to happy conclusion. The bitter The Left Wing and the Revolution strife between capital and labor was for brie sub which you believed you had hammered into shape ordinated to what the American President called (Continued from page 1)
with your cannon, and cemented with the blood of war to make the world wufe for democracy. But Dow, when the struggle among the nations of the its practice to the new requirements; and it broke your fallen comrades world is for the present at an end, the fight between down miserably under the test of the war and of the classes is once more being waged with anabeled Well, now that you have had time to look around, the proletarian revolution.
how does it strike you? Is there more democracy Vast number of wer workers and fighters who are anxious to toil wali tbe wrocus in hopeless que The war was the expression of the economic conthan before you went away? Although the War of a job. Those who are still at their bencbus and tradictions cf Capitalism, of the insoluble problem machines must submit to unspeakable reduction in is over, workingmen are still heing sent to prison the standards of working conditions. The employed of Imperialism. It is clear that Capitalism is break.
for speaking what they believe, while not one single and the unemployed are being played of waing each other with the result that the solidarity of the ing down; that the proletarian revolution is conprofiteer has been punished with a day in jail.
workers is impaired.
quering. Capitalism cannot adjust itself to the Gene Debs and Kate Hare go to the penitentiary At this time it is therefore becesary for the pro ducers in every industry to recognize and proclaim new conditions, cannot solve its enormous 200 for defending the rights of the workers, while the their essential umty. One worker must not, and us nomic problems. The world of Capitalism is in a charges against the Phelps Dodge thugs who de. a matter of sheer economic necessity cannot, thrive at the expense of another. The unemployed constirevolutionary crisie. more acute in Europe, leur ported workers from Bisbee, Arizona, into the des.
tute the whip over the heads of those who are work acute in the United States, but still a crisis. This ert, have been dropped by the Government. Work ing, so that the interests of both are really identical Any necessary reductions in the cost of commodities crisis, which is a consequence of the economic ook ing class papers are denied the mails, and supmust be made by cutting profits rather than wees. lapse of Capitalism, provides the opportunity for pressed, while the capitalist papers openly incite In word, we believe that the workers constitute one class, with one set of interests to fight for, and one Socialism to marshall the iron battalions of the to violence and lynch law against working class enemy to fight against prolaariat for action and the conquest of power.
organizations, and get off scot free.
The one thing that Hands out more clearly in ro gard to the unemployment problem is the utter hope The final struggle against Capitalism is on; it The National Security League and other capital.
lessness of finding solution to it under the prevent capitalistic system of production. So long is met may last months, or years, or tens of years, but ist spy societies and White Guard organizations product for profit and not for ure, there will be an army of unemployed an army which periodically this is a revolutionary epoch imposing revolution carry on, under the pretext of fighting Bolsheswells to enormous numbers. Today we we pas ary tactics. And revolutionary agitation is id vism, an almost open fight against the working. ing through one of these periodic unemployment crises.
an act of revolution class, but if a foreign born worker dares to join the We affirm the responsibility of eliminating anem1. he is deported without trial if they can ployment try any means short of the overthrow of the It is not our job to hasten rovolutionary present economic scheme and the substitution in its get away with it. Root, Lodge and other defend place of a system where the workers themselves own crisis. Capitalism itself takes care of that. Our and control their industries and administrate them ers of the tyranny of the great trusts attack our Gov.
job is to prepare. Our job is to act on the immedi through managers of their own choice. The atmoet ernment without scruple, but there are fifteen hun.
wc can hope to accomplish under the present ecoate problems unemployment, the soldiers, strike, dred champions of the working class in prison right nomic arrangement is to alleviate conditions, to take class wat prisoners in the spirit of revolutionary the suffering to reduce unemployment. For that pur.
now for daring to think differently about the Gov. Pone we urge our fellow workers everywhere, reSocialism, in this way preparing the final action.
gardless of their individual affiliations, to join us in erament than the ruling class permits.
The Left Wing Program is a program of action, our pledge for concerted action to win the following demanda not a program of wishing for the moon. Sophistry The City of New York appropriates 250, 000 for We demand a sabeantial reduction in the boun can annihilate it. Life itself is with decorations to welcome you home, and there are of labor, without reduction in wages. We demand the elimination of overtime.
innumerable Victory Dinners at six dollars a plate, We demand the abolition of the piece work system in the metal industry but you can get jobs, not even the jobs you held We call upon our municipal, state and federal LECTURE AND CONCERT before you went away unless you ll reduce your authorities to undertake necessary engineering pro former salaries.
jects, providing high standards of wages and work ing conditions to the workers on such projects Given by the Stk Bronck We demand he elimination in industry of chil WON AWAR LOST JOB!
dren below 16.
AT We ask that a conference be called of the ru You return to find industry closing down, bread rious metal unions, such union representatives en to BURLAND CASINO include officials of the organizations lines everywhere, prices of everything out of sight, Resolved. That copies of this Manifesto be read Wastchester Prospect Ave.
and a lot of new millionaires who got rich manu to the press and to labor organizations Unanimously adopted.
facturing war materials. You find do plan of ro TUESDAY, APRIL 29, 1919, at P.
construction, either on the part of the Government, FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE or private employers. Everybody cheered you free institutions. They finance soldier papers when you went away, everybody cheers you com LAWRENCE STRIKERS like Treat Em Rough, which is backed by James ing back; but a man can live on cheers.
Farrell of the United States Steel Corporation and Your comndes in Siberia and North Russia are other capitalists who hate the workers, to wye you Speskare: still at war, without a declaration of war, against 10 attack Socialist meetings. They whisper that JIM LARKIN the only workingmen Government in the world. while you were suffering and risking your lives in ELIZ GURLEY FLYNN In North Russia they are under English command, sinking trenchor for thirty dollars a month, the BENJ. GITLOW and in Siberia they are commanded by the Japanse workers at home were on strike for enormous wages. VLADIMIR DUBINSKY, Colt The Government will not tell them why they are This is a lie. The fabulow wages reported in Russian Symphony Orchestra fighting the Government does not dare to tell the newspapers only applied to a small fraction of them why they are fighting. They are sick at boart, the skilled workers. The high cost of living has ADMISSION 15 Com coduring untold hardship wiped out that increase for the great body of work.