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The New York Commtmist The Pink Terror Have you post the policeman debea daunties of Local New Yorku.
April 25th.
II. The Pillage of the 18 20th CAVING tipped the policeman who safeguarded for padlocks must now be fairly large on the books majority of the members. The names and addresses of those against the action of the Executive Comand dusted off the moving van with which the crime On Sunday, April 27th, the Left Wing members mittee were taken down.
was accomplished, the Right Wingers met once more of the Branch held a meeting in headquarters, and In the middle of this, Extract, Shilb and Shpritser in the crypt of the Rand School. No longer were entered. Shpritzer seid, Take my namo. want they obstructed by Democracy the Central Com.
to join the Left Wing. He was referred to 43 West mittee had been indefinitely adjourned. Nothing One Reason for an Organization 29th Street, where we eagerly await him.
remained which could hamper the free use of brass Within an Organization Shilb then remarked that at Monday evening knuckles upon the persons of the rank and file. The following letter wus sent by Julius Gerber, meeting of the Executive Committee, the business Com. nittee was appointed to suggest ways and Executive Secretary of Local New York, to a few of reorganizing the 18th 20th would be carefully picked Right Wingen. The italics are means for Preserving the Unity of Local New York taken up; and that on Tuesday evening, April 29th, IyoursSome of the results of the Conference are It was finally decided that the only way to preserve now evident.
a meeting to reorganize the Branch would be held the Party intact was to expel most of the members.
at Harlem Terrace Hall, on 104th Street, between The Comrade chairman of the Committee on New York, April 19, 1919.
Dear Comrade: 2nd and 3rd Avenues.
Porch Climbing reported that he considered it no am calling a conference of party mer Afterward, however, Shilb denied that he had longer necessary for his Committee to operate, bers to meal at the office of Local New York said this, but announced that he was going to prosince the Minutes of the Left Wing meetings were on Monday evening, April 21st. We will fer charges against the Propaganda Committee for now openly published in the New York Communist. meet at P. People House, East 15th breaking open the Financial Secretary desk.
Committee on reading The Communist was then By the time this paper is off the preas, we expect The situation in the party is rather critical appointed.
at this time, and it is almost too late now to to hear that the 18th 20th has been thoroughly Casting about for the next Branch to destroy, stem thr ide. reorganized, and that the great majority of the the 18th 20th was selected. This Branch lies We ought to be clear among ourselves what rank and file has joined the Party Bread Line.
next to the 17th whose demise we recorded we will, or can do. The so called Left Wing is determined to either capture or split the What further atrocities have the Semi Comrades last week. It has always been a particularly har.
party. What the capture of the party by the in store for us? By what machinations do they monious Branch, all meetings being conducted in Left Wing means ought to be evident to any intend further to lacerate the poor, blooding Left the best of good feeling. However, the bacillus one who has watched their performance. Wing? Time, and the next issue of The Comof the Left Wing had been infecting more and more On the other hand, is it worth while for the munist, alone will tell of the Comrades, until there was a clearly a Left sincere Socialist to keep the figit up? While we are fighting among ourselves there is no Wing majority in the Branch.
work for the party. Our energico, our time, Socialist Politicians Please Answer At the regular business meeting of the Branch and the money is wasted in the fight among ourselves.
on April 1lth it was decided to hold new elections THE columns of this paper are open to Right for delegates to the Central Committee, to take split in the party will at this time do Wingers to reply to this editorial in the New place at the next business meeting, on Friday, irreparable injury our party and to the York Times which is, so far us our knowlodge Cause, while the control of the Parly by these goes, the only intelligent editorial which ever apirresponsible people will make the Party peared in the New York Times: The next meeting was perfectly orderly. Both outlaw organization, and break up the organ. The Socialist Congrow at Paris on Tuesday voted, by sides had mobilized all their supporters, and the ization. majority of 894, that it was willing to join the Second ball was crowded. The Right Wingers, headed by Tuesday evening, the Central Committee Internationale provided that those who were Socialists only meets. At this meeting the die will be cast Jacob Hillquit who, although he lives in the in name were excluded. But the Congre drew a line as far as Local New York is concerned. We Bronx, is treasurer of the Branch, which is in against the Third Internationale, that is LENIN s, and ought to decide before hand. We ght to motion to adhere to it commanded only 270 role The Harlem declined nominations for the Central know what we are to do.
denunciation of the Bolshariki is good reading, and fur bo Committee.
The reason the Left Wing has grown and it from us to my anything in their defense. The dictator The Branch is entitled to sis delegates. Eight is making converts is because they have an ship of the proletariat is hateful. But why should the candidates were nominated; and the six Left Wingorganization that does nothing else. They have their organs that give their side. They Socialisis denounce it when practiced by the Third Interers were elected. Dr. Aronson, the highest, polled Dationale, forgetting that it was the fundamental and origi act as a group while we have neither organidal pronouncement of the First Internationale! In the 68 votes, and the two lowest, 47 votes apiece. Com zation, nor press (The Call should not be Words of the Communist Manifesto, never repudiated by rade Markel, a Centrist, who said in the debate that used for factional purposes and our com any Socialist authority: rades act as individuals. Result is chaos on the Left Wing should be given a chance to show The fint Hep in the revolution by the working clea our side, organization, discipline and success what it can do, was nevertheless defeated.
is to raise the proletariat to the position of the ruling on their side.
weat a capital from the bourgeoisie The unanimous action of the Right Wingers As the official of Local New York, have. by means of depotic inroads on the rights of showed that there was some sort of scheme on foot, tried to do the party work regardless of property.
so after the meeting the Propaganda Committee pro. faction, have tried as much as possible to The first test of the orthodoxy of Socialists by the First and Second Internationales alike was adhesion to the pro ceeded to copy the records of the Branch, for fear keep factionalism out of the party. But the time has come when have a duty to the gran of conquest of the public powers by the proletariat that Alderman Calman and his moving van might organizod uchun party. Admittedly, there are some party, and my duty compels me to call this swoop down and carry them off.
conference to lay the situation before the peccadilloos chargeable to the Bolsheviki, but who can say that they have not conformed to the first requisite of Alas! Their forebodings were only too well party members.
founded. The next morning somebody broke open have for myself decided as to my course orthodox socialism?
and my action, but feel have no right to do Who are the First. Socond Internationalists that they the door, jimmied the Financial Secretary desk, should point the finger of scorn at their brethren guilty anything without the knowledge and consent and took away the records, which were afterward of my comrades. My counrades, who with me of excow of wal? Exce profile, tax discrimination in returned to the Branch by a small boy. That have helped to build, maintain and hold tothe too rich, restriction of railways and bank there are pot the touchstones of socialiam, whether they be good or evening when the Yipsels came to headquarters for gether our party, and for this reason am their regular meeting, they discovered the door calling this conference, and hope you will had. In short, socialism is not social reform, and there is equal Deed of disavowal of all the Internationales, well come. Come about D. as the Executive fastened with a triple bar Siegel lock costing nine Committee meets that evening and we will as the Third, by those who are sickler for propriety. The dollars the nine dollars evidently being receipts meet soon thereafter.
denouncen of the Third Internationale. a caricature of from the sale of dues stamps; and window fasten know this may inconvenience you. socialism are themselves guilty of the same fault, unlom they distrow the dictatorship of the proletarial, the coners on every window. These had been placed there know you are out nights and perhaps will have to be out again Tuesday at the Central quest of the Suate, and the confiscation of capital. There by the Executive Committee.
Committee but believe me this matter is of tenets are not voided because those who practioe them are The Yipsels broke into the hall and began their importance enough so that you can min an guilty of other error in the words of Law, to the meeting. Immediately a delegation of Right Wing hour sleep and put up with a little inconinterview cabled to the Times, in which he retrated ad venience hesion to the platform of the Loternationale. quoted ers appeared, headed by Ex Assemblyman Karlin, Sincerely, abore. There is too much wiling under false colori.
and composed of Shilb, Extract, Shpritzer and a Either a Socialist believes in the class struggle JULIUS GERBER.
friend who was not a Party member. Shilb ofthe expropriation of the expropriators, and lines fered to fight one of the Yipsels, while Karlin up with the Bolshevik and Cotamnnist movement threatened to have the Yipsels arrested for breaking decided to allow the Executive Committee to remove of Europe; or be joins the Second International and entering. After the Yipsels meeting was over, the furniture or take any other illogal action they (now defunct) and definitely allies himself with the Right Wingers again locked the hall, this time pleasud, but not to submit to the roorganisation or John Spargo, Scheidemann, William English Wall.
using an ordinary lock. The item of expenditures dimolution of the Branch without vote of the ing, Morgan and Sambal Gomper