The New York Communist Window on the World The Military Situation in Russia the principles of Bolshevism. Is he right? On The Telescope The capitalist press is again reporting a collapse the answer to this question hangs the fate of the of the Soviet Government front on all sides, and world to a degree the importance of which it is THE Dew Covenant of the League of Nations conthat Lenin and Trotzky are again packing the old hard to overestimate.
stitutes a defin. te victory for the foroes of light trunk with gold and bombs, preparing to evacuate This is correct. Lenin is right has been right over those of darkness. Just consider the provisions to neutral countries.
ever since he stated the same fact more than a made for labor. permanent committee; one third By a careful reading of these same papers, how. year ago.
of whose members will be elected by Labor, one ever, one discovers the following facts The newspapers had better get a move on! third by Capital and one third appointed by the The French, abandoning all stores, are rapidly Out of the Frying Pan Into the Fire Governments; will be set up to deal with labor leaving the Crimea; only a handful of soldiers The Times of April 26th reports the arrival at problems. Labor will thus always be in a strong are all guarding the dock yards, in order to try Genoa, Italy, on the British warship Lord Nelson, minority.
and save the French battleship Mirabeau, which No wonder the Bolsheviki are losing their grip!
of several Russian Graud Dukes, Grand Duchchacs, was laid up for repairs and cannot get to sea again and the Dowager Tsarina Marie Feodorovna, all dispatch from Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, reports formerly massacred by the Bolsheviki. The DowaAnother victory for Democracy lies in the exclu.
that a large Bolshevik force is endeavoring to cut sion of Mexico from the League, which will enable the Siberian railway line cast of Krasnoyarsk ger Tsarina has gone to England at the invitation of Queen Alexandra, where she will doubtless be any power, 80 disposed, to restore lawanorder in This is news. Krasnoyarsk is half way across Sithat country without running up against the League beria. According to previous dispatches, Siberia granted pension from the pockets of the gratewas free from Bolsheviki six months ago, and yet twenty seven in all, are pretty active, considering ful British tax payers. The rest of the nobles, here we find a large force operating east of how they were thrown into wells and bombs the League will intervene and doubtles arrange Of course if two powers differ on the lawanorder, Krasnoyarsk. Of course if the attólopt to cut They are bound for Monte joint expedition.
the Trans Siberian succeeds, that will be the finish dropped on them.
of the Kolchak armies, the Allied forces and the Italy is our idea of exactly the wrong place for Tchekho Slovaks in the Urals.
In view of the frequency with which the Right a Russian Grand Duke to land these days, with its Since a dispatch from Warsaw inore than a frontiers closed on account of revolutionary dis unity, we suggest that an appropriation be made Wingers are calling in the cops to preserve Party month ago announced that General Petlura had turbances. But then, where can a poor royalty made an agreement with the Russian Soviet Gov.
out of Party funds to buy police whistle.
ernment, and that the joint Russian and Ukrainian armies were fighting the French in the Crimea, we The Rights and Wrongs of Small Nations We learn that a new office has just been created fail to understand what is meant by the reported Mr. Wilson has just refused to grant Fiume to in Local New York nominations are now in order surrender of the Bolshevik First Army to Petlura Italy, on the ground that it belongs, by ethnologic for Oficial Locksmith.
Ukrainian troops.
and economic right, to the new Yugo Slav State, The only military reverses suffered by the Soviet and must serve as commercial outlet to Hungary, We understand that charges are being preferred armies in the last three weeks which appear to Bohemia and Rumania which are, as he says, againt Alderman Calman for using non union mov have any foundation in fact are a withdrawal of among the smaller States whose interests we ing vans in reorganizing Party Branchen.
twelve miles on the Murmansk front, and the evacu. henceforth to be safeguarded as the interests of the ation of the village of Sterlitmak, near Ufa. most powerful States.
Advertisement: The Left Wing is in the. Barket Fortunately we have the story of an American In the meanwhile the Serbians are forcibly abol.
for second hand Branch furniture preference will reporter, published in the Globe April 23d, of ishing the independence of Montenegro, with the be given to Socialist Officials who have purple the Sterlitmak affair. It sheds light upon the help of Italian and even American troops, and on hand, or pawn tickets for the same.
methods of warfare employed by our allies in adding it to the Yugo Slav territory under the Siberia.
hegemony of Serbia. We covered twenty kilometers a day, he says, It is rumored in Paris that the Peace Conference On April 26th the press reports that President has removed the furniture from Orlando head always pushing the Rede back on Sterlitmak, and, Wilson delivered himself of a statement about when Communists íell into our hands, treating them Egypt, where the people, rising against British rule, quarters, and has put a 45 frank lock on the door.
like assassins.
are being massacred in the streets of Cairo.
After the solemn promises of the British and in a note communicated to General Allenby, Unlike the Peace Conference, the Rand School American Governments to withdraw their troops British Special High Commissioner for Egypt and has decided to recognize the Bolsheviki. The New from Russia, it is interesting to read about the new the Sudan, the President recognizes the British pro. York Communist is again for sale at the Bookstore, Allied offensive in the North, and the openly. toctorate over Egypt, which was proclaimed during and Right Wingers can now have their daily hate expressed hopes of the Allied commanders to be War on December 18, 1914. The note proceeds: without leaving the premises.
able to effect a juncture with the Siberian forces The President and the American people have of Admiral Kolchak as soon as summer comes. every sympathy with the legitimate aspirations of We are pleased to announce victory for the This is a continuation of the well known Allied the Egyptian people for a further measure of self. Left Wing principle of Party ownership and constrategy of the crab retreat, illustrated by the government, but they view with regret any effort trol of the press we learn that a weekly humorom Tchek ho Slovak withdrawal of last year, when to obtain a realization of those aspirations by a re. paper, ironically called The Socialis, is shortly to the noble Bohemian troops, bound for Vladivostok, sort to violence.
be issued. It is rumored that it will be controlled suddenly found themselves going West toward Mos Apparently it depends upon the size of small by the Executive Committee of Local New York, nations whether they shall get Mr. Wilson sym who in order to show their impartiality will finance Crawling Out of Hole pathy and also, who the oppressor.
it out of Party funds accruing from the sale of Doc The capitalist press, with its uninterrupted, pub The hypocrisy of deploring violence in the Stamps to Right and Left Wingers alike.
lication of filthy falsehood about Soviet Russia, struggles of people seeking political freedom, just finds itself in danger of complete reversal through after a colossal war to free the world, is too Ben Gitlow has been indicted by prominent the large volume of correct information which is evident to need emphasis.
member of Local Bronx and will shortly be dragged beginning to leak into this country, even through before the grievance committee. It is believed official sources. It must therefore get itself into that the charge is Bolshevism. position to be able to meet the facts. recent Associated Press dispatch from Copen.
England has just borrowed 75, 000, 000 from hagen, the Father of Lico, reports that on account Come and be surprised!
Spain. Spain has decided that in future she will of the attitude of the people, the Decree on Naat the REORGANIZATION Entertainspend her money all she gets it. Easy come, any tionalization of Women has been suspended by the ment and Dance to be held by the 17th go.
Soviet Government in certain provinces. at its Headquarters, 1538 Medison Avenue, near 104th Street, on Saturday, Now comes the Globe, with an editorial on the evening, May 3rd.
The rent situation reminds us of an old Irish Lenin interview recently published.
PURPOSE: story. Lenin ways definitely and for the first time in TO CELEBRATE THE Agent: m going to raise your reet, Murphy.
REORGANIZATION today interview that the majority of the Russian Murphy: That fine. was just wondering Admission 25 Cents workmen and peasants today consciously adhere to how the devil was going to raise it myself.
Left Wingers!