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43 West 29th Street. New York City The Golden Ruin of Capitalism CAPITALISM in America is smothering beneath its piles of gold. Gold from all the world has poured into the country in unceasing streams since 1914. Europe has given gold for food, for munitions of war, for clothing, for credit. And Europe is destitute alike of gold and credit today. So desperate is the condition of the Allied Powers that Italy is admittedly bankrupt, France cannot secure a loan unless it is underwritten by America and England. and England, until the war the usurer of the world, has been reduced to making concessions to Spanish trade in consideration of Spain lending her a paltry 875. 0(X), 000.
America is rich with the blood money of devasted world. So rich that the is smothering. No country can buy her products. Mills, factories, workshops on: closing down all over the country.
The most desperate efforts are being made by unprecedented advertising campaigns to sell ever accumulating stocks of commodities. But goods of all sorts pile up upon a suflocating country.
America has lost the markets of Eastern Europe because of revolutions. Every other market in the world is too poor to buy, and in self defense the greatest of them have proclaimed embargoes. The credit system, the life of trade, has collapsed in the absence of a basis for credit. And according to the gloomy forecast by Fred Kent, Vice President of the Bankers Trust Company of New York, America must go on accumulating surplus gold from its foreign credits at the rate of 1, 000, 000, 000 a year!
Capitalism is ruined in America by its piles of gold.
Our Position Regarding May Day HE brutal attacks of upon Socialists on May Day were not wholly unexpected. These demonstrations were deliberately organized by the sinister reactionaries representing lawless plutocracy, and represented the beginning of an offensive against Bolshevism.
With the innocent sufferers from these outrages we have the profoundest sympathy, and we share with them their rage and horror.
However, is it not one offthe ironies of fate that by far the greater number of those attacked were not Bolsheviki at all, but those who believe that Socialism can be achieved by peaceable and orderly legal methods? When we consider this fact, it is perfectly understandable that the Call should threaten to sue the city for damages, and demand police protection for Socialist meetings and demonstrations.
uniformed mobs Nevertheless, that is not our Left Wing position We recognize that this is the period of the Social Revolution, and that our various Federal and Municipal Governments, which are getting ready to outlaw even legal Socialism, have in fact already outlawed it, and do not intend to protect Socialists of any stripe from the fury of the Black Hundreds and their White Terror.
We know that the dark clouds are lowering above our cause, and we welcome the coming of that time when it shall be clearly seen by the working class that its salvation is in its own hands.
We must be so strong by next May Day that these Dark Forces shall not dare to attack us or if they do, that they know we shall be prepared to defend ourselves with something better than lawsuits.
All honor to the Comrades who dared to resist!
The Emergency Convention IN its first issue The Socialist, the organ of the reactionary machine in Local New York, urges the Party membership to support the call for a National Emergency Convention which is at present before the Party for referendum vote. This call was initiated by the Left Wing immediately the armistice was signed, though some time elapsed before the proper machinery was set in motion, and has been strenuously fought by the Rights up to the present time.
The change of heart which The Socialist note would seem to indicate would therefore be welcome if it was inspired by honest conviction, but bearing in mind what happened at St. Louis, when the leaders apparently fell in line with the wishes of the membership and subsequently violated all the principles of the St. Louis resolution, it is well to seek for the joker in the present Right Wing attitude. In the first place this new attitude is a confirmation, if confirmation was needed, of the Left Wing contention that the rank and file of the Party stand or revolutionary Socialism and want such a convention tor the purpose of clarifying the Party position. In the second place it indicates that the leaders are up to their old game apparently accepting the will of the membership while relying upon their control of the Party machinery to carry out their own purposes.
The big issue before the Party at the present moment is: Which International? The Party ofiicialdom has already declared itself by accepting Huysmans invitation to participate in the reactionary Second International and illegally appointing delegates to that body. Finding, however, that the sentirnent of the memhersbip is overwhelmingly opposed to any cooperation with the ScheidemannHuysmans Branting clique, and being saved from the disgrace of actual participation in the Berne Congress by the delay in obtaining passports, the Party bureaucracy now pretends that it is anxious to have a convention where the matter may be fully discussed, and so hopes to regain the confidence of the rank and file to the end that it may dominate such convention.
The attempts in New York to disfranchise the Left Wing through reorganization schemes, and the New York State Committee resolution calling for the expulsion of Left Wing Branches and Locals, through which it is hoped to suspend the revolutionary section of the membership while the voting for delegates to the convention is taking place are a part of the general plan to control the coming convention.
It is vitally necessary that the revolutionary section of the Party be on its guard against these attempts and sees to it that the delegates to the Emergency National Convention shall be men and women who will once and for all sever our Party relations with the gang of bourgeois thugs who are at present disgracing the name of Socialism in Europe.
The Telescope IT is really surprising how much some people believe in a phrase after all this time the Chinese are appealing to the 14 points.
o c We are pleased to be able to announce that The Socialist, the olficial organ of the Pink Terror, has at last made its appearance.
a o o It is anxious to know where the Left Wing gets its money. We can well imagine that the presence of any money over which the Right Wing has no control is a source of considerable annoyance to many Comrades.
o a e The editors of The Socialist are not a very well informed bunch, to judge by their paper. They are continually asking questions. We being generous of our store of knowledge would like to put them on the right track. Thus we would reply to the question: How many of the rank and file will be fooled? by saying that we don know the exact number but that the steady growth of the Left Wing seems to indicate that the number is daily diminishing. I Where then is the Right Wing of which the self styled Left talks so much? is somewhat of a poser to us as we have not yet perfected our spy system. But we would hazard a guess: In the soup.
We must congratulate The Socialist on one discovery at least. We are informed that Rule or ruin is our policy and we are glad to know from this audiorative source that the rule of the Right Wing is ruin. We admit it is. And as we believe in unity we would suggest that the oflicial policy of the Right be known as Rule and Ruin o o o For the more lurid tactics of the Right Wing one our special yellow supplement, The Socialist. Who is the rank and file? asks The Socialist.
We are stumped, we don know who they is.
o o e We have been informed that charges have not been preferred against Gitlow as reported in our last issue. We are investigating the matter and hope to have Gitlow arraigned before the Left Wing to explain why the Rights have not preferred charges against him. o e The bomb plot having now served its purpose is backed oil the front page and although there are now no bombs in the Post Oilice, it is hinted that the usual number of boobs still fill executive chairs.
o a o It seems strange to us that the Peace Conference should be held on the banks of the Seine.
a 5!.
Standing Headline: Peace Ready For Signatures Early Next Week.
o o The Rebel other reprints the following under the head, Socialist Education. Organizer Valentine Bauscb reported that a night workers branch had been organized, but that the Socialist Educational Club will not allow the branch to meet in the club because its members do not belong to the American Federation of Labor, but to an independent organization. Minutes of Hudson County (N. Committee, Socialist Party, Call, April 18, 1919.
We would like to amend The Rebel Worker headline Moderate Socialist Education.