The New York Communist ll Left Wing Notes THE Left Wing organization has decided to support the followingnomineu and ask all revolutionary Socialists to do likewise: For the National Executive Committee, 151 Dirtricf: Hour wich, Edward Lindgren, Brooklyn, Louis Fraina, Boston, Mass.
For Internau onal Delegates: Ferguson, Chi. cogo, John Reed, Louis Fraiua, Boston, Mass, Ruthenbcrg, Cleveland, For Executive Secretary Local New York: Maximilian Cohen. C.
In View of the referendum on the State Executive Committee resolution to expel all brancth and locals that have joined the left Wing Section. all the branches and locals throughout the State should make arrangements to have Left Wing speakers state our case. O Left Wing speakers can be secured by communicating with Maximilian Cohen, Secretary of the Left Wing Section, 43 Wat 29th Street, New York City.
All Left Wing communications for this column should be addressed to Maximilian Cohen, 43 West 29th Street, and should reach him not later than Tuesday morning for insanion the same weds.
Appeal for Funds for The Communist Connors: The left Wing is in need of funds for the issuance of its paper; we have no dues paying membership and are solely dependent upon the voluntary ttrihutions of comrades for our support. If you think our movement is necessary, if you feel that we must have public expression, you must come to our support. In the present crisis, more than ever before, we must kee in the field, our paper must be published. WE NEED FUNDS.
Cleveland, May 8, 1919.
Dear Comrade: Thank you very much for the check for 810. 00 for subscriptions. 1: is especially appreciated at this moment ln regard to the May Day Demonstration and the attack made upon us by the agents of the exploitm. wrote the story for the Revolutionary Age, and also sent to account which appears in this week Socialist News to The New York Call. No doubt one of these will reach you At the present time llie tools of the ruling class are trying their utmost to make use of the fact that in the fighting which resulted from the attack upon two policemen were hurt. to railroad Torn Clifford so me to the yenilentiary for from one to fifteen years. The charge aasinst us is assault with intent to kill. and the basis of the charge is a speech. or speeches, we made urging people to participate in the May Day Demostrstion gang. probably picked for the job, smashed our headquarters while the comrades were fighting against the gangsters and hoodlums, aided by police, who attacked them. Everything was smashed or stolen. mi of course, we are working under dificultiee just now. We have about a hundred comrades in the workhnuse. most of whom. in addition to their days. have a fine included in their sentences, and we must raise 82. 501100 to pay these fines so that they will not have to work them out at sixty cent a day, as wall as to raise the funds to fight the can still pending.
However, the fighting spirit of the movement is not killed. Last Monday we accepted 35 new members. Another day is coming and we will fight on until victory In Frateraslly you E. Rurarnsm.
the basic industries are lost to Organized Labor. And the great mass of the unskilled workers, deliberately excluded from the ranks of the rivileged skill workers of the Federation, had been recruited by the which abjured political action of any sort, and whose object was the conquest of the State by economic action.
The end of the European War leaves the great capitalists in command of the industrial world, and determined, if they can, to dmtroy labor organism tion for good and all.
This is the result of the votes of the wot km who put the Democratic Administration in power.
To meet this menace a werful movement has sprung up in the ranks Jf nion Labor, to form a Labor Party as political organization which, by means of legislative reforms. will conquer power for the workers. its program bears the marks of its historical genealogy the psycholo of the small property holder, and not of the pro The method of its organization shows one more American Labor invincible trust in the vote, and in the possibility of partnership with the cap:talist class. M Onl after sinful experimoe wil Labor iae that the upitpalist State is nothing less than a machine or the oppression of one than by another, andthalnalesiso nsdanocradcrepubacthm under Inonarc.
Labor cannot table: into pamership within the capitalist State. Labor can onl widths product of its tail by thelzfthrow of entire capitalist system nothing (r. Editor of Ta: Couwmsr: The members of the 17th read Mr. Blunrstein letter in the May 8th issue of the Connorusr, with a great consensus of opinion that we are very fortunate to have bad the presence of this individual in our camp, only as a spy; and the feeling is one of relief rather Ithan dismay, at the loss of the best and only original Minutes Stealer in the organization. Mr. Blumstein claims that in publishin certain remarks of his, Tm: COMMUNIST blackmai ed him.
Does Mr. Blumstein know what blackmail really is, or is it possible that the editor of THE COMIIUNIST demanded that Blumstein turn over substantial pans of his private fortune as hush money. If Mr. Blumstein means to deny that he pointed out certain Party Members to a policeman, declaring that they are Anarchisls and should be deported, then to his other accomplishments be has added that of being a liar, because the writer can at any time produce the members whom he so attacked.
ll is possible that Mr. Blumstein was at the time in such a rage that he does not remember having made the statements. The writer would be quite willing to accept this eXplanation which is probably the true one. and it would also justify Mr. Blunstein existence as a member of the outlaw executive committee of Local New York. Fraternally. onus Conxmo. C 241d Kings has joined the left. Wing.
Italian Branch of the 2nd Manhattan.
unanimously joined the left Wing.
Regular meeting of the City Committee held May 11th.
Meeting called to order and Comrade Hamma elected as chairman.
Minutes of the previous meeting rad and accepted with one correction.
Following credentials submitted and accepted: Wm. Scbachter and Dolgin, 17th Helpem and Sirkin, Jewish Br. Local Bronx.
Ndirn and Pfrller. 2nd Steinhilber and Reichenlhal. Branch Ridgewood No.
Scliarf and Goodman. Branch 2, 5th Local Queens.
Camordl and Quintiliani. 2nd Italian.
The following communications were read: letter from Local Hartford that they voted for the Manifesto and send their gutting to us. better filed.
From Queens hill the Executive Commiteee instrucled its delegates to the Central Committee to express the intentios of Local Queens to help the 17th D. to retain its membership, and to instruct the delegsles to the State Committee demanding that the Berenberg resolution he submitted to a referendum at once. Communication referred to Executive Committee From the lttlish Branch. donating a money and: of 52620 for lhe Coaat msv. Accepted.
From Buffalo. with a contribution from Polish Branch.
amounting to 85. 65. Accepted.
Leaflet from Cleveland referred to the CDIIIUNIST.
From five locals up state asking for Left Wing peakera Request has already been complied with and Gitlow to go as speaker. Communication filed.
Elocutive Secretary report: Income for the month of ApriL. 304 17 Expatdilures. 1219 03 Balance. 85 Previous balance on hand. 32 76 Cash on hand 17 90 Subscription lists are coming in slowly and he suggats the issuance of pledge cards, and to advertise the Conlunlsr by getting out poslerv or placards To initiate a referendum for the recall of the Executive Secretary of Local New York. The regular membership meeting was called for May 25th. To issue proclamation on the Peace Treaty. Branch Ridgewood donated 20. 00.
Executive Committee. report: Recommendation to print 5, 000 lists of the various nominee for the coming elections. and to advertise the Costuumsr on the back of theee lists. Concurred in That all delegates to City Central Committee secure referrndum ballots for the debarred brancbea Concurred in. That City Committee concur in action of editors and busmua manager or printing Colloid at anhic Pre at 0120. 00. Carried, That the letter from Gerber announcing the erglnialtion of the Bib D. be printed in Till: Colwumsr with comma. and to instruct the suspended metaLEF WING MEMBERSHIP MEETING 0N SUNDAY. MAY 25th, ath 41MANHATTAN LYCEUM 66 EAST 4thS REET NEWYORKUTY T0 ELECT AND INSTRUCT DELEGATES TO NATIONAL LEFT lNG CONFERENCE hmtoaaadfimaadpmesedwishtbshbusia Cs.
Motionunietitbattbeumeauioabeukeabyallothu suspended branch; and that the Maury send a In.
to tbe2nd dvisingthemhrrwtoproooedwh ul brand: is reorganized.
Recommendation that the basis for the left National Convention be the acceptance of the loft Wing festo and Program with amen and to rat III a Constitution. Concurred in.
Motion carried that the hrs: of Salon (C) (E? on page )3 be stricken out ran the WHO.
Recommendation that the delegates to the Nashua ventian use their own discretion on mattas they are not bstrucled in, always preserving the H! Wing wildfiConcurred in.
Recommendation that the place for th calling th National Convention be Mt to the I! called far that purpose. Concurred in.
Recommendation that the represmtatlon be one every 500 members or fraction thereof without to maximum representation. Coneurred in.
Recommendation to elect 12 delegates and the. ab. hates. Concurred in.
Delegates elected are: lindgnn, Hourwidi, Inn, Waton. Wolfe, MacAl ine. Reed. larkin. Cohan. Zach!
9113i: Alternates scted are. My au.
Motion carried that the Executive Comminas with the Left Wing members of regular City Committee proud once for the calling of a meeting of the Convention of all the Greater New York locals for the purpose of aoasolidap ing them into one locaL and that it be done imnsedialdy.
Motion carried to call a membaahip meeting and don there an emergency maturities to function for the updld members and branchs.
Announcement that Local Queens donated ssm. That a: will initiate a motion to stop the expulsion of In Motion carried to refer to the Executive Cmmittse th selling of Msrtens newly translated book Year of Pub letarian Dictatorship. and the printing of the book by Bucharin. Cbargu were preferred against Cornell; that be Voted against the Left Wing on all propositions at a meeting of Local Kings. Charges referred to the Executive Committee Meeting adjourned.
Fallen Hosanna, Recording Summary.
AS charges have now beat prefared against Gitlow by the Right Wing in the Bronx. the Left Wing has dropped. its investigation of him.
We are informed that owing to the inability of the Right Wing spis to get material, The Socialist will only appear once every two week; swaths and other circumstaneu permitting. O This will be a great diasp intment to many comrades who are awaiting wi breathless intere for Berenberg to reach the Left Win Manifesto and Program in his article The Left ing Manifeeto.
We, ourselves, find it dificult to curb our impatience for further utterances from lnuis Waldnlns as to what Socialism really is.
But perhaps as he is going on the barricades he will not have time for writing.
Speaking of barricades we would ask Innis he going to fight like a tiger when he gas til e.
We understand that the 2nd is going to hold a meeting for the purpose of inatrncting luv lius Smith as to what is really transpiring in his Branch. ll be has not time to attend Branch meetings, 5c a week ex dud on Tn: Columns will keep him «rewrote y. infon. ned.
We are led to learn from The Socialist that Pancho Vil a is a Standard Oil bandit. as this probably accounts for why John Rockefeller was. op osed to the efl orts of the United States to take Vi la dead or alive.
As to The Socialist enquiry about how to Marx Capital for 50 cents, we wonder that editors should need Marx when they have Wald man, who is going to give the state the railroads, coal mines, water ways, telegraph and telephone lines. Pood old Charley Marx had an idea that We date would be abolisbed under Socialims.
The Right Wing has discovered that Conn ads s! Cohen is not an American chi: This is causing great indignation among Sui Comrades who have just. takei. out. heir second paper: We want to make our position clear ones and for all. Although we admit Mas Cohen is at fault, we refuse to sign a petition to have him deported. Besides be informs us that if be had been a citiaai he might have been an Alderman. and this decided him to main in the outer (layman; The statement of the Executive Commiuu of Local New York, concerning the left Win. reach like Babuechka Brutakovskaya appeal for vention in Russia.