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The New York Communist Soviet Russia Red Army KOMI1YHA An Interview with Sklandsky, Assistant Commisar of War By Michael Puntervold Norwegian Socialist Lawyer Now in Russia as Special Correspondent of the Social Demokraten, Norwegian Lelt Wing Socialist Paper.
REMLIN, Moscow, February 25th. Today is pressive gesture. On the Ural front also, we have took the entire district cast of the Volga frou be a military holiday all over Soviet Russia. It Cossacks. But these Cossacks have no military yond Perm in the North, all the way down to is the first anniversary of the Red Army. connection whatever with th Dop Cossacks; the mara in the South. They obtained re inlom Red flags and pennants are waving in the streets connection is at most a spiritual one. With the ments from Kolchak Siberian divisions, and and the emblems of the army are shining red over conquest of Orenburg, the possibility was obtained der Kolchak there prevails a severe Cearist mit the mighty portals of the Kremlin. Symbolic sol. for establishing connections with Turkestan. The tary discipline. His extremely young ofacere are dier placards illustrate the year work accom.
railroad from Orenburg to Tashkent is, however, afraid of beingswept down by their own soldiem, plished by the Krasny (Red) Army, from all pretty well torn up, and a number of bands of and therefore must with kadaver discipline reek White Guards are still harrying the line of the road. But we shall restore order there in a few days. The great majority of the Ural Cossacks are disbanding their armies, and seem willing to be come decent citizens of Soviet Russia. The remnants of their main force are withdrawing in a westerly direction along the ridge of the Ural to wards Ursk, and the days of the latter place are numbered. They are scattered divisions, much weaker in practice than the Don Cossacks. In Turkestan we have millions poods of cotton, which is the necessary raw material for our princi.
ple industry, namely, textile manufactures. But it is not only our White Guards who are looking with greedy eyes toward Turkestan, but also Eng.
land imperialistic capitalism. It is not impossi.
ble that we shall collide with the English in the search for cotton. The English long ago took possession of Baku on the Caspian Sea with its great naptha and oil wells. It is said that they already FROM RUSSIAN RED GUARD PAPER The Front have fifty to sixty thousand men there, and that FROM RUSSIAN RED CARD PAPER The Front the roofs of the houses, while Red Guard soldiers the Turkish troops have there also united with their in grayish brown uniforms are rattling their col enemies of the world war.
to prevent any understanding vi the political situalection boxes and pinning the Red Army bottons Has Soviet Russia any war ships on the Caspian addition tion from reaching the uninformed privatos.
money and ammunition, they also on the coat lapels of all those who give. In honor Sea?
received re inforcements from time to time from of the day, have interviewed Tavarish Skland Yes, and we have also a firm hold on the seat France, England and other Entente powers. And sky, assistant Commissar of War, concerning the of Astrakhan, at the mouth of the Volga, which has these are very much needed, for most of the Csecho results of the Workers and Peasants Red Army always been in our possession.
Slovaks are tired of their own mercenary lackey in its work for the past year. The Minister of We now come to our third front, namely the services, and are already on their way home War, People Commissar Trotsky, did not reach Czecho Slovak front. The fact that these Czocho throughout the length of the Siberian railroad. We home after his inspection trip on the Ukrainian Slovaks and Yugo Slavs from Austria are operating have thrown back the Kolchak army all the way front until this evening. Equipped with from the Ural regions down to the neigh the necessary propusk (admission card. borhood of Zlatogst. However, they will made my way past the Guards and ma.
hold Perm, which fell through tronchery.
chine guns until reached his representaOn the Archangel front, the French, Eng tive, who was sitting in the great apart.
lish and Americans, as is well known, han ment in which the All Russian Minister a private front of their own, the object of of War at present has his headquarters, which is to cut off from maritime con and studies the latest reports from the munication by way of the White Son fronts. Sklandsky is a man of fully thirty Simultaneously, the Entente talks about not years of age, a physician by profession.
desiring to intervene in any way in the During the war he was assigned to the affairs of Russia!
service with the sanitary corps, was elected On our fifth front, the Finnish front, after the March revolution to various sol.
Mannerheim is collecting his White diers councils, and, as early as November Guards for a possible attack op Petrograd, 28th, 1917, became the second in senior. but he must wait for the signal to be ity in the Commissariat of War (army degiven by his Entente friends. But don partment. physician with a quietly, forget that there also Red Finn energetic, civilian appearance. But In Esthonis, White Guards are in pow.
have been able to acquire a little of the er. In addition to the Esthonians and a military trade for the sake of my comfew thousand Finns, we here find also rades. Here every man must do what he number of Swedes. And behind the front can. You can get a better idea of the milihere also is of course the Entents. The tary situation from the general staff, but situation in Esthonia is not the most ferI can indicate a few general view. points.
orable for us, but here also the change The greatest accomplishments of the that operating, seem to be in our Red Army are the victories which we favor. Narva is already within range gained in the Donetz region over the armour guns. Latvia (Kurland) is entirely ies of Ataman Krasnov, declared our hands, as is also the greater portion of Sklandsky. This is of great political imLithuania and White Russia. And in the portance in the first place, since Krasnov next few days, these two provinces also will and his peasant Cossacks have heretofore be cleared to the boundaries of a been the most powerful factor in the coun.
land, and the soviet regime will be ter revolutionary movement, and have Established. The Entente tried to form really been a danger to Soviet Russia.
continuous barrier against the Bolshevist From an economic standpoint this victory bacillus, but don think they have de means that we have now opened a path to ceeded for we are in communication with the anthracite fields of Russia in the Germany through Livonia and Kurland Donetz basin, and have thus a prospect of Tayarish, Sklandsky here lighted once more opening up our industrial ac.
arette before proceeding to the favor tivity. We have here gained possession of subject of all Soviet Retie, namely, de the best developed railway system, with THE WORD ON THE LAC CONWONE AND TO Ukrainian front.
railway connection to the Caucasus and the WORLD ON THE WALL CAPITALIS Ukraine! This is not only the rom considerable contingent of Red groupe tic homeland of the Little Rusian Co there, which formerly were obliged to communicate along our eastern boundary in Siberia, is as a mat sacks, but it is first and foremost the great granny with the main army over territory in which there ter of fact one of the most remarkable accidents of from which comes our bread. And what word was not railroad communication. Krasnor Don the world war! They came to us as prisoners of the Russian language has such a fair sound at the Cossacks have been completely disorganised war, but in the last few months of Czarism, and time as the word Khlebabroad. This in truth Whole regiments are deserting to us, led by their particularly under Kerensky, a great number of the battle cry of the Red Army company commanders, while the staff officers, them were liberated and armed, namely, thoše who We took an automobile ride with the President of knowing very well what punishments await them at were willing to co operate with Russia against Aus the Moscow Soviet, Kameniev, to military out our hands, remain with the enemy. As to the size trian and German impatialism. After the revolu post at eleven o clock in the morning, in honor a of Krasnov army? It certainly is not as high as tion of November, 1917, when the Bolsheviki the first anniversary of the Red Army.
one hundred thousand, which is the figure as seized power, our government wanted to ship them There won be any parade; the poople ar signed in foreign counries. At most, several times home again by way of Siberia and Vladivostok, do hungry, explained Kameniev on the way. The best ten thousand. And the population is complaining clared Sklandsky. The Czecho Slovaks now came un tle cry of Khleba, is unfortunately only too ropli that these soldiers are getting drunk and harry. der the influence of the White Guards and the mem tic background. was not surprised that ing the country. We consider the Counck somo bers of the dissolved Constituent Assembly. COD Sklandsky had to light not one, but two cigarette thing like a man on horseback with a knout. Wo rinued Sklandaky. And they got money and weap before he got through with the moveath front, the shall take the knonts from him and cast him liter. one from the Entente for their fight against Red Ukrainian front.
ally to the curth, declared Sklandaky, with an Rain. At first they met with great picco. They (Con 1)