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a West 29th Street. New York City Stabbing Soviet Russia WETIME ago we called attention to the recrudescence of friendly words about Soviet Russia mating from American Governmental sources.
Steffen, Weyl and Bullitt, sent to Moscow by the President. returned to Paris with enthusiastic re ports of the Proletarian Dictatorship; and semioficial reports from Washington indicated that it. was only a question of time before the Soviet Gova ument should be recognized This appeared the race probable from the treatment accorded Comrade Martms by the authorities. who flatly refused to prohibit his activities here.
However. we had noticed in the past that whenevn the United States Government gave vent to amicable sentiments toward Soviet Russia. this action was almost invariably followed by some particularly outrageous attack upon the Russian peo le.
Semi: warned Russia to keep her hand on her The new offensive heralded by the Bullitt Stefl ens Mission is now developing. In concert with the Govanments of England and France, the press re ports dial the Government a the United State: is about to recognize the Kolchok autocracy or the dc new Government Russia!
Already the White Guard Gova nment of Finland, headed by the butcher Mnnnerheim, has been recognised by the Allies includin America. The papers report that fifty thousand inns and Allied troops have been concentrated at Helsingfors for an attack on Red Parograd.
The new organ of the Esthonian League (which is composed of eighteen bankers and business men who want the Allied bourgeoisie to guarantee their right to exploit their own people) announces that the United States Government has loaned the Estbouisn Provisional Government some 820, 000, 000. with which to buy clothing, munitions and guns to auppl the Esthonian White Guards in their attari upon oviet Russia from the west.
In the out the United States Government is aiding die dictatorship of Kolchali, the tsarist, the massassassin who destroyed even the remnants of constitutional government in Siberia. Eight thousand American troops are being sent to murder Russian workers and peasants, and destroy the government an up by them, and restore the worst reaction of the Romanovs. In the west. the United States Government is eo operating with the Finnish White Guards who butchered seventy thousand workers in one day. with Swedish, Danish and Norwegian bourgeois volunteers, many of whom fought in the German army during the war. and with the exploiters of the people in the Baltic Provinces, the pro Germans and the Tourists.
The Allies Brest Litovsls Peace THE delegates of Socialist Germany, headed by that grimy handed proletariau, Count von Brookdorf Runtaau, have reached Versailles, and the terms of the Just Peace are out.
By then Ger my is dismembered, ruined, forced to pay naggering punitive indemnities (the first inatalmau to he 85. 000900. and garrisoned by Allied troops until the payments are complete.
West Pnnsia and Danzig are split ad for the benefit of the mock State of Poland; the Saar Valley is practically handed over to the French capitalists to exploit (besides Alsace Lorraine. the German colonies are taken away; the German army and navy are reduced permanently to the sire of the New York police force; German rivers are internationaliaed. German tarifi walla are broken down; and a strip of taritory fifty Rhine is forever demil Thus, peace on the basis of the Fourteen Points. promised by our eloquent but inell ective President.
and concurred in by the Premiers of the virtuous Western Powers. Thus the victory of democracy over autocrscy. As Bernard Shaw predicted long ago, the victorious Powers have acted as Germany would have if she had won and perhaps a little worse. Again and again the lesson is being driven home with terrible distinctness, for all the world to read: Power is the only thing which counts; Might is Right.
The position of Germany at this time is an eloquent indictment of Moderate Socialism. Having chosen to make their bed with the capitalist class, the Kaiser Socialists in control of the German Government must lie in it. Better to cringe unda the whip of the Allied imperialist nations than to submit to the Dictatorship of the Proletariat.
Russia having cut adrift forever from capitalism.
rose from defeat refreshed and powerful. with allies in all the countries of the world. Starving, disorganized. ringed round with enemy nations.
she combats the world. Germany. with thousands of well trained troops, great quantities of war sup plies, and even foods, leans upon the shattered sword of her broken capitalism. which is turned only against her own proletarians, to subjugate them to the cruel conditions of e conquered people.
The Peace of Brest Litovsk defeated Imperial Germany. It was the sudden revelation of the ocrisy of German ambitions which destroyed the morale of the German armies. Said General Hod moon, the German military representative at the Brest Litovsk Conference, in an iri:c. iew with the correspondent of the Chicago Daily News. published kilometer east of the March 14. Immediately upon signing the peace with the Bolshevihi we discovered tbnt we had been conquered by them instead of having conquered them. Our victorious army became rotten with Balshevism. Our military machine became the printing press of Bolshevist propaganda. We did not dare :0 stud a corps of the Gm Botshevilri to the western In.
The Peace of Versailles, heralded with so much idealistic cant. turns out to be more disgraceful than the Peace of BresbLitovsk. The masks have fallen; the oft repeated democratic war aims of the Allies appear in their true colors an ignoble scramble for the loot, bandits peace.
We Socialists rejoice at it. We feared that perhaps Wilson smooth hypocritical phram might be embodied in the peace treaty, to deceive the world as to its real nature. We were anxious lest even now, after so many disillusions, the European and American workingclass might be won again by the plausible slogans of Liberalism But now we need not worry. There lies the shocking document in all its coarse literalness. It matters not whether the German delegates sign or no. The Social Revolution is certain. Coalition Convention JAMES DUNCAN, vicepresidmt of the of is quoted as saying that his organization will have nothing to do with the strikes threatened on July 4th in protest against the imprisonment of Eugene Debs. He oes on to env: We do things in a regular and legs fashion and do not engage in iii hty outbursts; we have agreetnans with our emp oyers which we inland to can; out. Apart from the fact that Mr. Duncan by implication thus does what Congress wanted to do but dared not declares strikes to be illegal apart from the fact that he announlies it to be the policy of the of to support the employers against the workers where. through the legal trickery of union lawyers, the workers are used against each other; apart from these facts we would like to know what the oflicialdom of our Party expects to gain from a convention in which peo le of this stripe and organizations which support II, will be resented? Debs has been quoted to supportrm idea of the Amnesty Convention: The Milwaukee Leader editoriallly chastise the Mt WillingI for opposing participation by the Party in a a conve ntion. and suggests that we are the work of releasing our imprisoned comrades so doing.
It is generally mpted that the political prisonen will not be released until the workers release them. To those who do not accept this we would cite the Mooney Care. And the only way the workers can bring pressure to hear is through the nercise of their economic power, through the general strike. But Mr. Duncan announce in advance that the of will have nothin to do with the general strike for this purpose. e Liberal organisations who will be at the wow tion have no economic power, one of the Ipokumen of the labor movement says labor will not move, therefore the convolution will simply be a talking machine. and at, the best will pass a few weal: resolutions leading for amnesty or ardon. which will be wn in oficial waste Puhaps it may even influence a partial pardon. which indications porn will be the government policy. and maybe and.
this Debs will be released because of his adv. ing years. But Debs has publicly Rated that he dos not want such a pardon. that he will not ucept it unless all political prisoners are freed, and it is very doubtful if he would accept any release thehandsofrnenlikeDuncan. He. lihenlany others of our imprisoned comrades. has stated that the workm themselves must release him.
IfthePartyisrenllyinearnestaboutthelibCl tion of the political prisoners. then we must organize along Socialist and revolutionary labor lion.
There has been enough talk. action is necessary now. and we can safely leave the pleading and the pardoning to the Liber all.
The money wasted in such a convention could be utilized to better advantage in organizin the movement to the and that its voice will be voice of power, of the economic might of the class conscious workers. Let the Liberals take their own course; our course is clear; the Socialist and revolutionary labor movements must act on their own ruponsibility. Only in this way can we achieve results, and give due honor to those who are suflering that the cause of Socialism may live and thrive.
Tactics of Desperate Oligarchy THE statement concerning the Left Wing, issued by the Executive Committee of Local New York and printed in The Call, is the crowning act of a series of illegal expedients to preserve the power of a little group of political bosses in Local New York.
Every branch where a Left Wing majori has recently made its appearance has been ruthlessly disrupted by the machine. ainst the will of the majority of the members of e 17th the 2nd and the 8th the Emotive Committee has ordered a reorganization. which means the disenfranchisement of most of the members of those branches. Without daring to risk a referendum, the Executive Committee has dispatched punitive expeditions, usually headed by Socialist Aldermen, who have locked headquarters, and in one case, at least, carried of the furniture with the help of the police.
These petty larceny proceedings, howeva. have raised a storm of protest wholly out of proportion to the results achieved Therefore the Executive Committee has dtided to make a clean sweep of the entire left Wing, and for that purpose has a pointed a committee to rear suite Local New ork. This means, to expel a! branches and all number: ofliliated with the Le. Wing organization.
The petty political bosses in control of the Executive Committee, who dominate Local New York.
esabliahed long ago a steering committee of their own. which effectively blocked dem ocratic action in the Party here for years.
It is therefore hardly consistent for them to accuse the Left Wing of action by caucus. They have deliberately opposed Party control of the ollicial Party press; they have made use of every parlis trick to thwart the will of the rank and file; they have held up for months the application cards of new and put them through the third degree as to their o iuions on labor organization; they have acqu in the formation of political cliques on the East Side.
and the establishment of a system of patronage. by means of which good Comrades wee an: on lecture tours and given jobs as org nines in Socialist unions.
ItianaprotHsgaiustcheaemetbodsthatso many of the rank and file have joined the Left Wing. And to this perfectly legitimate movement within the Party the bossa oppose strong arm lacnos.
At the last Central Committee. what the olice had finallybeen brought in by Right Win. llarlin suddenly announced that there woul be no more meetings until called by the Executive Committee. No motion to this clear sour ever made or voted upon. And no motion was ever made or voted upon to empower and Dunner the Estuarine Committee to rearganiu Load New York. The mummuantherumenuo lnainlhe Executive Committee moni euo. are Fusions of the truth. heLeftWingiscbnrgedwlth all ideas of democracy. It is true thmh «capitalist democracy, which is maely an instrument of the ruling. class to press the workers.
ltiathiskindof dgnwr whiebisdefnded by the Execmivo Committee a form of gownment which permits them to retain control ovw the Party for their private basefit. sud prevails the rank and file from dictating Party lieiea. This iswhytbellightWing, whi:hha b:mfuyelrs organised in a close and mud machine. objects what the rank and file organises openly and In aoeordawe with the belt Socialist procedure. it because the Right Winger are not revolutionary Socialists that we refuse to submit any longer to their domination; is because they are opposed to Socialismlthat they man go.
14 the EnomivaCommitt tr to reliant.
Local New York if lt daml y