ErEbe New York COMMUNLST Vol. 1, No. i. rModeratie August 26. 1917. In ltalian priest named Guliani. held a religious meeting on the corner of Bishop and Potter Avenues. Milwaukee. Italian workingmeu, living in the neighborhood. who listened to what Guliani said. resented some of his remarks and heckled the priest. As result of the heckling Guliani terminated his meeting but promised to return the following Sunday.
On Sunday, September Guliani. with hisrfollowers, appeared a second time at the same corner.
Some of the ltalian workers who had resented the priest remarks the previous wedt were again resent and again objected to Guiiaai statements.
e priest was forced to close his meeting and went off. announcing however. that he would come again with police protection.
0n the following Sunday. September Culiani appeared fo the third time at Bishop and Potter Avenues, accompanied by olice. This meeting terminated in a riot at whit: revolvers were used.
When the shooting was over it was found that one of the ltaliana who had had the altercation with the priest had been shot dead, another of them had been wounded so badly that he died an hour later at the hospital. and two policemen had been slightly injured.
As a result of the shooting. eleven Italian workers (10 men and woman) were taken into custody and finally held for trial.
On November 30. five weeks after their arrest, District Attorney label. Socialist. came out with his charge against the eleven defendants which read as follows. Finfred Zuel. District Attorney for Milwaukee County, hereby inform the Court that on the ninth day of September in the year nineteut hundred and seventeen. at the said County of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. the said defendants Peter Bianchi (here follow the names of the other ten defendants: being then and there armed with danger: our weaponS, to wit: loaded revolvers. did then and there with force and violence in and upon one Albert Temp1in. Paul eiler. Joseph Rydlewicz and John Wmlowski, make an assault with intent then and there to murder them.
Now what was some of the evidence brought for ward by Socialist District Attorney label to convict those eleven Milwaukee workers of the crime of Assault with intent to Murder. a crime. by the way. not found on the statute books of Wisconsin? shall here give samples of testimony as found in the odicial minutes of the trial.
John Weselowski (police officer. on Stand.
District Attorney label. questioning the witness. Where did you find this picture. Picture of Karl Marx. ln the halL The picture with the red flag on it? Yes, air. langing in the hall? Yes, sir. Picture oHered and received in evidence. Did you find any American flags or drapings in that ball? No, sir. Find any icture of George Washington. or Wilson, or any resident of the United States on those walla? No. air. Where did you find the picture of this galtleznan? It was found in the hall at 300 Bishop. Do you know who he is? lt was mppoaed to be the murders of the Italian king.
Court Strike that out. Picture received in evidence. Where did you find this KAT Ling. August Spice, George Engel, lph Fiahu.
Haymarket anarchists, Chicago? Yes. air; that was found in the club room. )th. More? and received in evidence. Obiewed to The batl waaeroomintherearofaulooaatam MopAmMflw ukeeuuduthemiuplaeodtha. Zireolo di Sludi Solidi. dub for the study of social Icienen. to which several of the ddudam belonged.
whiletiemooeuioullywentthaelumeutheirm wtnpartit jpate mmuaiealentIruinmut Iholdthan The Ilahwaaruidedeooaaltaihe IadlitertIrIotI feIIdth ow tah Iwnybylhopdh New York, Thursday, May 15, 1919I Socialist Office Holder By Tilt mas Leaderleu Is incompetent. irrelevant and immaterial. Objection overruled. Where did you find the picture of the tomb of the anarchists? 300 Bishop. Picture offered in evidence. District introduces 129 books and pamphlets. objected to as incompetent, irrelevant and immaterial. Court Gentlemen of the Jury, all these pamphlets and papers are received for the purpose of thror ing light, if any. on the subject of conspirIcy.
Joseph Rydlewicz (police oficer) on and.
llydlewicz found this membership hook and button in the trunk of Vincent Frateasi. Received in evidence and marked Ex. 22. found this membership card in the name of Fratessi in another trunk in the home at 239 Bishop. Membership and button received in evidence, and marked Ex. 23. Frank Calahro. witness for defense. cross examined by label.
Calabro don belong to the but have been collecting for them. have been circulating the subscri tion list for the Haywood urganization of the. Circular marked Ex.
6l. I didn admit to Weselowski that paid 60 a month to the and sent no money to them. Objected to as immaterial. District Attorney Label ll shows the attitude of certain of these people toward the governmmt. Motion that the remark of the District Attorney be stricken out. Court The remark was addressed to the Court. will receive the pa for the purpose of showing his interest in the Liui (State witness) on stand. Lizzi The picture of the person in the upper left hand comer of Ex. 26 is Gaetano Bresci. an anarchist, the man who killed the king of ltaly.
Humbert The picture to the right is Antonio Dolbar. an anarchist. The four gentlemen in the picture below Brenti are four Japanue anarchist, and the five to the right of the Japanese are George Engel. Adolph Fisher, Louis Ling, Theo.
Spies and Parsons. Above these. at the top we find 887. There will be a time when our silence will be more powerful than the voices you strangle today. In the middle is picture of Francisco Ferret. at the left hand corner priest, representin him Is the assassin of Ferret. The man with long heard is Emilcar Cipruii. who has been in prison in Italy several times as an an chist. The man with the glasses to the right is Angelic. an Italian anarchist and the man with the cap in the lower left hand corner is Michael Bakunin. a Russian anarchist. In the lower right hand corner a Russian woman anarchist who wrote several pamphlets.
Court The significance of this frame, red and black stripes running transversely across the corner is that it means blood and death.
District Attorney label charged the defendants with having gone to the corner meaing on Sunday.
September armed with revolvers, and having formed a conspiracy an to do, with havin committed an assault with intent to murder upon certain police olhcerr. Zsbel cont tied that the defendants were not only armed but were the ones who started the shooting.
Here it some testimony on those points by unitmses or the prosecution.
Maud Richter. ltnest; for precaution. erase examined defm ant awyer. did nttyeee anybody have In guns beside the doteetivm. but after the shooting saw the two guns in the hands of the detectivea and notioedthe detwtives ick up another gun aft: the shooting, Come ua Pajot. witness for prosecution. laawsixgunsbutldidn tseeanyoftheeedo fudamahaveagunordoan lualettowardaanoffrom therothat day, tior raise haudtoward an aim.
Domenic Gernanotta. witness for rosecutiou. didn see any oftheaeeleva: adults have a there.
sAutnIprel hearmg Dtatr iotAnorne labeler titddendantaufo llowvan Keap mind that the wII mill to each with tie to nude.
Price cents introduced the statements thus obtauied in end Io against the defndanta It the trial. Examm ation of Amedeo, by Zlbel, It padInary hearing. firflow long do you belong to the sands don belong to the club. but watt in.
several times. How long have you beat In W? 4 In: nodt In Inanhist. You. hI a last Sands whtat the nicer? y 0. No. Wasn a gun takar from you? Didn you hand a gun to one of the other aniline? had no revolver. Andthey agreedtomeasoastohnfinp this meeting? don know anything about 3Examination of Pantaleoni. by label. 9, How many years have you been In snub It. neva wII. ou belong to the anarchid club.
Examination of Nudini, by Zahel. How many years are you an audit? never was an anarchist. Belong to the club. don you? never belo to the club, but someti w mt there when was special l music.
Examination of Fratesai. by Lhel. How many years are you an nudist? wasn an anarchist. You belong to tin club? No.
Examination of Bianehi, by Whatisthenameofthemrchiflclnbyfl belong to? luliazeledueation club. You ieve in ha on want the government ova Egon? A. believe in that. You want to kill 08 the aha? don kill nobody. sked suddenly, without introdlnin or connection with what had gone before. Whatdidyoudowithyourgun? Yonhdh 73 an do me You knew the others had gun? didn know nobody had gun. Who first said you would go over than and break u that ineming. obody; wasn with the bandt.
Examination of Frets i, by ZIbd. What time did you get to the club room whentherestoftheanamhimwmthceswy afternoon? didn go to the. District Attorney Madam was at club room and that they were all um ea dam. you a your had no revolve. Q. Didn you march ahead and tell the mm to goandhreakupthemeeting? Whatdidyondo withthegunthatAngelogmyouontheeornI? Nohody gave me a revolver. heoeuao raw. Two questions asked It onee withdefnh naturallyexpectedto answer onl laatone, lering itforargnmenttourgethathe dnotanwerth firstoneandthatthereforehedidmardtatth headofthe rocuaionandtellthemutollednp thawing.
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