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The New York Communist A Challenge and Greeting By Rose Pustor Stokes AY DAY the day of Labor International. Like sheep have they driven us over the separatvoice and vote who has the will to serve, md ing. were the deliberate isher alone love to feed upon.
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Where once we hoped, today we themselves welcome every faith and color and na ised. In which enforced idleness of men and torealize; where once we yearned, today we fulfill: tion in an imperialistic alliance against us, we have, dustry will be as rare as now it is common; in where once we only thought, today we think and ourselves, been divided by them into Jew and Chris. which insecurity, that cancer in your bellish civilact! Not all of us, everywhere, true; but for mil. tian; Black and White and Yellow; Teuton, Slav ization, shall disappear from the social body for lions of us, the world workers, the day of libera and Anglo Saxon. Native and Alien.
tion has dawned.
We have been lured by a beautiful word made We shall become masters of our own destiny For us here, how sweet scented is this Day with hoteful with bourgeois hypocrisy; and turned deaf as today we are victims of your greed We shall the air of approaching freedom! From far lands ears to the music of a phrase become sweet with control all things that they, who create all thing in the old world is borne to us the new odor of the prophecy of proletarian power.
may profit thereby. We shall rear temples of the flowers of our long awaited Berlin, October 31 sr 1918 Art, Science, Learning for our Spring time the Spring time of selves and our children as to date Humanity. And for the gift of we have done these things for. you. longer at is, the nurtured with the blood of Eu To the workers and soldiers of ignorent and uncooth, rope revolutionary proletariat, you Aing the challenge of the we send them, in return, the electhe entente!
culture with which we have letric current of our unshakable bored to provide you will to be faithful and loyal to Friends, Comrades, Brothers!
We shall wipe out war and the the true International.
In the midst of the earthquake of the world war, of the chaotic collapse cause of war. We shall wipe out From over the vast spaces we of the tzaristic imperialist society the Russian proletariat, in spite of misur. the parasitism that, to exist, mint hear the voices of our Comrades. derstanding, hatred and slander, has established its rule the Socialist Repu.
find mure and ever more victims Over the still budding birth of blic of Workers, Soldiers and Peasants. It is the titanic beginning of the soThis May Day, Liberty; over the world filling task of the international proletariat. The Russian revolution has tremendously we, the many, aroused and alert, clash of class will. id class con stimulated the revolutionizing flict; over the effort of the world Austria Hungary are alreades process of the world proletariat, Bulgaria and reaffirm our solidarity with our drawn into the struggle.
arising on the to You shall not use us to wage your of confused workers, facing victory of the German proletariat. The bulk of the people of Germany are predatory wars upon exploiters hiding behind armies tion, too, is awakening. Still, tremendous difficulties are the German revolu brothers in revolutionary lands the aroused, irresistible hosts of with us. The power of the most bitter enemies of the working class is breaking class. We solemnly vow, and the proletariat. over the battle down. Still they are striving by means of lies and deception to chain the basof the losing Black guards against ses to their chatiot and to put off the hour of the emancipation of the people give you warning, that never shall we become executioners of our of Germany.
the winning Red Guards there And just as the imperialism of the Entente powers was strengthened by own freedom, destroyers of our comes to us, workers of America, the robberies and murders perpetrated by German imperialsm in Russia, 50 own hope, traitors to our own hin a ringing call. In the accents of have the German rulere made use of the assault of the Entente powers upon toric destiny, prison wardens of Shelley, in the meaning of Marx. Socialist Russia for the maintanance of their power in Germany.
our own powers millions of voices, mingling is Have you seen how a few weeks ago Kaiser Wilhelm 11, who after the overthrow Tzarism is the representative of the most infamous reaction, made Speak what sweet words you one voice, cry to us: use of the intervention of the Entente powers against proletarian Russia to may, never shall you lure us with Rise like lions after slumber, arouse anew the war spirit of the masses of workers?
honeyed phrases; conjare up In unvanquishable number, We cannot allow that such welcome opportunities for demagogy be placed from your trick bag of conning Shake your chains to earth into the hands of our contemptible enemies, the most abominable enemy of diplomacy what scare you may, like der. the world proletariat. It cannot be that the proletariat of the Entente posers do racial, religious or nationalYe are many, they are fer. should allow such a thing tu happen.
Of course we know that you live al: istic bogey shall frighten us.
And wewe stir, we make the machinations of yout governments. But have done. The spell is broken the danger is constantly growing. The united front of the world imperialism We know the secret of all your us, Comrades.
against the proletariat is becoming a reality in the case of the campaign aga. black magic. Our seeing cyce me Catch the meaning of our mes.
inst the Russian Soviet Republic.
sage over the wireless of our turned to the most significant, world encircling class conscious The world proletariat cannot allow the hearth of the Socialist Revolu. the most stupendous fact in all tion tebe put out if it does not want to see its own hopes and power vanish. history: THE WORKERS OF Yes! We are many, they are The downfall of the Russian Soviet Republic would mean the defeat of the THE WORLD ARE STRUG few. Yet we have slept. Yet we world GLING SUCCESSFULLY TO Friends, Comrades, Brothers! Raise your arms against your masters! THROW THE PARASITES OFT have allowed them to rob us of Long live Russia of the Workers, Peasants and Soldiers!
the common earth and the fruit Long live the revolution of the French, British, Italian and American THEIR BACKS.
of our hands; to bloed us white proletariat!
You the few, have browbeaten for the strength; to break us Long live the emancipation of workingmen of all countries from the us long enough. Your bullying in our youth that they might have hell of war, exploitation and slavery!
must come to an end.
youth in old age; to draw the frail Soon we shall have done toiling Tre The Jorna energies of our children and shut Karl Lelbknecht. and starving, fighting and dying the gates of industry in our mens faces for their We have allowed the Church, State, Press, Bourse for you. Our hands that have been busy in your profit. We, the many, who build all that is built to drug, suppress, confuse and swindle us to un service shall become busy in our own. For you, clothe all that are clothed, feed all that are fed, dermine the foundations of our uprearing class we shall cease to labor. Against the power that who carry and fetch, comfort and beal, educate and solidarity, while diplomats and politicians have resides in our unitedly idle hands you cannot pro entertain, create and inform; we have suffered them, used us as pawns in their criminal game.
vail. To our general order Tools down! you the few, to leave us ill sheltered and naked, hun But even as lions after slumber we, in America may oppose the cry To arms! It will mil gry and insecure, limited, sick and uncomforted; too, are awakening. We too, are flinging our pro you nothing. Our forces are gathering We are untaught, unsatisfied, repressod, uninformed, while letarian challenge into the teeth of our bour goois many, you are few!
them we have surfeited with all things.
sharks: Yes, soon we shall have done toiling and start We, the many, have suffered them, the few, to You have fed upon to and our wives and our ing, fighting and dying for you Against your bo insult and betray us to send us forth with the children long enough! We shall take our comdustrial chaos we shall oppor our industrial or Judas kiss of their bypocritical patriotism to kill mon heritage, the land. We shall take the mills der; against your social rottennew we shall oppone our comrades end be killed, that they, the betrayers, and the mines and the workshops; we shall take our social wanity; ainst your war brooding in might gain a few more bloody piece of imperialthe roads and the wires and the shipa. All that we perialism we shall oppose the fraternal interdepen istic silver. We, the many, have permitted them, have made and you have beld we shall taka dence of our Socialist Republica; gainet your the few, to fatten us before the killing, for their shall establish an order in which done shall starve Dictatorship of the Bourgeoisie we shall oppone gold sake, and then for the sake of their gold to who is a willing worker and one shall out who our Dictatorship of the Proloarint. This, despoil sarve at the very doors of our own grabarios, can work and will not; where each shall have ers of the People, is our May Dey challenge to you!
We answer Hear DCBS.