Russian Revolution
United Front

The New York Communist Challenge and Greeting AY DAY the day of labor InternationalM and never before a May Day so thrillingly lignificant! Where once we hoped. today we realize: where once we yearned, today we fulfill; where once we only thought, today we think and act! Not all of us, everywhere. true; but for millions of us, the world workers, the day of liberation has dawned, For us here, how sweet scented is this Day with the air of approachinu freedom! From far lands in the old world is home to us the new odor of By Rose Pastor Stoke. Like sheep have they driven us over the separating stiles of creed, race, nationality. While they themselves welcome every faith and color and Dation in an imperial istic alliance against us, we have, ourselves, been divided by them into Jew and Christian; Black and White and Yellow; Teuton, Slav and Anglo Saxon Native and Alien We have been lured by a beautiful word made hoteful with bourgeois hypocrisy: and tumrd deaf ears to the music of a phrase become sweet with the prophecy of proletarian power.
voioeand votewhohathewfllmasvgnd where the deliberate idler alone shell be dishediaed. In which enforced idleness of mas and industry will be as rare as now it is common; in which insecurity, that cancer in your hellish civilization, shall disappear from the social body forever.
We shall become mates of our own duiny as today we are victims of your greed. We alt ll control all things that they. who create all thing: my profit thereby. We dull rear templs of the flowers of our long awaited Springtime the Spring time of Humanity. And for the gift of this fragrance, from blossom nurtured with the blood of Enrope revolutionary proletariat, we send them, in return, the electric current of our rmshakahle will to be faithful and loyal to the true international.
From over the vast spaces we hear the voices of our Comrades.
Over the still budding birth of Liberty; ovcr the world filling clash of class will id class conflirt: over the effort of the worlds exploilers (hiding behind armies of confused workers facing the aroused, irresistible hosts of the proletariat. over the battle of the losing Black guards against the winning Red Guards there comes to us. workers of America, a ringing call. In the accents of Shelley, in the meaning of Marx.
milliom of voices, mingling. one voice. cry to us. Riae like lions after slumber, In unvanquirlmble number, Shake your charm to earth like dew, Ye are many, they are few.
And we we stir. we make answer. Hear us, Comrades.
Catch the meaning of our message over the wirclus of our world arcircling class consciousness.
Yes! We are many, they are few. Yet we have slept. Yet we have allowed them to rob us of the common earth and the fruit of our hands; to bleed us white for their strength; to break us in our youth that they might have youth in old age; to draw the frail energies of our children and uhut Berlin, October at st l9. To the workers and soldiers of the entente!
Friends, Comrades, Brothers. In the midst of lhe earthquake of the world war, of the chaotic collapse of the tzaristic imperialist society the Russian proletariat, in spite of misunderstanding. hatred and slander. has established its rule the Socialist Republic of Workers. Saldiers and Peasants. It is the titanic beginning of the Socialist construction of the world, the work which constitutes now the historic task of the international proletariat. The Russian revolution has tremendously stimulated the revolutionizing process of the world proletariat. Bulgaria and Austria Hungary are already drawn into the struggle. The German revolution, too, is awakening. Still, tremendous difficulties are arising on the way to victory of the German proletariat. The bulk of the people of Germany are with us. The power of the most bitter enemies of the working class is breaking down. Still they are striang by means of lies and deception to chain the reasses to their chariot and to put off the hour of the emancipation of the people of Germany.
And just as the imperialism of the Entcnte powers was strengthened by the robberies and murders perpetrated by German imperialsm in Russia. on have the German rulers made use of the assault of the Entente powers upon Socialist Russia for the maintfinance of their power in Germany.
Have you seen how a few weeks ago Kaiser Wilhelm II, who after the overthrow of Tzarism is the representative of the most infamous reaction, made use of the intervention of the Entente powers against proletarian Rossia to arouse anew the war spirit of the masses of workers?
We cannot allow that such welcome opportunities for demagogy be placed into the hands of our contcmptiblc enemies the most abominable enemy of the world proletariat. It cannot be that the proletariat of the Entente powers should allow such a thing to happen. Of course we know that you have already raised your voice against the machinations of your governments. But the dangtr is constantly gr wing. The united front of the world imperialism against the proletariat is becoming a reality in the case of the campaign against the Russian Soviet Republic.
It is to fight to prevent this that am appealing to you!
The world proletariat cannot allow the hearth of the Socialist Revolution tebc put out if it dries not want to see its own hopes and power vanish.
The downfall of the Russian Saviet Republic would mean the defeat of the world proletariat.
Friends, Comrades, Brothers! Raise your arms against our masters!
Long live Russia of the Workers. Peasants and Soldiers.
Long live the revolution of the French, British. Italian and Ameriun proletariatl Long live the emancipation of worklngmcn of all countries from the hell of war, exploitation and slaveryl ri. er. u u. Karl Lelbkuoc llt.
Art, Science, Learning for ourselves and our childrm u to date we have done the e things for you alone. No lonyr at no, tlie ignorant and mum, Ihln you fling the challenge of the culture with which we have Inbored to provide you.
We shall wipe out war and the causeofwar. Weahnllwi peout the parasitism that, to exist, must find more and ever more new to feed upon. This May Day, we, the many. aroused Ind Ain reaffirm our solidarity with our brothers in revolutionary huh.
You shall not use us to wage your predatory wan upon our own class. We solannly vow, and give you warning, that never shall we become executioner: of our own freedom, destroyer: of our own hope, traitors to our own hitoric destiny, prison wards: of our own pow Speak what sweet worth you may, never Ihall you lore us with honeyed phrases; conjure up from your tricking of cunning diplomacy what scare you may, no racial, religious or nationalistic bogey shall frightar on. We have done. The spell is broku.
Weknowthesecraofallyow black magic. Our ceding eyu are turned to the moat oiytiliurn, the mot stupendous fad in all history: THE WORKERS OF THE WORLD ARE STRUGGLlNG SUCCESSFUL LY T0 THROW THE PARASlTl OF THEIR BACKS.
You the few, have hrowbaatn us long enough. Your hullyin must come to an aid.
Soon we shall have done toiling and mining, fighting and am the gates of industry in our mens fab ea for their profit. We, the many, who build all that is built, clothe all that are clothed. feed all that are fed, who carry and fetch, comfort and heal, educate and entertain, create and inform; we have aufi ered them, the few, to leave us illcheltered and naked, hungry and insecure, limited. lick and uncomforted; untaught, unsatisfied repreued, uninformed, while that we have aurfeited with all thingl.
We, the many, have suffered them, the few, to insult and betray its to send In forth with the Jude «kin of their hypocritical patriotism to kill our comrades end he killed, that they, the hen yen.
might gain a few more bloody pion of impuialiltic silver. We, the many, have permitted them.
the few, to fattm us More the killing, for their stride sake, and that for the sake of their gold to Munthevadoouofourowngnharioa.
We have allowed the Church, State, Press. Bourse to drug, suppress, confuse and swindle ua to undermine the foundations of our uprearing clueaolidarity. while diplomats and politicians have need us as pawns in their criminal game.
Bmeven as lions after slumber we, in America too, are awakening. We too, are flinging our proletarian challaige into the teeth of our bourgeois sharks: You have fad upon us and our wiva and our ehildrur long enough! We shall take our com.
mon heritage, the land. We shall take the mills and the mines and the workshop; we shall take thede andthewiruandtheshipa. Allthatwo have made and you have held we shall take. We shall stabliah an order in which none shall starve who is a willing worker and none dull out who oanworkandwillnotzwhceeadtdnllhavea foryou. Ourhandsthathavebeeobneyinywr service shall become busy in our own. Fa you, we shall cause to labor. Against firepower that resideainonrunitedlyidlehandeyoueaunotpro vsil. To our guru ords Tools down! you may oppose the cry To arms! It will avail younothing. Omicron regulating. We re mauy, yearefew!
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our sociel sanity: again! your Ivar i perinliunwoahalloppoaethefr lnulnfldw.
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