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The New York Communist The Pink Terror The Rape of the 17th AST week we told about the unleashing of the either to dissolve or to reorganize the Branch At this meeting officers and dele ule will be elected, and Pink Terror against the Left Wing by the State without the consent of the majority of its members.
permanent organization in the district established. If Committee at Albany. This week we have to re The Right Wingers bit their mustaches in rage meeting you have the welfare of the Party at heart, come to this cord the actual massacre in full swing.
and chagrin. Foiled again! In a secret chamYours for united and solidiſed Socialist Party.
REORGANIZATION COMMITTEE OF THE EXECUTIVE One dark and gloomy night the Cossacks, Bashi ber of the Rand School, filled out with grindCOMMITTEL, LOCAL NEW YOR.
stones for sharpening snickersees, the conspiraAdmission by Letter Only.
Bazooks and Opritchniki of the Right Wing swooped down on the 17th Branch, slaughtered the gathered one by one. The password was Scheide On Sunday evening, the 20th, the fortunate fow, rank and file, and carried off the Branch ino cap mann. clutching their admission letters firmly in their tivity.
The next morning, April 18th, the members of hande, went to the Juliette. Some of the Left the 17th Branch received a letter, which read Wingers went also.
The 17th Branch is or was the largest There an astonishing sight Branch of Local New York. It contains conas follows: met their eyes. At the door were two policemen, tained about four hundred members in good Socialist Party, New York County and in the back ground, with several professional standing. It elected Claessens to the Assembly thugs, bovered the Committee, pointing out the April 18, 1919.
twice, and Calman to the Board of Aldermen once. Dear Comrade:Left Wingers to the cops, and ordering them arAbout two months ago the poisonous propa.
The Executive Committee of Local New York at its lastcluded.
merting decided to reorganize the 17th Assembly District ganda of the Left Wing began to work among Branch Cried Blumstein, to the police, They re a bunch The committee was forced to take that step on account these innocent and unsuspecting Comrades. The of anarchists! They don believe in the Constiof the actions of a group of members in that branch who daslardly and criminal idea occurred to them that every morting created. fight, and by their conte sous tution! They ought to be deported!
there was something the matter with the Socialist spurbbling have reduced the branch, one of the largest Even some of the faithful, who held letters of Party and especially with the Right Wingers who Many of the members disgusted with the actions and admission in their hands, were mistaken by the activities of these squabblers stayed away from the meet control the machine of Local New York cops and gunmen, and told to Beat it! or they ings, and the organization fell in the hands of a few. At Finally this feeling crystallized in an attempt to the last meeting on April 10th, they recalled all the officer get clubbed of the branch, icaving the branch without any functionaries recall the delegates of the 17th Branch to to look after the affairs of the branch.
On April 21st, ninety six members of the 17th the Central Committee. On this the Right Wingers branch was received, wherein three members complain Commitee of Local New York, which read as folA letter signed by large number of members of the addressed a signed letter to the Central persuaded the Branch to postpone action until a rui actions and treatment accorded to the memben by small group.
lows: special meeting. They then combed the town for The Executive Committee was forced by the course Right Wing members, rounded them up, and herded these comrades have taken to reorganize the branch, and We, the undersigned members of the 17th has appointed committee to do so. As a member of Socialist Party, do hereby protest against the atthem to the meeting. Many of these Comrades had the 17th you are requested to come to meeting to not attended a Branch meeting within the memory be held Friday, April 18th at P. at the Juliette Hall, tempt of the Executive Committee of Local New 103 West 117th Sireel. Bring your party card. The com.
York to dissolve our Branch against the will of the of man, and there were some present who had for.
mittee will be at this meeting to re organize the branch and majority of the members.
gotten where the ball was. The Right Wing re put it on a solid and working basis jected the recall of delegates by a majority of this the interest of the party at heart will be at this meeting The sequel of the affair is to be found in the teen voles.
story of what happened at the meeting of the and assist the committee to get a good working branch in the 17th Assembly District.
Central Committee on Tuesday evening, which was At the following meeting of the Branch, April Yours for the Cause, 10th, 1919, another resolution was introduced by Committee: EMANU LL BLUMSTEIN, ALEXANDER COPSTEIN, adjourned, with the assistance of a police captain.
All this indicates the desperation of the Right the Left Winger so recall all Branch offcials, to have extended discussion on the question of Left The letter signed by a large number of memWingers, knee deep in the rising tide of the rank and Right Wing principles, and then to elect new bers, referred to, was in fact signed by the thirty: thugs and strong arm politicians, and establish and file, which will eventually clean our Party of officers, the old ones to function until the new two Right Wingers in the Branch all the Right elections. This resolution was carried 27 to Wingers who were meinbers. Now the Branch conwithin the ranks of the movement, the dictatorship Now began an exhibition of Right Wingism un tains 400 members in good standing, and the of the proletariat.
cxampled in the history of Local New York. quorum is forty six.
Now comes the horrid finale, when the mailod The Right Wing delegates turned up at the Can. The Juliette Hall, where the roorganization fist of the Right Wing appears in all its ruthtral Committee, and whenever they could assist the was effected, is outside the 17th On the aplennon.
political bosses on any question, ihey voted as regu pointed mght about one hundred and fifty members tion by the Executive Committee or any body elec, On Wednesday, April 3rd, without authorise lar delegates from the 17th At the same time, of the Branch gathered, and were marched up one acting as no longer oficials of the 17th a by one before he sell appointed committee, to Alderman Calman and Assemblyman Clacasens, in group of these same individuals appeared before register. First they were asked to turn in their headquarters and began to remove the furniture.
a moving van, swooped down on the 17th the Executive Committee of Local New York, and red cards. Then questions wage put to them, such asked that the Branch be reorganized. Comrade as the following: Comrade Max Cohen, who happened to be pats Codkind, a member of the Executive Committee, at Do you believe in an organization within an ing, protested. Whereupon Calmun stepped to the templed to protest. He was beaten up and expelled organization?
telephope and called up police headquarters from the meeting; after which, with cheers and member of the Left Wing. Im Alderman Calma. 1, he said, Send a police hand shaking, the Executive Committee ordered of the one hundred and míty present only thirty man up here to preserve order!
that the 17th Branch be reorganized.
we considered pure enough to register in the new In a few minutes a cop came up, and under his On April 17th the member. came to their regular Brar. ch, together some Right Wingers who were not supervision the inoffensive dooks and chairs of the Branch meeting and discovered that a bright new present, but who were their friends 17th were loaded on the van and removed.
padlock had been placed on the door of the hall. on the committee. After the meeting the Left Where? Alderman Calman said, to a storage The broke the door open, however, and held the Wingers in a body not one having registered warehouse. But observers report that the van meeting, which declared that the Branch did not adjourned to their own beadquarters, took a pledge was seen heading in the direction of the second recognize the right of the Executive Committee not to recognize the right of any minority to impose hand furniture quarter in the Alderman Ward.
their will on the majority, and declared themselves to be the only legal 17th Branch.
ENTERTAINMENT AND The next morning all who registered received Meeting to commemorate the the following letter: Irish Revolation of 1916 PACKAGE PARTY und the macrifice of Cotare de Jim Connolly, Michael Given at the Socialist Party, New York County Mallin, Richard Carroll. Scan Coanolly, Reader Mackes and extend proeting on behalf of the Irish 5th HEADQUARTERS April 18, 1919.
Dear Comrade: Revatutionary Working Clans to the Representative of the Russian Soviet Government, Ludwig CA 1034 Southern Blvd. Bronx There will be meeting of the members of the 17th Martens, who will speak, sopported by Berlin who accept the party platform u buis of the organiza Jack Reed, Louise Bryant, Nicholas Hourwhit, Lod SATURDAY, APRIL 28th, at P. tion, and who we not members of any organization within wig Lors, Losac McBride, Eadmonn MacAlpine Jim the party organization, and are oppored to any sach organ Larkin Emmet Reilly of California will preside Admission 15c.
ization, for the purpose of re organizing the branch, and to put working Party brunch in the district free from foc.
BRYANT HALL, 725 Stuth venne Fine Pastel Portrait of Gene Dobe tionalism and cliques MONDAY, APRIL 2h, This meeting will be held on Sunday, April 200h, Will Be Rafflod Off. 30 At the Juliette, 103 117th Street He who would be free Himself must strike the Wow Fat Side for Socialion All comrade who are with the Socialist Party and have the interest of the party hourt should attend. Are you