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The New York Communist Window on the World The Telescope THE capitalist solution of unemployment to.
be well spent.
kick us.
Daughters of Revolutionary Americanism What a Program?
RS. George Thacher Guernsey, president gen We shouldn spend our time querreling among ourselves about right and left wing lution, an organization of women who make a point programs, but fight the common enemy. machine guns of having forgotten what the American Revolution Thus writes Comrade. And immediately The solution is more joha by moms of was about, appears to have a prejudice against the we ask What a program? and our an. less hours. The Rebel Worker.
rest of mankind.
swet is: that a program is a weapon, a wea. The Left Wing solution is the Dictatorship of It has been demonstrated, Mrs. Guernsey de pon in the class war against capitalism. the Proletariat clared, that one of the great bars to patriotism is Presumably the comrade isn particular about the weapon he uses so long as he in a foreign language. The use of a foreign lanaction. He can bear to waste time de Now comes the question: Will the Turkish Soviet guage in our public schools has been almost an ciding upon a choice of weapons, but would nationalize women of will it merely introdnoo act of treason. We might as well have been teachseize the first to hand, whether it was an effec.
ing Sanskrit Cerman, and for better, for Sans state ownership and control of harems?
krit would not have kept American youths from tive or not whether it melted in his hand or could be sent ripping into the citadel of growing American souls.
The Bolsheviki are now in the throes of their the enemy.
She also has her ideas about the subtle kitchenThen the thought comes that through the Annual spring collape. The summer collapse bo propaganda employed by enemy aliens here with scheduled for July 1, the autumn disaster is expected wise choice of weapons and their efficient use such conspicuous success during the war.
about the middle of October, but the date of the we will win. Time spent in carefully, even What kind of an American consciousness can winter debacle is not yet fized owing to the deadquarrellingly selecting our weapons at each you grow, she added, in an atmosphere of sauerlock in the bourgeois prese editorial conference stage of the development of the class war will kraut and limburger cheese? Or what can you Weapons must be chosen.
over the relative propaganda values of Christmas expect of the Americanism of the man whose breath Day and the first of the New Year.
Let us choose them well. And remember, always reeks of garlic. the autocrats of industry do not run business If it hadn been for a lot of these despised for at the ballot box. Neither do they rob the Tat New YORK COMMUNIST is staggering mer eigners, who doubtless spoke in alien tongues, and worker there. The Ohio Socialist.
its first blow from Democracy WE HAVE BEEN whose breath perhaps rocked with sauerkraut and BARRED FROM THE RAND SCHOOL garlic, Mrs. Guernsey heroic ancesors would probably be still running from the British red.
International Notas coats How about Von Steuben, Pulaski, Konci(Continued from page 6)
We suppose now that we are down Barlmon will usko, Lafayette? Letter from the Workers Red Cross of the Labor Unions of Vladivostok.
Anyway, what we need is not Daughters of December 28, 1918.
American Revolution but Mothers of the AmeriTo all Forkingmen and Forkingwomen of the United States.
can Revolution.
Comrades: It being rumored that a general amposty will After the forcible intuion of our country and the over. shortly be granted all Left Wingers in Foderal throw of the Soviet Government by the Allies, upon the prisons or under indictment, it will now be in order Look Out Russia! Keep Your false pretensions of the Czecho Slovake and the Ruecian for the Rights to prefer charges for malicious sland.
capitalists, in the city of Vladivostok and all over Siberia Hand on Your Watch!
began a period of terrible oppression for the Russian work ar or Bolshevik tendancion ing class THE Allies and the American Government are Thousands upon thousands of working people, posants, beginning to talk soft about Soviet Russia. and students were shot. In Khabarovsk.
of about How wrong is Right?
As several times before, the diplomats are address seventy thousand inhabitants, twelve hundred people were ing honeyed words to the Bolsheviki, and carefully butchered by the Japanese and Comacks in the city of Krasnoyarsk thousands were slain by the Russian White spreading rumors that the Soviet Government is We learn that the Rand School has engaged Guards, with the help of Italian regiments. English regi.
about to be recognized.
menis also participated in the suppression and massacre of tremendous expense the delegates to the Berne ConEvery time this has happened so far, it has been tens of thousands of revolting peasante. Every day new ference for a series of exclusive lectures on The Dia cemeteries had to be laid out. At the present time thowfollowed by brutal and treacherous attacks. What astrous Effects of a Left Wing in Russia ands of other comrades are rotting in jail, without any are the Imperialists cooking up now? Depend charges against them. Their wives and children are sufupoit, they do not intend to allow Soviet Russia fering from bunger and cold, because they have no mean The Central Committee of Local Now York, to exist if they can help it. They intend to crush of relid except through the Worken. Organizations, which the Proletarian Republics, and with them the interexist illegally. The need is desperate, and the Russian having become too unwieldly for the machine, is organizations can be of little help with their meagre re temporarily disbanded until communications com national working class organization which is now sources be opened up with Comrade Scheidemann.
beginning to take shape.
Moreover, many factories are closed, and the workers It is now four months since the Governments of cannot find employment.
Helpless in these terrible circumstances, we, the Workthe United States and Great Britain solemnly anIt is rumored that one of the leaders of the ers Red Crow of Russia, have applied for susistance to the nounced that they had decided to withdraw their American Red Cross; but this organization, which Siamese Socialist Party will address the poort moet troops from Siberia and Archangel. They have poord to render aid to all without exception, without re. ing of the Central Committee in his native tongue.
since been reinforcing them. In fact, we see by gard to their political beliefs, has not even favored us with His speech, which will be devoted to Unity, will be today papers that the Allies in the North are advancing, and driving the Russians southward, us In this critical bour, when part of the Russian wonten interpreted by a prominent Right Wingee.
and peasants are arangled between the struggle of the they are also pushing on in the East. But they are International Capitalists, while the part on the other side getting craftier; the newspapers now talk of the of the Ural Mountains (European Runsin. are blooding There being some coníusion towards the end Hoyal Russians as advancing, and keep the Allied to death in the uneven struggle with enemies on every of the last Central Committee, the Comrade Police troops strictly in the background. But we happen side in this bour we turn to you with the following de Captain made a motion to wdjourn.
mands: to know that even by promises of food, conscripProtest ainst the organised Musacre of your brother tion, and the starvation and punishment of the in Demand the withdrawal of American and Allied troops habitants who refuse to fight, the Allies have only from Remia.
The following have adopted the Loft Wing Mani been able to get a handful of Russians to join the Answer the call of tens of thousands imprisoned, and festo and Program. loyal troops.
lighten the suffering of orpban children and desolate fam. Locals Russia, Hungary, Beraria, Turkey, Uk.
ilies with brotherly help.
raine and Limerick Something is up. Some dark business is being With comradely regards, Meetings to dimas Party tactics are scheduled hatched. We have no fear of results; so far, the REPRESENTATIVE OF THE RUSSIAN WORKERS RED Cross in the following branches: Austria, Saxony, Italy, VLADIVOSTOK.
results of the Allied invasion of Russia have been to AND OF THE CENTRAL COMMITTEE OF LABOR UNIONS Prussia, Poland, Bohemia, Serbia, Ireland, Egypt unite the Russians around the Soviet Government, Australia Korea and Argentine. It is erpected that Locals and strengthen cluas consciousness among the work The Social Democratic Party of Now South France and England will shortly recall their dole era all over Wales, in its latest program, has declar aims gates to the Central Committee in Paris Action is But just the same, Rumin, look out for that gold to be the same as those of the Bolshevik and Spar. pending on Comrado Bakhmetov, who redu do brick!
tecns movement be recalled sup.