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NEW MILITANT Weekly Organ of the Workers Party of the VOLUME I, NO. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 29, 1934 PRICE CENTS Prepare for a Year of Determined Struggle!
New Year Manifesto of the Workers Party To the American Working Class. ods, by voting for the right party. they can use the The resources of this continent on which we live are almost boundless. The productive machinery built up apparatus of capitalist government to bring in Utopia for the workers. Here also experience sounds warnby the workers, farmers and technicians of this coun In this period of the decline of capitalism, the in coast. The same administration acts openly in Cuba ing. These methods used by the Social Democrats of try can turn out goods in unsurpassed abundance. dustrialists and financiers cannot maintain their pro and elsewhere as the direct agent of Amican imperial Europe heve led only to Fascism, to the open, brutal, and perfect this machinery. Under these circumstances and lower. Resistance to this process they crush by program in all the peace time history of this nation. abolished all the forms of democracy and plunged The working class is trained and equipped to operate fits without pushing the standards of the people lower ists and is carrying out the greatest naval building war like dictatorship of finance capitalists who have every family, every person in the land, might today any and every means. Where the workers themselves The warning is clear: here in the also, no matter whole nations into barbarism.
have food and clothing in abundance, a comfortable do not act in time an open, brutal Fascist dictator how liberal may be the pretensions or even the mohome, adequate medical care, abundant opportunity ship is set up. All democratic rights are suppressed, tives of individuals, the attempt to save capitalism To the professional, technical, and agricultural workers to the farmers to the Negro people and all for education and recreation, security against acci all the forms of democracy are abandoned. The trade can end only in the horrors of Fascism and War.
dent, sickness, unemployment and old age, and the oppressed races to the small shopkeepers to all exunions, the cooperatives, all the independent organizaassurance of rapid and speedy improvement in the tions of the workers and farmers are smashed. The THE ONLY WAY OUT ploited group, we say: Only by the complete abolition of capitalism can you gain freedom from insecurity, standard of living.
This we might have.
right to strike is abrogated. Open terror is exercised There is only one way for the masses to avoid this discrimination, exploitation and tyranny. The soluagainst any one who dares to raise his voice against catastrophe and to achieve for themselves and their tion of the industrial workers, a socialist society, is What we actually do have is far different. Seven this capitaist dictatorship. Women are driven back children plenty, security, freedom and peace. That the only solution for your problems also. The one teen million men, women and children are living off into medieval subjection. The intellectuals are perse to abolish the present economic system to take the road to the socialist society is the road of the revolurelief. Many million more are forced to live below cuted. The basest racial and national prejudices are productive plant and the agencies of distribution and tionary seizure of power by the working class and its what even conservative government departments call called into play. At the behest of the same capitalist ownership and control of the natural resources, the allies. Refuse, therefore, to heed those who seek to a decent standard of living. Fifteen million are un interests struggling for markets, raw materials, out communication of the hands of private individuals discredit or to attack the workers revolutionary move employed. The threat of losing his job hangs like a lets for investment, the nations pile up armaments. and corporations, to use and operate them for the ment and to organize you in or around any other social sword over every worker, technician and professional. Inevitably war results. The masses who, under capi fulfillment of human needs and not for private profit, movement. Under whatever guise they may appear, Homes acquired with hard earned savings are sold talism, are machine fodder in time of peace, become to build a socialist society.
they are the agents of capitalism and they prepare over their owners heads. Families are evicted from cannon fodder to be slaughtered by millions in time of This can be accomplished only by the revolutionary the way for Fascism.
their houses and thrown on the streets. Poor farmers war. Humanity sinks back into the Dark Ages. Fas action of the working class. The poor farmers, the are put off the land and thrown on the labor market cism and War that is the only way out capitalism doubly exploited and persecuted Negro people, and THE NEED OF REVOLUTIONARY PARTY to compete with the workers. Farmers who still nomi can offer. Trying to save capitalism can have no the impoverished middle class can find no salvation ex In order that the daily struggle against the lowernally own their own land are loaded down with a other result, whether in the or elsewhere. cept by supporting the workers revolution. The ing of the standard of living may be carried on effecgrowing burden of mortgages and debts and are less THE NEW DEAL SWINDLE capitalists will resort to any means in order to retain tively and in order that as speedily as possible the and less able to make a living from the sale of their their power and their profits. The government serves workers may take power in order to establish plenty produce. Millions of young men and women are un Yet it is now as plain as day that this is just what as their agent. Unless, therefore, the masses are to and security, it is necessary that the advanced workable to obtain jobs even at starvation wages. The Roosevelt is trying to do. save capitalism.
The New Deal is the same old Raw Deal for the yield supinely to their enemies and be plunged into the aged are thrown on the scrap hcap without assurance ers be organized in a revolutionary political party.
horrors of Fascism and War, they must take control Not just another political party seeking to elect of so much as a bare subsistence. This is the real masses. The unemployed have not been put back to of their own destiny. Having grown weary of exist somebody to office under the capitalist system, but picture of America as it faces the new year. work. Relief standards are being beaten down and ing government they must exercise their revolution the vanguard section of the working class itself, organcapitalists again talk openly of throwing the jobless Ary right to overthrow it.
ized for leadership in revolutionary action.
CONDITIONS GET WORSE, NOT BETTER back on the mercies of private charity. The minimum CAPITALISM CANNOT BE REFORMED Both the Socialist Party and the Communist Party, The economic system under which we live capital wage set in NRA codes have become the maximum. On the Second International and the Third International, ismis responsible for these conditions. Under this the other hand, the number of millionaires has in Reforms and half measures offer no way out of the have in recent years demonstrated that they are uttersystem, the resources of the nation, the factories, creased under Roosevelt, and corporation profits have misery, insecurity and chaos of capitalism. Advocates mines, railroads, are owned and controlled by private gone up. The employers have been encouraged by the of such solutions only confuse and mislead the work countries, of organizing the workers for effective deindividuals corporations. The capitalists use these government to organize one hundred per cent. Mono ers. The New Dealers, the Huey Longs, the Bilbos fense against offensive of capital, much less resources and operate this machinery not for fulfilling poly the needs of the masses but in order to make profits fellow Pitalists, the big fellows as against the little the Father Coughlins, and the various cheap American leading them to victory and the new social order.
have been strengthened. The right of the imitations of European Fascists they all fawn upon for themselves. The masses are left without the means workers to organize and bargain collectively, sup the under dog and the little man and profess to WORKERS PARTY OF THE to purchase the goods which they have themselves pro posedly guaranteed in section 7a of the NRA, has not, have the interest of the workers at heart. but they however, been enforced. On the contrary, company sabotage strikes, oppose militant unionism and bitter Party of the was established on December 1, For this a new party was needed. The Workers duced. Under this system, which is now everywhere in decline and decay, the workers cannot find deliverance.
1934 by the merger of the American Workers Party Even for individuals the possibility of personal in the infamouse proportional Representation Self Stokely attack the revolutionary movement through which alone the masses can gain their freedom. Whatever and the Communist League of America. Workers who into the automobile code. Strikes have been sabotaged. their demagogic protestations or their motives, there masses, so long as capitalism endures, conditions will The use of militia against striking workers has gone fore, they serve the capitalists and prepare the way had played a leading part in the great strike struggles in Toledo, Minneapolis and other places, founders of grow fundamentally and rapidly worse.
unrebuked. Liberal members of the Roosevelt ad for Fascism. The Upton Sinclairs, the Social Demo the Unemployed League movement, together with This has been proved before our own eyes by recent ministration helped, to whip up the red scare crats and the Farmer Laborites tell the masses that by founders and former leading members of the Commudevelopments in Germany and elsewhere in Europe. against the striking marine workers of the Pacific civilized. peaceful. democratic. gradual meth(Continued on Page 4)
18 Sacramento Workers on Trial. Face Long Sentences INEQUALITIES SHOWN BY OF SURVEY Big Meeting Hears Muste And Cannon on WP Program Adopts Resolution on Situation in Soviet Union business of the American FederaOn the basis of Labor Department reports and federal income tax figures, the monthly survey of Norris, Leader Red Frame Up Is Mask For Drive against Unions Joins Workers Party Victims Were Leaders of Agricultural Laborers Irving Plaza was Jammed to standing room when Musto and showing the inequalities which The campaign of the Workers of the Revolutionary Policy ComJames Cannon addressed a meeting last Sunday night on the Workers have contributed to present condi Party to unite the revolutionary mittee.
One of the most vicious anti labor trials In years is now in full Party and its Program. The entire audience, with the exception of tlom. It stimmarizes this table as workers under its banner gets swing In Sacramento, California.
The action of Comrade Norris is the Industrial Association, is trying to send 18 militanta workers to the The District Attorney, on behalf of seven members of the Communist Party greeted the speakers with en follows: big push forward this week by the the first positive answer of the State Penitentiary at San Quentin for the crime of organising to get thusiasm. In the course of tbeir epeec eferred to the present In 1983 corporations increased statement of Norris in revolutionary wing of the party to higher wages, an activity described by the capitalist legal system of executions and arrests in Rusia resolution, appended below, was their total income by 654, 000, which he announces his withdrawal the arrogant attacks of the right California as Criminal Syndicalism. The defendents were the leaders introduced at the conclusion, and passed by a standing vote, censuring 000, made excess profits (over the secret nature of the trials, and demanding that the persecution of 121. of 125, 000, 000 and de from the Socialist Party and en wing since the Detrolt convention and active militants of the Agricultural and Cannery Workers Union trance into the The appli and the capitulatory attitude of Masked as an anti red crusade, the trial is aimed primarily at this party opponents, old Bolsheviks, such as Zinovlev, Kamenev, and Yev creased their deficit by 1, 900, cation of Comrade Norris has been the Militants and the The organization, the most active and effective of any of the unions under dokimov care. The vote on the resolution was evertody for, seven 000, 000. Incomes of persons te accepted by the National Commit. Workers Party, expects in the near leadership in California.
ceiving over 25, 000 year in tee on the recommendation of the future to announce the applications The Resolution reased by 128, 000, 000. Workers Minneapolis Branch with which he of other revolutionary Socialists At this writing, the jury is being picked which will be asked to The resolution, to be presented TOUR DATES incomes on the other hand deconvict these workers, some of is in direct contact.
who are coming to the same conto the Soviet consulate, follows: creased by Deurly 500, 000, 000 Was Minnesota Secretary clusions as those of Comrade Nor. MUSTE DINNER them members of the Communist Party, and others without political (in reporting industries alone. We, the workers of New York, Norris was the state sec is. His statement follows: affiliation.
in mass meeting assembled under Following is the schedule of the Our total national income was retary of the Socialist Party On Wednesday, January 9, a tes The prisoners were arrested in the auspices of the Workers Party appearances of Muste and 42 below 1920, workers Income Minnesota and was a delegate from Statement of Norris was 49 lower of the on this 23rd day of James Cannon, who on January that state to the Detroit conventimonial dinner will be given for connection with a raid on the Minneapolis, Minn.
December, 1934, declare our u 13 will open the first national Prospects of improvement in em tion of the He was connected to the National Committee Muste, National Secretary of Workers School of Sacramento swerving allegiance to the Soviet speaking tour of the Workers ployment are pretty slim, accord with the Revolutionary Policy Workers Party of the Workers Party, at Irving Plaza, during the anti Red drive growing Uplon, the workers state, which Party, to extend to February 9, and ing to the of survey. Committee and was elected to the Comrades: New York City. The dinner is to out of the collapse of the San is and has been since 1917 the star covering 21 cities and Industrial National Executive Committee of After full deliberation have and the Afteenth year of his inval anti Red setting a blow is being commemorate bis oftleth birthday, Francisco general strike. In this of bope and inspiration to the revo centers: ORDER PAMPHLETS NOW. this group at the Detrolt conference defnitely and finally come to the uable service in the revolutionary aimed at militant unionism.
lutionary workers of the entire Buffalo, January 13 14 conclusion that the Socialist Party labor movement.
It has for years been a sytematie world.
has no revolutionary future and Youngstown, Ohio. January 15.
practice of the bosses pollee to ar We condemn terroristle actions, that the place for every revolution Comrade Muste was time ex rest known militants among the such as the assassination of Kirov, Newcastle, Pa January 15.
ary socialist is in the ranks ofecutive secretary of the American agricultural and cannery workers and pledge ourselves anew to the Cleveland, Ohio. January 16.
the Workers Party. Accordingly, Federation of Textile Operatives, of Sacramento Valley in the late plans for war mobilization under have withdrawn from the New England textile union; served, summer. They are thrown in fall defense of the Soviet Union against Toledo, Ohio. January 17. Dec. 28, 1933 Jan. 3, 1934)
external or internal enemies. We Detrolt, Mich. January 18.
shall raise no objection to drastie the National Defense Act, he and present berewith my applica at one time, as vice president of on vagraney charges, held with or WASHINTON Its ends accom stated.
tion for membership in the the American Federation of Teach without trial for some weeks, and Chicago, Ill. January 19 20 21. plished, the Roosevelt revolution measures against any who conspire Waukegan, Ill. January 22. is over, the president told Congress Like every other revolutionary ors: was the founder of Brookwood turned loose after the barvest to to overthrow the workers state.
The purpose is to smash or The right and the duty of the pro Madison, Wis. January 22. In his message to that body. The HARRISBURG, Pa. Work re with the principles and policies of founders of the American Workers prevent possible strikes at barvest letarian state to adopt the stern Minneapolis St. Paul, Minn. Jan. evils which brought about the llet is nothing more than forced the Socialist party for some time. Party.
time so that there need be no raise est methods of repressable for against 23 24 25 26 27.
smashup of the capitalist machine labor, Executive Director Erle Bld. But up till recently had the hope Among the many sponsors of the In the slave wages paid to the its class enemies 18 Kansas City Jan. 27 28 29 30. in the past four years have been dle of the Pennsylvania Emergency that it might be revolutionized ainner are Roger Baldwin, Ernest workers of the valley the revolutionary workers. We Des Molnes, Ia. January 28 ended Is the ruthless exploitation report to Gov. Pinchot.
abollshed, he stated. Among evils Rellet Board stated in his annual from within. As a delegate to the Sutherland Baten, James Can Penalty Is 84 Years condemn the hypocritical outcrles Davenport, Ia January 29.
Detroit convention and a member non, Stuart Chase, This year the anti Red drive George of all labor. How this had been ot, anti Soviet elements, whether St. Louis, Mo. January 80 81.
of the National Executive Commit Counts, Margaret De Silver, Max gave the authorities an opportunity they be social democrats or captIllinois Mine Fields, Staunton, accomplished was not specified.
WASHINGTON. Unions affiliat Committee, looked forward to the John tee of the Revolutionary Policy Eastman, Arthur Garfield Hays, to strike at the unlon and to protalist editor who now come for Gillesptė, Springfield. Feb. 2 ward to renew their agitation for Columbus, Ohio February 8 NEW YORK. Our army haped with the American Federation of transformation of the into a Preda Birchwey, Ludwig Lore, Rok tous charge of criminal syndicalism.
bogus bourgeng demoora. cy and Charleston, Va February Deds to be the only branch of the Labor were called upon by Presl. revolutionary party. Developments bert Morse Lovett, Reinhold Nie It convicted on all counts, each of seek to identify the workers dictaPittsburgh, Pa February 8.
government which is already ordent William Green to take such since the Detroit convention have bubr, Robert Paddock, James Ror the accused can get as much as torship with Fascist dictatorship.
New York City February 10. ganized and available nou only to steps 18 sem necessary to make caused me to change my mind about ty. George Soule, Carlo Tresca, 84 years in Sae Quentin.
Wo wbo have witnessed from afar and to Stephen Wise, and Oswald Garro during the week of July 18 tad The defendants were arrested the mass murder of the victims of All comrades and sympathizera cope with social and couomic German services etfective. The foln the son Villard.
Fascism and reaction in Germany, are worked to get busy at once ar problems in an emergency. Agat. boycott had been ordered by the Contrary to the hopes of many The dinner will be served at the victed. These cases are being ap tried for vagrancy: nine being con Austria, Spain, and have 640 with Parking meeti, conferences, etc. Secretary of War Harry Wood Wuhington convention of the member, the leftward drift of the Irving Plast, Irving Place and 15th parlad. During the Tuber tal wur we the murer of strikes on the dates Indionted and to keering wrote in an inte ty Lberto of Llotell o. ben sherply created.
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