Page THE MILITANT January 15. 1929. Letters from the Militants LETTER FROM MINERS LEADER Springfield, 111. Dec. 19, 197.
Dear Comrade: Your letter of the 15th received today. am very glad to note your attitude in regards to the reactions of some comrades towards the Party as a Party. pointed out this wrong point of view at our last unit meeting when two comrades attacked the Party because the Pol, com has expelled Cannon and others.
You remember that at the last unit meeting made a motion that the unit protests against the expulsion of Comrade Cannon, etc. and demanded the reinstatement of all these comrades. The whole unit was in favor ex«
cept Shimkus who spoke against, yet this motion never came to a vote, because Plott realizing the position he was in prolonged the discussion for so long and words flew back and forth so fast that nothing was done ex»
cept to have another discussion meeting the following Sunday. But for some reason there was no Party meeting the following Sunday.
As you probably already know have been suspended from the Party for three months for holding the Trotsky.
position at the last unit meeting. Now at the last unit meeting from which Plott gathered his soIcalled evidence, my position was solely a protest against expulsions, ask; ing for more information, protesting that both sides be heard on this question. The expulsion doesn bother me; am used to them, but its effects on the new mem.
hers is going to react very bad and not to the best ine terests of the Party.
George Maurer came down to see me last week and spent a whole day in Springfield. First proposal he made to me was that vote for the minority resolution and apt peal my case to the This refused to do be: cause disagree with the resolution on the question of Trotsky. Second, that should refrain from voting on all resolutions and make a speech on discipline, right of the to expel, etc. This too refused to do because it means lulling the membership to sleep and not taking a Communist stand at all. told him that would fight for reinstatement of the expelled comrades.
But now after reading the Program of Trotsky from the book that you sent me feel that must take an!
other step forward and fight for the Trotsky position and program. had some doubts, because of lack facts, now am convinced after giving some time to the writings of not only Trotsky, but Lenin and Stalin and others.
At the meeting Sunday we will of course fight for the motion of protest and reinstatement but also am going to take up the program of Trotsky and fight for it too.
Best regards to Glotzer and Zalisko.
Fraternally JOE ANGELO OurN. Mass Meeting An audience of five hundred workers filled the large hall of the Labor Temple on Tuesday night, January 8, and listened with absorbed attention to a more than two hour speech delivered by comrade Jame Cannon, editor of The Militant and leader of the expelled Communist Opposition, on The Truth About Trotsky and the Russian Opposition.
This splendid turn out, far exceeding the most optimistic expectations, was achieved in the face of an official boycott by the Party apparatus and with almost no advertising of the meeting.
The workers manifested the keenest interest dur ing the course of the speech in the array of facts, documents and arguments presented by comrade Cannon, much of which they had heard for the first time. Strong applause greeted the name of com rade Trotsky, particularly when the speaker de clared that a Leninist line would be carried through in the Soviet Union and the Comintern only if and when Trotsky and his colleagues would he re instated as the legitimate leaders of world Bolshevism, When the speaker took up point by point the record of falsification, distortion and slander against Tfotsky, bringing it down to recent day by pointing out how the official apparatus had even compelled the director of the Russian film Ten Days that Shook the World to omit the picture of Trotsky from every scene, the audience, many of whom had seen the film and the petty trick, again applauded vigorously.
After the lecture many questions were asked and all of them were answered by the speaker. To the great satisfaction of the audience, comrade Cannon tore to shreds the big exposure of the Daily Worker in response to questions on the matter.
As is reported elsewhere in this issue, com!
rade Maurice Malkin, now in Sing Sing prison, spoke before Comrade Cannon and was given a warm welcome and ovation. Numbers of his friends and comrades from the Furriers and needle!
trades workers were on hand throughout the meet, ing. Comrade Martin Abern acted as chairman for the meeting.
In New Haven, January 4, comrade Cannon spoke for the second time on the Russian Opposi tion at the Labor Temple, The first meeting had. THE EXPELLED The bureaucrats are continuing with their expulsion policy, and wherever a worker in the Party raises his voice in defense of the platform of the Russian Oppo sition, or against the expulsion course, he is forthwith expelled or suspended from the Party himself. The ideological campaign against the Opposition is more truly a campaign of ideological terrorization. Neverthe less, true to their convictions, we continue to hear of ad ditional workers who have taken a stand for our position even though it involved the temporary loss of their mem bership card. The latest expulsions and suspensions in»
clude the following: CANADA POPPER QUARTER HURWITZ KRAMER CLAREMONT SHAINAK STARKMAN MAURICE QUARTER In addition to these comrades Sospended by the Party in Toronto, 20 others, members of the Young Commun ist League, have received the same fate. Their names will appear in future issues. Most of the suspended wor kers are active in the needle trades union.
NEW YORK PHILIP SHULMAN, member Left Wing Local 37.
BERNARD LUECK, Organizer Unit F, expelled August 1928.
PHILADELPHIA JOE LESACK, member Carpenters Union.
NATHAN SHANKER, Financial Secretary Sheet Metal Workers Union.
WHO ARE THE EXPELLED COMMUNISTS MAURICE SPECTORiEntered Toronto Young So, cialist League in 1914. Removed as editor of student paper in 1916 for antiwar activity in University of Torr onto. As national executive committee member of So»
cial Democratic Party in 1918 he introduced resolution for affiliation to Third International Helped liquidate Social Democratic Party and form underground groups.
Delegate to the first underground convention of Com!
munist Party and Workers Communist Party group in Canada which established Workers Party. Elected to and appointed editor of Canadian Worker, offi cial organ, in 1921. Constantly a member of of Communist Party of Canada since then. Delegate to Fourth World Congress of Comintern in 1922. 23. Elected chairman of Party following the Third and Fourth Con»
ventions. Editor of Canadian Labor Monthly, Party theoretical monthly, from inception. Delegate to Sixth World Congress of and elected member of Executive Committee of Comintern.
MAX SHACHTIVIAN Joined Workers Council in 1921 prior to its merger into Workers Party at Decem ber 1921 convention. Elected member of National Exec»
utive Committee of Young Workers League in 1923, member. of National Bureau and Secretariat until 1927 when entire work transferred to the Party. Editor of official organs of League, Young Worker and Young Comrade, in 197, 345. Director League anti«militarist work 1923»7. League delegate to Plenum of Young Com munist International in 1925. Editor of Labor Defender, organ of International Labor Defense, 1926 1928. Memt her of National Executive Committee of since November 1927. Delegate to Second Congress of In!
ternational Red Aid in 1927. Elected alternate to Central Committee at 1927 convention of Party. nu. uI. u. nun u uun.
been broken up by the police after the official party rowdies had tried to create a riot. This time more than sixty workers listened to comrade Cane non speak to the very end without much disturb»
ance. When a dozen of the Party squad, who had announced a rival meeting, on the same night, which flopped, entered the hall they began to try to repeat their tactics of the previous meeting.
They were led by Robert Kling, who, although he has recently returned from the USSR, evidently learned nothing about workers democracy. Un fortunately for Kling, however, he and his IOW dies were quickly put into their place along the wall where they remained for ten minutes and then left the meeting.
Comrade James Cannon, is now out on a short tour of the main cities. He will visit Cleveland, Chicago and Minneapolis. In Cleveland and Min!
neapolis public meetings have been arranged. In all cities, comrade Cannon will hold special meet!
ings with the Opposition forces. more extended tour is being planned following the national con vention of the Party if our demand for reinstate, ment is rejected. o OPPOSITION MEETING IN BOSTON mass meeting on the subject, The Truth About Trotsky and the Platform of the Russian Opposition will be held in Boston on Friday, February 17th, 1929, P. at the Credit Union Hall, 62 Chambers St. B03, ton, Mass. Comrade James Cannon will be the speak»
er. Tickets in advance at 27 cents can be obtained at Shapiro Book Store, Leverett St. REVOLUTIONIST AGAINST GANGSTERISM (This letteruwa: written to an expelled Opposition cnm rad: by comrade Pippan, an uctiq remalutiunary warhe in Italy whlrc he was a Provincial Sccreiaz y af the miners union, and was oinlently persecuted by the lescisti. Ht i: one of the leading Communiits amany the Italian worker: in the Unittd Slater, acting in the anti farcirt mwcment, and i: at present Paterrnn organizer of the Nativnal Tani e Worker: Union. Publication of the letter is authorized in its concluding paragraph.
Paterson, Dec. 19, 1928.
Dear Refugee: Only today did hear the news of the serious fight which took place last Saturday in front of the New York Workers Party district headquarters, between the Trotsky!
ist action to which you belong, and several members of our Party, in which fight you had some disagreeable ex periences.
In deploring profoundly the actions of my Party come rades, feel it my duty to deny any part in the responsi»
bility of those who cultivate the vain illusion that the triumph of a given tactical viewpoint in the Party can ever succeed through personal violence practiced on the dissenting elements.
It is my personal opinion that in the conflict of politir cal principles and ideas, one must maintain oneself strictr ly Within the sphere of personal respect, a respect which must comcide with a strict observance of liberty of opin ion among comrades.
Sometime ago, during the Italian district meeting in which the Trotskyist question was discussed, and after, openly expressed my disapproval of the unfortunate rel mark made by comrade Markoff to the effect that the Trotskyist faction is destined to outdo Mussolini.
This statement is, in my opinion, completely wrong, and it made a very. bad impression when it was launched in the midst of many of us who suffered the consequences of fascist reaction in Italy. This general impression shows to what absurdities the factional struggle has been car, ried, and how the spirit of many comrades has become imbued with this poison; and all this is painful to see. personally do not believe in the definition of Trotsky!
ism given by comrade Markoff.
Returning to the deplorable actions of the Communist comrades last Saturday, believe that they are really poor Communists, who, instead of honoring their party, dis credit it before the very masses that we have won after many struggles and sacrifices.
In assuring you of my personal solidarity, am fully conscious of the seriousness of writing a letter of this kind. believe my conscience will have nothing to rer proach me for, if, by authorizing you to make any use you may wish of it, we may bring to the factional strug»
gle a spirit more worthy of the cause we are all fighting for. GIOVANNI PIPPAN. Hot Spur Harry George Prince: That ewr his fellww should haw fewer words than a parrot, and yet the son 0f a woman!
Hi: industry is upstairs and dawn rtnin; his ela qucnce the parcel of a rcclzaning. am 7101 yet of Percy mind, the Hoispur of the North; he that hill: me Jame xix or sewn down (if Scot: at a breakfast, Will lei his hands, and rays to his wife, Fic on this quiet life! want work. my sweet Harry, my: she, how many hart thou killed today? Give my man horse a drench, says he, and unswcrr, Same fourteen, an hour after, a trifle, a trifle. King Henry the Fourth, Part I, Act II, Sc. IV.
Comes now our bloodthirsty friend Harrison George. draws his sword for the fray and in one swift charge kills off the entire Trotsky movement in the United States, including the Cannon, Lore, Eastman, and Trotsky himself, as deluders of the American workers and their most insidious enemies. All this in one article. The Moves Backward. in the current issue of Labor Unity. Then he sitteth down, picking his teeth with his lance, and murmurs deprecatingly: m, fle, a trifle. Fie on this quiet life. want work. Then our modern Hotspur Harry goes on to say. We must here insert a remark on another char!
aeteristic of the in which it approximates the character of the of The reactionary bureaucracy of the of expels Communist workers from its ranks, so does the supposed tovbe revolutionary Both have openly carried out such expulsions without disguise when they judged it possible to do so. Both, when the hack: fire of the rank and file began against such expul sions, as harmful to working class unity, have cont tinued such expulsions under subterfuge charges.
The writer was suspcnded without a hearing by the General Executive Board in 1926 on the charge of circulating literature outside the regular channels or words to that effect.
May we timidly ask this stalwart warrior why it is that not only the and the of expel Com!
munist workers; that others, when the backfire of the rank and file began against such expulsions. have continued such cxpulsions under subterfuge Charges. that he has himself endorsed the expulsion of these Com, munist workers from his own organization, the Workers (Communist) Party of America? We say timidly be cause our teeth rattle with fear at the awful Wrath of this mighty swordsman who can fight on two fronts, or three or three hundred with equal vigor. Mayhap we will he completely annihilated by him in the next issue of the noanarty Labor Unity; or mayhap, just because we have asked him he will reply like Falstaff: What, upon compulsion? Zaitndxl an were at the simppado, or all the racks in the world, wauld nut tell you on compulsion. Give you a reason on rampulsion If reamn: were a: plenty a: blackberries would giw no man a reason upon campulsion,