Page THE MILITANT December 15. 1928.
KANSAS CITY Kansas City, Missouri, Nov. 9, 1923.
Dear Comrade; Your letter of the 7th reached me about 10 hours after had been expelled from the Party.
November 8th, 10 the Dismct Polcom met with most of the members present. Comrade Kassen was not present but had sent in a signed statement as follows: consider the action of the National Polcom in remo ing Cannon, Abern and Shachtman from the positions and their expulsion from the Party as unjustified. There fore disapprove of the action of the National Polcom; Signed, Sam Kassen.
He was expelled from the Party for being a Two akyite. Kassen was a member of the was also a member of the of the Party.
Both of us, as you know, have belonged to the Party since it was first organized and to the Left Wing before at. Well, Jim, hold no hard feelings against my comrades who expelled Kassen and myself. am sure they were sincere, but they had become fanatical from the poisonous propaganda the regime had spread in the last four years. shall avoid all personalities in our differences at this time. The night was expelled an amusing but tragical incident occurred. The meeting was adjourned, we got our hats and coats and all the comrades left in a body and went one way and went another way. No time wasted in even bidding each other good by. look back now and ponder over the hard task had to convince myself that Trotsky and the Russian Comrades of the Opposition were traitors to the Revolution. It reminds me of lbeing a good Catholic and believing all and not asking any questions. The rank and file of the Communists are honest and when they once get the facts they will soon act. Perse cution will only make us better Communists.
With greetings to all the comrades in New York fro Kassen and myself,. remain, BUEHLER I, VINCENT DUNNE Minneapolis, Minn. Nov. 8, 1928.
Dear Comrades; y We were taken completely by surprise as we had no information before your statement came to the different comrades in the mail last week. This was quickly fol lowed by a lelxer from the cleansed minority boasting of their part in the shameful expose.
Almost all of OUR comrades feel that here at last is the key to the riddle that we have been trying to un derstand for so many years That is, we too have come to realize during the time of the Congress that internar tibnal politics were being played with us while we were still attempting to outsmart these bureaucrats within the confines of. our own little Party. We have. EVERY important comrade of the old opt tion with us. They have accepted Against the Bureaucrats. as a slogan of action.
The comrades realize that this is not the ordinary Party fight and, that all comrades who take a position now of Opposition will in all probability find themselves confronted with a campaign of the most unjust slander and villification. Most of us understand that there will be those who cannot understand the pressure and who will desert. We also know that with the correct line we will be able to strengthen our forces by bringing over to us those elements that are honest and politically alert, those with that old fighting heart. VINCENT DUNNE.
FROM YOUNG COAL MINER Frederick, Colorado, Nov. 4, 1928.
Dear Comrades: got a copy of the. document that you sent to a comrade here in Frederick and at the beginning was tre mendously surprised. The entire matter hits me so hard that don know whether have come back to earth or not. It is very difficult to form at an instant an opinion on matters that you briefly touch upon. mean the Trotsky question. totally agree with your charges against the Lovestone groups incapability, unscrupolousness, bureaucracy, etc. As a vivid example we have your expulsion as a verification of the functions of this outfit. It is a tragedy to a. revolutionary organization to tolerate such hideous actions as this Lewis machine of our Party has perpetrated and they will again endeavor to force your expulsion down our throats. But as look over the whole matter now, see that the Lovestone group has bitten off more than they can chew, when they begin to expel the best leaders of our Party merely for Nieir views on political questions.
It is the membership of our Party, the masses of work: ers thrgyghout the country that will suffer because of this despicable act of the bureaucracy in our Party. It shows once more the necessity of rank and file rule in; stead of a. few leaders who can utilize their position for personal advantages and machine rule. The slogans must be: uSave the Party. Lovestoneism Must Go. For a Communist Party of the Workers. GERRY ALLARD FROM THE FIRST COMMUNIST LEGISLATOR. Williston, Dakota, Nov. 24, 1928.
Dear Comrades: had just started to write a letter to the Daily Worker when the Militaanas laid on the table before me. In this letter to the Daily Worker intended to ask the editors of that paper why they did notTpuinsh the pro; gram of the Opposition (Trotsky, Zinoviev) since they had devoted two pages to the Cannon Lovestone Party differences?
To accuse each. other of being. right wing with the slogan, Letters from the Militantsout showing the program that is in contention, leaves the Party members, likewise the rank and file masses in the dark. As to the writer, he has seen nothing in the Party press, other than that the Oppositionists were working with the countermevolutionary forces, and that they were rejected by the whole Party membership, not only this, but were expelled from the Party by a vote of more than 99 percent of the membership. Never a peep in our Party press about the Opposition leaders being exa iled and put behind the bars. What little has leaked out from our Party press about the Opposition and their program was so twisted that many of the Party members here thought the platform of Trotsky, Zinoviev and Kam enev and others was that which was adopted by the Rust sian Party headed by Stalin. wish to state that the Militant gave me the first ink ling of what had taken place in the of Russia and the American Party. Likewise the Opposition pro!
gram, yet have read everything could get since the. a. THE EXPELLED The following is a partial list of the comrades expelled in the present campaign bf the Lovestone leaders to split the Party by the expulsion of all who fight them on principle grounds. The expelled comrades have taken an open stand for the platform of the Russian 0p!
position and bpposed the expulsion of Cannon, Abern and Shachtman. Most of the comrades welled in Cleveland were expelled on trumped up charges, but the real reason was their unyielding opposition to the op4 portunist bureaucrats of the Party, and particularly for their refusal to give up their fight against the corrupt misleaders of the Party in the South Slavic Section and in the Cleveland district.
While the opportunists expel the revolutionary Com»
munist workers and the active fighters who have founded the Party and helped to build it up. they continue to draw into the ranks of the Partyv and into itsleading circles and responsible positions pettybourgeois dillcl tants, careerists and secondhand intellectuals. The fight against this disruptive campaign is the foremost duty of the proletarian Communists.
In the forthcoming issues of The Militant we shall print the Party and revolutionary records of the expelled Communists, which, for lack of space, we are compelled to omit in this number. They bear proud records of service to the cause of the revolution which are in them!
selves a crushing reply to those dubious individuals who so expertly slander them with the infamous terms of renegades. counterrrevolutionaries. and the like.
EXECUTW. COMMTITEE JAMES, CANNON, member Polcom of. the ARNE SWABECK. member, of the MARTIN ABERN, member of the MAX SHACI ITMAN, alternate to the CEO.
MAURICE SPECTOR, member of Polcom, and ECG.
NEW YORK MAURICE MALKIN. member of Furriers Union.
JOSEPH FRIEDMAN, member. of PHILADELPHIA. MORGENSTERN, member of Dist. Bureau.
LEON GOODMAN, member of Dist. Bureau.
SOL LANKIN,, member District Committee.
PETER MARGETICI I, Ohio District Organizer of South Slavs.
MATT GRZINCICH, nucleus financial secretary. GURMAN, stockyard worker. MALJEVAC, member of Section Exec. Committee. MATAKANOVICH, secretary South Slavic Work»
ers Club. UJCICH, cement worker. SVETINA, factory worker. MILLER, member of Section Executive Committee.
ELMER BOICH, member of District Bureau and Secretariat. JOHN FOLEY, member ofagitaprop depart of EA.
DETROIT BARNEY MASS, member Auto Workers Union.
RUTH REYNOLDS, editor of Dodge Worker (Nu, cleus No. CHICAGO ALBERT GLOTZER. member of League HELEN JUDD, member of Distric? Control Commis sion.
MIKE ZALISKO, League and Party organizer in coal fields.
ROGER COMPTON, agit prop director of nucleus.
TWIN CITIES (Minneapolis and St. Paul VINCENT DUNNE, member of and DIS trict Bureau.
KARL SKOGLUND, member of DEC. and District Bureau. OSCAR COOVER, member of and District7 Bureau. VOTAW, member of and Dist. Bureau. HEDLUND. HEDLUND.
CARL COWL, member of the SARA AVRIN, member of the FANNIE BARACH, member of the SIMON mRACH. member of the KANSAS CITY A. BUEHLER, member of SAM KASSEN, member of NEW HAVEN. GENDELMAN, member of of Machinists.
Cctober revolution.
In conclusion, for one, unequivocally denounce any act of giving concessions to the Kulaks and Nepmen, when the withholding of concessions cannot cause any violent eruption to the Party in power. Any Party memv her acting otherwise is not a true Bolshevik. MILLER You are at liberty to publish this letter or any. part of it. They say that was the first Communist that climbed into legislature in the vl925 North Da kota Session.
TI IE CLEVEIAND EXPULSIONS Cleveland, Ohio, Nov, 29,, 1928.
Dear Comrade. am in receipt of your statement relative to your exr pulsion from the Party. It may interest you to know that was expelled several weeks agobecause dared to prefer charges against the District Polcom majority. charged them with corruption, material and political, embezzlement of Party funds, and a dozen other charges which they knew were true. demanded a thorough in vestigation or would expose them before the membtr ship meeting. This they feared and without the form: ality of charges they railroaded me out of the Party by a to vote. Beside myself the following comrades were expelled: Margetich, South Slavic District Organizer and alternate to the Matakanovich, Maljevacy Jucich, Grzincich, Gaspara c, 5vetina, Miller, SlabalrL, Comrade Lesko was expelled a couple of months ago. He was a. member of the and the Polcom charge against him was never proved. He was expelled for no other reason but his sympathy with Trotsky.
All above mentioned comrades are proletarians, factr ory workers. was a member of the DistrictPolcom and the secretariatprior to my expulsion Appeal was sent to Loveston e, two weeks ago against the Polcom deciv sion, but no reply was received. The attemptto tyran nize over the Opposition in the Party has, no limit.
Bureaucracy is increasing daily in the Party. Self criv ticism is only an. cmpty gesture. clothe part of our but reaucrats. To fight for democracy in the Party today requires courage and determination. This can be supv plied Iby the development of the, revolutionary spirit within oneself. These are times when we must oppose the crowd of fanatics even in thevface of ridicule and in timidatio n: We, would like to have you come here and speak at a meetingwhich we willzarrange forcyou. Please inform me if you could come andrwhen. ELMER :BOICH. YOU ARE WORSE THAN» rm, Under the supervision of the Luv Dr; Markoffi the membership me etmgv tion in Neva York tookjplace on:W 28, with about 0, comrades present the Bureau,. Candela, waavgiven un liimte report against ff frorslryi sm. The meeting that each member be given. 10. minutes, twice. flu: after the first series ofxspeakcrs, Markoff. arbitrar cut off the discussion and demanded. thatvvthe vote be taken. motion was introduced to endorse the pnsition. of the andi the fostericomrades. ihtroduced;their resov lotion; but when our. comrader attempted, to read our, resolution in support of the Russian Opposit ion of com: rade Trotsky. and the American Oppositioh, Markoff saidthat it could neither be introduced nor 2 read at the meeting. All those who support the Opposition, said Mark: off, are not only counterrrevolutionists, but. Fascisti and worse than Miumolini. To our comrade who demanded, the right to speak. in answer to thestupidities of Can: dela and the vileness of Markoff, the lat ter. said, As a member of the removevRefugee. from the Ital: ian Bureau, with no right to speak any more, even at the meeting. Markoff made the most slanderous at; tacks upon our comrades, shouting that we had been in the Party for only a few months, denying that we had ever fought in the movement on struggle in Italy.
But the comrades who supported us have long records of membership in the Socialist Party, then the Comr munist Partyof Italy; of persecution by and bitter struggle against Fascism in Italy;. of being the heart and muscle of the anti Fascist struggle in thiS country: of service on thc strike picket line, arrests, police slu gings, imprisonment. Only one that has completely lost his honor and integrity, and lacks all contact with the ranks, can flaunt his shameless slanders against revolu tionary workers with such brazenness as did Markoff. good number of the comrades, sickened by the proceedings. left before the vote was taken. Eight voted for our postion; abstained, saying that. not all that was necessary had been said at the meeting: abstained, saying that they did not,. know enough of the situation; 10 voted for the resolution of the Foster comrades; voted against everything, including Trotsky; voted for the CBC. Zucca. saying that he believed Trotsky was correct on some questions. The rest, a minoricp of the membership, voted with the majority resolution.
Markoff themdeclared to the eight who had voted for the Opposition: Consider yourselves expelled, and get out of the hall. We did not, of course, leave at the command of this cheap bureaucrat. Our comrades are not new fighters. Under Bordiga and Maffi and other heroes of the Italian revolution they have fought against Fascism and for our cause. Under the banner of Trotsky and the Opposition we continue our fight for the victory of Bolshevism. JOHN MENELLA. time for his ad, decided SINGING JAILBIRDS Singing Jailbirds is by far the best production yet offered by the New Playwrights and marks. a significant step forward to the development of a Worker Theatre.
We regret that unusual urgencies of space prevent The Militant from printing the extended review which it deserves. Frienddiof The Militant should. make it a pornt to attend the performance on Tuesday, Dec. 18 which is for the benefit of our paper.