1 The Semi Monthly Org an of the Opposition Group in the Workers (Communist) Party of America It is necessary that every member of the Party should study calmly and with the greatest objectivity, first the substance of the differences of opinion, and then the development of the struggles within the Party. Neither the one nor the other can be done unless the documents of both sides are published. He who takes somebody word for it is a hopeless idiot, who can be disposed of with a simple gesture of the hand. Lenin MILI ANT VOL. 1:NO.
The Party FTER not a little delay, occasioned by tl 1e cusr tomary cabling back and forth, by cabled apt peals of protest by the Foster group which were rejected over the same cables, the statement of the Lovestonchepper CEO. on our declaration and exr pulsion was published in the Daily orker on November 16th.
The statement of the Party majority covers much paper, but it had no space to answer the criticisms of the Opposition on a single point. Our declaration raised principle questionr. They an!
swered with an administrative instruction to the party to expel all those who share our views.
We said, What everyone knows, that the questions have never been discussed and we demanded a discossion. They replied the discussion is closed?
We said the position of the Russian Opposition has been correct on all important questions; we gave reasons for our statement and demanded the right to defend these views in the prc convention discussion prescribed by the Party constitution They disposed of this political proposal with legala istic references to the dec1s1ons of the Communist nternational.
Such, in brief, is the political content of the long!
delayed and much laborcd 0ver statement of the LovestonerPepper faction which, by grace of B11!
charin, constitutes the majority of our Central Executive Committee. We might add that, as an extraordinary concession on their part (and con sidering the fact that the Party members had al ready read it in The Militant) they printed our statement to the Polcom, including even a para graph, which we, for Pai ty reasons had thought best to eliminate from publication They merely recite that the CI. has decided against the Trotsky platform Va fact which 1Y body knew beforeiand pass that off for an an, swer to the principle arguments of the Opposition.
The merits of the decision of the which all Communists have a right and duty to discuss and which is the real point of dispute, are not (mended by one word in the statement. Thus the pedagogical overseers show their contemptuous esti mate of the Party members They do not consi. der it necessary for the Party comrades to know for themselves the issues involved. The party comrades are merely informed of the decisions discussion is not allowed.
The bureaucrats who rule by decree set up a conception of the Comintei which Lenin never knew. Instead of a liVing body of revolutionar ies, generalizing from world experience, as Lenin conceived the Comintern, they want to palm it off as an institution which decides while the Party members need only to be in ix med of the decisions The teachings of Marx and Lenin on the cenr tralized international organization of the Comr munist workers are completely lost in such a con, ceptiori.
In this caricature of Leninism the Communist who knows for himself and defends his position because he knows is thrown aside in favor of the one who docs not know and asks no questions. In such a scheme there is no recognition of the pos sibilities of errors and no provision for a correction of them. Tomorrow they will go a step furtheriin deed they have already started on this path and attempt to establish the same relationship between the Party members and the CEO of the Partyl Then the Foster fI Oup which is now helping to es tablish this principle bich denies our right to cria ticize the decisions of the Comintern, will be repaid for faithful service in the form of an instruction to cease criticism of the decisions of the CEO regardless of the errors contained in them the greater the error the less the. right tocriticize.
As for the ordinary worker in the Party ranks who has 125 faction behind him, his right to open his mouth ceased long ago. The Communist Party is not a debating socie ty. Behind this statement, true enough in itself all the bureaucrats who fear discussion seek to hide their inc ompetence. We Communists are not a 13w YORK, 1311151111111 1, 1923.
by james Carma group of interminable debaters. Neithcr are we an army of voting robots The automatic hand raiscr is no Communist any more thanrglie undisciplined, endless talker. The one of these conceptions is just as far away from Leninism as the when We hold to the principle of democratic centralism just as firmly as we reject the suppression of discussion and the substitution of official commands for ideor logical and political leadership.
The grcat principlc questions raised by the Rus sian Oppositioniqucstions of decisive importance f01 the whole future of the world proletarian rc volutionrihave never been fairly and fully dis, cussed in any party of the Comintmn, including our own party, and, consequently, have becn de cidcd wrongly This is the essence of the matter, which the statement of the Lovestone majority ig norcs entirely, because it is fatal for their whole case.
The party comrades do not know the issues from all sides and cannot know them for the reason that the material of the Opposition was not published. 11: uas supprcssed. Thcre has bcen no real and serious discussion in thc partyiit was prohibited.
The Communist militants who have had the op portunity to read the documents and learn the truth are not allowed to speak within the party; they are expelled.
The Foster group which had the honor of car!
tying the information against us to Lovestonc and Pepper, received their reward in the statement: a condescending pat on the back, which was no doubt appreciated, even if it was accompanied by a, rough box on the car, to say nothing of a number of boots to the bottom1 The difficulties of the Foster group arise out of the contradictions in His position It is claimed Swabeck, Glotzer Join Opposition; Expelled The forces of the Opposition were immeas urably strengrhcncd last Saturday by the for 11ml adhesion of a powerful group of Com, munist fighters in Chicago, headed by Arne Swabeck and Al Glotzcr. In a statement addressed to all Party and League members these two comrades, the outstanding Chicago leaders in be Party and Young IVorkcrs League. declared their unconditional support of the platform of the Opposition and their olidarity with all comrades expelled for these 1e 5. On the presentation o tbcir statement at a meeting of the Chicago DEC. on Satur (lay, NM ember 24, they were also declared ex pclk. nm the Party together with comrade. like lalisko, Sidney Borgcson and Helen Judd. Vliolesalc cxpulsions of other comrades in Chicago are being prepared. The, Chicago membership has been 13 11f011111ily shaken by these FV. Comrade Swabeck, as is well known. i; one of the foremost American Communists. He is one of the foundezs cf the Pnity and has he :1 nicmbt of the Cential Executive C0111 1111 me the leadei oi the Left Initiation of Labor a111l cctor of the mining ca: paiggu oi the Party. District Organizer of the Chicago (l? the days of the 11nd ground Party till in: removal by the LO stone faction last Cmurade Glotzer is on: of 1, 111 Cutstali l) leaders of the Young Wyorkers League and a member of its National Executive Committee.
Other sensational developments along this line are expected within the coming week. unuaunnuuunuuun. PRICE Eiz xI Fs Discussion. Opens!
that Christ wrought miracles but we do not believe that even he ever succeeded in riding two horses going in opposite directions at the same time.
The Foster group took a forward step when it: united with us in the fight against the fight wing (joint fight against the Pankcn maneuver. com mon platform at the February and May Plcnary meetings of the Central Executive Committee, common platform on the Right Danger in the American Party. ctc. lts failure to develop the international implications of our common opposir tion stand, its failure to see that the problems of our party and the fight against its right wing lea dership arc indissolubly bound up with the Bolshe vik fight of the Russian Opposition, arrested the forward development of the Foster group and pre pared the ground for its disintegration. Its pitiful, if shq rblived, attempt to outdo the opportunist leadership in demagogy against the Russian Oppor sition and against us only sharpened its contradio Lions and made its whole position politically impos sible. Those who do not stand clearly on princir ples, foresee their implications and understand their logic are bqund to playa sorry role when principle questions are placed on the agenda.
The resolution of the District Executive Com»
mitt cc of New York, under the diicct in iration of the Central Executive Committee majority, dc!
mands that the Foster opposition repudiate the statement on the Right Danger in the An rican Party if it really wants to fight Trotskyifsm and logically so. The Lovestone Pepper group of opportunists represents on an Americanscaie what the opportunist opponents and calumniators of the Russian opposition represent on a Russian and in tcrnational scale. The Lovestone faction leaders are merely the American representatives of the an!
tirTrotsky fa ion in the Communist International and have been imposed upon the party by They are not and can never be leaders Of our their own right, 011 the other hand, the ou the American Opposition, insofar as it (1 consistently, merges with the path of the R1 Opposition. This is the logic of the whole Li0n1 Between these two stools there is no place to: sit The Foster group, by its present policy, weakens itsclf, strengthens the right wing leadership and confuses the party. They take part, ShaiiEC faCEd incl utteilv contomptible, in the obscene lvnching npaign against us, saying we ha e 110 right to up pose the decision of the Communist Iiite tional 1;:1 Ll. Russian questions. The right wing: leaders retort: Very good. Ve appreciate your help in lynching: and expelling Communists by wholesale, but the same rule you are supporting zip to you also. You have no right to oppose the acci 51011 of the Communist International on the American quttion. Your own expulsion is next cln the aircnda And why should they not speak this 11:17 Is there some secret paragraph of the statut of the Communist International which says that e de)
cision on the Russian question is sacreo and may not even be iscussed under penalty dlf expulsion, while the ileci on on the American question may be opposed with impunity? These decisions are to are a la cc extent bound together. For our pai V e against both and openly say so.
Vv e have no doubt that the overwhelmii crity of the supporters of the Foster groupr above all its proletarian and nonrbutcuucratized uill soon find the. right way out of the ant dilemma. In the interest of the party, the sooner the tcr. The first step on this path will be to break with the tactic of trailing after the expulsion policy of the right wing splitters and to take up the struggle against it.
The statement of the CEC majority says. VVe feel confidentiAon the basis of our experiences during: the attack of the government in 191920, when the party was driven underground that the core of the party and its leadership are sound.
This can be said only with certain qualifica.