The Semi Monthly Organ of the Opposition Group in the Workers (Communist) Party of America. It is necessary that every member of the Party should study calmly and with the greaiest objectivity, first the substance of the differences of opinion, and then the development of the struggles within the Party. Neither the one nor the other can be done unless the documents of both sides are published. He who takes somehody word for it is a hopeless idiot, MILI who can be disposed of with a sic 11. gesture of the hand. Lenin ANT you. No.
NE WWYORIS,. jf iiov EMisga is, 1928 i R i C. USSlan ppOSlthfl.
flgrzz mt Opportunity; mid Bureaucracy 72 ze Vai fem Commszn Party (if America STATEMENT TO AMERICAN COMMUNISTS BY JAMES CANNON, MARTIN ABERN AND MAX SHACHTMAN. In the View of the necessity of concentrating the full attention of the Party on the, election campaign, we have refrained up till now from any statement or step calculated to open a Party dis cussion on disputed questions until the election campaign will have been ended and the preconr vention discussion opened. Wer have definite views on a series of fundamental questions vitally affecting the Whole future of the Party and the Comintern which it was our intention to bring before the Party in the. prc convention discussion period. The discussion of these questions con ducted up till now has not been a real discussion since many of the documentsiin our opinion some of the most important political documents of our timefi havc been suppressed and concealed from the parties of thc Gomintem 0r presented to them in garbled form. The opportunity which has come to us in the recent period to read a number of these documents dealing with some of the most disputed problems of the Comintern irrthe past five years, together with the rapid confirmation of their correctness by the whole course of events, have shaped our views and convictions. We con!
sidcr it our revolutionaryduty to defend these fore the Party. mfiténdemta:omlerzilrevrhis tasksat the opening of the: Party discussion after the election campaign, However, the arbitrary actions already taken against us (our removal from all positions on October 16) and the plain indicar tions shown in the present hearing the inten tion to take further organizational measures Trotsky and Radek Seriously. Ill The most alarming reports, have reached us concerning the condition of health of Leon Trotsky and Karl Radek, leaders of the Russian Opposition who were forcibly exiled ta Turkcstan and Vestern Siberia respectively.
Both of them are severely stricken with malaria and unless they are given the most careful medical attention grave concern is felt for their lives.
We have just received a message from Moscow, from unquestionably reliable and authentic sources, which tells of the repercussions among the Russian workers. Despite the utmost official vigilance to hush up the story of Trotsky and Radek illness, the entire city of Moscow woke up this morning (i. e. the day this lettcr was written)
to find the walls and buildings all over the city placarded with appeals by the Opposition workers to the Moscow proletariat to protest against the scandalous treatment accorded the exiled Bolsheviks in their illness.
The Volkswille, organ of the German opposition, rcr ports a letter written by Sosnowski to the Moscow Izvestia, official organ of the Soviet Government, in which the seriousness of Trotsky illness is confirmed by in!
formation received directly from Alma Ata, Trotsky place of exile. The banished revolutionstt malarial con!
dition has been rcndcted motc serious by other complica tions. Sosnowsln bitterly protests against the coldvblooded cynicism of the present chairman of the Revolutionary Military Council, Voroschilov, who made himself inr famous with his cering reply at a meeting when a work»
or asked about th; urbing reports regarding Trotsky health. The life of Lenin co worker, one of the geniuses of the revolution, lion heartcd Trotsky, is in imminent danger! The condition of Comrade Radek is also serious.
Should the official neglect that is being substituted for co adcly aid prove fatal to these revolutionary giants, theiribloyl will be upon the heads of those who persecute. them and those who do not protest.
Communist workers of America: Defend the lives of Trotsky and Radekl Demand their return to Moscow and the provision of the best medical aid in their illness. An end to the persecution of the figlitcrs for Bolshev On October 27 the undersigied members of the Central Executive Committee were declared expelled from the Party for the views expressed in our statement to the Political Committee on the same date, which is printed below. This action, taken by the Political Committee in violation of the Party constitution, without even the formality of a meeting of the Central Executive Cornn iittee to which we were elected by the Party convention, was designed to deprive the Party members of the opportunity to hear our views and to insure themselves against any opposition in the forthcoming Party discussion and elections to the Party convention. Our views relate to principle questions upon which it is not possible for revolutionaries to remain silent. We proposed to defend these views in the Party according to the rules for Party discussion laid down in the Party constitution. The abrogation of the Party constitution and the denial of our rights as Party members compels us to take this method of direct appeal to the Partyinembers in order to bring our position before them. We will continue to expound our views in the columns of The Militant until our Party rights are restored. Editor. uu. u nunu. uu nun unuunun.
and to begin a public campaign against us in the Party prcss make it necessary to statc our position without further delay. It must be made clear to the Party that the ineasurcs are being taken against us solely because of our politir views. These views must be presented to the Party as they really are. 5. Ve present them here, in outline form and Wilhelm. lathwememore fullrmauuranncalta; the Central Exec utive Committce actions taken by the Polcom. Sc stand on the main line of the documuut entitled The Right Danger in the American Party (excepting certain erroneous formulations dealing with the world position and role of Amer ican imperialism. presented to the Sixth World Congress of the Comintcrn by the delegation of the Opposttion, in the drafting of which we activer ly participated. As set forth in this document, we believe that the present leadership of the Party, mechanically imposed upon the Party by the I, against the will of the membership, is a con sciously developing right wing, whose course and actions are all in the direction of undermining, the position of the Party in the class struggle. lts activities since the presentation of our document on The Right Danger in the American Party to the Vorld Congress, have confirmed and not re; futcd this estimate. The irresponsible adventurisz. the factional degeneratiun and bureaucratic cor!
against the ruption of the Lovestonc group leadership are an organic part of its fundamcntal opportunist char, acter. The latest dqci. on of the secretariat of the E, C: which undertakes to dismiss a whole series of principle questions raised in our indict!
ment of the Party leadership with a formal motion, giving no answer whatcsocvcr to the burning questions of the Party in all fields Of the class struggle, serves only to strengthen the mechanical stranglehold of the rig wing leadership upon our Party, This bureaucratic secretarial method of dealing with disputed principle questions must be emphatically rejected by the Party both in form and content, since they have nothing in common with Lenin teaching regarding the ideological leadership of all Communist Parties by the Cominr tern and the unremitting struggle against Opport unism on all fronts. The present attempt of some of the leaders of the FostcrrBittelman group who signed the doc ument on the Right Danger to abandon that platform, to moderate the struggle against the LovestonerPepper right wing, and to effect a politr ical coalescence with them in order to direct their attack against those who remain true to that plat form and develop its logicaland inevitabile inter, national implications, in no way alters the fundar mental corrcctcness of the document.
it merely demonstrates the political instability of these leaders which hampers the process of dcvcloping an opposition to the present right wing leadership and line of the Party on a principle basis. We havc no doubt that the supporters of the Opposi tion who have. regarded the struggle against the right wing leadership as a principle question will continue to adhere to th position despit the vacillations and mancuvc of a section of the leaders. The problcms of the American Party are organically bound up with the fundamental ques tions confronting the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the Comintern. and cannot be solved separately from them. The left wing of the American Party, taking shape in thc principle struggle against the right wing leadership of the Party (LovestonC Pepper group) will go forward only insofar 215 it recognizes the necessity of a struggle against the right danger on an interna tional scale and links up its fights in the American Party with the Bolshevik fight for the fundamental tenets of Leninism in the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and in the Comintern.
10. The Opposn ion in the Communist Party of thc Sovict Union led by Trotsky has been fighting for thc. unity of the Comintcrn and all és sc ctions on fit ell mflf tl ieovffforv eh The correctness of the position taken by the Rug, Sian Opposition over a period of five years of struggle has been fully confirmed by events.
a) The struggle led by Trotsky since 1923 for Party democracy and against bureaucratism as the u. u. uuuuunnuuun Spector Expelled In Canada Maurice Specter, member of tlie Erccutiyc Committee.
of the Communist International has just been suspended from the Communist Party of Canada for his refusal to endorse the expulsion of Cannon, Abern and Shachtman from the Communist Party of America and for his statement defending his position and supporting our demand for the publication of the suppressed documents of the Russian Opposition.
ment of the bureaucratic regime, will be printed in the next number of The Militant.
The great seriousness for the entire Communist movement of North America of the action taken against comr rade Specter Will be realized when it is pointed out that he was unanimously elected to the Executive Committee of the, Communist International at the Sixth World Congress 011 the nomination of the Canadian delegation. He has been the Chairman of the Canadian Party for many years and the editor of the Party organs, the Canadian Worker and the Canadian Labor Monthly. The suspension of comrade Spector, the political leader of the Canadian Party since its formation, is fully in line with that course of desperate bureaucrats on an international scale who are finablc to defend themselves in open discus and whose leadership depends on an abrogation of the democratic rights of the party members. Ne send our warmest greetings to our fellowiightcr in the Canadian Communist Party and express the confi dcnce that his fight against our expulsion will be met with reciprocal support from the proletarian Communists in the ranks of our party. Our cause is international and the Communist militants of all countries mifit fight tor gether for it. As we go to press word comes also of expulsion proceedings beginning against other members of the Com!
munist Party of America and the thc who oppose out expulsion. It is being attempted to carry. out this campaign of disruption behind a curtain of silence in the official party press. But this game will not sucv cccd. The real facts about the attempt to silence the voice of Communist workers by expulsion, which the party bureaucrats have learned from Sigman and Lewis, Will he revealed in the next number ofiThe Militant.
Theexp ulsion of the editors of The Militant is dealt with on another page of this issue.
His statement, a scathing arraignr