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THE COMMUNIST August 2, 1919 Page Eight An Open Letter to John Keracher To Keracher, surnamed John: faithful messenger (the Revolutionary Age) hath brought news of thee and thy deeds. Men say that thou and thy small clique hath betrayed the Left Wing into the hands of confusion and disorder.
Albeit, the Conference hath favored a communist party in principle, thou and thy disreputable crew of deserters have gone forth and men say, thou hast issued a call for the organization of such a party.
How couldst nou do this thing? 0, thou unprincipled intriguer. Thou impertinent youth, thou upsetter of the well laid plans of others, hast thou forgotten that it was Louis that created revolutionary socialism. Did he not, with the sweat of his brow and the ink his pen, labor long that this Left Wing should come to be? Hath not his clarion call conjured up the hosts of revolutionists who array themselves beneath his banner? When he had written the law of Twelve Tables, might he not look upon his work and call it good? Hath it not been written by himself) that he shall be our modern Moses to lead us stumbling little children out of the tyranny of the Unsavory Seven?
Hath he not, from the fulness of his heart, admitted thee and thy companions, Batt, Johnson, Renner and Rich, who he hath said are not bolsheviki at all hath he not allowed thee to be present and to speak thy mind in his very own Conference? Most certainly he hath!
And now, in thy most monstrous ingratitude, thou violator of party discipline, thou who hast been ejected with force from one party, now dost refuse to conform to the law as it hath been written in Boston!
Couldst thou not remain in meekness of spirit and humility, couldst thou not prostrate thyself before the throne and a wait the word of him who hath originated all that is good in the upsurge of the proletariat. Whence hast thou and thy unholy companions derived the idea that thou hadst ought to do with the rallying of Socialists for Socialism?
God knows, there may be those amongst ye that write books. It is known that thou hast read them. Full many a time hath the faithful sons of Israel cast scorn upon thee and thy study class, thy Marx, thy scientific socialism and all that is thine?
Thou hast become much puffed up, John; thou hast encroached upon the sacred realms of Louis. Thou hast offended his will For hath it not been written in the Revolutionary Age) that it shall devolve upon him to say when a communist party shall be formed and how? Yea, verily it hath, full many a time.
Think not, varlet, that thou and thy Russian satraps shall go unpunished!
Thou shalt be disciplined. thou shalt be repudiated. thy vanity and lust for power shall be crushed!
Hark ye, what dreadful fate shall befall thee Jim Larkin will not join thy. party! There are bastard Irish there, and not less than two of the lousy Scotch are known to be amongst ye.
Know thy end then. Thou hast not embraced the Left Wing Manifesto, therefore thou art not bolsheviki. Thou hast been weighed in the balance and found lacking in fiery speech. To thee the Book of Marx hath not been a joke; and for all these things shalt thou be thrust forth into the outer darkness.
Thy doom is pronounced! It is so written Revelations.
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traditions of struggle helped munist Party of America is now prepared to supply tem Alongside, with our mighty the proletariat during the great porary charters, application for membership cards, due party acting on the ever growrevolution. True, in Soviet Rus stamps, membership cards, to organizations endorsing sia our party acts openly, it is ing territory of the Soviet Rusthe call for the organization convention on September 1st.
the dominating party, but a sia, there are also underground These supplies will be valid until others are furnished organizations of the advanced considerable part of the terri following the action of the convention.
workers on territories temportory of the Russian Socialist Due stamps will be sold to Local at five cents each.
Federated Republic is still ocarily in the hands of the cupied by the White Guards, Orders for the above supplies should be addressed to Whites. But the time will come and is in the hands of counterDennis Batt, 1221 Blue Island Ave. Chicago, Ill. Make when the communist groups in checks payable to Stilson, treasurer.
revolution. In Esthonia, Criplaces occupied by the counter mea, Caucasus, where the KolNational Organization Committee.
revolution will join our party.
chakists and their friends the Dennis Batt, Sec y. BYSTRIANSKY.
coalitionists reign; everywhere (From Petrograd Prava.