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Page Five Communiques August 2, 1919 THE COMMUNIST sutticed to produce the desired result, had it not been for the presence of Allied troops. Those who could not be bought were sent to prison. Having thus ridden themselves of their political opponents the French General Staff announced to the With the two National Executive Committees of the Socialist world that the population of the Rhinish province declared for Party squabbling as to which is which, the struggle to capture an independent republic.
the party for the revolution appears to have degenerated into From all indications the population expressed but little a jurisdictional dispute.
joy at their liberation from Prussian tyranny. In answer to the news many serious demonstrations took place in various Air mail men strike. Call planes bad; refuse to go up in bad weather, The strike fever seems to be in the air.
parts of the province, later turning into a general strike. The rank and file of the French soldiers evidently did not underNow that the call for the formation of a new socialist stand the high motives which prompted the General Staff, for there are cases on record in which the soldiers refused to party which was issued by the State Convention of the Socialist Party of Michigan has been characterized as menshevik, fire upon the demonstrators. It was necessary to use negro we suppose that the proof will be forthcoming.
soldiers from the African colonies.
Regardless of the attitude of the population toward this coup, the plans of the French military staff are quite definite. lot of perfectly good paper and ink has been wasted Under the guise of an independent Rhinish Republic they explaining that mutiny of American troops in Siberia.
propose to get possession of the territory which they failed to It is the empty wagon that makes the most noise and secure at the Peace Table.
likewise the loud mouth usually is accompanied by an empty Other Allied commanders take a neutral attitude on this head.
question. They understand the real cause of the adventure, and presumably do not approve of it, but in reality support it.
The Finnish Federation endorses the Third InternationalWhen the workers of Coblenz, as a reply to their liberation providing the Third International adheres to the old and reorganized a general strike, the commander of the American pudiated reformism.
army of occupation arrested the leaders and stated that if the strike was not immediately called off the strikers would be deported. The strike was called off. The same action was taken It is passing strange that the Revolutionary Age is boasts of such an indorsement of course they forgot to mention the by the British commander when a strike of protest was called reformism proviso.
in his jurisdiction.
When the Coblenz Peoples Newpaper came out in opThe State Executive Committee of Pennsylvania has turned position to the Separatists, pointing out that the separatist movement was the work of the French General Staff, the comits back upon the left and returned to the fold.
mander of the American troops put a ban on the paper, the reason given was that it had criticised our Allies.
There are only two roads one leading to the camp of the All this leads one to ask: Did not the French General Staff opportunists the other to the Communist Party.
work with the sanction and blessing of the peace makers at Versailles. Translated into everyday language, Left Wing Official To openly cut off an area of ten thousand square miles, News means the personal opinions of Ferguson.
with a native population of more than seven million inhabitants, and give it to France would have been a scandalous matter. It League of Nations Restaurant.
is quite another thing, however, when it is made to appear that Bill of Fare.
the population itself is demanding separation from Germany.
African dark meat served on broken China.
The realization of this rapacious policy is pictured as an Carved Turkey served with enriched Greece.
act of liberation. In this instance much the same policy was Small Nations hash with Red peppers.
pursued as when the United States, some years ago, organized Russian caviar a la bolshevik.
an insurrection in Panama for the purpose of liberating that Bela Kun goulash Red hot.
territory. This left the paw of the United States upon the Sauer kraut at reduced rates.
liberated Panama.
All dishes garnished with Yankee Democracy.
The French imperialists follow the same path. The libe Not responsible for any damage done by Italian waiters.
rated Rhinish province will be a milch cow for French imperialism.
must do, as a preliminary to further progress, is to clean out the reactionary leaders.
LA BELLE FRANCE News dispatches contain many references to the struggle now on in the French labor movement between the old leaders and the revolutionary groups who are striving for control. As the correspondents put it, the struggle is between the conservatives and the demagogues a demagogue being one who demands the overthrow of the capitalist system. Those who sing the song of the capitalists are shewd. conservative and sensible.
Spirited opposition to the invasion of Soviet Russia and Hungary has been developing among the French workers.
This sentiment crystalized in the demand for a general strike on July 21st. Over this matter came the struggle between the radicals and the conservatives. The reactionaries won in much the same manner as did their fellows who succeeded in defeating the Mooney general strike movement in the of convention at Atlantic City. The strike was made impossible by the tactics of the French labor leaaers.
The national committee which killed the strike adopted a program demanding that France base its policy on the principles of the League of Nations. If the Shantung grab is a fair sample of the application of those principles, the French government will very likely grant this demand. Many demands of a like nature were made. It appears that in France, as in other countries, one of the first things which the workers REVOLUTIONARY ACTIVITY IN GERMANY. Comrade Noske, the Butcherer, has his hands full these days. His executioners are kept busy with their machine guns in the streets of Berlin.
Opposition to the Berger, Hilquit, Germer brand of socialism is growing steadily. The rank and file of the German working class is growing steadily more revolutionary, and it is doubtful if the socialist servants of capitalism will be able to maintain their position much longer.
On the 21st of July the German workers made a strenuous effort to co operate with the world workers in an international strike. Noske, the Butcher, crushed it with machine guns and flame throwers. In Bendorf on Rhine the same work was done by American soldiers.
The whole of Germany is in the throes of great strikes and it is quite evident that the government of Ebert will not last long if they continue.
By their strike activities the German masses are forcing the Centrists to take a more radical attitude. The demand now being made is that all power be surrendered to the Workers Councils.
That the revolutionary sentiment is growing is proven by the fact that the workers of Berlin paraded the streets carry.
ing the red flag and singing the Marseillaise in spite of the opposition of the government.