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The Communist Official Paper of the Communist Party of America Vol. I, No. Chicago, Ii. Saturday, August 2, 1919 Five Cents NEW ATROCITIES OF THE SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC Wilson and Kolchak TRIBULATIONS OF RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT.
COMMUNISTS Washington dispatch under the date of July 25th con(Appeal by wireless of the presi tains the statement that President Wilson advised the Senate two Russian communists from Towards the end of March dent of the Executive Committee of that the American military expedition in Siberia was there England arrived in Petrograd; monstrous new crime has primarily to protect and maintain the operation of the Siberian Comrades Segal and Hyman.
been committed in Berlin by railway.
the government of the German Together with Comrade Sermus Ostensibly, the reason for keeping open the Siberian rail they had been arrested by the Social Democrats. The govern way is to benefit the Russian people. The dispatch informs Lloyd ment of Scheidemann and Nos. us that Mr. Wilson said that there was no intention of inter early in February, suspected of George government ke in a bestial manner shot the fering with Russian sovereignity.
spreading bolshevist old revolutionist, former repre The facts of the case show, however, that the United States ganda. For about a week the propasentative of the Polish social is interfering with the internal affairs of the Russian people, comrades were in prison in democracy in the Second Inter just as other Allied Powers have interfered ever since the London, and then on February national Comrade Leo Tysh workers government came into power in Russia.
12th left England. Comrade ka. For over thirty years Tysh With the assistance of our democratic Allies direct inter Segal says: Guarded by Engka has fought for the cause of ference with the affairs of the Russian people has been going lish detectives we crossed from Socialism in the ranks of the on. Ten thousand American troops, together with a much London to Newcastle, and workers. He headed the heroic larger force of Japanese, and smaller contingents of troops thence to Bergen. In Bergen struggle of the Polish proletar of other nations, are occupying territory, keeping the Siberian the Norwegian detectives proiat at the time when he built railway open and maintaining order.
posed that we take a train to revolutionary barricades in Warsaw and Lodz. Tyshka Admiral Kolchak are entirely dependent upon these railways. holm.
We are informed in the same dispatch that the forces of start immediately for StockIt appeared that from spent many years in prison, as This puts an entirely different complexion on the whole mat London an order had been giva fighter for the cause of the ter. Who is Admiral Kolchak? truthful answer to that en to all stopping points of the workers; in 1906 he was sen question at once reveals the game the United States is engaged steamship on which we arrived, tenced to eight years of hard in. It is well enough the prattle away about helping the Rus and to all cities on our way, to labor. When he succeeded in sian people, but does the assistance loaned to Kolchak bring watch us carefully, and not to escaping, he began to work help to the Russian people? The term aned is used ad allow us any freedom of moveagain for Socialism immediate visedly, for Kolchak will pay for the assistance given with the ment. The police of neutral The November German re matural resouries of Russia and the enslavement of the people. states deemed it their daty to volution found him in a Berlin Kolchak is a reactionary and counter revolutionist of the carry out the orders from Lonprison, where he was thrown don. Invariably, policemen by the government of Wilhelm worst type. Mr. Wilson co operation with him in the supII. For ten years Tyshka was doubt that the glittering ideals which have blinded the Amer and take us under their wing.
pression of the Russian people, proves beyond the shadow of a would come down to the ship, one of the most active and faithful workers in the ranks ican people were but the empty vaporings of one of the clever. We were especially watched of the German revolutionary est phrase mongers who ever had the distinction of dictating on a train en route to Stockholm. At a station before Christo a nation.
movement. Together with Karl tiania, the Norwegian secret truthful statement of the conditions existing in the Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemservice man who accompanied berg, he was the chief organ. territory ruled by Kolchak will show that the people suffer us came into the train, took our izer of the Spartacan group, greater hardships there than under Bolshevik rule. Kolchak, passports, and took us over to German Communists. Interna was never equalled by the black rule of the Czars. The story the police department later known as the party of the czarist, has established a dictatorship that for brutality a hotel, ordering us to come to foltional Socialism knew no more of the Death Train of Siberia, over the road which the United lowing morning. We were deself sacrificing, purer, or ener States is helping to keep open, is a tribute to the idealistic tained there for three and one getic worker than Leo Tyshka. motives which guide the schoolmaster at Washington. The half hours, and then were sent And this comrade was shot by hundreds and thousands of revolutionary workers who have to the railroad station. To our Scheidemann and Noske who been executed because they struggled for their liberation is astonishment we found no pocall themselves social demo a fine tribute to the President love for the downtrodden peo lice at the station in Stockholm.
In view of these facts one cannot fail to From the station we went to crats. Leo Tyshka was shot ples of the earth.
because he was a merciless realize that the United States has allied itself with the imper the Swedish socialist, Comrade Strem, who is acting as the Rusfoe of the bourgeois regime. ialists of the world against the proletariat.
In spite of the assistance given to their opponents by the sian consul in Stockholm. HowThe Communist International appeals to all workers of the Allies, the Bolsheviki are gaining in strength and widening ever, our freedom was shortworld to take off their hats be their frontiers. Kolchak reputed victories are but bluffs to lived. Detectives came into the fore the grave of this valiant fool those not informed on the actual situation. In reality, his restaurant where we were eatfighter, an organizer of indo right has been cut off from its base and suffers badly, while ing our lunch, and told us that mitable energy. The Commun the left is vainly trying to connect with Denikin army. He is we were to spend the night at ist International believes that preparing to evacuate Omsk, the seat of his government. Gen the police department. Learnthe day is not far off when the eral Denikin is still holding the same territory he held a year ing of our arrest the next mornworkers of Germany will give ago, and has made absolutely no progress, in spite of his boasting, Comrade Strem came to to the bourgeois henchman and of having captured 200, 000 Bolshevists in the last twelve the police department. It apbutchers of the Berlin commun months. Without the support of the Allied Powers the counter peared that by the order of the ists what they deserve; to revolutionary forces in Siberia would crumple like a house of Swedish authorities, obeying Scheideman, Ebert and Noske. cards. The workers of Russia will not be denied. Theirs is the orders from the English Chairman of the Executive an irresistible force which the reactionaries cannot check: government, we had to proceed Committee of the Communist Their fine courage and fighting ability is a challenge to the pro under arrest to Finland.
letariat of the world to help them by conquering their own The insults to which we were International.
subjected by the White Guard ZINOVIEV.
master class.