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Socialist Party

July 26, 1919 ism.
Page Six THE COMMUNIST (Continued from Page 3) Sound money to pay Mahlon Barnessend from everywhere the strongest bers. Everybody knows that only the ism that socialism which for 50. 00 a week for the preliminary protests against such decision of the State pitself has a constitutional righe peams and years was an inspiration can be ment of the convention. They committee not only against wasting cocokpelh members, no one has gigant to all opportunists thought everything would be smooth of money on the pleasure ride of a such right to the and there Gerber coming never renounce its opportunistic, pet call the amnesty convention the cause of bringing the greatest shame was something else.
For one thing he said that one ty bourgeois position while the reins party officers renounced even its class upon the Socialist movement in this remained in the hands of the persons character, they decided to call the country; they demanded not only the who advertised in their papers (for convention not in the name of the recall of this decision of the commit member of the executive committee money) the candidates of the corrupt party but in the name of some color tee, but at the same time to help the of local New York always attended the meetings of various branches capitalist parties (Berger in Milwau less league and they invited for its real Socialists of Europe to establish kee Leader. or such who were show organizers even such elements as of the Third International. But the where the elections of any party of ing their loyalty to the working ficers of the American Federation of the majority of whom under Scers were in progress and saw to it class by having their photographs Labor (who gave no answer at all) stand Socialism not a bit better than that the branches were voting.
in soldier uniform printed in the and of the People Council (which does William Jennings Bryan, having properly. In other words he put on campaign leaflets (former Mayor Van but recently refused to allow Com in its hands the party machinery and the branches the usual reactionary Lear of Minneapolis. the revolu rade Debs to make a speech; which understanding well its power, again paw of the corrupt politicians of tionary elements realized that it was adopted the Wilsonian fourteen decided to ignore the demands of the Tammany Hall. But, notwithstanding possible to fight against such reac points. etc. yet the party mem membership, still hoping that the re the fact, that the election boss at tionary rule in the party only by or bers, earnestly desiring to free the volutionary spirit would disappear and the meeting was watching that the branch voted properly, many of the ganizing the revolutionary forces for prisoners, in the absence of the op all will be well again.
the benefit of Revolutionary Social portunity to discuss the question of It is true it took some time for that branches unanimously voted for the Amnesty Convention more fully, at spirit to assert itself. But it did as candidates of the Left Wing and the In the meanwhile the war came. first did not oppose such decision of sert itself. The returns of the elec opportunists were defeated even in The masses became restless. Indivi the at least to no extent. tions of the officers of the party have such center of social patriots as New dual members of the party and entire Entirely different, however, was shown that the opportunists were pork! Then what could be expected branches began to demand from the the sending of delegates to the con beaten to the dust, that party man from places where the votes were not sure. All this was explained by party officers answers to the question ference of social traitors at Berne. agement was taken away from them. Gerber in his hour and a half speech raised by democracy. Something The National Executive Committee And, mark you, they are grown had to be done, because silence on was vigorously denounced in this in men, as Goebel says, and know that. He called attention of the the part of the opportunists would stance even while in session in Jan they can dictate the party position especially to the fact that he most ballots for the Left Wing take the party machinery out of their candidates were cast by foreign hands. In order to save their authorspeaking branches; that they had ity from going into bankruptcy the steering committees to indicate opportunists convoked the famous how to vote (he almost forgot his convention at St. Louis and there report of just a few minutes ago betrayed the members of the Socialist The Call of the Third International has been answered that he was sending his representaParty by feigning that they had become radical. Their fear was that the by the formation of the Communist Party of America. The tives to the branches to watch that they should vote properly. party might turn still more radical expense of the propaganda necessary to make that party (read Berger confession in Judge a success must be met. The expenses of the convention Then followed the report of NaLandis Court at Chicago. and they that will finally draw up the manifesto, program and contional Secreatry Germer. He remarksecretly hoped to turn the party back stitution of the Communist Party of America must be ed at the outset that the Russian, again into the old rut as soon as the Lithuanian and some other foreign heat of the fanatics was gone. defrayed.
language Federations during the last They accomplished this splendidly during the time of greatest reaction In the state of Michigan an assessment of one dollar few months were growing so rapidly, that it was simply an unnatural by announcing that the party memper member has been levied to meet the expense of organ growth, etc. And this shows bers should interpret the St. Louis ization. That is not excessive and should be easily met.
nothing else but the desire and effort platform according to their views.
on the part of the leaders of these But they made a mistake again. It We have not the space to make a full page appeal to numbers of heads by the help of is true, there were many members you in this matter, even if it were necessary. The space whom they could seize the Socialist who indeed acted according to their Party of America. Therefore he own personal views. However the in this paper is too valuable and must be used for other asked the committee to do some spirit of the radicals not only did purposes. to prevent the Left wingnot evaporate, but on the contrary, ers from taking possession of the it captured still greater numbers of We know that you are behind us and will see the need party.
the party members than before.
of funds and answer the call. ACT NOW! Make your Then the Russian, German and contribution as large as possible. With your loyal support After some time he presented to Hungarian Revolutions placed squarethe future of the Communist Party of America is assured.
the the charge against the ly before the party the clear quesSocialist Party of Michigan because tion: will it go with the reactionary Make all checks and money orders payable to it allowed the membership to have a elements, which during the entire perreferendum vote on the question of iod of the war have so earnestly work. STILSON, Treasurer, 1221 Blue Island Ave. Chicago, Ill. the advocacy of legislative reform.
ed for bourgeoisie; or will it go with In that charge and in supplement to that socialist movement, which the NATIONAL ORGANIZATION COMMITTEE it (everything in the official report. worst reaction of the four years has DENNIS BATT, Secretary Germer chided the Leftwingers 80 failed to bring down? To answer this much that even Shiplacoff, that King question a party convention was neof the Aventurists, advised omission cessary. But the National Executive Committee did not see any reason for aary, at which time this decision was just as long as the party management the report. But the main point was of some parts as not pertaining to calling the convention, explaining made. myself participated in this is in their hands. Therefore they de. this: the members in Michigan had through the mouth of Germer, that session and strongly protested against cided to oppose the will of the mem voted for the Left Wing candidates. the regular convention is such conduct of the point bership at any cost.
coming the next year (for the nomin ing that our party, if not in fact then purpose there is but one means without any ceremony, without payAnd for that several thousand votes! Therefore ation of candidates to governmental at least in theory held a somewhat force. And here immediately after ing any attention to the fact that offices) and it will be possible to solve clearer position than the traitors of known incidents in New York where the motion to forbid the advocacy of there all such questions; and if the working class interests. Scheide the opportunists have asked the po legislaive reforms was only in the convention should be called now, it mann, Ebert, Kautsky, Plechanoff, lice to throw the Left Socialists out process of referendum vote and might would be a hard thing even to cover Henderson, Thomas, Guesde and oth of a meeting a Socialist meeting. yet be rejected (which was plainly the expenses.
er socialists of this kind. stated Secretary Germer went to New York noted also by the members of the to call the convention? It is here: munist parties were calling their convisit was that immediately after his Katterfeld. this did not stop the reWhere is the secret of this refusal that the Russian and German Com on a visit. The results of this Comrades Kagenknecht and The Left Wing in the party might ference at Moscow for the purpose of ceturn to Chicago reports came that actionaries bent on holding the reins send to the convention the majority creating Third International. both English and foreign language of the party management in their sition as fearful to the opportunistic pompously stated that no one knew Wing were thrown out of the New even to give a chance to the Comof delegates, to put the party in a po The Nationale Secretary Germer branches which had joined the Left hands at any price.
They refused moderniste as is hell to the true be about such a conference being called York state organization.
liever. The Left elements would unitet Moscow and that Stilson was taking the party with the European Com his news from the capitalist papers. session of the in Chicago, the entire organization by a single On May 24 of this year there was dicate themselves. they eliminated rades of Michigan to explain or vin.
manists, bateful to Victor Berger (as if he was taking his news about Julius Gerber secretary of local New otroke of the sponz And only fool Co. and still worse, this convention the conference of social traitors at York and member of the state exe can fail to understand that this elimi might arrive at the conclusion that no Berne from any source other than the cutive committee, came to it without nation was directed not for the prot place could be spared in the party to capitalist papers. the brothers of Phillip Scheidemann.
As soon as the party members Germer confirmed. Now, what did he for purpose of throwing out the votes invitation as he said himself and as tection of the party constitution but In order to fool the party members learned that the National Exetucive come for? He came to vindicate the undesirable to the opportunists, be: planned the Amnesty convention in ican Socialist Party to the yellow 50 executive committee in eliminating had admitted themselves that they teed of the party convention, and cialists in Europe they began to from the party several thousand mem had no knowledge whather the Michal thing.