Communist Party
Socialist Party

19, 1918 Bulletins THE COMMUNI3T Page Two social and national oppression we call upon the proletarian council form of organization for its expression over a continued period of time.
of all lands to unite! Applying our declarations of party principle to the Program of the Call ment of the United States only with the Communist groups of pondence with the highly centralized capitalist power to the We favor international alliance of the Socialist move organization of the party itself, we realize the need, in corteve other countries, such as the Bolsheviki of Russia, Spartacans of combated, of a centralized party organization.
Organizations indorsing the principles and program outlined Germany, etc. according to the program of Communism as as a tentative basis for the organization of a Communist Party above outlined. We are opposed to association with other groups not are invited to send delegates to the convention in Chicago on committed to the revolutionary class struggle, such as Labor September 1st, 1919.
parties, Non Partisan leagues, People Councils, Municipal The basis of representation to be one delegate for every or.
Ownership Leagues and the like.
ganization and one additional for every five hundred members We maintain that the class struggle is essentially a polit or major fraction thereof.
ical struggle, that is, a struggle by the proletariat to conquer Provided, also, that each Language Federation shall have the capitalist state, whether its form be monarchistic or democ one fraternal delegate at the convention.
ratic republican, and to destroy and replace it by a govern Provided further, that in states where the states are organizmental structure adapted to the Socialist transformation.
ed, they shall send delegates as states. In states which are not The Party shall propagandize class conscious industrial organized, the locals shall send delegates as such. In locals unionism as against the craft form of unionism, and shall carry which are not organized a part of the local may send a delegate.
on party activity in co operation with industrial disputes that take on a revolutionary character.
National Organization Committee We do not disparage voting nor the value of success in Dennis Batt Kopnagel electing our candidates to public oflice not if these are in direct Elbaum Stilson line with the class struggle. The trouble comes with the illusion Johnson Alexander Stoklitsky that political or industrial immediate achievements are of themJohn Keracher selves steps in the revolution, the progressive merging of Capitalism into the Co operative Commonwealth.
Send communications to the National Office of the Organization Committee: Dennis Batt, 1221 Blue Island Ave. The basis of our political campaign should be: Chicago, Ill. a) To propagandize the overthrow nf Copitalism by proletarian conquest of the political power and the establishment of a Dictatorship of the Proletariat. b) To maintain a political organization as a clearing Chicago, Ill. July 10. Eighty one delegates of the Comhouse for proletarian thought, a center of political education for munist League of Chicago after hearing the report of their delthe development of revolutionary working class action.
egates to the Left Wing Conference unanimously endorsed the (c) To keep in the foreground our consistent appeal for action of the minority group and repudiated the action of two proletarian revolution; and to analize the counter proposals delegates, Ferguson and Wm. Bross Lloyd who remained and reformist palliatives in their true light of evasion of the with the majority group. The meeting sent greetings to the issue; recognizing at all times the characteristic developments Organization Committee of the Communist Party, pledging its of the class conflict as applicable to all capitalistic nations. unqualified support. As a concrete expression of their approval (d) To propagandize the party organization as the organ the delegates voted an appropriation of five hundred dollars of contact with the revolutionary proletariat of other lands, from the League trasury for the purpose of aiding the committhe basis for international association being the same political, tee in its work oí organizing the new party. It was further deunderstanding and the common plan of action, tending toward cided to proceed at once with the formation of a Local which increasing unity in detail as the international crisis develops. will be known as Local Cook County of the Communist Party. Socialist platforms, proceeding on the basis of the class The new Local starts in with a membership of more than four struggle, recognizing that the Socialist movement has come into thousnad and urges all other groups who are in sympathy with the historic period of the social revolution, can contain only the the new party to proceed immediately in the work of organizademand for the Dictatorship of the Proletariat.
tion. a) The basis of this demand should be thoroughly explained in the economic, political and social analysis of the class Pittsburg, Pa. July We, three hundred members of struggle, as evolving within the system of Capitalism.
Local Allegheny County, Socialist Party, send our greetings to (b) The implications of this demand should be illustrated the National Organization Committee of the Communist Party.
by the first steps and general modes of social reconstruction de Long live the Communist Party of America! Long live the Third pendent upon and involved within the proletarian domination International!
of the political life of the nation. c) municipal platform of Socialism cannot proceed on New York, July 9, 1919.
a separate basis, but must conform to the general platform, Dear Comrade Stoklitsky :simply relating the attainment of local power to the immediate! wish to notify you that the Central Executive Committee goal of gaining national power. There are no separate city of the Ukrainian Federation has decided to join the newly problems within the terms of the class struggle, only the one created movement for the formation of a Communist Party.
problem of capitalist versus proletarian domination.
Until recently we were in favor of delaying action until the Na7. We realize that the coming of the social revolution tional Emergency Convention of the Socialist Party, but as we depends on an overwhelming assertion of mass power by the have received no assurance from the Majority delegates of the proletariat, taking on political consciousness and the definite Left Wing Conference that it is their intention to organize a direction of revolutionary Socialism. The manfestations of this Communist Party, therefore, we, the Ukrainian Federation of power and consciousness are not subject to precise pre calcula the Socialist Party sever our connection with the National CounBut the history of the movement of the proletariat to cil elected by the majority delegates to the Left Wing Conferward emancipation since 1900 shows the close connection be ence and afliliate with the National Organization Committee of tween the revolutionary proletarian assertion and the political the Communist Party, with headquarters in Chicago.
mass strike.
fo More than seventy five branches of the Ukrainian FederaThe mass action conception looks to the general unity of the tion, Socialist Party, have approved the action taken by me at proletarian forces under revolutionary provocation and stimu the Left Wing Conference in New York; but in spite of this lus. In the preliminary stages, which alone come, within our am sending out a new bulletin to all Branches of the Ukrainian pre determination and party initiative, the tactics of mass action Federation, Socialist Party, and assure you that more than five includes all magg demonstrations and mass siruggles which thousand of our members will solidly support the action of the sharpen the understanding of the proletariat as to the class con Central Executive Committee of the Ukrainian Federation.
fict and which separate the revolutionary proletariat into a group distinct from all others.
Please notify the secretary of the National Organization Committee which has issued the call for a convention in Chicago Mans action, in time oi revolutionary crisis, or in the analog on September 1st, that it is our desire that he add the name of ous case of large scale industrial conflict, naturally accepts the (Continued on page 6)