182 THE CLASS STRUGGLE All this we have mentionad in order to show that there is absolutely no reason for putting the blame for the present situation in Russia on the shoulders of the Russian labor movement.
On the contrary, it might be said that in view of the relentless opposition of the Allies toward the Bolsheviki, and in view of the ardent desire of the Russian people for a peace at any price, the Russian workers government showed the Allies more consideration and readiness of co operation with them than any one under similar circumstances could have expected from a capi.
talist government towards other governments.
And now let us consider the chances of the Russian labor movement to overcome Germany plans. Recent events clearly show that the grip of the workers movement on the situation in Russia is tremendously strong. The predictions have not materialized that the German invasion of Russia, the signing of the horrid peace treaty with Germany and the subsequent flight of the Russian government to Moscow, have altogether discredited the Russian Socialists, and now, at least, made a Bourgeois counter revolution possible. On the contrary, the Russian Soviets are as undaunted as ever. Just study the reply to President Wilson message by the Russian Soviets. The people still support the workers government. counter revolutionary move on the part of a former crack regiment of the Czar ended with the arrest of every member of that regiment. Prince Lvov adventure in Siberia has born no fruits. There is absolutely no possibility on the part of the Russian bourgeoiSie to establish themselves with their own help. The same is the case in regard to Finland. The only power which promises some aid in this regard is Germany.
Arthur Ransome says that the Russian bourgeoisie is praying for Prussian invasion. prominent Russian business man told Ransome that they would rather take the Emperor of China as the ruler of Russia than submit to the workers rule.
Thus the whole question in regard to Russia dwindles down to these two questions: Will the Germans succeed in their contemplated control of Russia political and economic life, and will the Allies be allowed to fall back to the lines of the blackest kind of imperialism, by using Japan as a cat paw in dividing up THE FUTURE OF THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION 183 Russia between the two contending imperialistic camps, and thus on their part do their share in subduing the power of the Russian labor movement.
Let me then say, here and now, that the German imperialists never will control Russia. First, Russia is too big a proposition.
In order to control the occupied territories of Russia, and those territories which the Germans are bent upon to take in addition, Germany would be compelled to station in Russia an army of millions of soldiers to do police and military work in the midst of a rebellious people, well trained in active and passive resistence to autocracy, well trained in underground propaganda, and now, for twelve months, having enjoyed full liberties, the spirit of which cannot be crushed in a few months.
As we already said in the foregoing paragraphs, Germany will have to fight for every ounce of bread which it is going to get from Russia. In addition to that, even the much»heralded German efficiency will not be able in a short time to reorganize the prostrated railroad system of Russia and use the means of communication which are now being blocked, and will be blocked for at least a year, by the gray masses of the returning Russian army.
Any advantage which Germany expects from occupation of Russia in regard to food supplies, however, must be got very rapidly, if it may serve as a counteracting force against the ever growing dissatisfaction among the German masses. To get any advantages from the Russian situation Germany would need time to organize the country according to her plans yet time is the very thing which Germany does not have in this regard.
But the Russian people have plenty time. As the situation stands now, there certainly will be no peace between the Russian workers and the German imperialists. Whatever stipulations in this regard have been written in the outrageous peace treaty enforced upon Russia, they do not mean anything at all. peace treaty, in order to stand, must be in accordance with the actual corresponding strength of the contending powers. The war will go on between the Russian people and the German army, although