170 THE CLASS STRUGGLE The most recent innovation along psychologic lines is the attempt to capture not only the masses of one nation to fight against another, but to capture the opinion of the enemy peoples.
Wilson created a precedent when he distinguished between the German people and the rulers. This is a highly interesting psychologic question that should be separately discussed at length. But this move demonstrates anew the transcendent importance of the psychic factors in parasitic control of today. No longer relying on brute force, as did the slave owner, and to a lesser extent the serf master, the modem Parasite uses the subtlest of psychic influences.
But the lesson to Socialists is fundamental. Truth will not prevail because of inherent power to expand. It depends on the methods to spread it through infinite Affirmations and Re itions, yes, by those with Pnestige among us, even though the idea of leadership is falsely denied among us. It teaches us that more psychologic elements in the make up of the masses must be taken into account. If, if, say, that appeal wins, when two are urged by contending camps, which hinges on the most fundamental instincts, which are essentially egoistic the instincts of individual self preservation, then we must even descend to this level and point out for the masses the threat to themselves and their progeny of Parasitism which does more than a war involving an illusory possession of a country belonging to the parasite, converts them into shadows of men the awakening in whom of Reason is prevented by bodily fatigue of industrial life on the one hand, and clever manipulation of the objects of Attention in press and school and pulpit on the other. The lesson has practical hearings on the local activities, the soapbox speech, the campaign cry, the leaflet, the editorial policy, etc. The most brilliant minds as we could show in dozens of pages have studied the psychology of the crowd and are exploiting it, in the interest of Parasitism.
It is not alone the mission of the Socialist to supplement their researches by pointing out the negative role of some psychic forces in the hands of the Parasite, but that knowledge must be coined into practice.
171 The Future of the Russian Revolution By San ranx Nuon rnva Reprmntative in the United Stated of the Provisional Government of the Peoplel Republic of Finland Russia is a derelict without any power of resistence.
This is what Mr. Balfour of England says. Is it true. The Russian Revolution is crushed. Germany has full sway in Russia. It is a prey to a rejuvenated German imperialism. The foolish and criminal policy of the Russian Bolsheviki has brought the Russian revolution to its grave. The future has nothing but darkness in store for Russia. This is the current liberal opinion and this is what many Socialists say. Is it true?
It is not true. The Russian Revolution is not crushed, and what is more, it will not be crushed.
In order to understand the possibilities of a resurrection of the revolutionary movement in Russia it is necessary to see what causes led to the present seemingly desperate situation. We must understand this, also, in order to know on what the Russian Revolution may count in the future for help in its struggle for existence. The present situation might have been brought about by the following causes: First, possible errors in the tactics of the Russian socialist statesmen; second, the failure of the German socialists; third, the failure of Allied socialists; fourth, the tactics of the Allied governments in regard to Russia. few days ago Trotzky was reported as having said that if the Russian socialists were in a position to remake their politics since November lst there would be nothing which they would do or could do otherwise than they actually did.
This was not a mere phrase. There are many serious students of Russia who fully share his opinion in this regard.