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THE. CLASS STRUGGLE Win recruit: for our cause, by unceasing agitation. Found organizations that will proclaim and put into action our principles, wherever they do not yet exist, help diligently in building up those that are already organized. You will overcome the difficulties that may arise here and there, fearlessly and unafraid. We are convinced that we do not appeal in vain to the courage and persistence of the tried fighters for the rebirth of the Social Democracy.
On our Womans Day, which will be held in the week of May 12, the women of our party will demand political equality for their own protection and that of their children, for the end of the horrible massacre of war.
Comrades: We know that we will not appeal in vain to your willingness to sacrifice. Let each one do his share, according to his means, that we may not be forced to leave undone a part of the tremendous task that awaits us, for lack of financial support. The reyJIar membership dues are not enough.
Work for the collection of an extraordinary fund by the sale of stamps and bands, and by collection: on subscription lirlr.
You know that the money you collect will not be usedfas in the past by government socialists, to support a policy harmful to you. It will be used in your interests, for the propagation of an independent self reliant socialist policy.
Comrader: 0n the fork. Forge the iron while it hot!
Berlin, April 12, 1917.
The Central Committee: Wilhelm Dittmann, Hugo Haase, Adolf Hoier, Gustav Laukant, Georg Ledebour, Robert Wengels, Louise Zietz.
The Control Committee: Rob. Dissmann, Frankfurt, a. Paul Dittmann, Hamburg; Hermann Fleissner, Dresden; Willi Gruetz, Remscheid; Alfred Henke, Bremen; Sepp Oerter, Braunschweig; Fritz Schnelbacher, Hanan.
ON THE FIRING LINE AGAINST WAR AND IMPERIALISM Here illpapel thatiswagingnwar on two fronts awn against reactionary. Capitalism and a war mm reactionary 50 Kim II My JOURNAL OF REVOLUTIONARY SOCIALIST RECONSTRUCTION published every two weeks by the Socialist PropagandLeague of America. which is organizing the revolutionary forces in this country. 77m New International is aggressive. a Journal of action. It is of the fight, lighting. It is rallying the forces against Imperialism. and organizing the Conscientious Objecton.
Among the contributors to the first three inner are: LEON TROTZKY ARTURO GIOVANNITTI LUDWIG LORE J, ROVITCH JUSTUS EBFRT 5, RUTGERS You need this paper the paper need: you. Get into aclimzl Issued every two weeks a copy, 00 a year.
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