THE CLASS STRUGGLE Vol. MAY JUNE. 1917 No. C N E TS Page The Task Before Us. The Russian Revolun on and It: Siguficance.
ByN. Buchan The War and America. By Louis rain. 22 Majority Limitations and Minority Rights. By Friednch Adler. 33 The Emergency National Convention of the Socialist Party.
ByLB. Boudin. An Educaiional Experiment. By William Bohn. 50 The Red Cross and War. By James Peter Warbassc. 57 After the War Ends. By Anton Pannekoek. 62 Reform in Germany? By Ludwig Lore. 69 On the Road to Reaction. By. Koettgen. 80 Current Affairs. 88 Camription, 88; Americc In theWai The Reasnn Why. 90 America in the War Wu Aims. 94; The First Victim oi War. 96; The Antonia: in theWhite House. 98; The National Convention and lLsWu Raolutiom. 0; Deservecl Rebuke.
lOl. Kim Socialfin, 103: The Mistion that Failed.
Documents for utuxe Socialist Hisiory. 106 An Appeal to the German Proletarint. 106; Down with the Agent: of Militnriam and the Advocates of Murder. 107; The Fin! Appenl of the Incl. Social Democracy of Germany. HI. w