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Registration and AftTttr. rtatistical (onstfllil ll of the youth of America was a great success according to the press oi the tnemy)
a Titers: is rejoicing over the tutri ptism 317 :d hioy a. a. of these men. who had to be taken by.
the scruff of the neck in order to can. pel their: to fight across the seas But there is an under current oi alarm beneath all this rejoicing. million men. it is claimed. rlid not rep.
istrr. and the government is arresting all it can lay its hands on. More than 50 per cent. claimed excmptirm. al, thmtgh the news from Washington is. that only alsout per cent. may be ear emptcrl. nd there is the Conscienlions (injector how many regis trams clsimcd exemption as Conscientious rhjectors is not known. It is being kept secret Ivy the government. But undoubtedly there were thousands :upon thOnsantIs. thjectors are determined to refuse actual military service. Whether they will accept alternative service is still to be decided. In our opiniontthe anaccepts alters mm II conscience. Alternative service cantributes to the slaughter of war and the cannot conscientiously accept it. It is not clear whether the gut ernmettt ll grant exemption to Conscientious. thyectoro prohalsly not. unless the are tiun of the people compels the govern rnent to recognize these ohiectims. tr. gsnise and act!. its spirit.
The Conscientious re. aMArnucu. assure lament ah Wthsn twhis. sia shese are things that cann ot je there anything more appalling than a ytiung man. lull oi courage and spirit of adventure. looking upon the world with the enthusiasm of youth. prepared for love and hie and achievement. laying. lmnt his tile for a cause that is reactionary and outressive It isn the loss oi lite that counts most. it is the circumstances; And that is the great crinseoi TIts Jutfgrnsnr «it not; ls an editorial on the. tntscientious frtta. NEW TBRNA thONALg a menace to the integrity ii. menl. And y, a. at Member the Socialist lady.
Th bureaucracy in hrs by u It llctl Ills sell are Johnna! In and llillquiL,. tml ill or. ll. 1 int will: rim imam. IV instruct rial. fret 9. 90 Voltjr iru Irwin ru E floor st h tl(l sf (infirm, sins ity and cons. hil tl! that can he tthjector. the New York Globe sayfie impunity. Their cry is the old one of (sin. Arn il my brother beeps r? They are fundanterltally anti social. They lack the detel strum of heads. ior lseasts are far enough along to realise that they cannot take them elves outside their group. hi a contemptihle utterance. The particular occasion that called it forth rsas the arrest of the three Columbia students ior anil filrn iptiun activity.
The circumnanm that among the three is a young girl of, nineteen. tsllo is not sulvjevt to the draft. who had nothing eltish to gain from her activity. is suf ticiem refutation of the vile dander: The aar man is inherently incapable of gauging as arts at their true value. Is it not more csssragenus to risk the scout of friends. the rqnuliation of parents. to. lremme an contrast and a pariah. than to march in randy uniform to inspiring martial music amid the datulits oi the unthinking trash? The greater courage is moral cone Ht endures in silence.
amid scorn and forces that seclt to break Nothing has happened in America in recent years of more potmtial value to civilisation and slerntscracy than the actiw ty of our young men and svonten againn the Conscription Act.
They are the raw material out of which may lie rculpcd Ilse revolutionary movement ol the future. The hysteria of on still ll in retrospect appear as an evil dream. but their courage and idealism will be cherished a. a precious airstrihution to the glorious annals of revolt which alone make one satisfied In re.
main ahtrman being. The Expulsion of Russell.
Ill expulsion of (hark lidnard Russell from the Socialist Party a merited expulsi un. llis pro star.
star ii. ins res prance oi premiership! the iirlar rious Root tu ms lsisnto Kiln tolerated in a Socialist.
But if the expulsion is just; the sin.
cerity of certain groups responsible for the action is highly questional le. The Irurvsrrracy wanted Russell out. hecause he wad not with them and lscv.
cause he nas a thorn in their sides. And they put him out. But what oi the The Message to Rum lb. Russia oi the. Iar nar 9 lube to the. llrcs claim it ing II unselfish war ior dam cur. ll. Russia of the Resolution teatttlfl ll. claim to shreds.
11o Allies are in an. ar brusl. llf llusfl oi cut loot. tin has trI radiated these port tics. and the Mid slaving In eajolery and rtttirrtnlais to lune her on the firing line. Ihc cshr day. Itlunl threats of repriql and ishment were made. and the threat uia Japanese invasion is being u «l to ho!
Rush in line. The Allies. tirtanna l and diplomatically, are continuing il. Wag the reactionary ft represented by. lilyukm. aryl they er.
a perpetual menace to the res dutr enr The issue in controversy ts peas? ul its terms. not a setarate Ieace. hm aon Isrfcriulislt fare.
gmernmcnts do not sish tn anvpt tbr Russian fcmula oi peace They desi victory. They wish to crud: Herman. serialisiic peace. Great llritsirr san the German cull fies and )lessst rtarnis Frame. Alsace Izmir: and Syn. acknowledgment of oue varamuunt inl. 1 Ira) m the a mun treat in the Mexican situation. We not have from all our allies an dzruruledgrnent of our right to ecoTheir programme is the lmterialis programme of Ililyultm. nhich has been repudiated by the Russian Io pk. hat is the attitude oi our gmws rrscrlt in this etmtrrsversyi. The entry of America into the sat uas considered lsy some people as a strengthening oi the darn crane. th tions of Allies. 0n the cstntrary. a yorenytbenisy uric Imperialism f w e. W. nh ed Stan stcklay is fit: fiat so denwieracy in Russia. and maeq ly throughout Europe. it Two u ntths before ourJdecIarat of star President Wild urged peace oitlwsut victory. Today, president is determined to insane America. according to the presidet.
went into the tar uithout any motives nl its min. Today. the pll. Vii I hurt receive a definite acknmsledgment oi the llartroe doctrine and a definite y we Ville! franklyenmesoutln, werthmwoftheuql uqse a. lull. the president points 0f. rtwaslbcrtutuqusentrout hr tb. Ibis iniquitous war issued on Jim that ltatus did nifconsist f(ierrnan power and plarrsol er M: it was made up mostly oi Allat? and plans of aggressiras. That. lmle out of lhe clasb of Imperial mebealteredonlyhythecesPho ot um out.
Mimi nary democracy of linslfld President Wilson are in accord mun alteration oi the status 0 sure. Illa the presider. tutoM sin Worm alter the clerk in but at Allied Imperialism: while the Irv gramme wsntld alter it Ir. Morning the Working Class llnterialisru and or a general mints r, MN.
llflain the fundamental causes of the arts ante. and no arnotmt of tinwith its ellects will abolish the Macs of war. Noe vanild the resiour. Pmpnsal that the free Min of tsrlddraw together. tosecure.
lace and justice, pronwtte peace and Insult ts. The iree no ties of the rudd are all in the clutch of Imperialuh Is much as the pustules oi alermany Id Austria. The rapidity with which is acquiring armed poster and luterialistic aspirations. the way in bd over government atquiesces in Al. lm r this proves conclusivelr Ill no crwenarrt of free peoples fllnfllllepanandfreedtm. u ts lhe president has ruststated lsat Anlenca extects to gain irnm its sup port of the Allies and defeat q! Gerh. many.
They widt to rectify its fliers. am territory, and «exhale a general It:. Brat it is heing stated for him.
New York lleif. it an editorial on If Aims. June ll. says: From all entente men we should collapse.
war were equally eaistent before the war. ii less apparent. Tlu lstrnc lions! did not collapse during the war, it collapsed brim rlu our, the war simply registering and emphasizing the The International did not collapse because of train nus instincts. accident nr cowardice. All these are strictly incidental factors. The lnter national collapsed during the days oi peace when it. made its first compromise with Capitalism. It collapsed because the majority that doruinated it compromised with the menace of war.
and accepted the fact of war; hoollapsed because it placed nationalfinterests shore international interests: it collapsed because it fuscd to fight aggressively in peace the conditions latent with the rnenice of war. In Ilksr the. International collapsed because it abandoned the class struggle.
nationally and internationally an abandonment that. begun in peace. was ccnplcted during war.
Socialist policy. whatever apparently startling changes it may show. is not at all lrrealting with the past: the break with the revolutionary traditiorts of Socialism was made many years ago. Socialist policy today is a direct result of our policy oi yesterday. and can be considered only in that light. We may crutch our criticism oi the majority in diaerent language. and cite dilerent facts: the fundamental issue has not changed. The revolutionist. accordingly. must reject a civil peace within the party.
As the lrnpeeialist seeks to put through his plans by pleading national nnity.
so Ilse Socialist majority seeks to perpetuate its policies and control by.
pleading party unity. The revoltstionist rejects both our principles are supreme. and alone vital.
All our action during the war will. by ROBERT JIL TCHINSON.
HERE is an mfortrusate fallacy in human thinking. characteristic oi class society. which consists of believing that reality of how relations can exist entirely apart from the people. In the. middle ages there was a long eontroversy betwrea the Nominalins and the Realists. the (cutter rruintaiuing that therewasaosuchthingasthechnrdt aside from the people who ends it up.
and the latter holding the opposite. that, thecburcbwasanattity. wisidseaisted over and above its changeable parts.
Naturally the latter was the belief of the.
churchmen and their supporters. for it meant that whatever happened to the people. whatever were their lot in life.
whatever was done or not done for them by the chnrels. it mattered very little so.
long as the ideal which the church held up was maintained. This disease is now taking a firmer hold in this country. We believe in do mtaeytsudlvemuretosayttutthere. 3are really very few people who openly and frankly oppose this beliel. but we are.
not always sure what we mean by that tword. hartenduscyistoboldontothe word amt. maintain the fact. tt isthis worm is our minds that ale lowsn toaendwteuovertothebattle fordemocr acy whileweat t.
yPrussiauiaingourselves. thstalloe astoulkahoucliherty freespeech. ocrnypartllmow thiylhatlflhad; togoovertothetrenchesandstick: while bayonets into men guts. eotrld probablydol lflaaw jbeuecessity forlt lcouldpeobablygritnrytcerhandset asmie and military hegemony in the terl my bet eat the anarm canal and. arradtan border. That acknrss ledg nt must nurse from Great Britain.
fiance. Russia. Italy, Japan. They must cifically remrmce the right of initia. mummy. tfie doctrine deseloped to it changing conditions. Ii now. during sar. we attain this msgrtitirns from our allies. we can. at the trace earriererree cam this recognition from Germany also. Theme with the delenses at America would be notaltcr their ehaeaneeaaopportunista unwise rental: strengthened for all and nhmistsotthe worst type.
rune. bear scant results unless rte proceed on the principle that our struggle is the identical struggle waged beiors the Zwar. and that will be waged after the war. Sscialist may be against the war. but that is not sun scient. ior our purposesuhetestisthat lubiageueral.
principles arid tactics. The circumstance that Edward Bernstein. Bruce Glance and others oi their typejn En. ve in Mexico and delegate to us what interisrersc ein tut laud vhf This Is nothing more lfun stellar. a cmf. and motors tain cirs. enrnstance that an element 01 our. party bureaucracy. captained by lineris llillquit. Algernon lze and Victor Berger and the conservative lorces they marshal! are against thewar does. Moreover. Bernstein and Glasier are And. incidentally. the 7 at least sincere and aggressive in Mr. rive agai st new doe apeaIc Jw their cant rial charm: sailboat decaf rnyseli tothejohsndgradnallygetased that do. too.
Iwonldbegivingupsomethinglnme thnlhelieveismersluabletodnhw.
tionthansnygoodwhseh Iconldpos. siblydoinkillingpenple. Ilonldlose myhatredoibloodahedsndviciousneu. andoppressson sadborror. andlwould slabsenhst. ans MM. tiful. 940912. tlri RMW things is more desirable.
shine r contorttmvuutpopummuoyfl getnsedtothingsantl Butlknowtltisalsqtbat mdoing a Allvegflx. ;1.
flh mur mhwi ll oItburuanbeingx. nyonhave thesethmgs if. «may have returned. runs war. a huita used to horror a.
others. geritlernen. hone oi you horse can mm is brutally selfish hat Gm mid the WW action against the war. Our bureau Thereislndustrial unrest inthelartd. attd 4:15. hr at. Czar?
Tuna. is an insistent demand in kus. sia or the trial oi the inner Autoent «if all the Russias. Originally proposed. hy Lenine. this demand is assuming iormidable prowrtsons. There is historic precedenttor this action in the trial and execution of souls XV. an act that was the sign and aytnhol oi. revolutionary France. Revolutions cannot patter. nor indulge in sentimental aspirations. Revolutions are drastic and brutal. The trial of Nicholas would be a trial oi the old regime.
his condemnation a hLIr at the rentnants of the old regime that are intriguing against the revolution. It would fire the imagination of the people and contribute to their aggressive spirits Men are men. and not thinking machines: and the trial and condens. nation of the diner Cur would be ll! cfl ective than a hundred proclamations. Revolutions are drastic.
They cartnot palter. 112. cm: Crwnn. w.
Tue rennin istbat the courage. entlnssiasnt and idealism oi the people are used ior the monstrous purWstterson. in the Courier Journal. re»
cently said: Men are reached equally throughtheirinnginationandtheirpatriotisrn. alder. for mien nit ands sticnals nmsnthmwouldbena diam mummmm.
ofthelyiugidmlh oftliswar toh.
dummmwamusebestthat isintheniortbsbrutalbnsisessoiwar.
War makes heavy denund; upon the great potostlal hatincts o.
apoathasplritdmmaad enthusiasm. and all he purposes that.
vinoriosspnessdsenasnplstheselne stiaasudn loot. II aadwo enare rmehdwuruombldss lslpsdesnnntslghtfsr shellfish mishaps an. gerisrhatbe hnssutstty.
and rlesls of your flesh. and who, are compromising Socialism?
Meyer London in. ongress has repeatedly disgraced himself and his party. He pledged the sum Jet of the party to the country in the event of war. He equivocated miserably on the various war measures in Congress. He has not represented Socialism. bat are you doing about him. gentlemen?
You did not even criticize his aetional lfyou are sincere. why not at lenst discipline Meyer London? In our opinion. ictoe Berger is much worse than Charles Ednrtl Russell. The worst that can he charged against Russell is that he is a manSocialist. a bourgeois democrat. The least that can charged against Iteris a thorough Imperial. u. lat. It was Victor Berger. is the Hitwaukee Lender. who a year ago carried on a campaign for the cunnest and annexation oi lleaico by the United Stairs: who reconciled Socialism with Imperialism: who no reactionary on nearly every problem of the day. It was Berger who was resptnrsihle lur In.
Emergency sending a telegram to President Wilson. the day after the severing of diplomatic relations. that was a complete abandonment of Socialism. and worst a doannerst subteqnently tacitly repudiated by the full AndltwnsBergcrwboonly a iew months ago vilely misrepresented the Russian Revolution. and said that ws hope the Revolution will not orgaalm ml I! for nothing elBerger should have been expelled from tbspsrtylortbserinseofbeingmpog.
sible Ior these alaaders against. our Comrades in RushJ Victor Bergwr a support oi the ton tr um se insr they st insin nets and based on Ion Socialist. tuonsty float.
hug the principles oiSocialisus. Ha la ructionaryn The complete change in the presidem the assertion oi this mtry ltnper ulistir: purl me. is amply expressed resident ilrun message to Ruth on terms of grace.
This message strikes directly at aspirations oi Russia revolutionary duruscracy. It is an expression of iderttical lmperialrstic massals of yukuv. It is a mmplcte acceptance Cl. the Auk plans. and the weight at authority nfj Aml poser all prestige are being red is h lmteriali of limb Britain. Fri and Italy and incidentally of this trv. The acceptance of the rrsi lfll ates its Carrihhun writers craey is not. To their general shortlhis sccordinelr. is Ihb In selfish mistrust. nose add the crime or III granune of America. Our «nu try saying one thing ta theory and ruin Rl sia. heworldmnnbemadesafc fut Wary. 4. Socialism Dining Peace. and War. HERE to no complete bruk be. m war and peace «ch is fill y the expression of deterrlimtt fin mic and political lace; The marks a new epoch in Capitalism only terms ivy Great Britain and Franc! in sufficient demonstration of their use tinnary character. They diner is so remial way from the purposes in the phrase ranatiun and overall sortsoiplarwforconquest. hat effective radio mu. lb! president propose smqst 885 Items of territory! Nu territoryi are!
dungebandseaceptfoetbepurwlfl curing those who inhabit it a bumollifeandliberry btnihf hmwmsnacmrmm Ofkrritwybaveneverpumotedl Radium ol b dly pesos. These rs div?
meats ply mm grandw old evince. 11 de It. flerlishnsgdad mflfl would injure German input tin and must m stunner LN.
Tbspresidant spasesfomflllw.
Iflthanquimsttbstl Maud taybawsdkltw Their general character Ill; in this sense. that it is the sharp. 495. rite. catastrophic «pee loll 0f iorees operative in society during peace. and It process oi war these focus being translormed into detain!
ever. where previously they were latent or insuficlently developed. The Implion. accordingly. that war marks a atropine break with the put The lunrhrneutal tendencies dominant Pelee are dominant in war. other worth, to understand ado mfl the politics and economics of Csr tstisn during the woe to developm ltd terrdqscie a durit the CI ammo autumnal huisundsonnderstatsd thscon mdvdkyhtbaSoehliuMm neat 00 day. we arose appreciate the fact that it ls the continuation oi as war. fliesalted WM; aslmmingadangermajunadqw HUM NORM. il ilmlli il glrnninant gucern utoperpetuate thci e fightmyeigaretteJortomethatisnotb will! lb! WM! m iorpurposesoitheirown alter trig. Theulamorderedtosboot ata uhMt de «Wmmally repudiating it in reaction Their.
the war. And it is precisely because of pend our struggle sgaur st thé majoj it y and their abandornnent oi revolution. The underlying conceptions. the in»
tives. of orte opposition to the war areas essential lactoriu the problem.
We are organizing not alone lor the iu. mediate. but lor ti! general fight against Capitalism. And one hasncdiate action must solute with this general purpoaef fifi The struggle against Capitalism can be waged ellectively only on the basil. precipitated the war. Thmvsh urine class unalt m3 against star an be waged effectively only on the basis of the class struggle.
which means on the basis of revolts.
tionary action. But as the majority abandoned the class struggle in their fight again: Capitalism. so they are abandoning the class struggle in their Ight against war. They refuse to adopt. aggressive tactics. They are losing.
their Socialist identity is bourgeois Wandbonrgeofipucepropsgasda. Theyarsputsulug theidentlcal general coursethcypnrsuedinthe days These srs Import Int iscta. vital in the coming reconstruction oi Sociall. Pesos and war they are limitsmentally idesticalsndescbrequiraaa ldentiealgensnleounsofrsvolstioo Whom. mhfl Ola II. lamonleredtngnandpntdownthe disputes. Atthesmseolaaton In.
womenandchtldm marred oddbeasedandwuhont bomegbutlnerely crpwdofmmeretroubleaukerslilte thiseircutnstancethatwe cannotsus thoseGermanawere. Ishootwithpeids andskiu AndthenI obomeand.
damn tryou mat. ms. ingiaanagonyofconscience. ltiapreciselythesortoltlingtiss chmbrneuoithemiddleagesdid. For thsaakaolshe holioesaofthechureb.
theysscrificedthepeoplewhomahup thechureb. Itisaterriblydangerousflthingtodo tobrntalisetuembersofthe eorrtrnuuitywitls thsidea that thecommunitym llbebetter. 4. i. so. takes at. millitn Liberty bonds and other billiataim advertise their patriotism iaasintilar way.
a Iteertatnl ywouldbsaverypoarsso rificstograbbundredsofmilliousol.
millions to squeese only 3 per cent.
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