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a new rugreuire Party will twin t: certainlirelihuoil.
1: lion: the Council ol the People. a. tl: apt mes ol this movement once more 11. :ruh the mm x will alander and attack the tl n ial stand o dilieru: they are no longer comradeu.
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to flirltml the norherr ol thia mttntry k. latherland. hm hectnne l (or year; to Carrie. taking advantage ol (hrce they h o the act that this movement vtaa lathered MK olfapioitatnr. then hr moon leadera. They have rendered km UK. are Vein a army. to starve no linger needed at ju tmrnt. f. hat. alter they have lought Md lur imperialism. Ihall the worker. return; to lie hungry upon the strtettl loot thit eriait a direct unmet. u. gr Ind nhall Ill MM har Eng apertt billions lor the :rrar, add a he more billion to in debt. in Order to gum. tt cruel tie aoldiet a aalely firm. thi. critiral period? What ahall Ie ray til a gin eminent that allovra its rem.
ll lumthntugltthederertl. To he one. ant argument. til. be nearly as elleetire aa stern mitt ltnell. in lorcing the hourgeoiaie 5, government to take heed. But ti maintain their old prine iple in leacelul. npitaliit atate of weiet, a. one innit take care ol hit well. m, tuna rt will take the loan of. eharitahle gills. enerrating urn em. under humiliating conditions. an. Iterhape rlte aacrilice ol important In view 0! this. the rotten nit.
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effect the very loundatiorta ol ea. Can the government, hmrerer. e dmwmam tooolallelaueaintheintereatoflthe. lntrden of life. Notwithetanding this. to to he expend that a largepart ol our Social lknncraey trillnotoppota this plan hr: will lend its haartiest org port.
Their old ideal tnalte than the primers at this new syrtern 0! national eaploita ol their vrar profits at lion. nation Kath ring of one Itind or when, flat at. P lllaled chi ea aetod from mine ol Violin they would. when the placed a nation the di posal ol the. done thin. that they. helore the war every proton to the (M tribute to, all pluck coniunters by mailer lmure tunes from. the peat nation? 0!
par heralded a l:egittning ol uteial. luunit ol eaprtaltat incornea. the ltterbill. which deserved our heartiert stap. ll m Iron: stle are.
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in who at no minor: ln the 323. Mm the ept of aoeialisnt and Itate ill reach that nalrm a ldelita. Condnma are that! ha lleelt holnleial confined 22, u Len alltn e tntnda ol ourlhuctal )emoeraey; the national u :2 u m the luttare. thta party nill lace the mm mm atate aurialut plane or the inflated en met that l h a: tlarernent ol the working clan; with torn tnthit Emu ta neither mental weapons nor a clearly de talirt lntereata fay. to captf frlmm. lt ltethe duty oltheproletariatto raite To the rewdutiunary ring 0! the to lh in W 48 holdenolwar hmdnhyneansoltuea revolutionary. ton. he will.
The more will. General Crumittoe all Uniona in Germany trriteo to the.
recretaryollliodenhurg: We declare. ouraelrea in lull harmony with the con tertta ol the letter at General lindenhnrg (in which ll. demanded no atriltee fink the war. Strikea moat beavoided under condition. The aalety ol the country in ol the hut ill Inna Ice. lrmpmaiblepeo ple have tried with only my alight RIultr to all Itriltea in rnunition factories. tolunher their political int ererta. We request that you submit lhia letter to General llindenhurg. This lr nrllrn the delenre 0! our country leada to. Tn: minority Socialists in France are organizing their lore ea. The Committee for the Delelne of International Sortal. lunal rhieh IMM Degtlile. Gou ko. Niatnlt an othera are mendaers and hiehiaatwportedhythe land do Pnfle, organiaedaeongreaatnrrhieh. hoth lactiona ol the minority were ineiali mien helrntgs the duty to them with are tut. lor the pm or rim! with the mai lman e of die uh. atrthe the fire Now at the e net: and WM. Tun thereitlt 1hr map. illltflletiuu lor delegates to Stockholm. 3, dangerou ahacltln upm the proletariat. 0 nor of. thin nature will. wonderful aerriee to our IIWflIlflll and to our came. but what kind ol a aerrioe la thia! he proverbial hear intended torenderservieetohirgoodmaater. the traveler. by throning a alone at the fly that aligltted on the lallef lore head. hot it trashed hia, marter a head. mr it Men apparently are (allowing. the example ol thin hear.
Still. aura lee. ne Ihould not he diaeouraged on account of this. although rte moat realize the danger in which the party can he placed by stupid leatlerdtip.
The malt and file it! the party must pull thernselvea together. gather up trength and proceed to carrying into practice the ol anion propined by the ow fority ol the Emergency Conventiui. We must realiae once and be all that it in dangerous to troll leadera. f you want to keep their to your all and ideal? you trust rigidly control them. and the more. ad you Ihole movement. ill he set hack lor years. 1. lt ia yonr duty now to repudiate their Hand in thin eta defence as tntroeialirtie and at variance with the ertahlished prim eiplea of our movement and the views exprened by our recent party convention on the qtaertion ol political trading and other entangling allianeea. You ahould make known to the labor world that. they. were not repruenting four viewsmnd ideal there. but were acting as individuals. Only a clan eonreituaa labor timed. mentnillheahletoeope niththentonf. alert ol na litariun and macriptiotl by naging a relentlesa fight on capitation.
in no ahort cut to our victory. The light. that are lacing to must he taken upandntuathecarricdonooelearand definite data lines. Take the mage. mental the party inyonroarn hands. elect rqrre entatirea lrorn your own. VBMMandm rkomamoreperlecteonheretofore. Lettheold leadersgotothe Corn rill ol the t. dc lor a job: they ahouldharenoplaeelnatrtdyrerolntiona Sociali Move tent. We hope not party a: a whole trill have nahlog t4 on with it. Ila ever. er cheridt one heiiel. and that la thiazthat the duo arenot larofl arht neahallhavaa Cot tell ol Wor ltmen and Soldiers on the aanuepntternaatheoneaoninoperation in Rania. Thentherenillheanendto militarism and conscription. eapitaliarn and world war; Thither lie oor aalva lion and the mneipation ol the role.
tariat ol the world. Vlr in a well ltnonrn laet that ml. Wdiseaaeaamongtheaoidieralntheheld and at home threaten to affect serlonaly the mperatln power ol the warring mnnymwi mmv nationa. Perhaps atillntoredirutrona iathelndrtenoeonthenornen Dr. tgel. mrmheroltheCityCouneilolBerb lhnnporulhatthepereentageolso«Mflhgitiantehirthahthe eltieaolC er tny berated lront par mhl llhflperoothliltand Ill! how about work. lter the war has atqita tL the whole industrial «runny ol the country llllfll again he readjurted. Condition. nonle. what similar to the eri ia at the hegin ning all the ear a ill rr tsltr. that tine the militant in apite ol the tart ntatIl era that acre dralted into military aerrior. nat lull tired by a terrible Aerial uneniplinnn rtt which larted aerrral ll lllllh until indurtry had atljnrted itaell to ear crap lithe. and war Ilfr.
hegan to «min. lter the war the aitualiun will lie exactly fiver ed: the country mint tau lmtn nrltmaltat tiun to peace induction. Tint thi lain ntil he much nuare tercre. In the linen er. cue. the raid market with in hundn dl Ill denund upon th Ira replaced hy the nation. hy the army nitlt it: unilorrn rennin menu. la place ol tlantind hilliotu learn which ttrpay his dehta.
vhilliuna rai eri hy ao. euire iatnca ol lard trifle. Small wonder that everyo one molt lound ennui notion. lltit then the nhule hit ineu of to eeates. production metal once more he regulated to turret the yaried den Mi ol private huy era: and thin pretent tlie greaterl dihieyltiet. The old innrltct are gone. Nee mar Iteta nm he louncL new m1 estahli hed. All thio taken time. The Mirna: antedielltan eat to the helv Iigerent countrie cannot at once he re honed. ntion that auhju we need guterlain no illudonr. National hatred. influenced to a nhite heat will rat Ilium. and will ereate hitter antagonianr on the induatrial field. as lovely as they will learetheirmarlteven mtheworldol culture and triertce. Each Mry will strive to become industrially independent trol their aetivitiea than. i had and sell enfl trient. In the neural nations murky. and golden profit» have giren a pail hie impetus to industrial develtrr man. have mfllfll that in near.
loreign nnrlteta. The outlook lor the rehahilitation ol indurtrial confirmithe belligerent marina are anything hot tting.
No he then will he periods ol ae.
tivity. The ternlile ravages of war and heroic tiled. while the replacement ol nae niterial, Iiheviae. lor a time. will encourage peoductirtn. Enorlnona general loeaea have been mined. and trill lot a tine. inereare pruluctioa on every hand. thin eannot man a hating atate ol proaperity, chiefly hum the. deatruetjon 0! capital lt ell haa been to great Europe will emerge lrorn this war.
poor in capital. deeply in deht to America. aperlodolgenerallnduatrialdrpresslort Thehourgeoiaienillatrivetovxlnaikta new apital hy httettrihed exploitation. lovrrageaandmnpbyroentvillhethe gilta that var ill hringtothe proleln the coating years atom ol 9: WWII. e. Wx uzt 2m.
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