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new YORK. Anvil. JUNE 16, 1917. r. The Conscientious Objector By RFTGERS m: Socialist is a mascara. objector became it is apllhl our costrtience and principles to betray the Working Class. Knowing that armies in civilized capitalist countries are med in the interest of. the ruling (laws against the writing class. it is our Mrdelllisus duty to or»
pose the strengthening of such armies.
It makes little difference nhetlier the. army is to he used at house to alts ll duets workers in their struggles again capitalism. or whether it is used in urcallnl national ari to strengthen and ins rea the norld poster of the ruling class and the unher enslavement of the eurhl proletariat tasder the iron heel modern Industrial and financial leudal sm. Being an Internationalist, the suflertngs of foreign norkers appeal as Mrongly to my. conscience as those of fly fellow citizens or diner residents; And being mo5 The senile minions of capitalian have. virtced thattherulingeJasses will not give up their firm grip upon present society Zunless realizing that they have to yield, before an overwhelming poker. the strengthening of the ruling class is about as disastrous as the weakening ol the proletariat. Thisisallthemoretnse as. only hope of avoiding a reversion to harharisrn lies in the rising into power of the proletariat.
In Germany only W. atass amesnent could have any succesa against Ilse formidable and well organ iaed military machinery. and even Lieb knedIt. cmvinced that his wurtyrdosn at present eotdd not lead to such a massmovement including the soldiers. submitttd and accepted the fight inside of the army. In Russia. revoluiutary workersentertheamyinordertokeepup and develty. the revolutionary spirit from the insidekand this no doubt is usder these circumstances most eflective in preventing solth ers from being used as coupon ladder the interest of Rus siaaandBritishiaperialism. II on United State! those who wish to stick to the interests of the Working Oassnasssdosuistheirpowertopnreal the cation of a military system, necessarylortherulingcasstodesuoy whateverrighta wereleltathome. to protect their war profitsandtoaet ure. future world power and world exploitataon. That is why the cort ci ocious oojectorworlta lordserepealoftheeonscription law socially. and individually claims exemption from military service.
To prevent the building up of militar«ismaowthatallordinarytneansolprrh sestanddenmstratioahavelailedard since a general mass movement with strtltestoharpressureupouthegovernobjector reluaesasaaindividualtohe outacripted. Thislsaopurelyhdivid ual action. however. since thousands npratthousandsanmerieaaeitiaeus unregistered uoonseientiousoh, jectora.
In what mathiswillheeflectivg depenth largely opus the masher: hooroonadencaandourself respect;. volved. hutevenasapowerfulprnteat»
ritwitlweakeathslmperiallstleloreee. The lnndantental tin that main he I EHAC Ill menace of conscription is immediate. and it is uhinnte. lt rks the beginning of an aggressive militarism in this country. and it is the sign and lint the military and mmtic ufl Wl lni ol at ncw era of aggressive ac. are out alone determinant. lhr tisity in the annals 0! American capi hi. or tnlitical. aflul of talisrn. Ilnam: the urtrnn on n! mu IN. 1W0 (nation a the ll urhl l mscrittion. un dettiucntii in iNllis even more menacing in that i: lr directly at dtvrstit rary genera. it WI and is intended to he used. In cra dc: marry and the Working (la lntlerialimt. out of nhis aats Ind l!
ari e. is inimical to dens vans! and crudtes dennmcy ssherever and Ill tt rr it can. The auturracy gens tr l. inneriali rn is the determining ttcal knot of the lions. This new sutu nq is nan leaning government. languisin: indu try. and re aligning the initialt curiunhj classes in society. It marks a new era. and imposes new nuts alt ot. tritgg e (or the overthrow of capitalism.
It meal. in shortlist end at murajarre democracy. and its substitution by a waldo liberal lsenevulent desputi nt of.
the state.
This being the tendency and the need.
ganiritig the remainder thin WM) autocratically, lusrne in mind is that nm critaitxt a In! a res rainy inmate that it has lwenhrgmedutxmthegniplcnualone for Iurposes oi this star. but as a preliminary means of looming riterrll military service during times of peace.
avhnitted that macritnsuvt was not at all indispensable lor pun rues of this war. but that it was rsecessary to accustom the people to the idea of unim al military service. Even hefore the declaration ol war against Germany there stas a violent newspaper canfiaign for universal military mrvlee. that found no lruition in the Chamberlain hill for the military training ol molten men a year for a period of six months during are.
And even this ttas detunsrtced it infill?
ential circles as a miserable conturunise! Nihtafim and whatever they say uni sversal service means nu litarien. is aloolutely meat, to the ruling class raider ny firmly and permuently. Tht control ol the investment market. ol undeveloped mmriea whereia to invest mi mine My beam of a nation surplus oi accunwlaiel capi it era h lflilliflfl. and because tab 11. driving lorce behind in. strug at them! In th n! tin uro all gle is military power. actual Ural poten If. i l list. The history of recent yrsn is re. Acnedingly. the far and nsost imporplcte with events in which the armed tam mes oral war ll to cripple democpovrer 9! a nation was used to secure racy. to aithdraa the meagre civil rights its capitalism covieessions and the right prevailing «linings race. And (outstrip to exploit undeveloped countries. in tiun the many. mes ii of puttit preference to a cumming national rival. through thi arlfliulal y program.
But in the diplomatic struggles to pro. The e facts am made clear in the mute financial interests. lfl tlm um violent campaign for conscription wagrd arise where the threat of armed power. hy the press of the capiulist enemy. lie iails in its purpose. and an actual strug fore the art henna a law. the New York gie occurs war. This is precisely the Tribune said. series of events that led up to the Euro It (the volunteer system) diacritipean war. At one nutter the. serman nates in favor of the slackers and Ilse die that succeededut another mm. the clerk and anal. harder the gem.
French and British threat succeededund tare! rash of keeping In hw.
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economic and 5mm interests involved. ho are the divallocted but the rvhck were put to the arliizwneet ot the and the pu iple who reins. to fight in sword. wartheydidnottvillutdeannotprofi Warto day suchaeolosaal ml. by! The Amin rropk WM lltll. thatiteanoothe wagedoa the vol rmhu w foul ward aw anteer system. Unlike the wars oi the. 9 5! M war to day is. 1. in tun cripthn will now take them by till volvingutddependingqiouthecon Kruflultheneckastdeo Mthrmfl rcriptiou of the whole nation! life for firm in w WWI purposesol war. The will ol the people. Conscriptitat makes easier the tna activity and industrial apaeity, er nmt ml; or am «an a dieirenthusia nand idealismtnustall hum. Esmlyl Bymeansolm hemsaipteimiaedanddrilledto tiouthedisaflectedandtharehla m up soldiers in the x. Lunatiaaiousmwmtym alonearemeneonaaiptodloraetmlua lio byheingsinqilyundnthéeolonl manthemwumnddsfl andrrmilitarth. hymen sold dreahehindthefiringlinelmstheeon aeriaionthecivilriglasolfiabdividall was. for various lash. which. while are sumu shall unity 5 apparently aon srllitary. ar(yetindis tarylawheconsursqiant. WW penaltietow iataiakmarmiesatthe Insthemadetafefordemocraq: front. 11. and!
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in (ill sully. 11. with a fllattun of llore than use millio Ifl. said: lhint aho refuse to work must hm ffilfid put mater military conf made to fork at soldiers my. islhe way they do things in Ger Lam Ithatittheway welnust do Cal tel Sir Augustus fitageorge detaed that runlnshory service was rpqry at this time alien the people trim e out ot hand.
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ykhfll its climax in this country. Trade sheltertfor stinking shirkD is anperilling our existence. and by smsrutofoornationalsmlhas (in. heretttedyandonealtmecaa Idicate this state of rot aunial law. a Imperialism uses war to establish this at u L Thryhavenotheeaashrutallyfrank urinate summarise Mmriptinisaots anplyaproh oltheindividualandhisousscieme; a a great social issuerequiring great he fight again. assaiptiou is futile nughtitlorth. ndthelackolappre. lion ol this fact is rqmailsle lor nltheahsurdityiltlteno anseripradiation. nthentegoryofahsurditylsthearnent that coascritsioa is against the Ila Mdl dlllul Ill. Allelic. Plt. The absurdity lies in the lact. tthecond ttionswhichprodtscedthese. hsimnditiosuxiitsoluemdu rteweraassdueweonditionarehere. ntclt producenewideahandtraditions.
The day whea Annie and this an thedwunam interests oi capitals ould bout its democracy. is oelorever. Theeonditiousol lateral mission eased when the lrontier Mmdcwmandtopartidpate lhrstrngglesol mpetialisn Thracm ntimof the Philippines as allowed. the intuition of an aoononu eand Ililiqlmm upwinolm alAIerieaandtheCarlhheaaa. Akag nhthisamatheendolthatperiodd Plfndid iaolation. whenAsneriawas th atl dieselsctsprond more. Aadtodatht oleonacriptioahlaaoasto build, album.
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SCRIPTDNQE liosl will ever become Wlhlfiflk lh. Unread. tpartsons are no costar rim at all this country. Iredadeayofdsedanocratieideal :grwually. auhtly. hut. mwhdnyheglvvntha and universal military service tlul mitt: tarism cannot and will not develop in this country. klilitarisrn is not a matter of the will. but of necessity. Imperialism requires unlitarism to fight its rivals and to crush its Working Gan. In an article in Scribner a Jlayas sste recently. Assistant Secretary, of the Navy Franklin ltotaevelt denied that uni versal military service would develop militarism: Few of us honestly fear that this use trend of our civilisation is all the other way. Switaerland and Australia are examples ol progressive democracy sue. eesslully aInI against attack. The trend of our civilization may huthisaolongersoto day. Thessstsmptioa that there is some inherent, superiorityolvirlneinAmericathatwill prevent the Nplication ol the evils ol universal service is childish or insincere.
The «deoftmperu lismareth esatne eves hue. its evils universal. The citation of Switacrland and Australia is stupid. Seitl rland is not an imperialiatie aatiahandcanrtta harbordrealns of. otmqtsest; and even the democratic citiaea army of Switterlaisd has been used repeatedly gain. the Working Chas and 721 Confusion and Compromise a, aovrrctr 0e Ilse ground the dos: arr 99h we are ims asriblem we lea e it me on last, Mes 1e near: as lower Liebhecht. Bailouthei ankandhleol the «amnion lfightingasilitarissnandeonacription miniaingthemiantesand speechesa theConfereneeonDemoeru y. ptd Peace recently held it New York City. The leaders of our party were. ansongdseorgauiaersofthisaewuprusionol mdignatiossonthereoettmanilestationa oi capitali data rule miliS ufi. tarisnsandcowacrhhandtheyhul ample opportunity to show their mettle. they spoke vociierously andatpressed theirmviaiona verhoaely mthiagather. ing. Their. specches an he compared notwithtlaoaeilldehyodlerndhl.
danocrusehotoeyearseoosciernioosly havelheea voting for. good mas Rooseveh. Wilsoaandothera Doyoa indanyngntficant dilemma? Dothey pvoclaintanyprincipleslorwhichmey Ir ya at s ewa. co flit lion my Amine militarism can he determined only by a consideration of the fundamental facts of music and political development in The United States is musically apd financially the most powerlttl nation in the world. its potential forces of aggressins! are trementltnas. and when loosed in all their fary will precipitate aa anpreee dented catastrophe. American eapitalinl is inherently and infinitely brutal its actions it Central and South Ameria are a violation ol. all law and all decency.
Moreover. strstge asit my stern. this country isoneol theleastdemocratic. lnsolar as the rites oi the Working Cass are concerned. Nowhere else than in the Russia at the Car was a Ludlow massacre perpetrated: nowhere else is the new machitseproletariat more lurassed and oppressed. Anti lynchings are another wussilematioa of the utter disregud oflawandtherightsofpeople. The govevanwra is mtsre autocratically orwdudthepresidenthaamorepower.
thananyothergovenanentorrelerelsewhere. All this. considered in relation sodieneweonditionsofhnperialisatare amenadrgindiatioeofwhatiatooome. thesauruses ol war (aim Geetnsnyunloosedall thesspoteetial lot res oi reaction ltd autocraey. Freedom 01.
speads and assemblage was suppressed.
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