THE new INTERNATIONAL By HARRY WEINBERGER fluency cl Mr ero York Bar. QL ding street speaking and even meetings in balls on the grounds that discussions of the war constitute treasonalile otter. ESTIOX No. I: The police and other local authorities are forbidances. ll iot are (reasonable utters ours.
Aniwer: There are Iro tillers res. which ere Ilium able Is trunk rs.
Mere expression til opinion. even ulsen indicative of stnnvathy uith the public enemy and sutl lriently strong to jusiily public indignation and the suspicion that the speaker is at heart a traitor. are not sufficient under the Constitution and Lasts of the nitesl States to uarrant a rimiictimt of treason. in re Charge to brand Jun; 30 Fed (uses. II. 18. 374.
The. crime It (dial is no! cornfield IIIIII there Is arr om! oil. Ien a curb piracy to overthrow the government or an intention to. commit treason.
trea onalile nor ls. ulIetlIer oral. written.
or printed. hate leen meatedly held not In cIInstitII e. treasI l. lgurr.
zl rd lase. II. Is. an l ruIr. led. Case. No. IIIMI.
Question II. 3: hat are. seditious. utterances. tier: 11w. r IO JII thing, a: o 11 JIIII IItmIIIII uudrr llls lore. The. lIen anIl Sedition laws passed in Irfi e pircs after two years. They were so intensely Inns polar that they caused the death of the federalist Iurtv. The pre ent. sps lull had. In its original draft.
a (lathe giIiIIg Ilse lursllluslfl general tlie right In bar from the mails aIIIthing of a Ina unable. anarchist e or subti Isss character. hirtunatelt the house dropped the III rd eIlItiIIus. My advice to all stealers is that Ihen. they speak they odour rte u rho ye in Illr. a stats. on.
lira or the retro of II law, All meetings In dint erusscriptimi. for example. and literature issuerL on that subject slunsld state plainly that it is held or is.
used for the purpose at tetitimsing Cou gress so rvpcal that law. Such state Wins. o. 3: ll hat legal authority hate the polite Inter nil lie nsretings.
Answer: The Ilice hase no right to enter uitlsnut a uarrant. meetings eld on priI ate property. or to break up public nsee ngs. vhether held in private or, in public placespthey have no right to stop street meetings. orto prevent a man torn sleaking before he says anything Ir shirts to make a charge. Some cities hate regulations providing that people also desire tn hold public meetings on the street shall secure permits.
should be complied with. but the police have no legal right to refuse the per. snits. Neither have the police any right to stup she dislr tllllltll of literature on either the streets or in meetings. Some cities have regul ons forbidding the littering III the streets ll the person.
distributing the literature hands it Is another uho throws it on the street. the latterislieoflessderandnottbeperson distributing. See People Samuel Simpson. Court of General Sessions. Judge Joseph Mulquecn. Jan. 5th.
tats; City of Philadelphia Brahender.
5t All. 374; People Annstrung. 73 Judge lilliarn Gaynor. of the Nesr York Court. said in Morphy Sniupanuslflse. 500. Tbe police have no right to forcibly. interfere with citizens concept to arrest usualorcrime. Tbemotrarybasbecouseallboocornrrsou. Thelilteisnot peminediuanyttotgorcrnrncotintbe aworldexceptinaooseofthehrgccities oftbiscountry. and itwilltsotbalolentedtlseretnucbltasger. Acitiaenlias. asInucbrighttoarrestevenapolicunan committinga criminal odenss asa policcnianlsastoarrestacitinen. Tobe phinsboinicutheeitimdonotwsnt tobedoingpolictduty, tbeyhirepolicamlmthnpurposg butdonotaserebynsalretlsensusastersnorgivetesnany nsorerighttoioterfcre with hdividuala thantbeyhsvetbanselvea. TnAmerlcauUniouAgainstlf Illtarissnbsstshsadssioitiativeaadon NewYortOtylntoaLe gusforlepaf eadErnomieAidluCoosciewflousObJecura. Thelledquarterioltbe.
These Lugue are at Room 721. 70 Fifth Ave.
The Advisory Board at the League decidedbyavoteof tbto6toadvisetheir membersnottoregisteronJunesth. We have available the names of Is. oooosenu bobaveannouncedtheyhave conscientious objections against military eniee, according to Roger Balduin. the secretary. Our purpose is to give legal aid to them and also toNrge isiou lor their exemption on grounds other than religion. The Russian Revolution was a More by ROMND HOLST fHE HAVEN By mm PW ll l. lrlt annoyed. Ind operate lb typewriter with erlry speed Sits Isa indunaat because the whole ofies lorvu bed the arDetnrtmerIttomakesomepro a a (a hugflknhw.
theelertririass. whoca sIe absao erepairs. She lrlt hurt because thew alibt, butsaoresqbscsuseoltbetbowghttbatbu slsebeeuayousuergirltbiaovershh would out have occurred. This tboqbt took hold sIlbrI belImb oodir wvfll as she actually gettisu old? As she outwit at herself Ilse slackened be! speed. fselIr aisnperetptibleuilsesseitbslchtgasllrbe.
inns tines of age were already won her She tau idly suppressed a wry sails and drew a small band mirror from the top berdesk. llerreflectiowchrerrdhor. 1brvr use no gray hair. noise visible. lot the lew lll: program of the provisional Goes she had were well concealed. Her Ternntent contains big promises. they were to be realized. Russia would be the (treat country in the world. a pleasant mobility with delica bdrm isms lens that lelt the atria clear sad smooth. It large wars II was set softness. ten in. at reserve showed only about the eyes held The rcvolutionists who understand p, gnu. lieu. alt a an Imperialism know. howeter. that the naturist. abs appeal ed poem Hemp.
gos ernment cannot and will not keep to WU W this program. There still develop a trentendous struggle in Russia, as we are now or. ly In Ilse hone) moon of the Revolution. e have already been informed smile and its Mr uId II atrd an older level.
Myrtle its a hard and capable worker.
weflounuhtulbytbsofteelmbdthey resented hes reserve and mkbiltty. aey by cables about protests against speakers inn blend her haughty and an slum Itho present impossible demands. e know that In. means. The Sociahpatr iot combine. with the bourgeoisi It her out at thew ealrwlntiowe. Jnice. And each aver ill Myrtle as arebubetohrvnee were all andsbewouldgasewnb Tbegirlahthsoibci against revolutionary Socialism llow.«m no envy at the ebullient agility sill beep to the revolutionary principles Ise don know. but that use know is tho: it the Revolution stops now. if the large a part of the Russian stinking class their yrs III She III hisasrd one their neglect her own Whose sad str hasberheysas lt heast ustinu The electrical was persistently slar u at her. but she lets sue assuoyed to even resent porters listen to those Isho urge. a re. u u a. a M a.
turn to work. to calmly continue recuhr. ha. as marked swagger and lite. then urithin six months a eonIpro ods sine stunt tar as sprain so start sea raise will be eflccttal between the reactionary lures of the old regime and the modem capitalists. and even the ordinary bourgeois tree lotus will not be granted.
Only if unrest and actius continue to terulisso. You keep pretty busy. don you; rails!
be finally strut red. Icon uses. Ist Llulselleasyfbeboaslrd. And yourbrsssallows It. went prevail In Russia and the working class ts. w t root u not itself inlected by lmperialissn. will :5. the ltrrolutiou benefit the Russian pro lle dual bassw. be answered with pride.
pie. and at the same time. other pedples cs see. Its pretty quick as this. been. as IrJJ. IW whole regiments ol them. actually went overtothepeople. andsochwemayexpeer to be their action in the Proletarian Revolution. And the same energy with hkh the Russian Revolutionists have continued their eilorts to weaken Curistn. we Revolutionists at Western Europe have to develop to undermine lusperialisnt. This will have to be the esIetttial part ol our struggle. Bit of Satire. Seeialist my Pasadena, Call yeam you surely out to have no duh.
fornia. has perpetrated a satirical wsasteh piece. It adopted the lollowing resolution andsentittotheSecretaryolWarat ashington We. the Socialists ol Pasadena. Cal.
representing a large share ol the. employer ol Pasadena. hereby pledge. our loyal and patriotic employers to the service ol their country. e feel that. now warhasbeeudeclarcdbecauseoltheir etlorts. their services will be given. and weaskyoutousetheminanywayyou cats. leeling sure that. because Is! their patriotic utterancesiu thepubthrywill gladly load any charge againsttlse enemy.
eveisifitis atgrcatdangertdthemselves. Ougesrspioyefl have 11. whmwumdmhte taioedthattheywereasucltnsoreaselul thaweaudboumeolthhtbeybare iasistedonrcreiving the lit share of thswcalth producedbyua. We have nererbeloreagreedwitlsthetniathis.
butnowwilltaketlsensaltheirword. and toe! sure that, with this great array of brains and superb: sbility, our country willbelnnodangerwhatsoercr. heirpreseoceatlsonsewiflnotbs asisacd. andourworkolpruduc urgall tbisworld vgoodswilgooaasusual. However. weusighaddtbat. aawewill uptbavethabuefitoftheirwooderfnl iotelligcoosluproduclngthesegooda. tliey. tbaowners. acednotestpoctaoyruturnb tbatallw ltlsproducodduriag tbeirabscocs will bsdivldcd among us accudingtotbsvalnsoltlsslsbcedous.
Thislsaugnificsstt Biennium there. Sstirecaaoevertalrstbeplaesol actiou. Ire htwelveyoarsaadleaulorasttroublohau LE (ti e. Otbevkllowsbaveso oobeyarouud douotknowhowthiskerdutioqr. Hl u. yflhg m uill develop, bid we do know that the. Mmumr lies IN field was prepared by Revolutions. sell cc Ismbly a swivel chair new bar.
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in. ll. be drawled haily with Into e. bands fir a wiwvte let iusa Course. duet be atingy. up awkwardly. stretched hull with It intent tip Is her. You rs going sills sue Friday. don bruit. III. hiatus Mum tn. pithy. at and toy Id with it. And why should. gig she asked herself. But the tbo bt Is lellIIw, boaatlully booming her perhaps at some public bar she shads with due! at the thought of Inner. bs mattered as be watched, Ixieuieofier. tbruproeeededtoptor wish. ruin. in her tarnished room. Myrtle. ube vuualiaed arahsouaelybarfael ll. cltlatfi hhu, aodfllu Imuknppliratios flewaam brbadberlaveaadtbathtlmssbewoald humanly. Ila abewerodallkiudl minionthekmagnitudai Iofl hhmlmndnnliwwbichlm. mun creaky. h WMN sbrsgaisawaeeosr tionslwst tlialnoouwsdtbawe oryollt kiosk tussock. latabslarcsdtbs Miro her. Associarsd withhwaaloo IorbuocertairIty perhspssha a dqruatiou Whom? Shashudderedhlcarolh uflfmhdmhu DN. Continued from Page I) This revolt against sunscription is Balls Ital. lt is not confined to any particular section of the country. nor to citinns ol alien birth, nor to radicals.
although the radicals are active. The revolt is not arising out ol any particular prologansh. but is the spwtancous developnIrrl of an instinctive horror 01 and objection to compulsory military service. The press is spreading the report that the shale campaign is engineered by a a u Agentsoftheliaiser. Thisisadarnnable ungalllhelllfflyml separatioulrosabsr unit She was wracked by nervouu aa: unty and shins luv the hdiseretisn at. the lelt (I ll II her sell control were. IIgfroruber. asIdanvr. shebegaasa. nd the meawir ol the usdirect pro ls she bd been mir lately lrwsu dil. nsea. tooling at intense wteasissesa. II her. What it br reserve was to give and she should )seld. The possislity Ial that. allrmesl teraud olseroselroH. var. disgust with her weakness. Site mparicupanddownberlonnanow nun. with bulk elastic step. Suddenly he. rcmtrmherssrpbeeasnrslowaadeu hurrieaadbeecerriuestrl. That sjusthow la luallwheurmdislsutoldhersell. and into hysterical laughter at the absurdity he idea Viki slam IIeliIu timeshare Innis. ng wsthbcr. yet she was euloy au splendid. III, ller we! and tar body was truss. Ibrst ssg aai al spirit. and her atseut soo vandhsevssthtbuigsbadautwalsrtShe was conscious of a new assertive She outed of late that men rMbfl andlooked ntbrkutwith lettuce. She recalled. ahitasbaused. how. I a lew like ago he pct ally had to mini lro no whelmln desire to en mdagbisstretcbedlsessssaussse. wuuwhbnSbshd. mm New. 1: Wu its In! 3W! IW IP M I tutu. halal;inns Iii» tb uaiguaw up! amass royals. sbs w0w. had anus. ve nerve. mlhawhaah Couldsba «hr IIII sehsl IW IG NW ;aull. wasabuaq:l.:tbearaaio. mddno rumba durW t w Iett IRE It flutbeueutadvelm. Tbe She became gains cal sod and rose feces her chair. oure as: main away? he laaukl gondoaturedly. leoulds eberssudtalbss you all day. he ass Id bcr.
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Elli. lie. it is an insult to the American people. The agents of the Kaiser have rmhinglodouitls seniors trinkets.
the imagination of the hireliogs ol Hutu racy. general Imvemrrn of this character cam a be inspired by ulterior motives it cannotbeengineeredbytbeagcntsol a lorcign government. The nsorertsent is essentially a protest against the action of Congress In imposing conscription npou the parole svithout the people consent.
It is a tribute to the instinctive densocs racy of the American Wt; all people. While activity in the Coded.
States was organising itself. the people of Montreal broke loose in demonstra tionsandriotsasaprotrstagainstthé proposed. plan ol the Camdiau govers merit to introduce conscription.
The situation is serious. Instead ol weakening. the opposition is developing new strength. The gorernnscnt is apparently forcing the country into eivfl war. ltishopedthat. forthe sakeol peaceanddemocracy. thegovernment will alter its plans.
yetitiossyoutorepealtbe Conseriptioo Act. a. Tile Non Conscription 1;:ue. of. NewYorltCityisgoinghlsoldatremendoos Wing ou the night preceding Registration hyb Monday eI esting, June 4th. at Hunt Point Palace.
593 nnpsou Street. Southern Boulevard at t63td Street.
Besides speakers artist in the fight.
such as Leonard Abbott. Louis Fraioa and Emma Goldman. you mess ol conscriptise age and mothers will voice their protest at the iniquity. lsenseetingistodevelopintoa gio gantie protest. and envy reIqutiorIist should be present. meeting of the League. held the same evening that Presidmt Wilson signed the Conscription. measure. was.
oueolthefinestsrseetingseverlseldist New Yorlt City. Ilorethansoooentboaiudgaggresaivemenandworncn Ag:i «WW nest Inf. tor Leagueiaanabsolutenlfi troveobythesetivitiesoltlsd rodtfin.
Branch at the Socialist JV. are.
Now you of the Down look this over and get. togetback Into Chielarmngthe League of Brooklyn a spinners the Ami Nilstarist Mass Meetings which are rousing successes. Thefirstovseheldamooth ago resulted in packing in Iaoo people in aunt ratit ely small hall. and turning away bond eds. The doors were closed aton clock forladtofroons. 0verilow nteetingswereheldinthestreet. The second Mass Meeting to protest against conscription held two weeks later in the same hall resulted in another oIerflow Crowd. too large so be aeeotrunodated.
The collections have never been equalled before by any other meeting held in Brooklyn. Enough was collected at both meetings to pay all expenses. and leash. ing a nice surplus which was turned over the Mooney Delusse Cutonittee.
Hundreds ol copies of the New Inter. be Propaganda League was usll rep3the speakers list. The fol ing is list oi the speakers Isho adFraina. Editor of the New International.
Joseph Schlossberg. Secretary of the Ansel. Garment Workers. Ad. Goldfarb. 1adek. and PI Kramer ol the Socialist Party. itttet knot! at the World Peace Fed. and Harry Weinberger of the Free Speech League. Ed.
Ursdgren and ktfl llgl mldln. Another Mass Meeting III line up the.
workers against (Inscription and to enlist seniinient or the repeal of this bloods hill ear to have been held Frildar. Slay fill. lot the mentor refused. toqu vrthrhallandthemeaingwasheld sortie rm.
leaded. TheSP. redllreliningup, withfitbeoldtirnerswhodrowedmot duelsadlsgustotitsmnfiratitsmiddledasataetics.
Ive rd air meeting netted for the blot oer Defence though the night Ias too cold foray us ir meetings. ehave deeidedtopay formcopies of the New international of earls isms; though we vn llsellnIoI e.
This live wire branch meets at Ilse heaihptartersof the llth D. at at tst Street. etesy Thursdav night.
Discussions on timely topics allow the business session.
Gite us a visit. If interested call at abate address. or rrrite to Neiin. Organirer. out Redford. ve. Bros kins; Watch this paper or more neus of the Banner Local.
For the Resolution. IPress Committee. per X. e hate sent about Mom us the Monster Defence.
Is werepresent, oearlyalltbemenbeingol.
couscriptiveaggTbecbairnnnwas lanoardD. Al bott. andtheapeakeru Harry Veinhergcr. AlexanderBerltnan, lanaC. Fraissa. Leonora Reilly andEnunaGolhan. Aboutlssoldiera ioooiionn wereprescngappareottyso eruteumblefluttlsespiritoltheuseets usgwassodsthatdseydareduot start something. and before the meeting closedwalkedoutmeckly. Nita men will only be exalt ulsen theirwivesmdchildrenareflnao eiallydrpendent. Thiswouldlookbadforricbtisarricd Inca. ButtbeEonisg Haillurqiorting thisdecisiou mssnresitsreaders. as lollows. hisruleisnotgenersl. sincesoroe wealthy untried menwill be withered UM those who are of greater potents alvahsetothenatiooluthcirnsual vocatiousthao they wouldbsatths frust.
Remember. this is a selectivs draft. Anilliouairuatbooseiswortha millbuanyhow, botattheltus1bialile migbt ootbewort aeerel na mutant mound II.
areas m oaths bk.
du wusbwmbutgraapb bw baadsbsplaadsdptt ualynbsplmolalondy. Bums danglfirlshaf mhumhu. at barbs Isl barlspwltbusrva Ir ssg. limit: of. Inflationary Socialism mt: Struggle.
The Class Struggle Whlflamalswnh toutsnnoUDIN LOUtscanA wa. Ic. LoRt:. The agaziaeootnaissllz mfldwpifi grml rl.
clepvfitothe. 1: breakaway.
MMamyf It. new 81 (Your.
MW. l Socialist Publication. Society. llS artbStrvst. ii s2 pottbel iop.
tional were sold at this meeting. also IIite sortie stabs: were obtained tor our sed these mass meetings: Our business meetings are well Ji ILL. open i Is tux.