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While the country is asked to fight to make the world safe for detmcney.
Mooney and his wife and others Ire.
lanqnidling in jail. in imminent peril of being hanged in spite of the exposé of the plot to frame up the defendants.
the Grand Jury dictated Osman. and Homer it again in dancer. The consniracv against the lilierty and lit ca of our comrades it hru ren and unafraid.
and is going the limit III secure a canvicr sm. The organised. Sicialist; and. 01 remit. Art immediately. else it may he tm late. Democracy and Civilization. Tnz. ctr nrlt Globe. an ardent enthan. for the war. eanru lt Itorrlach some thing. In a reernt issue it says. In the presence of ten thousand spectators a self critic Negro usurIdem. chained to a tree. was yesterday roasted to dcath in Tennessee. Wane. masked E; work h a ll e blacli history hf lynch lat?
there probably has been no mnrcahnrlr. in: case than this. llteauce one man hecame a heast. committed a rule crime.
ten thotssand eitisens realted heast li te vengeance on him. That the man crime wan milm does not make the crime of the uni one nhit more defensihle. llillt Sunday yesterday told his congregation that the American lndian with Iii: tnrnahavllr and Ira tring Itnife was a gentleman spared with the Prussian rnldicr. 53. Prussian savagery gn further than hat of Tenneuee. fine. or of the lynching says It Negro clone to the pvre. unhalanced hy the excitement. mm on an American. flag a the lsrt of the flames died out. and. staring shove his head. shouted. e re all through here. hays! Let loin the Germain? il! Prr ident ilsnntsow write a note to the government and citirens of Tennessee holding them to strict scro urabilitt for this outrage? Oh. vca. the Neeroslsnistnfight fordernocracy snd civilisation in Europe!
Out with tits Trot tors!
Till expulsion of ABLSimons and. Ga lord from merohershipiathe Socialist Party shoultlhcthcheginning of a eamraign to throw otrt all the vlnlton. Thesetwomwereparticularly infamous in their action; They. wroteslettertoSertator Husting. asltirlg thegovernmenttotaltsactionagainnths party for circulating the ntaiority re portonthewar. Theyactedasspiaof thevilensommdtheyseernsotalres prideintheirvilehehavior. Theytnade a denunciation and committed treason hh movements lltll come. to the gm. waryftttasreoogulsedthat thsllfaofs Alt interesting feature of the conscripi lion issue in Congress tras the imposition. of certain southern politicians to conscription because it would confer equality and power upon the Negro! They do not object to the Negro shedding his blood for democracy. but they fear the Negro might turn around and demand democracy for lair sell. Democracy is all right for the Belgians and Serbiana.
and others abroad, hut. of course. it is unthinkable that the Negro should be given the democracy supposedly granted by the Republic and the Sixteenth Amendment. Imagine. the Negro might compel the whites to give up the gentle sport of lynching. nd nt lynching characteristic of the honor and chivalry of the South? But still it i; a star for democracy: Don forget that!
Fraud, or National Liberation In the news recently ana ared the following higth significant itcm. mngress of the Snedish pililica!
party. representing a majority of Fim land wealthiest and nuut influential classes; yesterday passed a resolution favoring a complete separation of the Grand Duchy of Finland mm Russia.
This is a reactionary more instigated by the industrial and feudal aristocracy of Finland. Then Ariel and peasants have nothing to gain and everpthing trlose by separating themselves from revalutionary Russia. The wattle of Finland should fight with the res islation.
and not for their aristocracy against the revolution. Imagine the rivalry and incitement to war should Russia be split into half a dozen nations! There are litultintls in which the phrase national liberation hides the most reactivntary and infamous mites. The task of the lu oples of Russia is to fight for a tie urtcratit federated reptlhlie as a preliminary the Socialist Revolution. Courage!
HE claws of the reaction are seizing itt pres. While their lips make the motiom of freedom and democracy. the actions of their claws are destming the freedom and democracy that existed be fore the war. They camnt do lt! y l1ley unnot crush our spirit. they cannot numain tynn. Their success shall he zgf gv 3. mm let: in 13. ii at. son a woman? thousand demte themselves to the. eanse yon eanmt crush a war an! They build new jails?
They can never build ermgh. And ifthey do. it won matter anyway. They.
nation waa to depend nut II wealth it had stored up. but productive capacity.
Exactly: wealth is a symln ductive capacity a fact that do. c:all other factors.
When the war hruitc out. n freely predicted that its (out he run in six mmths. or less. ialist. whose economi are taught him better. imlulcl the same illusion. The hm! the argument ran. will stop ll rne wealth of the winema rapidly consumed. and this alt umwealth will induce cahatt lr. compel peace.
llut six months passed. and a year. and now three years. l e only does the war go on. but 3 the belligerents increases its cquips more men. spends more mm and new nations are drawn in.
The war would be over today if 3?
depended upon the accumulated nr tir of the helligerents: but it does W: depends in an ecotuxnic sense upon 17 productive capacity of a nation. its industrial resources and its war. ing class. Even an apparently purely financial transaction such as a loan :not a transaction in wealth. Ilt based upon the productivity of a In: tion is a lien upon the future lab of the workers. Grant a government control ot v.
duction, and it could fight practical?
indefi itely. Tho hope of putt 1r immediate peace. lies in the actitily. it the revolutionary Working Class. tun.
ticularly in Russia and Germany. ill the fiction that wealth itscll power become apparent to the mass. the people! The Wollting Class is lllr great productive factor in a nation: it controls the process of product tnu The Vorlting Class is dominant. ecu nornically; all the wealth of the well would shrivcl into nothing. war would cease and Capitalism. oollapse. tr tlWorking Class used its ecorlorni dominance in its own revolutionary interests and against the interests of its masters.
The Great War brorgltt almi it the collapse of Sociali fllppm up its organized movement: but it he) u.
onstnt lnanewwayand slly. that the orlting Class holds nay tutureofthsworldinthehollowoft Thelrsl fruition of life is to things we have said or wished Thfllmfiurll hrl work and only action see u great. n3, oils. 3m: it considered itself a liter the ussex as e from lusty. kg of diplomatic (elatiotn witererv wrath» government instituted what sat nrtnally a peace amigo la the resident historic phrase, pesoe without victory. And then and the Cermany resumed her ruthless snlanarine nmpasgn, maced the profits of American gapitali u, and this damn declared war. y t The. Anni an people has never valued in do these things to shed is bind to protéet the profits at its imitators. The turn who love liberty everywhere hf! hung. Iortn imprisonedin Germany and Austria. to ltalv and trance. In Great Britain and the United States. If these gnvernrnents are tighlv My. why deprive in PM of their liberty? We are fighting for tbert yll The other fight for liberty is a ram. Work seenss empty and only action Icesnsgreat hutitrnusthenction or IM 30 13am This war is lat again! liberty. It is trampling span the people. it is eta thing dairietacy. is imposing the burden of an odious. tyranny try day. and for the future. The war is empty. ns consequences horrible. and only our action for liberty ind international emancipation is great.
a p America Preparing Ill reactimury interests in America are using the tar as a means of pro.
paring their forces fur aggression in the future. comprehensive plan of aetionis tiring snapped out. The evevus that thrulg faster and faster upon us may he rightly interpreted only by relating them this fundamental fact: Asterirra Imperialism is NM I ll Drill. Mic and political fem: or raw:serious in the days to cm. And this menace is graver than the in great menace of the future will in events may be understood and has intelligently. Conscription, for nude. was not at all necessary for war. ijhe of an e httperialistie policy to day is unishall be opened. and their inmates again hu emf President lf oodIQZJIH lullary service. and the purpose lair in the light of thc sun and. freedom. Even the Bastille was onmpelled to give up its victims.
Courage. The tenor can isms succeed. Not even in Russia did it succeed. And the trivit of the Ruuian Revv lutinn thruhs throughout the world. It will prevail!
We are not blind. Our eyes sreopen.
We go into this fight with courage in ourhcaflslndlvmuponnttflipl.
They may imprim and they may ltill. Vhat matters it? Life is ltd lilo if used in the service of death. Death is sweet if it comes irl the catsse of life and freedom. Life is precious tons. Rut freedom is still more precious. Courage! They dare ova titty dull not. Wealth and Productivity all the discossioniof the war higher strategy and such highfalutin matters military, the one fact that sticks out is that the life of a nation. including its military power.
lies in its worlt The mobilisa tion of the strictly military forces depends npon the mobilization of industry and the whole civil population.
The greater the industrial power of a nation. the greater its military power. The military weakness of ltaly. Austria and Russia. contributing factors aside. is the result of relative industrial indficiency; the military strength at Gamay, France and Great Britain. lstheresultofladusu lalstrength.
Boprgeoia economists have stressed then. full. Soul «I then on going further, and emphasizing that the tits. sndstrengtbofsnatlonlleaaothha. welth. Bhbmdurtiosrn acfty dwhkhmesnslathsbonasndsinew ofltsWorlringCtasa. ILLGantt.
efficiency expert andsshrewdob server of things Industrial. ssya. Soonatterthsbresklngwtolthe w. l llESEarelofly seruirnentt. Today.
utionaloheisgreathuttobegmt ittnusthavesgreatporpose.
ltisshahitofthel residentoindulge in lofty sentiments. but thrir interpretation usually dispels the Iofti nessand revealslluvnsstheideobsi expression of gross apitslin inert ls.
in this same Memorial Day sddrcsa thePresidentsaid: Jn one sense the great article it!
which we havenowenteredlsanAmicanstmggle. becsnssitlsinthstfll of mama 4mm.
but it is suntetlting even greater than lhst: nissworld struggle. ltisa Itruggle ofrnenwholnveliherty everywhetaodinthiscanseAmericawfll showhenelfgreaterthancvcr.
America horrorl Weam jealoussf thehonoroftheAmericsnpuople. ammonium mum this warthat sully this how. TheCotI gressof theL nited Stateahas refuted redress to Colombia. and thereby ll provedthe stigrnaplseednponm eanluanorlrythehrutal and tier IrtionolTheodoreRooscvdtln taltir theCans! Zone. To dsy. the ntentoftheUnitedStats aistnrnplinl uponthe rights olsrnalltsatit nsslathe Carri beans and Canal Americ ll. ptionistoaccnstonaour people to the idea of universal service ltissmoveintheeampsigatodevelop a mighty militarism that shall hold the wortdlnsvre. To day. Americshastwogresttsslts before it. secordiigtolhe New York JIlenaneditorialott Arneriesn Pol ides. Onelstnsueeesaluny meet the.
umergenryofthiswar. Throttlerlsto lornntlate hrond policy for the future.
a policy info dirt or start 54 our perrnt emery Icy ll0 fl. This is precedod by the nature that no great thin can happen in the world. after this car. which will not affect as and our vital intrrens. frank svowal of the res! purposes animating America in the vrar! Tho mod significant feature of the Math Plfdgtby Ger. 1i 10011! trt tsrolreforetlteseven defense. Finally, we nntst develql and mainnatod with our policy of drunestic preparedness. The inevitable development of American lam. field. nine. industry.
finance. demands new markets. new fields for our Merritt. our investments. our products. To hold open lhesefieldslsthemaintaakofmlerl diplomacy. We are used to calling it dollsr diplornaey. We must have done. with the vscillatiosts which the last fcw years have seen. We must never again induce our investors. industrials and traderstogointo Central and South American fields snd then slam cm to whatever, fate haMit gmternrnents rimsetomtntnnthem. lcltiooisa landmark, and will long serve as a wantingtoss. Thecountry innit dennnd a foreign policy that erldures. rlo matter what may he the fate of political parties. These are the things that will make the future of America secure. Polieia like these look to an extension of America sphere of influence in the world. heygoardoursafetyandourgrowth. tut their. enforcement can rest upon nothing except our own strength. Even if Germany is defeated irl this war. we eannrlt hope to ride into a great future in the triumphant war chariots of others.
Others still guard their own interests.
With those interests. particularly the interests of England. Germany and Japan. our industrial and. conunercial future will inevitably be ill rivalry. Upotr the balance of power. of pistential striking force,. will depend that balance of influence and opportunity which will. mean peace and justice between us and our great rivals the world leaders. The mat fist of military power is behind the elvet glare of diplomacy.
flat where the mailed fists are of emu!
size. the velvet gloves are not than rifl.
Exactly! And this is a war for civil! ration and democracy! The hypocrisy of it all is vile. hat does it all lrteatt. War. and aggression and conquest. Eonomic and political expansion. and its inevitable reign of terror.
One point alone still express the spi of the whole America is to htsild railroads through Halon to the Panarru Canal. Bnt Mexico is. u vkfite éssadity of )fexiaa ol lyllllal t Ottyencitrrensuhiss raannselfi wsr fordemoeracysnddviliution!
Industrial Unionisrn and Mass Action T majority resolution sdedarationon oonseriptionistnakingllass Actionsn issueintheSocialistrnovemcntofthis out stry. Andiristortunste that. just atdlisjuncturgthekussianltevolntion hasprovidedthemovementwilltavivid dunonstration of the meaning and power of Mass Action.
The central feature of Mass Action liesinitsanlitssisonthesetion ofthe WorkingClassindependentoltbepnrliamentarynudtine. lttnunstbesctionof the workers themselves. organised and umanhfinmassgroupsflghtiqfor. spnrticularpnrposs. ltmeansthatthe WorkingClsssdependspriusarilynpon editorial in ltt mlysii of immmmwmnndmm mimwbmmw Muqmprm lured. ThspolieyoftnskingArneriarendy nasal inelade. rstofsll. thsprincipleof Semndwsneedansvythatisseenndtosonelntbsnorld. Wshavstwn tires. ltmmoronverntrnssppredatbndthehimfiefadthuthsm eipation of thsWorlcingOasspusthe thetaskoftheWofltingOassitseIL.
ItwasthelfassActionnftheRussianthat drove on the revolution.
trutsforsneditfranhcliquerevolttos oftheConndlofWochnu snndSoldiers Delegalesstandsthepoweroflhe workeruthepowerof theirsctionsn mausthatsuakesgoodthadeclantionsl. TheguseralthsoryofusssActionis tain a cor sister: foreign policy. coordt. saivity stimulates the independence of the kingClassinawaythatprovides rit. isunhgiunymbnttaetseally vulEphrase mmovanents hthe. ThaSocialPstrlotawilleverywberasosn pruoosounnhutésulmpomntidq ifweinserpretrightly.
IlassActton munorerevolnuooary sctionagainatlmperialism. sgainstwar, againstCapilalisrn. Bonapartfrornthis mllasoActioniaindefiuim It is indefinite thatistosay. inmpleto beauseitdoesnotcmphasiuthsnltimate evoltst. lt:lrlary nuaston of ltis uldefinite becauseinEtsropeitis nsodprinlarilytofsghttheoooservstiln oltheSocialistnsovtsnent. Whenrebels inGermanyurgeMassActionnpontbo party, heynlcsnmoresggressiveactiu artdnotaootnprehmsivsprogralnoftn volution. hlass Action. preciselyasdoeslndus trial Unionisnr. urgestheextenaion of Socialistactivitytormcionrandsggrurivractiononttteooonomicfield. This. r, theworhingclauandwarmaitsidulisnt intosggresst. vssctron. lt potsshone intothepsrllarnnt tarystrugglesndonsnpelsitto beoome revolutionary. The. fightsgainstCapitslianbeoomusnsot. ivetnassighgnotmerelyanelectoral sndparliamemarydehste. But ludustnal Uniouilll goes mods further: ithssesthswholeSocsal ist mommthemk sctaon of. the orltingOass. organiredmdum ganisedzitseesintbsinuediateooono j.
uricstrugglesoftheworlterssprepara Q, tionfor revolutronuy strikethatwill. ll the of asst mug onntrol of soctety. hutlds its organua tia the structure that will. of the society. Karl maintain midtown: functional ocialirr Review. April, I901. M:. Thetrsdesunm. willeonstitute tbemostenergettc factorsbsurutotmtingthepreseotmodcofproductson and theywillbepillars onwludt theedifios oftheSocfalist commonwealth willhc Bttttndesuntoos moot orkmg for lllarevolutionnlteyanwortmg asa ustefornplaoeinthegovctmng oftbenaooq maktng forSutsSoar.
finsndnottheSodalRevdutioLNor douthsstsnctunofthstndestmons admitoftheirnmn poems and manageaentolmtntediuduatry. 1. a It. 3: positin. mnmht it. firkd alpha J ham. weld to jAn tltls uranium «it!
gramofhlassActionnordnesitproject outward smelter formol asou organua lion. Moreover. llass Acoun.
widtotfiodcfinitemdmnl sronndwhichtnooalesoghasssendency todisinlrlfltfibhetaken unaware; lt nerahle. lndustrialUnionismnouldral lyaroooditselfthemassactsons olthe Workers, tusifyandorganiastltan. an (amid nr ontm inleyrstes Mass Artin. Accordingly. usssActionsndlndus triallfniootstu moot meow Willey Industrial Unitarian lama in lttelf. isootnpelledmlbstainfromsetlon mtilthefutnrgorbindulgehsrnsll sctson. Ontkuhohitmaypresdnhut atyaitcannotslwayssst hroughthe practicsof )lsssAction. however. thej revolutionistnaaypnrtidpatsin all the stnlulclofthoWorlcingaasg orga. lniaeduldmrganisedWaoon etnthem. withaprograrnof ndislssction. snd inthisraynnphasiasourpropaganda. lndustrialUnioninwithonttheprw tioeofMaasActitmnayhsdoomedto propgandaslme:lfaasActionnlthoot thetheory and practice of Industrial Ullioniill neitherhnildaforthsfutnro nordevelopsthetnur atatnpowerofthe o Ths two most fuse: our movnnmt mustseoeptthepnctiosolllsssAction.
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