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Workers of the World, Unite!
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Vol I. No. 4
5 cents a Copy

I Refuse!
By Louis C. FRAINA


For ways that are dark the "heathen Chinee" has nothing on the representatives of "law and order" in this country.

Here is the proof:

An original cartoon by Maurice Becker was to have appeared in this space -a magnificent expression of the courageous spirit of the Conscientious Objector.

We were all ready to go to press, when the printer informs us that he dares not print the cartoon for fear of prosecution by the government!

Similarly, the police do not prohibit meetings, by owners of halls are indirectly influenced and they refuse.

It's a mere trifle that the Constitution guarantees freedom of speech and assemblage. It's a mere trifle no Censorship law has as yet been passed.

There cheers for Democracy - in Russia!

Repeal the Conscription Act!

The Revolt Against Conscription

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