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and believe that we should render theta every lorns o! non eontbatant aid. This waspretededbyt lvotedagainstthe war resolution. would vote against it tut day. simple reason. indeed!
Doesn Meyer Lamina lmow that of the seven billion dollars. the maxim that may be loaned the Allies is lhres billions?
This leaves four billion dollars to wage a war with. and to pay lor developing a menacing American utilitarian This is the inapo thing or Capitalism; the aidtothe ieincidental. Thiris what hi Handout cowardly or stupidly didnt rote against. And yet Meyer London is still a member of the Socialist party. Aid and Cornfort to the Enemy. ru mind reels u the actions of same ol our Socialists. A; Simona st gmatizes as treason the Counention resolution on the and Allan Benson joins the chorus. William English Walling has wholeheartedly accepted the hypoeritical idealism ol the ruling class. Charles Edward Russell brands as anarehists the Socialist ohjeetors to the. war. Frank Bolus oi all mull in the New York 77ers pears Russian Socialists in this country. the social patriotic group.
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Mania Bondinltaring withdrawn his sninorityseportdherearenowtworesolutionsonthewan thensajorityreport adoptedsttlneCouventiomandthebpuowarreportsuhseqnentlytseoed a groupoldelegatre. Theissnelscleer: the utta ority resolntion sdeelare agasrsst war, it does propose loan at aggressive action: whereas report ol the social patriotic minority the war and proposes an essentially hourfilmmllAndthen «ngfil: yorttyreport pertytoaggressivelyearrxonitsgeneral Ontheactlontotbohsh the atsonalCounn itteethevotephonld beNo. lnspiteolitslaultamtheN.
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develops its ntoral and physiral pretti ness. iWe have a particular menace to fill. Wt all our actions have an ulumale uwellasan inunediatescope. OufK lion today prepares the proletariat or the routing struggles to overthrow Capttslisnt. The suspension 0! the elass struggle duringwarisagreetealatnity lorthe proletariat. yielding aid and carillon onto our capitalist enemy. It sacrifices our Wine and nltintate interns. it means lower wages and worse conditions oi living; moreover. it tnaltee dxtfieulu the mm of an aggressive class strut! fill: peace. lt impairs the morale. ol the proletariat and dttlla its fightiu spirit. it is the worst menace of war.
On with the struggle against Capital isntl The Great Betrayal Tia unique in the annals ol rtwolutionary naovetnents «the betrayal olSoeialisrnlrythe Socialist party olAstterica.
it is a harsh characterisation. perhaps.
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The Collapse of Parliame nls THE press of the country assumed that conscription would pass Congress without a struggle. When the opposition developed real strength. the press denounced Congress and unanimously agreed that, President Wilson It ll pet conscription if he run it. The whole problem was put up to the President as il he were the arbiter ol legislaAnd the President is the arbiter of leg.
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