. THE. te A, Mfis f. 47. v prevent any and all strikes during war. because he knows that any serious strike under the circumstances may develop into a political strike. into a general conflict between the two classes. Our task lies not so ntuch in, elort to start or to proclaim a general strike.
assotneoiouropponentsscem lobelieve; our task is to support any tend eney towards strikes. which under present conditions and when waged unootnprotnisingly. may develop into. more general movements.
The English miners. a well as the railroad workers and the metal work. era. did strike during the war against the. orders oi their capitalist govern meet. and they gained results.
The government actually had to insplore the workers to stop. thcir fight.
on the presumption that the insure oi the country was stake. Labor lsad. era had to be rushed to the danger aonenandoneemoreancceededlaioollog the workers into submission. But ltshowathepoweroitheworkerssnd their opportunities. The Russian revolution started with jail. But it would be more eiiective it those prepared to reinse would get in touch with each other. could organise in a certain way to carry their action and their sacrifices in one and the same direction.
This concerted action should start with the taking at the military census.
with the registration ior the prospective conscription. Among the questions as issued by Governor Whitman oi New York. there are two which enable us at least to make some iorm oi protest: and no doubt other registration iortns will contain similar questions.
Question It) asks: Do you claim eaeotption irota military service! Everybody should answer Yes. 11K So eialist Propaganda League oi Brooklyn adopted a motion. subsequently. adopted at the Borough Meeting oi Local Kings County oi the Socialist Party to answer question It. asking why you elaitn exemption. with: cause am a conscientious objector.
No matter what other reasons you may have ior enemption. first oi all state that yon are a conscientious objector.
This may give as an opportunity to get a public hearing on our objections as is partial strikes, combined with street England. and to stake propaganda and accouchement. For the tnird or amount get suddenly iflII lt 3lPtl.
since the resurrection ot llerlms she stops yawning and looks lntergoing to bring iorth the lfll lllllbl. od. Spring is everyuhere. and the Gigsntesquc. the Terrible. Evan ywhere is the other youth ni the seventy years, every Iiie oi tnan. ah. rid the Revolution.
harrows the earth and winnuns ntan lt ta coming. it is coming. lto is kind. lfi6lh l9l7. Mark the o blind in the eyes and in the soul duet the gods have selected the. 1 cannot see it advancing, fierce and winners in the great lllllllls lll oi kind ng and irresistible. with the Ind peoples. The first wan the Ad. lath and with tlc axe? Is there any vent: the second the. ntviflsion; tho or. so deal to the mighty detrntations third will be the Resurrevtwn. It is bl oi this immense apxalypse who canhe. The anguriea are read; the omens not hear the same song waited across propitious: the signs are all here. the. the trenches by the cannon srn rke. by same as then: war and amine and the deadly gas. by the breath oi fire?
sanity and dread oi the tn rnurrow. ls mankind to be tl teriy destroyed and smell something burning in these no living seed at ntnsght and love is to perfidious spring winds and it is not germinate in its ruins and debris! Are only the dead grass oi last year. Be ideals. held more sacred than tile. to he ware oi the ldes oi March; eschew the dragged like carrion a. was the red breaking thaws and the prickly suns nose; and the souls at one thosssnd Aprils ii you are not the one who llllliol men to be polluted. violated, going to plow and to sow. But it you raped with steel gsuntleted hands.
are. rejoice. ior you shall reap a rich thought and sold like chattels and harvest oi proud heads when the red lwares. without any one raising a voice Julies ensue again with the scythe. or without that voice being heard? It! Iain the torchlight at And it not men. is not Uie at least Tribunal Revolutionaire. tuning, going to protest against Death. ml. Plllfling late at night. in Shela. Already theprognmoithat daughter oi the sun. smell the protest. sthunder with anger. hasbeen smudgy pitch rainbowing down the at diesrd. greater one will soon take i.
e V demonstrations. gradually growing into more general tnass actions. and the American workers should take to heart the lessons oi recent history.
motto resolution demands. snpportoi assactiousagaiaateonscription. But this cannot mean that we have to wait until some mysterious general action against conscription a. islla iron heaven. general action baa tndcvelop out oi smaller local yactionnusooessoonditionsbeeooe iavorable. Osesestdstylatoergae ;oonacriptionlnalldistrletasllov the assay. Get a meeting together.
pvealihhssnanonntrytnsmngs. iorsdeltoestrstioalssotnbisatioe 1. Hy witathatmeedsgssdyenwillde noratowardsthasepportoi sssso 1 it.
muster our ioreee. And because the tics oi papsl Rome; the Devil. blond census nsoet likely will include all no and Mimi fighting the holy ia. see. And what torus do you think it will take. lords. masters. luhsbitaatsoitheUnited State upto alyanoiagntbegrownuppeople will have an opportunity to loin their protest with that oi the younger geaarntion. Therelanoaaestatingontbe registration ior what these consciuttiotooblsctionsarqbecsnse this will yoarsae ptloetobeseleeted without Ilylmhurln. I. Ws syupectdiderestldadssl mm M tmt religious benaaltsrlsn. Ion resistance advocates and daseeonscioss a.
groepwillhsveltsowa he hm uhfifllflfioa cooper th mmurea rumor. lngasdaneldsn action. if. i. I a e u in the holicr name oi freedom. anteu. rulers? Will they eupplicste to kings charcoal and laltpctgg in at. ssd Illatea. Will they petition tains oi Silesia: the dog enter. a the parliaments! Will they pray to gods!
Black Forest mixing a new incatoe Poole. tools! For three years you have thethnriblesduberty. lslnsllm hught people totalk and demand thing milky and rich and warn, some things throngh the nitrate otthe gun.
My old are! rest leaner. and Foolsl You have changed ths jsrgnn lsnolongerthebloodoiplebdan. aithetrt bunelntothsesplosionoithe Hlflilpessentsbitingdrylssand shrapnelsndthstorpedo. You have, theirgourdswithablseklow sold then: that demoerscy. llberty. Illlng tb hesacredneaa is Ne her is Russia alone. Spain is seething with rebellion. Hey have suppres ed another general strike there. livery year they suppress 00.
every twelte month they have a new one to suppress. Some day there will he no one to suppress strikes and nineteen mtllions to suppress a king. in Sweden starved men with crary glares in their eyes hailed to the Republic under the towers oi their monarch. in Greece the war that was dammed at the burden is going to burst within.
redder and ntsddcr and more glorious.
In Ireland priests preach the resurrection and youths and maidens cultivate red flowers oi passion over the graves oi men that were hanged and shot In ltaly. in Germany. in Austria.
in France. throughout the world May Day is Morning acclaimed and praised. the Red Easter oi. martyred humankind. Beware!
And in America? Because two hundred sleek and ist men in frocks and top ltats have declared that universal butchery is the supreme arooation oi the manhood oi the land. think you that they who plowed and built will turn back irosn their neck and joyial tasks and whet cntlsass for the throats. oi their brothers at your bid? Think you that America can really become Russia now that Russia has become America! Andisitpossibletogobeck when bread and poses and low and the dawn lie iorward on the highrosd oi progress? Never. Someone will as) Nol will shout. Enoughl la a iew days. Perhaps khan loam s Em a re. l. OFFICIAL ORGAN OF THE 50 LPROPAGANDA LEAGUE V. e. Ls. Vol. No. NEW YORK, SAT! 3M. 5, 1917 cents Copy tion than in declaring your willingness. they iuttnil sert iceahle and pericct. our Action Againfl to support mass action ii others a. Fools. ioolsl They are going to keep me SCIZUI 0f. who the devil are those others ii not. on, yea. but they are going to turn If Conscnphon we. will be kind enough in um some. lg. about and look behind their shouldera Trolzky thing. Our opposition to conscri lion. ior the target. voiced at these meetings. smail or. All around you old systems are By RUTGERS lltlt should be uncompromising. crumbling and new orders are arising. By CHARLES LOUIS should be a part oi our fight against. But you don see. New iorccs are. St. Louis convention oi the utilitarian. and against Imperialism. a bursting into being. New weapons. HE physical power oi Curtain was Socialist Party declared in favor. New undentsndinet. New tooll ot dc. mm 35. lM W oi unyielding opposition to all true that the poll it. e atruction. nut you don see. lleeause a l0 have snmved and reigns sn. PW flank military or it ready preventedaoltte oi the socialist. r you In. jails you think you are prune trt the British government. dustrial conscription and ior the sup ct nus, but 4 not m i sale. You have iorgotten that children Trotsky. the Rum. revolution. port oi all tuass movements in onio a h dflma in held romp ht Bani. 00d ary eaile. leit New York City recently am. conscription. nteetmgs slnt e: we should try every that the Czar babbles his in the with. lhl to return to Rwi. Illllfls etery hall. every street eor tower oi Peter and Paul. lit cause you The visional government at Petroli we do not wish to stop atonere tier; ue can rhangelour sublet ii only have lumber for a luv. 50. grad. compelled, by the Socialists. W43. we tnnst Fm an m and we are driven by you think your tranquillity is assured. issue a eral amnesty. and sakall exiles corthnce wlth this resolution. iorce out of every corner. we wlll have 50. ot all the wind! of hell are retur their country. Tnukr mm all. m encourage and accomplished at least something. lhis enough W w, 0, 1, number answered lhe call But at an all strikes during war would help greatly to show the workers. less traitors and rcl els you hate to nnlitary minions oi the British govern lsrly is important industries: such as mi km flammu yn d I hang. Because you are facing men! retard Trotsky and his Party. detransportation mini. 15. Wm F WM 3 man to drop the hammer and shoulder prtved them at their pleaeaaious. and itsnot only lid? to keep the workers itorn they why I. a hill Ink. Eu. YO Pll Ul tl and prisoncd l Sm fyagion and enslavement. but u. ion autocracy. safeguarded. uur tools! But what Amherst.
at the NW tinte l! eficient And even when driven haul the last about Hunger that me weary The action W weapon min the raw. MP hall M am the right hold. beggar at the cold and silent homes oi than that. it is stupid. Here is a man reecription. The capitalist government. u corner meetings. we need not mm bmm id u we mm to. mm his um. seek: to nah each tut eels on the give up the fight. e can print and. lk 27. 3 a 5 :1. economic field polilkalime In tut. distribute leaflets. and we can come m W had in New York. strike together in um and mm ior wrath and disobedience in their ears? vised by the Russian Consd the city. who that. new ar propaganda and protest until dispersed. a Ir. Know you not the mnipotcnt magic and then an ally oi that codry. Igha. mm. made 5, Mr masters. and by the police, the hundred rs. Ill Ill D IIIICAI oi this wondrous alchemist. who. when ing ior civilisation ud democracy. ro. so mg, disadvantage. should re sand Socialists. Wilts? with Ki, sis. potatoes rise to I! cents a posed iuses to allow the man to proeasd. was merely an economic hundred thousand voters and that 43. can tnnsubstantiate every ounce oi his journey, and adds bank as lnlu yby. mm and the were. M oi organized labor that did not. aid. :h. them into a ton oi balestitc? llave bprislltinghi andseparathghir Lera srnbststilttbswurkiesm mmwhwh mil. V fli. yonnotlearnedirorathepaatthster iswiiendchfldru. 1WfiM thwiken md human. a. 98 WMdW im AThshia yfllothallowod e 2 immwumemm. run, my. TM. VR W. lli. VH. is. if h. Amm muh I hlfik. A linkl. NQV ub. Wm. flu. a. Cu. er lfld tfldhlfl flbll liltdoesnot. lt therulingelass. esubei kit Aadwu eontesintoaeriouaeonlietwith the. 1. urnedsroe were lnay. I? urchins. mm oitheCapitalist Stateand Nodouhflone oithetopieaat such BYARTUKQ ANNl n going tobe turned aroondln Dark Ruiawinug lemthslrltlahgovarn a a an intensified class muscle will be mm. w Elk frightful ahrielts of joy as around. When people whisper ml 63. Jir ufm. W EW ndns 50 reenlt. Comm km. 53. tratmpzillreins: agony amidst the crashing iuguq bk around. beware. ior it bodes ill to characterillic I; ory :2; awfl hh w? 7 0 Capitalism traitor 5. oi thundering guns. History is lyrng those who speak ver loud and con. pseulia adept. i d. WP situation exactly don. 98134. mm! several sgain on her childbed and again th down. An air oi madyness blows irom :hzlgiigti:lnm:r. lm film: M an BM Tm. when he declared his wtlllngness to m. K In It whole world attends her tremendous thP East; kings ieel suddenly tuber. trr think and mm WflmmflSodaliatsP Thssnswcrissinrple. The ioroesoiRnasiasredariiyingtheiraitns sndorgsniaingtheirpower. Theysre antelority. Theprovisionalgovernnteut isprowerheWorkingOa isepsiau the Thepscihctendeneyoilnssian. laboebasalready eornpellcdthe provi sionl government to declare ofieially, sgainsteonquestandannexation onlya iew days alter Nilnykovhadlndeadeo ntandiorConstautinopleandotherimperialistic objectives! ltlstheiear at these revoltaionary iorees that induces the provisional government to hold theelectionsioraCdnstitnentAssembly.
in whirb the majority might very possibly berevolutionary. Great Britain iesrstheseiorcesand theiractionsgainsttbew arandconqnest.
Trotskyisathoronghandnnenmprotnising revolutionist. sndbensustthereiore bekeptoutoillussial hehopeoiRuan aliespreciselththe prognututeointensitheeharscter oi Protestandseti ReleaasTrotskyior. macw, reel purposes. In dnaivetbe worh 35 makdtheirrnlhteruqnentodern t? warwoeldhspnuibh besilatheth mann Hoflwegbawm dnqrse thsslo, ml. e. lthpartoioartaahblearo the hmfieneliqressbsbial. a. r RSVJV vi. l