Saturday, January 6, 1917 112 Slutetuatiunaliat Piibllsheil by the Socialist Propaganda League of America Alfred Edwards Editor Press Committee: Rutgers Howard Gibbs. Williams Rosin Zartarian. Subscription One year, 00; Six. months, 50 cents; Three months, 25 cents.
Bundle Rates 10 copies one year to one address, 50; orders for bum dies of a single issue, any number, One cent each, delivered free. Ollicc 2107 Washington St. Boston, Mass; Mail address Box 23, Rox bury, Mass.
mm new. bl GENERAL OFFICE INFORMATION The office of The Internationalist is at 21. 07 Washington St, Boston, Mass.
The mail address is Box 23, Rox. bury 8th. Boston, Mass. To this address all correspondence for the League and the paper should be sent.
The following comrades wil serve as the National Committee until their successors are chosen: Simon Bergis, Fitzgerald, Francis Mullen, Perry, Louis Velleman, John Vfilliams, Zarturian.
The committee has chosen as secretary Fitzgerald and for assistant secretary Alfred Edwards (who treasurer Louis Velleman. To the last named all checks and money orders, covering subscriptions, contributions to sustaining fund, or donations, should be made payable. What Can DO? CAN almost hear the Left Wingers throughout the United States asking the question What can do? Indeed we do not have to listen very hard, for the letters coming every day are audible with a demand from those who have passed the stage of passive expectation, and want to know What is to be done. They see the dawn of a new period for Socialism ire to share, inlhe work of.
preparation for it. Of primary Importance, then, is the organizational effort we are to make. In respect to organization, anything submitted in this number of The Internationalist is to be regarded as operative only until such time as the members of the League by their mass action, in convention or through the referendum, shall change it. The constitution printed elsewhere is put forth by the National Committee with that understanding; it is a trial document, made as short and as free from technicalities as possible. Look it over, consid or it carefully and decide whether its form and its contents will, in your judgment, be equal to the require ments likely to arise in the League development.
Note that it excludes from our scheme the old state organizations, state secretaries and state commitA tees. Every branch or group of the League will be related to the General (as the constitution says the National. Oflice. There, we didn in tend starting a revision of the document right now; but; why not? And again why? Why should we say national committee, or national secretary, or national treasurer lf Why should we not, in an organization of internationalists say general committee, and general secretary, and general treasurer? But let these matters be left with the gen eral membership when the body is ready to act. What we really started out to say under the caption What can do?
is this: First, get together five perlsons in your community who. unreservedly endorse the League and or ganize a local assembly or branch.
Second, if you endorse the League but do not know of others, jom as a Member at largo alllliated directly with the general omcc.
Third, send your order for sub. ards of The Internationalist, now printed and ready to forward the Same day your order is received. N. Preliminary to taking ac ion read the constitution of the League in another part of the paper.
it Isn it refreshing to you to know but the railroads of the country, after several months of denying their ablllty to pay more wages to nulroad workers, have made during the your a net income of 1, 098, 000, DOO?
One billion and ninety eight millions of dollars profit for the year! Of course it makes your patriotic. breast swell with pride when you. think about it.
is serving as office editor. and for.
gestions and criticisms. get there together.
And remember this: As TO OUR PAPER HIS, the initial and trial number of The Internationalist, is sent forth to the Socialists and working class.
of the country in response to a hurry up call received since the 29th of November from more than a dozen states and three Canadian provinces. The insistent demand of Left Wing Socialists for action beginning with the new year, the need for wide spread distribution of the Manifesto ol the Socialist Propaganda League of America, and the urgency for quick action in securing a subscription list at the earliest time possible, these considerations combine to speed up the venture and induce us to issue the paper sooner than a month ago was In doing this we are putting into the hands of the comrades the means by which they can do practical work in mak.
ing known the purposes of the League and extending its in With the paper in evidence, the canvass for subscribers will be helped and the organizational work promoted.
We confidently expect that every Socialist who realizes conditions and is not closing his eyes to facts will forthwith get on the job of mailing subscriptions for The Internationalist.
That is the near cud job, necessary to the development we are looking for. The year subscription is 00; six months, 50 cents; three months, 25 cents.
must; make them long time ones if you can. Scnd orders with money to Box 23, Ronbury Stu. Boston, Mass.
Comrades, it is up to you.
imperfections in this number; but come along with your sugAbove all get the subs and we ll all The continuous publication of the paper weekly depends upon revolutionary Socialists, upon those who want the Revolution so much that they have to work for it.
And we ll bank on their ability and energy to make good. The next issue of the paper will go to press as soon as your response with subscribers meets the situation.
We are just beginning the light!
Send short time subs if you.
We are fully aware of the. By FRANK BOHN. For The luternallonalist. UR American capitalists have, so far, made 25, 000, 000, 000 out of the war. Of this over 4, 000r 000, 000 have been secured through direct trade with Europe. The remainder they have made through the enormous rise of prices at home. If you, you great mass of American working people, were industrially or ganized today you could get almost any wages you would demand. The exporting capitalists loan money to the European nations at from to per cent. In marketing the bonds they reduce the price to the borrowore from to per cent below par.
Of course they send not a dollar to Europe. The money they loan is spent horq»iz;. Ambrica. Phcy get it back directly by making, very often, a hundred per cent profit. Never, in the history of the world, was there such easy graft not a half or a quarter of the chance. But measured by the food and clothing it will buy, your wages are lower than before the war began.
Stretch out your hands, you sluggards, and get some of this graft.
Tens of millions of you don get food enough to keep flesh on your miserable bones. There has just been built, on a single fashionable street of New York City, eighteen apartment houses for the upper middle class. These eighteen apartment houses include at least six hundred luxurious apartments, each renting from 1500 to 1000 a year. The upper middle class, the corporation lawyers, the middlemen who corner and gamble in food, they are all getting TIIEIRS. Now for God sake, you wage slaves, put up some sort of fight and get YOURS.
This nation is lousy with money. new rich multimillionaire came into New York from a munitions town in Pennsylvania some time ago and began to drop his coin up and down Broadway. He brought in his friends by the carload and spent his money on them. His tips to waiters were FIFTY DOLLAR BILLS. Did you ever SEE FIFTY DOLLAR BILL?
Nobody else is going to help you.
You ve got to help yourselves. Don wait untilvineut year. Get; bunch of live men together in the place where you work and get busy. Find out how much profits the corporation you work for paid out in interest on its bonds, in profits on its stock and in new equipment last year. Then go all of you to your boss with one hand in your pocket and the other stretched toward the money drawer and say that you want more. Stand around in the shop and don do a tap till you got more. You ve got the drop on the boss. Three years ago there were not enough jobs to go round.
Now there are not enough slaves to fill the jobs.
If under the conditions which we have described you don have butter on your baked potatoes then you don deserve butter. You deserve a pinch oI salt. If you have to plug up a hole in your shoe with a piece of an old shirt it is because you think with your feet. Strike and get 20 percent increase in wages and then next month strike again and got another 20 per cent. It can be done. It Is being done. Let everybody do it everywhere in every shop and department store and laundry. The capital Slavesi Reach Out Your Hands!
Open Your Mouths!
Eat! ist despises you, everybody despises you, because you despise yourself. If you come home next Saturday night without an. increase in pay your wife and your children ought to lock the door on you.
Now the day and now the hour Stifl en up your hacks. Stir your sluggish blood. Reach out your hands and take. Open your mouths. Eat!
CRAFT UNIONISM NOT REVOLUTIONARY The unions have not made any revolutionary attack upon the existing system and the proletarianism which is to destroy it obviously does not proceed from them. Their political and even their economic action is vitiated by the recognition of their. crafts ara property. Th ey maké thé light against the capitalist enemy in terms of that property, and thus in terms of the present system. As if it were possible to upset a system in terms of the legal and political notions on which that system actually itself dependsl Austin Lewis.
GET THEM BOTH FOR IIE YEAR If you have The Internationalist (weekly) and The International Socialist Review (monthly) come to your address for the year, you will miss nothing worth knowing about the Left Wing movement in the United States and the development of the Socialist Propaganda League of America. The Review is the one publication that has stood four square to all the suggestions and influences of compromise during the years that are behind us. We have arranged with the publishers to ofl er both The Internationalist and the International Social Review at the clubbing rate 0f 60. No commissions will be allowed on this clubbing offer. Send check or money order for 50 and both publications will be sent to your address for a year.
THE OPEN FORUM It is intended that The Internationalist shall have as one of its features an Open Forum from which no Socialist who has something of value and interest to say shall be excluded.
We want all questions of real im portance discussed freely. Personalities must be omitted, except when, they servo to aid the cause and eluc idate principles. Letters must be brief and none should exceed five hundred words. Writers must sign their own names. The decision as to what is valuable and interesting will be made by the Press Committee. The Open Forum may be expected in the next number of the pawn Editor.
Unpaid Labor 13 Surplus Value The appropriations of unpaid labor is the basis of the capitalist mode of production and of the exploitation o!
the worker that occurs under it; even if the capitalist, buys the labor power of his laborer at its full value as a commodity on the market, be yet extracts more value fro mit than he paid for; and in the ultimate analyA sis this surplus value forms those sums of value from which are heaped up the constantly increasing masses of capital in the hands of the possessing classes. Thus the genesis of.
capitalist production and the production of capital are both explained. Frederick Engels.
Reaction and Revolutionary Ideals.
Three The years immediately behind us Section are marked by inaction and reaction in the Socialist party. true revolutionary spirit and action has never been less in evidence ;among party leaders than during the period of the war.
But before that calamity befel us we were subjected to a flood of reformistic phrasemongering, muddling municipalism, boring trade unions from within, captivating the American Federation of Labor, cramming the capitalist moral code down the necks of revolutionists to get middle class votes, instead of staying on our own job with a consistent propaganda for revolutionary ideals.
The four years of Ichormistic preaching and preparation for chronicling the rise of socialist votes to millions in 1916 have proven abortive, while almost none of the rosey predictions of political leaders have materialized. Still, with a strange fatuity, they cling to old forms and discredited methods, blind to the fact: First, That the organization we have is not adapted to de velope political powe and the principal function of the Socialist movement is to participate in the class struggle in such a way, that the workers are educated to realize that their industrial power must back up a political or general class fight, in which the masses are to gain such a degree of organization and understanding, that they can disorganize the political supremacy of capitalism and substitute the organization of the working class, by the exercise of their own influence on uncompromising Socialist principles. Is it not high time for a thorough reorganization of the party?
Our Socialist parties still fix theirhopes on winning seats in congresses and parliaments, although the real and fixed location of government has been transferred to money exchanges and banking institutions of the money kings. Sacrificing principles of in ternational brotherhood, they are fighting in wars, not for the solidarity and independ. ence of the workers of all nations, but for the aggrandizement of their respective national capitals.
Failing to give support to the mass action of the workers on the industrial field, as evinced at Lawrence, McKees Rocks, the Mesaba Range, and elsewhere in the United States, and similarly in Germany, England by Bantam smote tovlegality to crystallize the revolutionary sentiment on the political field.
Must Change With the Times or Perish.
Section What, then, can be the duty of Four present clay Socialists, except to recognize the collapse of the old and resolutely set to work building the new alongside the industrial evolution and com plying with the requirements of the modern and intensified class struggle? It is high time for. Socialists to abolish obsolete tactics, abandon middle class ideals, put away the will o the wisps of reform, and proclaim a working class program conforming with and equal to the demands of industrial and commercial development. The times change; we must change with them or perish.
The new aggressive policy of the capitalist class, which we call imperialism, has for its primary object the appropriation of a bigger share of the general surplus values.
Under the operation of this feature of cap. and Belgium the éfumes. haye also. f, ai1at. Fraternally submitted SOCIALIST PROPAGANDA LEAGUE Edwards, Asst. SecfyI Office: Second Edition Revised.
Boston, Mass, Jan. 1, 1917.
litalist industry the possessing class appro priates increasing wealth while the producing mass can not, with the wages received. provide for themselves and their dependents the necessaries of life. Therefore, we urge the workers, in America and all other countries, to organize in their respective industries in such a manner as to ensure for themsalves a material reduction in their working time, a corresponding increase in their share of the social wealth, the expansion of their class power, in order that they become efficient workers for the final overthrow of capitalism and the organization of a co operative commonwealth. Finally, we adopt and recommend: Instead of a form of labor or tganization on the economic field that. i: Onserves the interests of capitalist exploiters and of industrial democracy, INDUSTRIAL UNIONISM, e. VIASS ORGANIZATION AND ACTION ON TEE INDUSTRIAL FIELD. Instead of pureanii Simple lgfltii geois parliamentary ei oyrmmRREA iQOGNITION OF PARLIAMEN ARY ACTION AS PART OF THE GENERAL MASS ACTION, IN WHICH IILECTED REPRESENTATIVES SUPPORT THIS ACTION BY ADVOCATING FREE SPEECH AND THE RIGHT TO ORGANIZE AND BY ACTING AS. POKESMEN OF THE WORKING cCLASS, UNDER THE CONTROL OF THE WORKING CLASS ORGANIZA TION, AGAINST THE PLUTOCRATIC GOVERNMENT AND CAPITALIST REPRESENTATIVES. Instead of a divided struggle of the workers on the industrial and pOlitical fields, co operalion leading to DIVIDED MASS ACTION ON BOTH, TO ADVANCE REVOLUTIONARY PRINCIPLES BY EDUCATION, AND MANIFESTING AS AN ORGANIZE EXPRESSION OF WORKING CLAS SOLIDARI Y FOR THE ULTIMAT TRIUMPH OF SUCH PRINCIPLES. f Instead of surrendering to im perialism, THE DEVELOPMENT OF ALL OUR POWERS TO OPPOSE MILITARISM, OFFENSIVE op DEFEN. SIVE, AND PROMOTE THE INTER. TIONAL BROTHER 10011 Lo 012. 73 agnomgggwtmvg, er By mass action we mean: Action by the workers in collective organization for protest and demand on both the economic and political fields, for exercising the power of the strike, opposing.
anti strike legislation. refusing mili. tary service to maintain capitalism, holding public meetings and demonstra tions, and opposing all capitalist Lclass means of repressing the rise of industrial democracy. In mass actiov nwe see the only means for the development of a new form of organized democracy in Which the rank and file will control. 6. The Socialist Propaganda League. of America endorses the position of the. Left Wing Socialists of Europe and. pledges itself to work in harmony with.
them for the upbuilding Of the Third. International, and in the United Siatesl for reorganization of the Socialist Party of this country. Fitzgerald, Secretary 2107 Washington St, Roxbury Sta. Box 23. hereby agree to contribute the sum of months to sustain The Internationalist during the period of its establishm en Rind first payment enclosed.
SOCIALIS PROPAGANDA LEAGUE OF AMERICA, BOX. 23, noxnunr STA. BOS O For the amount enclosed. pleas. sub cards for The Internationalist as follows: Yearly. Six months.
One year, 00; Six months 50 cents.
Street No. State. per month for. THE MATERIALIS N, MASS. I. The materialist. cjonc ep tory starts from thfe prop the production of the means port humaii hf e nnd. next 26 e send me SOCIALIS PROPAGANDA LEAGUE OF AMERI BOX 23, ROXBURY STA. BOS ON, IlI. ASS. For the amount enclosed. copios of the rlnnifcsto, printed in separate form Name Street No. P.
pleaseqseiid ma. CA, électioneering for getting? lvotes and. OE AMERICA i.