The Revolutionary Age Chronicle and Interpretation oi Events in Europe l. I, No.
Saturday, November 16, 1918 Price, Cents There Shall Not Be New War Against Socialism!
In these most glorious of all glorious days in history, when thrones and Capitalism are crumbling and the workers determining to become the masters of the world, the glory of it all is the despair and the gloom of the.
tyrants of capital and industry. everywhcre, who feel their supremacy tottering to its end.
With the coming of peace come new and mightier problems, new and mightier social struggles. With the coming of peace comes the threat of a new war against Socialism in Germany and in Russia.
The buccaneers of. apitalism have for one year been :roposing that Socialism in Russia should be crushed.
They have been proposing that a huge army should be sent. to Russia to crush the Workmen and Peasants Government, the eatest event in the history of the world. the first time that the common people, the producers. were the conscious masters of industry, of government, of society.
These very same buccaneers, through the newspapers, are now mobilizing public opinion for a new war should Socialism, revolutionary Socialism, conquer definitely in Germany.
For in spite of slanders and lies, in spite of abuse about anarchy, it is Socialism that conquered in Russia, and it is Socialism that is conquering in Germany. It is this Socialism that the hireling press of Capitalism objects to, and it is against this Socialism that it proposes to wage war.
If these proposals overwhelm the govern ment. if a new war is started, the world will plunge into greater disaster than during the past four and a half years. If Socialism is conquered in Germany and Russia, it will mean black reaction conquering; it will mean that instead of the world re organizing on the just and human basis of peace and fraternity, of the workers mastery of their own destiny, the world will re organize on the basis of imperialistic Capitalism, of more intense oppression of the workers, and produce an era of new and bloodier.
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Should the reactionary press succeed in promoting a new war. the 40, 000 American mothers, wives and sisters of the dead would become 400, 000, and more. The lives of sons. brothers and husbands would be lost in a reactionary cause. the joy and happiness of our people become gloom and sorrow overwhelming. he. 1ncrican people are happy. They celebrated 2111 sllt. 11ta1neousl. irresistibly the d: 11 the false 11 at the armistice came: and they celebr ttcd again 11:1. (2111311) and Tuesday as people 111 this aunt have never celebrated before. And their joy and happiness was not simply because Kaiserism had been beaten, but because the war, with all its agony and terror, was at an end. They celebrated peace, the opportunity again to devote one self to the human tasks of life.
And whit. the Arm rial: mule. were expreSSing. are peace, the black crows of American journalism united in a chorus against the Revolution in Germany and Austria, united in infamous proposals for a new war to maintain order in Russia and Germany, which means to assist the junkers and the capitalists against the workers and Socialism.
Where these men should have a heart, they have a dollar mark. Where these men should have a brain to use for humanity and progress, they have a brain to use for Capitalism and reaction. Where these men should use the pen for the people, they use the pen for the masters of the people.
Two days before the abdication of the kaiser, the Boston Post suggested that it might be necessary to keep autocracy in Germany in control for some time longer!
Four days before the Kaiser abdication. the New York Evening Sun declared that it might be necessary for the Allies and the United States to become ah ally of the German Government to crush disorder and anarchy in Germany!
These proposals are general.
This mobilization of public opinion is active and general. The men Who write, but do not fight, are eager for a new war to protect Capitalism in Germany, to restore Capitalism in Russia.
11 or ourand a half y ears, these newspapers have been damning the Kaiser; now many openly suggest while others insinuate that Kaiscrism would be preferable to Socialism. And it is precisely those newspapers that»
branded the Socialist as pro Kaiser; but it is precisely the Socialist who is glad that the Kaiser is gone; and it is precisely the Socialist who objects to a restoration of Kaiserism in order to overwhelm Socialism.
Men and women of the working class: Do you realize what a new war would mean. Do you realize that your present joy would become terror and sorrow? Do not forget what war means! new war would not alone plunge Europe into disaster, it would plunge the world into disaster. Upon the American workers would fall the largest share of the burden. And upon the American workers depends the prevention of the sinister purposes of the newspaper hirelings of reaction. If these sinister purposes triumph, the United States would become the centre of teaction. 11111 tenible consequences to our own pehple and the orld Ger 111 111 lame 1i; iism thought it had conquer etl Socialism at Brest latex sh; but Soc 111s. 11 is now conquering in Germany. Socialism is the irresistible maker of a new orld Workers: shall you become the strangler of the new freedom 1n Europe?
The war is dead may it rot in peace. But there shall not be a new war against Socialism! This is the great