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2 SOCIALIST APPEAL September 4, 1937 of Endorses La Guardia Mayor Rejects Endorsement of Stalinists Under the leadership of the notorious Joe Ryan and President George Meany, the state convention of the of unanimously endorsed the candidacy of La Guardia, while it voted down all resolutions for unity or conciliation with the This combination of actions is not accidental.
La Guardia police have endeared themselves to the reactionaries by slugging (3. maritime and shipyard strikers. If leaders like Hillman and Dubinsky insist on supporting Ia Guardia, Joe Ryan has no objections since his gang is the gainer.
The of action was heartily seconded that night. August 26, by Earl Browder, whose news that the Communist Party would support La Guardia was scarcely unexpected. Browder applauded Norman Thomas for being busily engaged in expelling from his party precisely that group which vocfierously demands that he shall: run for office at all costs.
Bootlicker Hailing the La Guardia ticket all really progressive. Browder declared, we accept that ticket as a matter of united front discipline and will do everything possible to help carry it to victory. The press reports of Browder radio speech were scarcely on the streets before the head of the united front. Comrade La Guardia, repudiated Browder support, declaring the Continunists will get no aid or comfort from me. Whereupon Browder licked the foot that kicked him. The Mayor statement seems to be quite sensible, and the Communists have not expected any other attitude from him, said Browder. He is the candidate of a very broad progressive front, including the majority of the people of the city, and certainly could take no other position.
This is the first time in the history of the labor movement that a party claimed to be in a united front while the ticket titular head denounced it in the press.
Not even a Stalinist theologian will resolve that contradiction.
Lovestmie Too Perhaps the most comical grouplet supporting La Guardia is Lovestone Independent Communist Labor League. In an effort to win Com tnunist workers revolted y h e People Front policy in Spain and France, Lovestone is theoreti cally against the Peoples Front His Workers Age carries a pertinent criticism of the Daily Worker praise of Roosevelt Roanoke speech: Of what good are homilies on the virtues of democracy to the scores of thousinds who are being thrown off the worlsrelief rolls or to tile hundreds of thousands who cannot get on? Of what good are polemic: against Macaulay t: the millions of workers who. as the innings on the Black Connery Dill show, are toiling long hours it starvation wages? Of What are learned and luminous C! on history to the hipless mum in the rat hole name or our big cities? or what good are inwations to Hemwe! and more aernocucy to the June steer strikers, prose(ated by the federal guarantees, team up by the gem militia land shot down by the police.
But Lovestone utters not a word about La Gual dia record ion housing, strikebreaking, and irelief! Why the distinction bet ween Roosevelt and La Guardia?
Very simple: La Guardia is now up for re election and the labor Ybureaucrats order their cohorts to line up; and Lovestone hastens to obey.
He even criticises Thomas for saying that the fails to meet the test of absolute independence from capitalist parties. Obviously. answers the Workers Age. this is a weak and, let us hope, soon to be dissipated remnant of the revolu tionary pastime of confronting the mass movement with all sorts of conditions and ultimatums.
Lovestone is against differing with the mass movement his euphemism for the labor bureacrats whenever Hillman and Dubinsky crack the whip. That the Stalinists are perfectly correct in characterizing the electoral coalition as a Peoples Front on this key question of politics in the concrete, Lovestone is silent.
True to form, Lovestone joins the Stalinists in applauding the expulsion of the Trotskyists. An important element in the situation says Lovestone is the frantic efforts the Trotskyites are making to hamper the party from revising its sectarian attitude towards the He advises the left socialists that the fight will have to be carried on two fronts: against the opportunism of the right wingers and the Stalinists. This formula is also that of the lam Tyler group. Since factionalism and sectarianism mean to Lovestone any opposition to La Guardia, concretely his advice to ZamTyler is to cupitulate to Altman on this crucial question. Such is the political program of the Lovestoneites, toward whom the lam Tyler group is now orienting.
NOTICE TO PARTY BRANCHES Please send in names of comrades elected to serve as correspondents to the SOCIALIST APPEAL. Special attention must be given to providing us with timely stories on trade union struggles.
All copy must be in by Saturday.
To the Revolutionists of All Countries!
In the name of all revolutionists of Spain we address you!
With deep indignation we demand your protests against the reactionary suppression by the liberal bourgeoisie and its vanguard, the Stalinist bureaucracy.
The freedom, which the best comrades have rushed here to protect, has been changed into prisons of reaction.
In order to tie and bind the forces of the proletariat, the government of the Spanish Republic has prepared espionage trials lifter the pattern of the Soviet Russian amalgam. Nin, mar dc, Gorkin will all be brought before the secret court martial. Through arbitrary arrests numerous comrades, both men and women, above all Poamists, but also Anarchists, find thems e lm in Spanish prisons. The official report speaks of 500 mm moag the members of the Paul.
so: we can reckon the number of innocently imprisoned at least 1000. The following foreigners co with supplies, Englishman Reaveals, scream the front page headlines of the Daily Worker of August 31. When Frankford discovered the Trotskyist Commander Kopp climbing over the barbed wire entanglement to the fascist trenches with a patrol, the Englishman learned of the regular connection between the POUM officers and Franco Who is this Frankford, Englishman, who gives such damning eyewitness testimony?
Nobody ever heard of him: But the clumsy GPU agents who fabricated this testimony have blundered, as they have so often before. For the Trotskyist Commander Kopp who was in the habit of commuting between the Loyalist and Fascist trenches happens to be a Belgian Socialist whose heroic services to the labor movement and the Spanish struggle is a matter of record. An interview with him in the New Leader of August 13 gives the salient facts.
Georges Kapp is forty five years old, a member of long standing in the Belgian Socialist move ment. When the civil war broke out, he was chief enginer in one of the largest engineering firms in Belgium. In that capacity. he had the use of a first class laboratory maintained for him by the firm to develop his inventions. He now put his training as a chemist to good use.
It had been usual for him to experiment at night. He circulated the story that he was trying out a new machine; perfecting it by the actual process of manufacture. Actually he manufactured the supplies for millions of rounds of cartridges. Left Socialists organized illegal tiansport of the materials to Palis and thence to Barcelona Kopp soon discovered that he was under suspicion and being watched by the police. He took leave of his four children. his wife was dead) and headed for the French frontier. The very day that he left Brussels was the day on which the police raided trenches, published in the his laboratory and issued a a1 rant for his arrest.
years for making explosives for a foreign power; five years for leaving the country without permission; five years for joining a foreign army while holding a reservist officer rank in the Belgian Army.
On the Aragon front, Kopp training soon won him the rank of Commandant. He was twice wounded.
The next episode in the story is told by David Murray in the British New Leader of August 13. During June, George Kopp was called to Valencia, in the reorganization of the militia, and was given a new commission. He was appointed to one of the new divisions forming on the Aragon front. The commission stated that he was a pe1son of eveiy confidence una persona de toda confianza.
When Kopp returned to Barcelona on his way back to the front, Murray informed him that Kopp room at the hotel had been searched. Kopp was, however, completely confident that He insisted on returning to his quarters. Within a few minutes of his arrival he was arrested, and still is in jail.
This is the man whom Frankford and the Stalinists accuse of working for Franco!
One more revelation by Frankfoi did not realize at the time that the rifles, machine guns and tanks which we had in such great quantities at our disposal in Barcelona were the very arms which we had so long yearned for at the front; that the real reason for the shortage of arms at the front had been this illicit stocking up of stolen anus by the POUM and certain anarchist elements.
Note that here, for the first time, the Stalinists admit that the Aragon front was denuded of arms; hitherto they have denied the CNT POUM charges that arming of the Aragon front has been sabotaged. But the are innocently suffering the same fate: Georges Kopp. Belgium Paul Dobler. Switzerland Paul Thalman Switzerland Katja Landau Austria Maurice Stevens. Holland Ethel McDonald England William Krehm Canada Juluis Poland Foska. Poland Molinaar. Holland Duchene. France Gaston Amiral. France. Greece Albania Germany We cannot publish the names of the German comrades because we do not want to endanger them or their relatives in Ger many. We will gladly disclose to representatives of the migrant org muting or absolutely trustworthy persons whether certain persons are among the inrpfiv oiled. afterwards gave me his he had nothing to be afraid of. machine gun. IN SPAIN BUNGLES PLOT IN FRAMING SOCIALIST Trotskyist POUM Aided Fran: Stalinist alibi is 1hnt lhc POUM lkept the arms in Barcelona. DeIn his absence, Kopp 31s sell tenced by the Belgian courts to.
fifteen years at hard labor; L l1vell kn :iwn cisivc refutation of amnion!
is provided by George Unveil, English left wing author and a member of the Contingent on the Arngon rnnt. ritirlg in the Augu. issue of Controversy. the Socialist forum, Orwell says. As a matter of fact the POUM possessed pitifully few weapons either at the from or in the rear.
During the street fighting (of May) was at all threl of the principal strongholds: of the POUM, the Executive Building, the Comite Local, and the Hotel Falcon. It is worth recording in detail what armaments these buildings contained. There weir in all about eighty rifles, some of them defective, besides a few obsolete guns of various patterns, all useless because there were no cartridges for them. Of rifle ammunition there was about fifty rounds for each weapon. There were a few cases of hand grenaand no pistol ammunition. There were a few cases of hand grapedes, but these were sent by the CNT after the fighting started. highly placed militia officer. plnion that in the whole of Barcelona the POUM possessed about a hundred and fifty rifles and one This, it will be seen, was barely sufficient for the armed guards which at that time all parties, PSUC, POUM and CNT FAI alike, placed on their principal buildings.
One final revelation of Frankford. which will interest the thousands of New York needle trades workers who know Harry Milton now ret urning, finally released after strong workers protests against his arrest in Barcelona as a militant member on the picket lines. Frankford darkly refers to an American Trotskyist going by the name of Harry Milton who made trips to Barcelona from the from with permission of those who were conducting activities against the republican government.
The CPU has blunderi (l again, and What a clumsy job!
Appeal For Spanish Political Prisoners Unfortunately we could learn they will involve them in some only the names of a fraction of the imprisoned foreigners. There are members of anarchist organizations, of the SFIO. of the Jeunesse Socialiste of France, of the American Socialist Party, of Trotsky organizations, of KPO.
FAP, of the split off group of SAP, of the Parti Ouvrier of Belgium, of the Sozialistsche Partei of Switzerland, of the Communist League and of the Iaague for a Workers Party in the etc. etc. Numerous British comrades have already been released. This is explained by the attitude of the British consul who declared that he will not allow British citizens to be imprisoned, in order to gather incriminating evidence later. Most of the other consuls are little or not at all concerned with the imprisoned. Workers of :11 cmmtries! It is your duty to defend the innoeeutly imprisoned, you must not leave it to the bourgeois consalutes.
There is a gnve danger that espionage affair with which they have absolutely nothing to do.
Out on the streets with (lemonstrations! Protest to the representatives of the Spanish Republic against the shameful betrayal of your comrades, many of whom have dedicated their lives to the cause of the Spanish proletariat.
Send delegations to Spain so that they can be convinced on the spot of the misdeeds of the boargeoisie and Stalinists. If you permit the present reactionary course in Republican Spain, you will be guilty of the demoraliza tion and weakening of our opposition to our chief enemy, Sparta ish and international fascism.
Release the best fighters against Fascia m! Unmask the real betrayersl Dorm with the non intervention of llumsEden Stalin!
Long live the proletarian revolution of Europe!
The Committee of BolshevikLellinista of Spain. Int. Barcelona, July 5, 1987. , a