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short order. Vol. No. «a.
401 Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Pa Saturday, September 4, 1937 ew York, Left Wing Branches. 5 Cents per Copy By Li Fu Jen Demonstrating once again the inability of the Chinese bourgeoisie to conduct any consistent, effective struggle against imperialism for China national independence, ment reports from. China indicate the withdrawal of Nanking government forces from Wang and the immediate vicinity of Shangai, thus enabling the armies of Japanese imperialism to secure a substantial foothold in the area of the Yangtze delta at a time when the armed hosts of Nippon have already driven through the Nankow Pass to complete their conquest of North China and Inner Mongolia.
Japanese military and naval commanders told newspaper correspondents that they expect the Shanghai hostilities to be over in The cabarets on North Szechuen Road will be open again in about two weeks, vice admiral Hasegawa laughingly announced. Thus seriously do s warlords estimate Nank ing resistance! high Nanking government. spokesman, quoted in the New York Times on August 28, described the withdrawal at Shanghai as the first step in a plan for a long campaign of stiff resistance, retiring inland if necessary, and letting the enemy extend his on lines to his cost. What if theyltake Nanliing. this anonymous mouthpiece nonchalantly declared. It would signify nothing, for there would be no government there and probably not much of anything else by that time. And conceding that the Japanese Army with naval aid might sweep the whole Shanghai, Hangchow, Soochow and Nanking area even then they would have made only the smallest territorial dent in China.
No, our present aim is not to obtain military victories but to (Continued on page I)
News Flash!
Moulin, leader of the Spanish Bolshevick Leninists, has been arrested by the Spanish GPU.
0n the wanted list of the police einoe the May days, he had been directing the underground work of his organization. His arrest was made. in typical Stalinist faahhn: no mention in the press. 3:1» charges recorded, the official government claim no knowledge of his whereabouts, and he has been transported to a Stalinist jail in Iadrid.
Irwin Wolf, former secretary of leon Mob, has also been arrested, together with his wife, the daughter of the Norwegian labor. Party leader, knud Knuda. estimate is that 20, 000 wm hara are non imprisoned.
Erber Greets Youth Convention The Ninth National Convention of the is convening to decide the fate of our arguintion. Those of us who have struggled for the last six years to convert the League into a revolutionary organization can look back uponi our efhrts with a feeling of satisfaction. Every recent convention, Cleveland in 1932, Reading in 1933, Pittsburgh in 1935, was a demonstration of the rising tide of Revolutionary Marxism in the We assemble at Philadelphia with the knowledge that our struggle has finally succeeded, that at least 70 per cent of the membership supports our program.
Not only our great support in the ranks of the members should make Philadelphia a field day for the left wing, but the fact that the convention. itself will even in its outward aspects attest to the work the left wing has been carrying on. For the first time im the history of the league we will have in our midst the young workers from the California agricultural districts, the sailors from the Pacific, the young workers from the Akron rubber center, the Chicago and Youngstown steel centers, from a score of miscellaneous industries that have been the scene of recent strike struggles, and from the fighting ranks of the unemployed movement.
Growth of Left Wing The largest left wing delegations will come from those sections which have been the only ones to show consistent growth and activity in the class struggle noteworthy examples are Chicago, California, Upstate New York, Newark. The presence of these delegations will testify to the ability of the left wing to build the League and will be harbingers of the Socialist youth movement of tomorrow.
The political level of the delegations coming to the convention will mark a new high for the another indication of the work of the left wing in developing the membership. No matter what aspect of the convention we look at, it should give the comrades of the revolutionary wing the feeling of a job well done and of tremendous opportunities before us.
Yet despite all (his progress in building a revolutionary movement and all these gains by the left wing, or, to be more accurate, because of them, the will enter the 1937 convention in the throes of a desperate crisis. The crisis arises from the fact that while the ideas af revolutionary Marxism have swept aside all centrist ideologies in the ranks of the membership and gained a majority. the Bourbons of the centrist leadership refuse to surrender control of the apparatus.
Rubbing the Left Wing After their first attempts to By Ernest Ether National Chairman of the Young People Socialist League by means of gerrymander and election irregularities had failed to take away our majority, they resorted to a campaign of expulsions of our leading New York comrades to complete the job and to insure the presence of the Altmanite delegates who refused to come if a purge of Trotskyitea was not carried out first.
The centrist: of the Clarity group have followed with a boring monotony the same beaten path of futility traveled by every illfated centrist grouping in history.
Even to the bitter end they imitate their historical prototypes, the Menshevik Internationalists of Martov, the lads pendent Socialists of Kautsky and Eaasee, the Socialist Workers Party of Germany. Their struggle against the left becomes ever more vicious, more shameless, more unscrupulous, as their defeat becomes more apparent. Their struggle against the right becomes reduced to the remark inserted in their speeches and articles in the form of a footnote, parenthetical statement, or appendage, and we also disagree with the policy of the right.
But in political acts they become indistinguishable from the right, and their blood with it becomes ever more open and direct. Bankrupt Centrists Like all defeated centrist groups, the Clarityites, rather than learn the lesson of their defeat, become embittered and enraged by it and refuse to recognize their loss. Their final futile, wild and desperate attempts to turn a defeat into a. victory lead them into progres sively more degenerate methods of struggle. From the underhanded and surreptitious methods of gossip, chicanery, and fraud which failed to stave off the inglorious defeat, they strive to learn from the left and carry on.
the fight in the open, but merely succeed in transferring into broad daylight and on an exxaggerated scale the methods of the previous stage. From silently ex eluding our comrades from leading posts they now pass on to removing them, from backstnirs gossip they now pass on to open slander, from apologetically dropping the left wing members from the books at Altman request they now pass on to wholesale expulsions, from being in a more or less accidental bloc with the right wing they now pass on to an open political agreement for joint struggle against the left.
History presents us with pictures of centrists in. all kinds gunntce themselves a majority of compromising and ludicrous positions, but none more prepos terous than the attempt of Clarity to conceal their political nudity behind a sheet of dues stamps. History has taught us that the capture of the outward forms of an organization by centrist maneuverers and combinationists who have been repudiated by the overwhelming majority of the membership can only leave them with a shell that crumbles at first touch. we can well afford to let the Clarityites capture the dues stamps, the desks, the typewriters, the falsifieId records; we will have what no one can steal from us, the Young People Socialist League, with a membership educated in Marxist theory and trained in the class struggle. Meeting Lays Basis For Activity The emergency conference of Local New York called by the suspended New York branches on August 28, set up a provisional City Executive Commitwe to direct the socialist work for the coming period.
Over 350 party members were represented by delegates coming from more than 20 branches and minority groups in branches.
Fraternal delegates from Yipsel circles, reperesentating a. majority of the New York organization, were also present.
After a report and discussion, the Conference unanimously adopted the following resolution: The Altman Thomas faction, in order to carry through its plans to liquidate the Party as an independent political foroe, has utilized its position in the Administration of Local New York to split the Party. Acting through an illegally constituted rump City Central Committee, in defiance of the Party Statutes and the will of. the membership, it has expelled more than a hundred and thirty left wing members and lifted the charters of left wing branches. The National Executive annuities, in spite of its familiarity for many III till with the situation in Local New York, has takenuosteptoputanendw this gross and bureaucratic violation of the rights of the party members by the Altman Thomas faction. In order, therefore, to defend and advance our rights and duties as revolutoinary Socialists, this Conference of regularly elected delegates from branches of Local New York herewith decided to set up the necessary and proper apparatus in order to fullfill our socialist tasks. We demand from the forthcoming meeting of the National Executive Committee the un(Contiaued on page 4)
Popular front Surrenders Santander. 7, China Defense Sags, Fear assesBy Felix Morrow Santander, last Biscay port of. the loyalists, was surrendered on August 26 by the Basque general taif without the slighetst attempt to defend it. Santander fell into the hands of Franco intact, its port and factories ready for use by the Fascists. The same thing had happened in Reinosa, manufacturing town and key to Suitander defenses, a few days earlier. Instead of war to the death against fascism, the Negrin government appointees miserably capitulated. Not even the military supplies were destroyed. Even before the fascist troops arrived in Santander, yesterday loyal republican police. the National Republican Guards, as well as aimed fascist civilians, were patroling the streets and disarming Asturian militiamen. revealing light is thrown on the conduct of the Basque Government by a Times dispatch of August 25. At the time of the fall of Bilbao the Basques freed all their hostages except seventeen. Now these no considered to be in the gravest peril as the Basques admit that it is no longer possible to protect them from mist elements (the Asturian miners) in Santander. When the British Embassy agreed to take off the hostages it would also evacuate theBasques who have been guarding them as well as any remaining members of the Basque Government. It is hoped that the whole maneuver will be carried out before the more violent elements in Santander are aware of what is happening.
Play Fascist Game The next day the British battleship Keith. with Basque and Fascist representatives aboard. rescued the Basque officials and the seventeen fascists! Instead of going to the Asturian port, Gijon, to which the rea.
fighters against fascism were sailing for a last stand agains Franco, the Basque President.
Aguirre, and his cohorts, prefered to leave Spain, paying for the voyage by releasing seventeen important Fascist prisoners!
Such is the quality of the anti faacism of the liberal bourgeoisie.
That the Basque bourgeoisie would not fight to the death against Franco was apparent as early as September, 1936, when Ithey abandoned the factories of San Sebastian intact to the enemy.
The same thing has happened in the case of every city in the Biscay provinces. Rather than conduct an intransigeant struggle involving demolition of bourgeois factories and buildings, the bourgeoisie preferred to abandon the cities, one by one. Property was more sacred to them than the struggle against fascism. If the property were destroyed, it would be irtetrievably lost. But if they surrendered it intact and Franco was victorious, Franco, believing in private property. would certainly want to eonciliate the property(Cnntinued on page 5)