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o q OBIAlIS APPEA Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Party of New York, Left Wing Branches.
VOL. No. 401 Saturday, August 28, 1937 a: Cents per Copy. YPS. 70 More Righfilrops7 Branches. Bulletin The Altmanite controlled rump New York City Central Committee, at its meeting, Monday August 23rd, expelled seventy more left wing comrades, susn pended the charterslof, four more branches, Village, Chelsea, 12th and Bensonhurst, and de cidcd to reorganize a fifth, the 3rd branch (Bronx. Altman also reported his victory in the party referendum on the mayorality elections a victory. aasuad. by the expulsion of left E. 5: tie wingers, suspension of branch charters, discounting ballots of those who refused to sign a loyalty oath; the procedure was so brazen that the Clarityite members of the tellers committee resigned in protest and the com. mittce was dissolved.
The. Lower East Side, Upper West Side and 12th Bronx branches, were suspended on August 2, 1987. SAN FRANCISCO. Repudiat.
ed by the overwhelming majority of the party membership in California, Ward Rodgers, ComImissar appointed by the National Executive Committee of the Socialist Party to take over the California organization, has called the cops to his aid.
On August 21, he tiled criminal charges against Glen Trimble, Al Forth, and an unknown number of other comrades who are members in good standing of local San Francisco. The crime of the comrades who were thus called before the bar of the ca pitalist court consists simply in the fact that the San Francisco Local at its last meeting, by the vote of 19 to adopwd the fol That local San Francisco no tify the National Office, Word Rodgers and the State Secretary of the Socialist Party of California, Crary Trimble, that we will continue to operate in coopew tion with the State Secretary and will refuse to recognize as anSpain Unions Join Pact Against Stalinist Reaction By Felix Morrow pact for united action, signed by the CNT National Committee and UG National Executive, published on July 9, has been hailed with delirious joy by the ma these tw itsuses o organ limposed on locals violating the tions, comprising at least four million workers and peasants. It is difficult to convey in a few localities contact committees of the locals. 9) local contnoversies to be settled by the national contact committee. 10) The National contact committee will propose to the UGT and CNT executives the motions to be agreement. 11) Decisions taken to be valid shall be signed by the words what hopes the two national committees. 12) and agrarian mwslNational contact committee will put in the results of the agree ment. It is also difficult to convey the precise significance of the pact.
The 12 point document decrees. 1) An end to violent attacks, differences to be argued cordially. 2) No union outside the two federations will be recognized or conceded right. 3) Workers tree to affiliate to either federation. 4) and (5) Neither will admit any affiliate expelled by the other for crime or violation of policy. nor will either permit antry of such affiliate into any uniou without mutual consulta tion. 6) Coerdon of members or unions to join other organisations «will be considered enact of disle to the pact. 1) Both pledge action against unions which refuse to carry out agnr meats adopted. 8) conhct committee of three each will meet at least weekly, and create in all propose to the two organisms policies to be adopted. 1) is directed against the Stalinist controlled locals and the Regional UG Central Com mitwe of Catalonia, which have been attempting to create a pogrom spirit against the ONT. 2) aims against such unions as the GEPCI (Federation of Small Commercial and Industrial Businessmen. given regional affiliation hy the Catalan Stalinist!
but refused affiliation by the UGT National Committee because it violates the UGT statutes limiting affiliation to workers and peasants; and is also a blow at the Kulak unions created by the Stalinists but refused admittance into the trio big agricultural unions affiliated to UGT and ONT. 3) and (6) seek to put an end to the infamous hooligan methods employed by the. Cb tinned on page a. thoritative any communications from other parties under the Rodgers motion for suspension of the California State Charter.
Inasmuch as this irresponsible and disruptive motion has been submitted to the judgment of the highest authority in the Socialist Party, the national membership through the initiation of a national referendum, no action under this motion is legal and none will be recognized.
The warrant against the com»
rades taken out by Rodgers, charges them with theft. and embezzlement the Asaid theft and embezzlement. presumably being the refusal of the local to turn over its records and property to Commissar Rodgers.
With this action, Rodgers and all who support him take on themselves the role of capitalist stool pigeons, attempting to turn over the records and lists of the Socialist Party to a capitalist court, and to cause the imprisonment in the penitentiary of comRcmovcd Satir As labor Sccy.
In Cool County By Albert Glotzer CHICAGO. The August 16th meeting of the County Central Committee witnessed the first shot in the campaign of the Clarity Group against the left wing here. Where under ordinary circumstances we were able to obtain a majority in the CCC by default (the absence of the representatives of the language (Continued on page 2)
PW. Notice to Yipsel Delegates All leftlwing delegates to.
the YPSL National Convention are hereby notified that the in Philadelphia, September 1, at 431 Pine Street. Delegates and visitors should register at the same address as soon as they arrive, beginning with August 30. If any delegate plans to arrive in Philadelphia or New York before then, he should immediately notify Garrett, Room 731, L41 Union 81. New York Cityu rades against whom no iota of proof of disloyalty or even technical violation of Party decisions has been or can be presented.
So far as we know this is the first time in the history of the political labor movement in the United States that official representatives of a working class party have made criminal charges against party opponents. There are no words too strong to characterize such an attempt. Incidentally, this action means that instead of the impartial hear ing by the specially appointed investigating committee of the National Executive Committee, scheduled for next Saturday and Sunday, they have moved up the hearing one day and will hold it in a capitalist court next Friday.
The achsed comrades are procuring legal counsel and will fight the case in court on the same grounds that revolutionary workers always defend themselves against capitalist prosecutors and stool pigeons.
ArmChinese War ljope By Lo Sen When Japanese imperialism noved into North China six weeks ago, Gen. Sun Cheh yuan, the Nanking Government representative in Peiping, unconditionally accepted all the conditions posed by the invaders. He agreed to the withdrawn of all Chinese forces from the Peiping (Continued on page 2)
Mass, 0nly Split in NY.
Ousted by Altman Clarity Calls the Cops Ward Dodgers Halos California let! Wingers to Court 11 left Wing Ditleaders Are Expelled.
Acting in combination with the right wing, the Clarity caucus moved the expulsion of 11 left wingers at the August 20 meeting of the District Executive Committee of the New York Young Peoples Socialist League.
Each of these 11, among whom were three members of the DEC. Draper, Garrett, Her man) were charged with selling the Socialist AppeaL Similar charges wereto be brought against every member of the Youth Appeal Association in New York. After the vote, in which by pre amngement Clarity and the right wing united, the left wing members of the Committee arose and declared that by its illegal action, the DEC had ceased tobe a legal body and become a body no longer representing the majority of the League membership.
As representatives of the largest section of the New York YPSL, the left wing of the Committee constituted itself as a Provisional New York, District Executive Committee which would function until such time as a new committee could be regularly elected. ll circles and members have been informed that the Clarity right wing caucus DEC continues only in rump session, and that its decisions are not binding upon any member of the League. Expelled on False Pretext While the left wing has formally been charged with selling the Appeal, the motive for Clatity disruption of the League are quite different. Legally, any member of the League or Party has every right to sell the Appeal. No less a right than the Militants had in the fight against the Old Guard to sell the Sod la lat Cal; no less a right than Clarity has to sell its own fac(Continued on page 2) 2nd Avenue. nw YORK samurai commas cairn An emergency conference of Local New York called by the suspended left wing branches in the city will be held this Satur, day August 28, at P. at Stuyvesant Casino, 9th Street and Called in view of the drive of the right wing, operating in left wing conference will meet violation of the party constitution through an illegally constituted City Central Commitee, to split the part by expelling left wing branches and members, in order to fac itate the sell out to La Guardia. the conference will create an organisation set up which will be able to carry on an effective revolutionary fight in the city. Each party branch is entitled to one delegate for every ten members or major ion thereof. In branches where the maiority is composed of LlGutdll socialists and therefore eclines to participate in the conference, the revolutionary minority is invited to send delegates on the same proportional basis.
The signatories to the allure the Lower East Side Branch, the Upper West Side Branch, M: Branch (Bronx. 12thA. Branch (Manhattan. The Conference is open to all party and YPSL members.