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5! l I I a August 21. 1937 socmmsr APPEAL UndeIwmld king engage drug addicts, stool pigeons, dim wilted thugs and other unfortunate products of the capitalist sv stem for theii foul jobs. When one of these overlords want to snuff out a Iival, he gives the sign to two 01 three of his human derelicts and the morning papers carry a story of so and so having been taken for a ride.
Such crimes fill us with a sense of disgust and diass conscioiis workers, while condemning the inatigntors an perpetrators, inveigh basically against the society that breeds this sort of violence.
Howevei, there is rampant today a form of cIime more batial than the undelflwbild murders and a human species more abhorrent to the normal intellect than the gangsters of the racketeer realm.
Stalinists and pologists We refer. of course, to the Stalinist executioners and their noisy professional apologists.
Here we have a situation wherein men are cruelly maligned tortUIed physically and, finally. shot down in cold blood for the unforgivable sin of upholding revolutionary working class prin ciples against the poi versions of Stalinist People Frontism.
Bent on wiping out the working class opposition, Stalinist leaders here and abroad have marshalled bands of literary weaklings to act as shock troopers. In America, the business of this pathetic crew is to concoct endless lies and slanders of the most brazen, most contemptible and most cowardly variety. That these lies and slanders may be exposed is to these Stalinist chiefs entirely beside the point.
They operate on that golden Hearstian theory that the truth travels at a snail pace and that many. perchance, will go to the grave without ever knowing it. Accordingly, the prostitute scribblers rant and boib and snort. Their excretions appear in the Daily Marker, the Pravda and other Stalinist publications.
And one quick reading of their hodge podge shows that those villtfiers, like all liars, become haplessly enmeshed in their own lies, indicting both themselves and their masters.
Perhaps the most overworked of these forlorn figures is that Daily Worker columnist, Michael Gold. Poor Mikel Whenever there is some especially dirty work to be do ne, Mike is singled out far the job. He has railed against James Farrell. He has, on instructions. fumed against Scott Nearing. Under ordeIs at Sidney Hook, James Cannon. and a long list of other writers.
economists and political leadcls, just because they Iefusc to con cede that to build Socialism. on have to kill off two thinls three quarteis of a nations pnpulation.
Gold in Exile And when poor Mike got kicked out editorship of the New lacked in coherence, they surely Illlflle than made up in name;calling and just plain puerile piffle.
IThe cuss weids were lusty and Iplentiful and what more could IJoseph Stalin or him Blowder (lesiie as a substitute for political argument The confession was a howling success. Mike was reinstated.
And now he is back at his co lumn, as happy as it possible for one in his plight to be.
His latest assignment was to show up James Casey and try to make a good job of it. These Stalinist chiefs are sly and scheming gentlemen. They are (onscious that the election campaign is about to get under way and that the chances are one thousand to one that Casey will get busier than ever blasting full of holes the class betrayal policies of the People Front bamboozlers. Hence, the ComImunist Party members must be IstiIred into a frenzy against ICasey. They must be worked up Ito such a pitch that the very sound of his name will make them want to tear their hair, kill somebody or commit suicide.
Hence the Gold effusion in the August issue of the Daily IWorker. Mike starts out by saying that In certain professor has quit the Communist Party. He adds that the said professor had gone to Harper or Scribner or some other high brow magazine to write about how he had been misled. This professor, Gold adds, had shunned contact with real workers. But what can you expect, exclaims Mike, of men who get into the party for six months and leave? Thereupon, Mike launches on his tirade against Casey. implying that the cases of the professor and Casey are identical At once poor Mike illustrates to what low depths a man must descend in order to do the bidding of the Stalinist masters. Mike knows as well as do his Stalinist bosses that Casey had never written a line about the Stalina ists in any of the capitalist magazines or newspapers. More»
over, Mike and his masters know that Casey is not a newecomer in the revolfitionary working class movement. Casey was a member of the Stalinist Party when Gold was still trying to learn the definition of anarchism.
And Casey was a member of the Socialist Party in the war days when Gold was memorizing lines Ifiom Keats and Shelly and panIhandling nickels around the Rand :cS hool. from his chiefs, he has scannedI Who Is the Newcomer.
Webster Unabridged DictionaryI for the vilest epithets to hurlI It is Gold, not Casey, who is the newcomer in the working Iclass movement. So much for that.
Mike claims that Casey got Ipee. because he was not ap.
preciated on the Daily Vorker.
Now, just what kind of mumbojumbo is that Mike? Has Mike Gold so soon forgotten how Mike IGold got up. at a Stuyvesant Casino banquet and paid tribute to our great managing editor. of mu great Icvolutionarv newsMasses because he got the sig IpapeI. And has Mike Gold so nals mixed up and wrote severalIsoon forgotten how his own weeks before the official com Imasters from Earl Browder and round was given that it was the Clarence Hathaway down to Ike duty of all workers to supportIAmter and Charlie Krumbein Roosevelt. he was sent to New praised Casey from the public Mexico on a probationary vaca Iplatform on numerous occasions tion for his political health Ibecause, they admitted, he turned After nine months in cw unreadable organizational Mexico. Gold was allowed to Ie bulletin into the semblance of a turn and. as a sort of confession. regular newspaper. Casey did get he was obliged to write a series damned sore while on the Daily of Stalinist tracts against Leon IWorker but that was when Trotsky. ICasey was asked to put into the True, the articles didnt makeipaper editorials giving leftmuch sense but, then, what they handed support to Roosevelt in By James Casey preparation of the election campaig After a bold start, Mike attack slowly simmers down into a whine. Casey was paid more money than any man on the Daily Worker, including Clarence Hathaway, bemoans Mike, and asks: Why did he kick It is relevant to ask Mike. at this juncture, why doesn he and his boss Browder get together and decide to stick by the same lies. Last Summer, Browder rushed to the capitalist press to declare that Casey was just a minor editorial employee. And now along comes Mike with the statement that Casey wasn satisfied, even though he was Ieceiving more money than anyone else on the staff. Now isn Mike just a little bit afraid that some Communist Party rank and file members might be curious to know why upright, disciplined Bolsheviks should discriminate and pay a minor editorial em.
ployee more than anyone else on the staff including the so called edit01 in chief, even though the latter did spend nine months of the year in Minneapolis barrooms.
Gold and Browdcr at Odds As Mike goes on, his twaddlc grows more and more at variance with that of his boss Browder.
Browder told the membership thas Casey had gone over to Hearst. So had the Daily Worker.
Taking Browder at his word.
many Communist Party members had been buying the New York Journal for months in anticipa tion of reading one of Casey articles. Now Mike tearfully whimpers: If Casey wanted to go back to the New York Times and higher wages, why didn he do so quietly instead of raising a fuss.
Desperately trying to avoid the real issue, Mike seeks to give his readers the impression that Casey has gone back to the New York Times and that his 0va Iition to People Frontism was just a pretext.
Needless to say, Mike lies as flagrantly when he implies Casey had returned to the Times as didhis boss, Browder, when he said Casey had gone to Hearst. And needless to say, also, that if Car sey had cared to amass money, he would not have gone to the Daily Worker. in the first place.
It is toward the end of his fulmination that Mike gives him self away. Why did Casey have to write a pamphlet, asks Gold. charging the Communist Party with being reacionary and betraying the working class.
Therein lies one of the answers to Mike assignment.
Casey wrote a pamphlet showing how the Stalinists, with the People Front line, have lost every right to call themselves a revolutionary working class party.
The lies about the new democracy within the Party, growth in organization and the scheurs to support Democrats in Philadelphia and Republicans in New York, all are brought into the light of day. And Casey also asked why the Stalinist leaders. vhile calling on their followers to boycott Hearst, were themselves quietly carrying on business transactions with the Fascist publisher.
Eloquent Silence Not a. single world of this does Mike mention. Under the iron rule of Stalinism, Mike dare not try to meet or discuss political issues. That is not the Stalinist way. The Stalinist way is to lie, to distort, to misrepresent and to invent bedtime stoIies. That is why Mike recounts supposed conversations that he and Casey had about the latter wife not being satisfied with Daily Worker earnings. For more than a year, Mike claims, he had listened to Casey complaints. And now.
nore than twelve months later, Mike suddenly ups and squeals on Casey.
Mike and his masters know full well that Helen Casey was an active worker in the Communist Party and the general fraction secretary of a. mass organization in a Bronx section.
Helen Casey was one of the largest contributors to the Party fund for many years, and before she was expelled for hcr opposition to People Frontism, she challenged the Party leadership to! brirc her case before the membership. Naturally, this was never done.
By manufacturing the drivel about Helen Casey and alleged conversations, Mike shows himself open to a serious charge.
As the hardened, honest and disciplined Bolshevik that he boasts he is, Why did nt Mike report Casey deviations to his masters, when Casey was still Reply to a Stalinist ummator he wait more than three hundred and sixty five days before coming out with this confession? Does not Gold realize that by his own statement he placed himself in the position of being branded a self confessed Trotskyist platter and an enemy of the people?
But Mike can quickly dispel his fears. Casey will save him. The conversations Mike writes about. took place only in his own perverted mind. They are part and parcel of the necessary trimmings he had to fabricate to carry out a dirty job for callous, unscrupulous masters, who make lying a cardinal principle of their daily operations.
His masters used Yagoda, the chief of the OGPU, for the same. kind of dirty work. Now Yagoda.
is rotting in some dank prison cell or perhaps he has already been shot in the back in the rear of some toilet. The Stalinist chiefs will not always send Mike to New Mexico for his blunders.
Mike should chuck up the whole filthy game before it toolate. If he waits until his masters are through using him he may find, to his grief, that they have chosen for him a most unhappy end.
with the Daily Worker? Why did (Continued from page 1)
the revolutionary road and transform in into an instrument for People Front class collabora.
tion, of social patriotic support of democratic imperialist wars, and of servile Ibootlicking. of the trade union bureaucracy.
The applause given by the Daily Worker to the AltmanThomas drive marks the latter for what it plainly is: a capitulation to the Stalinist campaign by tearing the revolutionary heart out of the Socialist Party.
The right wing combination in the SP is serving as a club in the hands of the Stalinists for the complete devitalization and destruction of the. revolutionary socialist movement.
Stalinists Applaud Split Campaign We offer our hand of comradeship to the Socialist Party. concludes the Stalinist editorial.
The hand of comradeship of the CP bureaucracy drips with the blood of the revolutionary martyrs of the Soviet Union. It is the hand that has just pumped the body of Adres Nin full of machine gun bullets. It is the hand that is even now whipping.
up a lynch campaign against Largo Caballero and other left wing socialists, against the anarchcysyndicalists, and all other revolutionists in Spain, It is the hand that squeezed the right wing for more than a year to start the expulsion drive against the Left wing in the American Socialist Party. Carter. William Farrell. Sam bert Capella. Dan Fellows.
Greenberg. Esther Lieberman, Sam Gordon. Felix Morrow. Ernest McKinney.
Bernard Morgenstern.
bcrt Daniel. Joseph Gott.
George Morris Heller.
John Wright.
Burns. grounds Agloif. Irving chb. Philip ROLL 0F HONGR Here is the first list of revolutionary socialists by the rump meeting of the La Guardia Socialists in New York: Max Shachtlnan. Martin Abern. Jamel Burnhaln, Joseph Herman. Morris Lewit, Alex Retakin. Maurice Specter. HerClara Ross. Sidney Moro. Isadore Irving Shockley. Frank Visconti.
Max Sterling.
Lyman Paine. Christian Neilson. Mildred Scharfberg.
Betty Smith. Fay Hollcnheck. Dan Eastman. Sam Roth. Abe Roth. Allen Dash.
The following comprise the list of the comrades still on charges and scheduled for immediate expulsion on the same Hal Draper. Neil Harrison.
jawsky. Abraham Bienstock. Harry Low. Irving Smiller.
Gilbert. Sidney Fetter. Julie Dorsey. Max Lane. Bertha Gruner. expelled Gordon. Emanuel Garrett. Ben Rubin Gotesky. Sam Greenberg.
ttilio Salami. Ernest Ettlingcr.
Joe Ellis. Ben Lieberman.
Martin Glee. Gertrude Novack. Demby. CuthLouis Fein. Victor Fox. Sol Lou Gordon. Martha Ephraim Friend. Arther KuHilda hulman. Meldnn Joerger. Sam Abraham Miller. Herman Stern. George Zola Sam Fisher.
Raymond Rosenthal. Mary Greenfield. Fred Nessin. Morris Kline. Harold lsaacs. Molly Davis. Milton Davis. Edith Konikow Oscar royp. Arthur Burch. Kathleen Burch. Philip Brinkman. David Atkins. Jacob Borut. Fred Jacobs. Ed.
Beecher William Sherman. Ada Mccelle. Stanley Loren. Samuel Chertoff. Morris Spector. Phil Markson. David Miller. Robert Paul. Abe Marcus. Martha Burns. Sara Avrin. Sam Eidcnsohn. eon Folk. Ben Eidensohn, Daisy Manrat. David Knehel. aul Schleifer. Harald Robbins. Sol Lankin. Helene Garden. Sol Broden. Moe Kirschenbaum. Louis Halaine. David Geschwind.
Joseph Carwell. Frances Roscn. Morton Gates. William Kitt.
Milton Winston. Frieda Weber. Leopold Cyens. Ben Davidson.
Edna Margolin. Philip Slaner.