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Clarity. Group In Punitive Expedition (Continued from page 1)
California comrades to present the overwhelming e i e c against the viciously false and absurd charges presented to the NEC by the tiny Clarity clique in the state. The responsible officers of the state organization were given no notice whatever that such drastic action or action of any kind was contemplated.
The official party press kept mum, the national party membership was barred out, while its responsible officers prepared the most far reaching and important expulsion since 1919.
In marked contrast to this decisive and ruthless attack upon, the revolutionary Socialist wing elf the party was the vacillation and reluctance of identically constituted National Executive Committees in dealing with the frankly reformist and disloyal New York Old Guard. For more than two years local after local, state after state, demanded action to discipline the Waldman clique.
The Old Guard systematically broke every principle and rule of the party and yet its reward from the NEC was discipline of the E Suspends Cali?
sociausrnmm. 21. 187. Druid Slade Charter Guard hangover, anti Trotsst ite. pacifist, liberal and stay athome member, and by a secret and unparalleledly vicious personal campaign they had secured a slim convention majority last February. Every meeting, discus sion, class, trade union struggle or demonstration saw Clarity support dwindlc. Their stay athome members were too far to the right for the Chicago convention decisions. Registration took its toll of those whose socialism was not sturdy enough for the exertion of filling out a card. The State Committee majority was a cross section of Clarity support, it could agree only on Trotskyist baiting and opposition to any and all active work and political development. which the membership persisted in. thriving party and a donothing, politically illiterate State Committee majority clashed more and more sharply. Locals representing a full three quarters of the members San Francisco, Oakland. Fresno, Los Angeles Branch Central, Dominguez Hills, Santa Monica and San Diego called for a special state convention. The SEC met and Clarity managed to hold a majority against a committee vote for «state convention by forcing its imembers to sign the opposing resolution in advance. The ques ultra lefts. Investigations, hear mm was 105. by a vote but a. second motion was offered calling Eizéigoéfigsgi 121. grillithesrlfo a state referendum to allow. the membership to decide the In all these the Waldman caban question democratically. Clarity betrayers played the role of: Dickensian schoolmasters with rod in hand. The NEC took its licking, and the charter of the state of New York remained in Waldman vest pocket. 0nly after years of waste effort and o)wardly cringing, only after the NEC was faced with a national membership so aroused that they could not be denied, only in the face of the accomplished fact of two parties in New York only then did the NEC, reluctantly and, almost tearfully, suspend the charter of the state of New York.
No such tender regard and polite ceremony is shown to the State organization of California.
No proof of disloyalty or violation of party decision by the state organization has been shown, or can be shown. The California Socialists, only two short years ago virtually wiped out by Epic desertions, have fought back to healthier, more militant, more influential mass work than was ever true in the last twenty years of the state party. The number of trained, active, enthusiastic comrades has steadily increased. Faced with the strongest Stalinist concentration outside New York City they have fought them to a standstill and recruited the best elements from their ranks. 0n the day when Ward Rodgers, accompanied by bodyguard, presented his National Office order demanding the charter and property of the State organization on grounds of demoralization of the state membership and stultification of party activity. young Socialists were returning to San Francisco from the largest and most successful state summer school in more than twenty years.
Califdrnia Real Crime The crime of California Socialists is not too little but too much revolutionary socialist act»
ivity. It was not loss of membership that worried the Rodgers clique, it was steady gains in youthful, aggressive revoluionary shcialists. All along the line the cause of socialism was gaining, but the plight of Rodgers and Co. was growing more and more tragic. By corraling every Old ifloundered and broke in the face»
of this unforseen emergency. The motion carried 5. Frank Trager, who was present as Clarity reinforcement from the National lOffice, and who heard at the SEC Imeeting every item of the Clarity levidence against the Left wing favored a referendum. Now Rodgers repeats this evidence and the entire NEC, aparently including Trager (though the accused have received no minutes or statement of the vote. votes for suspension of the state charter for the stated purpose of nullifying the referendum and preventing a convention. Consi derations of fair play. truth and elementary democracy are very quickly sloughed off in the face of California real crime that of insisting on maintaining, acting on, and fighting for a rev olutionary Socialist position; What the left Wing Is Hindering Such criminals endanger La Guardia sell out, hinder negotiations with Lovestone and the franker Stalinists, discredit our young friends busily job hunting in the happy hunting ground of the CIO, demoralize our pacifist, liberal and social reformist hangovers from the good old days when anybody could be and all kinds were Socialists. Such sectarians y keep us out of the big, happy all class family of the People Front. It is impossible to work with them suspend the charter. The revolutionary socialists of California do not intend to be so easily disposed of. We are the Party in California. We intend to proceed with our work and lwith our convention. We will not 1turn over the Party equipment to these disrupters it would only get dusty from disuse. We will challenge and fight the unconstitutional suspension and every illegal act that follows from it. We have already moved for a national referendum. We call upon all revolutionary Socialists to come to the defense of their California comrades and to join the fight against the Wreckers who are trying to drive Socialism out of the Socialist Party.
the The Clarity group. in control of the National Executive Committee of the Socialist Party has charter of the California organ nization, which is controlled by the left wing, and to reorganize the State.
Bold, prompt, vigorous against the left wing.
Clarity Capitulabea to Wisconsin But howdoes the same NEC act with regard to the right wing drganization in Wisconsin? The shameful policy of Bonn, Porter, Biemillsr, Raskin and Co. has not only led to a disgraceful alliance with the In Follettc machine, but to the decline of the party membership from some 2, 000 to about MiG according to the Clarityltes themselves. In addition, the Wisconsin right wing simply re.
fuse to accept the Trade Union Resolution adopted by the national convention in Chicago. In a word, whatever is even remotely revolutionary in the SP is ignored by Wiswnsin party bureaucracy. The Clarityite National Action Committee of the Party thereupon proceeds humbly to Milwaukee to meet with the Wisconsin State Executive Board and the Milwaukee County Executive Board of the party to straighten things out.
And how are things straightened out in Wisconsin. By bold, prompt, vigorous action? No, Clarity blows are directed at the left wing. Before the right wing, it capitulates!
Here are; the revealing excerpts from the official minutes of the meeting of he National Action Committee with the Milwaukee right wing officials on June 4, 1937. They tell their own story. HOAN: For many years Wisconsin has been tempted to form coalitions with progressive movements, but has refused out of loyalty. to the national movement. Itwgrievcd over the NewYork split;kept out oornmunistic elements; took a stand against violence. 0n the basis of these stands it has kept its membership: and it has now become larger and more success. thanever before.
Now with our large and thriving membership this new policy of flirting with communists Trotskyists or Stallnists, does not set well. We believe the program as set out at the convention to be the wrong one for building a movement. We feel that if we subscribe to these doctrines we will go the way of all other states. We feel that the policy of sticking our noses as a political party into the business of trade unions is wrong. We believe we have problems different than those of trade unions and ordering trade unions around is not successful. political movemente doesn allow trade unions to dictate their policies so trade uions shouldn allow a political movement to dictate its policies.
And you won attempt to do this if you want a Socialist Party in Wisconsin (We know federation set up, etc. Wisconsin can build better within the (Farmer Labor Progressive) federation now than ever before. We have objections to war resolution; particularly to section which states that when there is a war we will start a revolution. BIBMILLER. 1) We are seriously concerned with the dedine in membership of the Socialist party outside Wisconsin.
ports) and we believe (2. the voted unanimously to lift the (Wisconsin now has onevthird the membership of the party according to the latest membership reresults of the convention and its decisions to be disastrous. Not a true convention. If held now, representation would be entirely different. Pennsylvania now has only 200 members, while at convention they had more delegates than we. 3) Also, we had thought there was an agreement on labor secretary we thought he (Trager) had agreed to re sign if given a place on the NEC.
Non we find him back. lWe have theoretical and organizational differences.
Attack Trade Union Line CHAIRMAN PLACE: Labor resolution full of contradictions.
AFL and CIO both could take exceptions to things said in it.
Need simplified general statement. Next step lies with NEC.
Unless something is done Wisconsin has said for a long time there was no Socialist Party and why go on. They be happy to have us go to devil so there would be no party in Wisconsin.
That why suggest 21 refs: rendum and if socalled leadership is right 1L Let find it out now. MINKLEY: Our objections to labor policy are these: An organization within an organization is the wrong policy (Socialist Leagues. Our own policy is better have key positions in labor movement now. Our supe rior knowledge pushes us ahead. We believe that workers should organize into any union.
The question is should we push them into one rather than other. POLAKOW SKI: Only objection to trade union resolution was that of groups within unions. RASKIN: If you use discipline in fuming leagues, it causes anti group feeling; Our County Central Comittee acts as a league in forming labor polity.
Trager Mil Demand TRAGER: Wisconsin in prac.
tice is following out the national trade union policy. On local matters there is no disposition on the part of the national office to make mechanical the system of leagues 011 national questions concerning a national trade union policy in a specific union, we feel we are better able to help you to act. RASKIN: We are disciplined socialists and if the convention tells us to do so and so, we feel CLARlTY IN. CALIFORNIA ANu CLARITY IN WISCONSIN pve have to do is. We take everything very seriously in Wisconsin. We want the NAC to agree thlt as far as the resolution concerning trade unions goes, Wisconsin can follow its own course. TRAGER: The NEC will agree that the interpretation of this resolution and all resolutions shall be through the SEC of Wisconsin as it is through each.
SEC in each state. KRUEGER: IWisconsin is an exceptional organiation. It has a stable organization with many people who had a great deal of experience. We can agree that for the purpose of carrying out.
trade union work in line with the convention resolution that the I, SEC, through its state secretary. in Wisconsin, shall be considered responsible and no program of organization of socialist activity in the trade unions shall come into Wisconsin except through the state secretary. CHAIRMAN: iWe object to the publicity given the trade union resolution and policy. We. don want the press to know about such policy before we do.
Besides, such questions should never be for public consumptiop but only for inner party consumption.
Wisconsin Gets Cart Blanche MOTION BY RASKIN. All questions relating to union. and Workers Alliance activities of Wisconsin members of the SP will be handled by and be the responsibility of the State Committee of Wisconsinc Carrfidx. RASKIN: You have the labor question to Wisconsin. and it will be generally in line and not in conflict with the national resolution. We will apply it in the correct way. We agree that in some places guidance from the national organization is necessary but we believe the state office can handle the matter. PETER: Wisconsin loyalty should be loyalty to itself. We have kowtowed to the recto!
the country and what have we gotten out of it? In no convention have we ever gotten a thing. On June 7, 1917, the Milwaukee Leader had the following to say about the pact between the NAC and the Wisconsin right wing. As a result of the plot, the Socialist party nationally will pursue a hands off policy in so far as Wisconsin is concernled, and gave this state autonovmy. What is the. ll Months ago, spokesmen for the left wing charged that the Thomas Altman group was heading straight for withdrawing the party candidate in favor of La Guardia.
We were accused of being alarmists and slanderers. Now nobody has any doubts on this score. The Thomas Altman right wing combination has come out in the open.
At present, the fight wing liquidators still say that they will not withdraw ther mayoralty candidate if In Guardia is at the same time the Republican party candidate. We say in advance: LaGuardia will not only run on the Republican ticket, but Thomas, Altman and Co. will withdrawn in his favor even if he does.
At present, the Clarity group leaders still say that their ill step in and prooiIIg About laliuardia hibit the sell out to LaGuardia. tl e say in advance: the Clarity. will not stand in the way of, the right Wing be. tz ayal of socialism; it will take no action to assu re an indepenldem SP candidate for Mayor of New York in the Fall elections. 15 it not a fact that the lhas already failed to act on this iquestiion? Is it not a fact that r2 its special meeting in New ork it turned a deaf ear to the formal demand made by the Ap peal Group that support of La iGuardia be condemned in ad, vance, before the present dam age was done Is it not a fact Ithat out of 15 members. at least the following are already lcommitted to support of Thomas. Thomas himself, Hapgood, All. iBaron. Burt, Coolidge, Krueger, iPolakowski, Ruskin? Isn this ;a fine Clarity for you, Ia fine left wing J