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I. l I I :800IAlIS APPEAl Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Party of New York, Lbft Wing Branches.
VOL. No. 401 Saturday, August 21, 1937 Cents per Copy lory Press Declares for laGuardia Mayor Enters Primaries Tribune and Times for BrowderIThomas ALP People Front Candidate As if derisively answering the People Fronters in all camps who have advertized him as Labor Candidate. Fiorello La Guardia threw off all pretense by entering the race in the New York Republican primaries in order to win the Mayoralty nomination of the party of Landon. Hoover, the DuPonts, Ford, Mellon and Mills. At the same time, not only the main organ of American capitalist Democracy. the New York Times, but also the leading reactionary Republican organ and chief spokesman for Landon in the last presidential the New York Herald Tribune, came out flatfootedly an enthusiastically for the candidate of the New York bankers and real estate men. LaGuardia has already been endorsed by the Fusion Party, the Seabury progressive. the Simpson Republi can machine, the American Labor Party, the Communist Party, the ironstone group, the Old Guard Social Democrats and the Itpl.
ion socialist daily, La Stamp: Libera, edited by Valenti (fin ancial wizard of the AltmanTh znnas caucus. Thomas View Rejected LaGuardia apparently did not re ad Norman Thomas column in the Socialist Call of August 7, when he wrote of the ALP that capitalist candidate. running on This year for Mflym it endor a capitalist platform, with the.
see La Guardia who has publicly IAIN SIIDlml 01f the Class conexpressed his general support SCIOIIS capitalists.
for the ALP, who is fighting the leaders of the Republican Party, man Thomas and may not run in the Prim withdrawal The Mayor eagerness to socialist ticket by comparing the obtain the nomination of the RE ALP last year with the ALP this my publican Party and the vigorlyear.
campaign The New York Times. The alternative to both Mr. Copeland and The Ciapitalist Press For LaGuardia The New York Herald Tribune. The leaders of Fusion and their allies within Mr. Mahouey is Mr. LaGuardia, on the Fusion ticket. During the early days of his administration it was apparently his belief that trade unions could do no wrong, even when they resort!
ed to vidlence in the pursuit of their objectives, and his action in the taxicab strike reflected this conviction. Fortunately, his opinions on this point are undergoing an unmistakeable change.
His handling of the. attempted sit down strikes in this community last Spring and his present handling df two great strikes in the dockyards of Brooklyn and Richmond has shown admirable firmness. Mr. Dewey presence adds great weight to the Fusion ticket, which, with its other sterling candidates, now offers the voters of this city an opportunity to put in coins mand of the municipal government for the It four years an administration which is honest and humane, non partisan and capable. Times, Aug. 15, 1931.
the Republican party have every reason to be proud of their ticket. There have been nervous moments in the last week, but the result is what counts. That could hardly be better. The ticket that will be offered the city, given the cooperation of the Republicans in their primary, will be the ablest and best that local politics has ever achieved. They Mayor, rejecting the advice of some of his closest advisors, remained in the Republican primary. Thereby he turned his back on a smart! political trick to play fair with his many Republican supporters. As usual, the Mayor final decision is the right one. We shall hope and expect that Mr. Dewey entrance into the primary will mean a sweeping victory for the Mayor over Senator Copeland. Surrounded as he will be by a predominantly nepubliean tidket of extraordinary ability and staunchness and pledged to devote himself completely to local affairs for the next four years, Mr. LaGuardia is entitled to ask for votes upon with the Tory press has given its support of his candidacy, emphasizes more plainly than anything else that LaGuardia is a In the article referred to, Norarguad for the of an independent year ago the condition.
thebuisofthe of membership in it was support for Roosevelt and Lehman. Today it is support for working class political action. This argument is now more plainly revealed as utterly false in face of the fact that the working class political action of the ALP consists merely in anticipating the key nominations of the Republican party. As in the presidential campaign of 1936, when the ALP cor called the labor vote for the Democratic Party, it func. Herald Tribune, Aug. 15, 1987 city welfarc. tions. now also, as an obstacle in the path of independent working class political action and as a means of keeping the workers subordinated to one or the other of the two old capitalist parties.
The role of the right wing in the Socialist Party today with regard to the election campaign is thus entirely indistinguishable from that played by the Old Guard in the 1936 elections or from that played at the present time by Cbarney Vladeck, James Oneal, Earl Browder and Jay Lovestone. All of them are associated in a policy and movement which the convention of the Socialist Party almost unanimously condemned the policy of the People Front, ranging from Thomas and Altman, through Lovestone and Browder, to La Guardia and the Republican Party machine.
People Front Line Fatal Instead of emphasizing to the working class, the imperative need for independence from the capitalist class and all its political institutions and organizations, they help implant the di sastrous illusion that these organizations can be utilized by labor. Instead of enhancing the class consciousness of the workers, they help to blunt it by. smeafingnyenall class lines. On an American scale, the People Fronters of all varieties are smoothing the path for the same catastrophe that befell the workers of Germany and Austria and which now threatens the workers of Spain. Whnt a revealing commentary on the right wing in the Socialist Party that, while it is ready to dissolve the movement for the sake of supporting the Republican nominee for Mayor of New York, it cannot abide for another instant the presence in the party of the revolutionary socialists!
Is it not significant that simultaneous with the bureaucratic mass expulsions of the left wing militants comes the disgraceful sell out of the party to LaGuardia that the right wing is car! rying out. Stalinists Applaud Ousting of left ing fromS.
The Communist Party bureau lwithin their ranks.
uracy, which has spared neither POSSIble by cleansmg all traces energy nor funds in its efforts 0f Trotskyism from the SP orto undermine and corIupt the So gamzation to cialist Party has put the stamp PTeStlge 0f the SOCII IISI Party of of hearty approval on the ex and give it new health pulsion of the revolutionaiy left wing of the SP by the Altman throw out Shachtman, Bumham, Thomas combination. We greet the New York local essential, in the interests of the of the Socialist Party. says the Socialist Party and of the workleading editoria of the Daily In: class, Worker, on August 4, 1937fi foritises of Trotskyism and the Trotits expulsion of 54 counter revo iskyiSts be cleaned out entirely lutionary Trotskyists as conspir from within the Socialist Party.
atorial enemies of the Socialist. Party.
hulk Deeper Split in SP The New York Socialists, these counter revolutionary dregs It is now strengthen the Not only is it necessary to Abern and their tools. It Is also that all ideas and pracBy purging the SP of all ideas iand practises of Trotskyism. the Stalinists mean today what they have meant ever since thex NEC Suspends California Charter By Glefirimble The charter of the Socialist Party of California has been suspended by the National Executive Committee! On Wednsday, August 11, the Clarity faction openly placed itself at the head of the party splitters and wreckers. Ward Rodgers, author of the suspension resorutlon has been appointed impartial ex ecutor of the possessions, locals and members of the state party.
With this action last lingering doubt as to the complete alliance between the Altman Thomas social patriotic party liquidators and the Clarity NEC majority is dispelled. In flagrant violation of every party tradition, law and decision, the NEC has acted in started their drive for the expul sion of the left wing. to convert Continued on page 7)
Ihaste and conspiratorial secrecy to cut down the largest and most continues the editorial, have dis the Socialist Party into an 811 active state organization in the covered from bitter experience ipendage 0f the Communist va entire Western United States.
1: it is not possible to tolerate. molded III Its imge) t0 tear OK No chance was given to the. Continued on. page 2)
Violent Crisis Drives Japanese Imperialism to Invade China By James Wills Goaded by an internal economic crisis that has become intolerably acute, Japanese imperialism has struck again at continental China in a supremely desperate effort to find a way out by establishing its mastery over all Asia.
Coming late upon the scene of the capitalist world and lacking the natural resources vital to the development of the basic industries, Japanese capitalism very early in its life found it necessary to embark upon the path of imperialist expansion. Since 1895, the year of the first SinmJapanese war, the Japanese bourgeoisie has been depending on the exploitation of China to bolster up the frail economic structure on which Japanese capitalism rests.
The first phase at expansion won them Korea, Formosa and a foothold in Manchuria.
The world crisis of 1329 drove Japan to find new markets and new sources of raw material.
But there is no room in the present day imperialist world for peaceful expansion. Thus Japan has been compelled to erect a military and naval machine utterly disproportionate to its economic capacities and to seek the expansion it desperately needs by resort to force. Yet precisely this resort to force has aggravated the economic difficulties and hastens the day when this weak and toplheavy structure must topple down. few brief facts tell the story of Japan deep inner crisis, aggravated as it has been by the heavy burdens of the six year invasion in China. For the first.
seven months of 1937, Japan had an adverse trade balance of 720,(Contiuued on page 6)