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ana will stop at nothing in their struggle against the Left.
Forward with Left wing We shall not quietly give up our position in the Party upon their request or demand or provocation. It is we who have been building the Party in struggle, who have been recruiting its members, launching it into mass action. We shall fight eVery inch of the way. We shall demand our usurped rights in the Party, and assert that demand through every means at our disposal. But we shall not be turned aside by measly mouthed legalisms, which our opponents have been the first to spurn and throw aside. There is too much at stake to be settled by lawyers phraseology. We announce in advance our solidarity with the revolutionists who are or may be expelled or suspended by the bureaucratic moves of the Right wing or the they are our comrades, expelled or not and we stand with them. We will fight along with them for the reinstatement that is their simple right; but in any case, and whatever happens, we and they will stand together and fight together. We announce in advance (Continued from page 1)
membership of more than 120 comrades, and then refused to continue its hearings two days later, when the principal defendants and their counsel could be present to make their case with the aid of witnesses like Norman Thomas, Harry Laidler, Girolamo Valenti, Max Del son and almost a dozen others whom the defense proposed to call for testimony to prove the existence of a factional conspiracy of the right wing to railroad the revolutionists out of the party in order to deliver it, bound hand and foot, to the In Guardia machine in the coming elections.
No Charges Proved At the hearing, the AltmanSiegel prosection not only did not prove any of its charges, but made no serious attempt to do so, any more than it did at the meeting of the Central Committee. All the accusations boiled down to the undenied charge that that our voice will be heard, and that there is no device known to Ruskin or Altman or Thomas or Clarity legalists which can silence it. We will not be silent before the betrayal of the Spanish Revolution and the destruction of the October Revolution and the emasculation of the rising American Labor Movement; nor will we keep silent about those in this country and in the Socialist Party who defend the assassins of the Spanish workers, the Kremlin hangmen, and who themselves work toward these same crimes in this country.
Whatever the result of the present internal struggle, the revolutionary tendency has nothing to fear. The future lies with us.
It is not the revolutionary tendency which today stands at the final crossroads; it is the Party.
If the Party measures up to the choice confronting it, the road ahead is certain; if not, the Party is forever doomed. There is only one road: our road, the road of revolutionary internationalism, the road toward the proletarian conquest of power, toward the world triumph of socialism. It is along that road that we summon the membership. Forward with the revolutionary Left wing!
National Action Ooaunitte Appeal Association of the Socialist Party.
Where Is Kupinsky?
Where is Wolf Kupinsky, the prisoner of the and the People Front in Spain?
Member of the Socialist Party in New York, and of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union, he went to Spain months ago with the Debs Column. He fought for months on the Aragon front and was twice wounded. In June 1937, he was arrested in the Stalinist raids against revolutionists and has been in the People Front prison ever since, without a single formal charge placed against him! With other political prisoners, he was forced to go on a hunger strike for days, protesting the prison regime, the wretched food, and the failure to charge or try him.
That the Stalinist turnkeys of the bourgeoisie should act the way they do, is understandable.
But how explain the dead silence of the Socialist Call, official organ of the party to which Kupinsky belongs! Why hasn a single word appeared in the Call all these weeks about comrade Kupinsky. What reason is. there for this criminal sabotage of the defense of a class war fighter whose very life lies in the unscrupulous hands of the the left wingers held certain heliefs and advocated certain ideas, such as that the Socialist Party should disaffiliate from the treacherous Second International (Continued from page 1)
The present utilization of the American Labor Party in New York City is one such scheme.
The American ubor Party is being used by the bureaucrats and the Popular Frontists as a device for lining up labor votes for the capitalist representatives, La Guardia, and his capitalist City Administration. La Guardia Record This is the same La Guardia who concluded the notorious agreement with the bankers at the dictate of Morgan 5: Co. and the Chase National Bank. Who organized the Rifle Division of the Police Department. Who has blocked unionization on the Cityowned Independent Subway Sys tern. Who has broken a hundred strikes, from the taxicab strike in 1934 through the building strikes and the whole series of department stores strikes right up to the present moment when hundreds of his police are smashing the shipyards strike.
This is the same La Guardia who came in as a candidate of not one but two capitalist parties: the Republican Party and the City Fusion Party; who has already been re named by one of these the City Fusion Party, and if he is not by the other will at the very least be supported by the strong Simpson wing of the Republican Party.
The La Guardia movement is a movement for the liquidation of independent working class politics. That is why the Social Democratic Federation, the Stalinists, and the Investmeites, whose whole aim is to liquidate independent working class politics, have already gone over to La Guardia.
The Socialist Party alone is in a position to defend and advance independent working class politics, by running its own candidates for Mayor and all other offices and conducting its own independent campaign.
Altman Thomas Sell out But at just this critical juncture so vital for the whole perspective of the American labor movement in the coming period a sell Out is being cooked up by the Altman Thomas faction in Local New York. In brazen defiance of every Party decision, SOCIALIST APPEAL and take the dead in rallying the world revolutionary forces into a Fourth International a belief which the left wing is entirely within its rights to advocate inside the party. Not a single serious action involving a violation of discipline was proved against a single one of the defendants.
In spite of the handicap of curtailed time under which the left wing labored it nevertheless succeed in making amply clear, in the one hour speech for the defense to which its spokesman, Max Shachtman, was confined at the Central Committee meeting, that the Altman Thomas bureaucracy had decided long before the charges were actually brought to expel the left wing wholesale, on no matter what formal grounds or pretext, in order to guarantee their continued domination of the movement, their sell out to La Guardia, and the liquidation of the Socialist Party into a futile, impotent educational sect operating inside a mass Farmer Labor Party. Shachtman also announced the intention of the defendants, who refused to acknowledge the legality of the expulsions, to appeal against the laGuardia Sell out in this faction, getting into line with their political bed fellows of the Old Guard and the Stalinists, have completed their plans to turn the Socialist Party in New York over to La Guardia. For weeks they have been conducting unauthorized and disloyal negotiations with the and with La Guardia himself. They have made a fake nomination of Thomas as mayoralty candidate in order to permit maneuvering and withdrawal at the moment dictated by In Guardia and the leaders. Meanwhile, in his column, week by week, in open violation of party discipline, of the editorial policy of the Call and the national policy of the Party, Thomas puts forward his factional justification for the sellout.
Article X, Section 8, of the Party Constitution provides. No state or local organization shall fuse, combine or compromise with the Democratic, Republican or any other political party whose policies and platform are inconsistent with those of the Socialist Party, not endorse candidates nominated by such parties except as provided in Section Section lays down as a minimum condition for even the possibility of any form of cooperation:. the nomination and election of candidates by a party of workers and of farm ers, organized in express opposition to the political parties supporting capitalism. Even more flagrantly does support of La Guardia and the in this autumn elections contradict every paragraph of the resolutions on the Farmer Labor Party and the Labor Party, both solemnly adopted by the Chicago Convention.
The Altman Thomas faction, however, has no more regard for party discipline and decisions on this than on any other matter.
It has set its course for the splitting of the Party and the liquidation of the Party as an independent political force. It has no intention of stopping out of any consideration for discipline. Party loyalty, Party decisions, or the will of the Party membership.
lune in National and Basic The In Guardia question is not a local affair. It puts in the most whole procedure to the National Executive Committee, a request from whose National Secretary, Burt, for a one week delay of the expulsion until an subcommittee could investigate the New York situation, was cynically ignored by Altman well oiled machine, composed in larger part of deadwood. graveyard members and incorrigible right wingers, Stalinists, pacifists and petty trade union officials.
Denounce Meeting as Illegal The Central Committe meeting was conducted in so bureaucraticale high handed a manner as to cause even the representatives of the so called Clarity group (Zuni Tyler 8; Co. to denounce the Altman machine as worse than that of the Old Guard and to refuse to recognize the legality of the entire procedure.
The expelled revolutionists left the meeting singing the International, undeterred by the the expulsions from an even more vigorous continuation of their work to advance the revolutionary socialist movement in this counconcrete form the choice now before the whole awakening American labor movement: toward class collaboration and Popular Frontism; or toward class struggle and the independent politics of revolutionary socialism.
try and throughout the world.
The warning of the Left wing, now more than ever, has proved to have been justified. The right wing is splitting the party! It is bureaucratically expelling every left wing militant for the crime of revolutionary ideas. It is carrying out the persistent command of the Stalinist Communist Party, the Social Democratic Federation and the trade union bureaucrats and politicians at the head of the American Labor Party. We call upon every branch of the Party and every circle of the YPSL to refuse to recognize the illegal and reactionary expuls: ions. We appeal to every socialist ing complete solidarity with the expelled. Let the voice of the Party and the YPSL be heard throughout the land. Let the La Guardia socialists know that the revolutionists throughout party will stand like one man against their shady deals to betray the socialist movement and their bureaucratic machinations against the left wing.
Unite all forces around the left wing!
The issue is now squarely up to the entire Party membership. flood of protest must drown the plans of the liquidators.
Against the La Guardia sellout! For independent socialist politics. Continued from page 1)
hundred of its members arrested, as well as sixty who have disappear. Miravitles (leader of the Catalan Left and the Barcelona government) told us spontaneously that as soon as Nin was arrested for espionage, an accusation which nobody could believe, he was summoned by Companys (head of the Barcelona People Front regime) and they both decided that the latter would write immediately a letter to the Valencia goverment pointing out the deplorable impression produced by this arrest, that Catalonian public opinion could not believe that Nin was a Fascist spy and that Companys himself really required a very great effort to admit it. Evidence Laughed At This letter was immediately brought to Valencia by Miravitles himself and turned over to Ortega, director of the Secret Service (the real minister. 0rtega then declared that there were crushing proofs against Nin and he showed Miravitles a paper (a Madrid mileage ticket, with sympathetic ink on the back of it, dealing with a certain which was such an obvious forgery, Miravitles told us. that burst out laughing and nobody will any longer dare to make use of this paper. Caballero told us that he knew Nin, Gorkin and others personally for some time and that, although he was their political opponent, he knew perfectcould not be Fascist spies. If Nin and the other members of the POUM are now being per secuted for espionage, it is only for political reasons, only because the Communist party wants to destroy the POUM.
Stalin the Butcher The revolting murder of Andres Nin, like the murder 1y well that they were not and GPU lync ies Andres Nin of the Italian anarchist leader in Barcelona a couple of month: ago, Camille Berneri, andthe reported murder of Andrade and Gorkin, darkens the blood with which the hands of the Stalinist assassins are drenched. Just as Noske, Wels and Scheidemann were written down in history as the murderers of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, so Stalin is now written down as the murder of the Russian and Spanish revolutionists. For his unspeakable crimes, Stalin vw ll not fail to render account before a tribunal of proletarian justice.
For the workers of this country to remain silent in face of the GJP. crimes in Spain, would be to aid and abet the physical extermination of ever revolutionist in that country. Every labor organization must raise its voice in indignant protest against the imprisonment and murder of our comrades of the POUM, the anarchists and Left wing socialists. Let the country ring with denunciations of these murderous democrats and anti Fascists F SOCIALIST APPEAL Organ of the Socialist Party of New York, Left Wing Branches Published at Room 1609; 100 Fifth Avenue, New York.
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