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owns THE won. UNITE Weekly Organ of the Communist League of America VOLITDIE VI 47 WHOLE N0 251 HEAD FOR FUSION EW YORK, SATURDAY NOVE ER 24, 1934 Wall Street For Fascist Coup Revealed General Smedley Butler revelation of a Fascist plot right here in the United States, a home grown Nazi Putsch plan, should serve to silence those thing unique in the American nation, some national essence which will enable America to solve her problem in her own way.
Bntler discoveries do not reveal the Fascists as a serious menace, they indicate that incipient fascism is here and only waits itsaopportunlty.
General Butler has been approached by no less than 42 organizations, 42 would be American blacksbirta.
the General description of crackpot. but at least one was perfectly serious, had a plan, and claimed the necessary financial backing.
Butler was approached by Gerald MacA year or so ago General Guire, a bond salesman for a New Murphy Co.
late to go to Chicago and speak in favor of the Gold Standard. When Butler refused MacGuire said, ac»
cording to Butler, Don be a fool, why don you do like Harbord (General Harbord, US and Sims (Admiral Sims, and make some money out of it. The government doesn care for you, so why don you act like a businese man. Butler refused and MacGuire continued, Murphy is in Europe, but ll have Colonel Clark come and see you.
Morgan Lurks In Picture Colonel Clark did come to see the General and renewed the odor.
Colonel Clark, by the way, is Ro bert Sterling Clark, who inherited a portion of the Singer Sewing Machine fortune, and who is now reputed to be worth some fifty million. In the course of his conver»
sation Colonel Clark revealed, according to Butler. that the speech which he, Butler, was to give in return for the eighteen thousand had been written by John Davis.
John Davis, one time Democratic nominee for President, is, at mesent, counsellor at law for the firm of Morgan. We need a fascist government.
MacGuire said, to save the nation from the communists who would tear down all that has been built up in America. The only men who have the courage to do it are the soldiers, and General Butler is the man to do it. All General Butler would have to do to get a million men would be to announce the formation of an organization and tell them it would cost a dollar a year to join.
Offered Three Million It wouldn be any trouble at all to raise 1, 000, 000. could go to any number of people right here in New York and get it. At. one time MacGuire onered General Butler 3, 000, 000 on the line. MacGuire intimated that the arms necessary for the movement could be obtained from the Remington Arms Co. on credit from the Dupont family, which owns a controlling interest of the company. think the President could be persuaded to name Butler head of the CCC camps and that would give him the basis of an organization.
However if that doesn work have no doubt the general could enlist 500, 000 men in a very short time. What we really need is a man on a White Horse to save the capitalistic system. We might go along with President Roosevelt and do with him what Mussolini did with the King of Italy. Roosevelt hasn the real solution of the unemployment situation, but we ll put across a plan that will really be eflective. All unemployed men will be put in military barracks under forced labor. as Hitler does, that would soon solve the problem. Another thing we would do would be to register all persons in the United States, as they doin Europe. That would stop a lot of Communist agitators wandering around loose.
Army Generals Involved In the course of his various conversations, both with General Butler and with the reporter for the Post who was privvy to the conspiracy, MacGuire mentioned General MacArthur. Chief of Staff of the Army as a possible ulternate for Butler, and Hanford MacNider, former commander of the American Legion as a third alternate. He also intimated that Louis Johnson, of West Virginia, another former National Commander of the Legion, and Henry Stephens, of North Carolina, yet an other furmer National Commander were interested in the plan.
MacGulre was called before a secret hearing of the Congressional committee investigating un Amerlcan activities after General Butler had testified. His testimony was (Continued on Page 4)
According to General Butler account MacGuire offered him eighteen thousand dolu Conspiracy three million dollar rofound theoreticians who see someWhile General Most of these probably justify York brokerage firm, the Grayson Weavers Set Deadline for Walkout Keller Pu ssylooting Aids Bosses Against Strike Paterson, Nov. 22. motion was overwhelmingly passed at the Broad Silk membership meeting here that a strike of all silk workers be called, setting the deadline at 12 midnight Wednesday.
The only voices against it were raised by the pathetic supporters of Eli Keller, General Manager of the Paterson local of the How his activities play into the hands of the bosses is best illustrated by the manner in which the yellow Paterson press has utilized Keller stalling tactics in order to sow confusion in the workers ranks. Thus, the Paterson Sunday Eagle, under the scarehead. WORKERS IN SILK INDUSTRY SET DAY AND Hocu To QUIT BUT CHANGE THEIR MINDS reports as follows: The silk workers at yesterday meeting were not over anxious to agree to the new strike order, many of them feeling that the time was lnopportune for employee to leave the mills and join the dye workers. Who were the many. Keller, Keller, and Keller. The same Keller who early this week announced that the workers should be glad that the bosses agree to discuss with the workers.
Keller stalling By his stalling, wlshy»washy tactics, Keller is playing directly into the hands of the silk bosses whose aim is to isolate the dyers from the rest of the industry. Instead of militancy he is preaching subservience this in the face of the tl mendoua drive of the mass of the silk workers to join hands with the striking dyers.
But the silk workers will not be stalled by Keller, or the maneuvers of the bosses. They instructed their delegates to the national silk convention to fight for a general strike in the silk industry; they formed a special committee last week to appear before the Joint Board and demand decisive action on the strike in Paterson.
Expelled Members Rehntaied, Last week the Joint Board of the local here reinstated to full membership all those who were expelled some five months ago through Keller machinations for their participation in the Roy (A1 bert) Shop strike. The reinstated members participated tn the Broad Silk Department meeting of last Saturday. Among them were Felix Glordiono, Eddie Sweyful and Bill ulihan. well known for their militancy. They rcceived an ovation.
The action of Ihe Joint Board (about which incidentally, none of the reinstated was informed except by word of mouth just prior to Saturday meeting) cau be construed only as a repudiation of Keller policies in general and in particular his entire course in the Roy situation which has been so rabidiy defended and misrepresented by the Investoneites.
At the Broad Silk Department meeting 10 delegates were elected for the coming national convention, scheduled to open this Saturday in New York at the Woodstock Hotel, 121 West 123rd Street.
Once again Keller was repudiated and this time by the entire memberahip of his local. He appeared at the meeting with a recommendation from the Joint Board that he, Yo u th Gre e Convention The Spartacds Youth League of America warmly greets the delegates to the national conventions of the Communist League and the American Workers Party which will open in New York City November 26. We feel confident that the comrades fresh from different phases of the class struggle, on the basis of varied experiences will help to forge the instrument of revolutionary struggle; the new workers party.
The accomplishment of this great task rests upon your shoulders. You will be called upon to take the first step in the building of the new party, by merging the American Workers Party and the Communist League of America.
The young militants of the Spartacus Youth League have and will continue to aid in the achievement of this aim. At our national convention to be held in New York City December 34 5, our delegates will confront the problem of the next steps in this struggle. They will consider the relation of the Spartacus Youth to the new workers Party, if it is formed. before our convention.
The Spartacus Youth will watch your deliberations with great in terest. Accept our comradely greetings as a pledge of unrelentless struggle for working class revolution.
For a revolutionary party!
For the world workers party, the Fourth International!
National Committee, Spartacus Youth Hague of America.
Marxist Easley Plots Against Nine Negro Boys Chronicle ol Seottsboro Case Reveals Role Next week the Supreme Court of the will be asked to reverse the Alabama verdict which condemns two of the nine Scottsboro boys to die. The world at large is still mystified as to whether the court will consider the cases of both Heywood Patterson and Clarence Norris, or whether the former is out of court for technical reasonl.
The world is also mystified as to who will appear as counsel in the Supreme Court hearing. The continues to maintain that its attorneys, Frankel and Pollak.
will make the appeal. Samuel Leibowitz has said nothing for a couple of weeks, but anybody who thinks he has shot his last arrow is making a bad guess.
The Nation reports that the State of Alabama is out to arrest Ruby Bates for perjury. Ruby Bates is the girl who was bribed and bulldozed by the Sheriff of Scottsboro, three years ago, to swear she was raped by the nine young Scottsboro boys. She later reversed her testimony. Now Ala bama wants to get her in a jail. cell, pound her plenty, and make (Continued on Page 4)
Last Minute Call The Convention of the Communist League opens on November 23 and will last through the 29th.
This will be followed by the Fusion Conference, November 30 through December The Spartacus Youth League convention will open Dec. and last through the 5th. All the conventions will be held at Stuyvesant Casino.
We expect 50 delegates for the. convention and about 30 for the Youth convention.
This means that we have to feed these comrades, in addition to the delegates during the three days of the Fusion Conference.
Arrangements have been made to take care of the feeding. Our own comrades will attend to the cooking We also have to accommodate the delegates with sleeping quartels.
In the lust issue of the Militant we called for donations of food Stuffs. Two of our sympathizers have responded. Comrade Pauline has ottercd us 10 loaves of bread daily and comrade Harrison of Brooklyn is sending us some bakings. Paul King, member of the downtown branch of New York will give some. butter and eggs.
Harry Strong of New York, donated 3) to help.
We still need coffee, sugar, potatoes, etc.
Write to the ofilce of the Militant.
We also need about 10 more sleeping accommodations. Continuodm Pond)
MA MEEill TG To Greet the National Conferences ol the American Workers Party and the Communist League SPEAKERS: JAMES CANNON MUSTE MINNEAPOLlSIl eaden of the Famous Strikes of Local 574 Vincent Dunne Carl Skoglund TOLEDO: Ted Selander MINI IRS: Allard of Illinois Miles Dunne Organizers of Mass Picket Line that Broke the Injunction Sam Pollack Outstanding Leaders of the Militant Left Wing Ger Brant Scott of West Virginia UNEMPLOYED MOVEMENT: Leaders of the National Unemployed League Anthony Ramuglia Arnold Johnson NEGRO STRUGGLES:Ouuunding Negro Militants James Watson of Philadelphia DEEP SOUTH: Germania Hall in Drake Arringto Bill Truax McKinney of Pittsburgh 11 of Gulfport, Miss.
SPARTACHS YOUTH National Secretary of the Spartacus Youth League Joseph Carter CANADA: Leaders of the Workers Party of Canada Maurice Spector CHAIRMEN: Max Shachtman SUNDAY, DEC. 2nd. pm.
16th St.
Admission 25 Cents Jack MacDonald Louis Budenz Third Av.
The eyes of evcry revolutionist conferences of the and the Delegates from all parts of the Unemployed Demonstrate Today National Delegation to Present Demand: in Washington More than 750, 000 organized unemployed, backed by almost a million additional jobless workers and trade union members, will take to the streets at 10 AM. today. in the leading cities of 22 states, to voice their protest against unemployment.
and unsatisfactory relief conditions, and to demand the adoption of an eight point platform which alone can relieve them from present starvation standards.
In New York City the marchers will assemble at Union Square at 10 AM. They will go north on Fourth Avenue to 33rd Street; west to Madison Ave. thence south past the TERA otlices at 79 Madison; down to 23rd St. west to Broadway. and south to Union Square where a mass meeting will be held. committee will present the demands of the unemployed to the State Relief Administration at 11:30 Representatives of all organimtions oflieially part of the parade will be included in the committee.
Among the organizations partic ipating in New York are the Workers Unemployed Union, the New York Assn. of Unuppointed Teachers, the Emergency Workers Union, four locals, Milinery Workers Locals 24 and 42, Interna»
tionnl Pocketbook Workers Union, Suitcase and Bagmakers Union, locals of the United Textile Workers, Capmakers, Printing Pressmens Local 51; Joint Cormcil of Furriers, Radio Workers, and Painters Local 261. The Communist League of America, American Workers Party, and Socialist Party are also backing the demonstration.
Next Tuesday fifteen representatives of leading unemployed organizations will meet with Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins and Federal Relief Administrator Harry Hopkins in Washington to present the same relief demands.
The point platform the following: Federal public works to provide work for the unemployed at trade union rates on the basis of 30 for a 30 hour week; Passage of the Lundeen Unemployment Insurance Bill now before Congress; Pending these, immediate direct cash relief of 310 weekly for single persons, 815 weekly for families of two, and weekly for each additional dependent; Guarantee oftbe rights of organization and collective bargaining to, all workers on public projects; Recognition of representatives of organized unemployed hy relief administrations; Federal adequate disability compensation on all public works and to and from the job; Diversion of all war funds to unemployment relief; Passage of a universal 30 hour work week law without pay cuts.
The demonstration means the be«
ginning of a concerted and deter.
mined drive of the organized unemployed throughout the nation to se cure for themselves the program which they have adopted. The 12 million unemployed will not continue to remain jobless or to exist on home relief or work relief which pays only to 12 weekly. Once the unemployed have set their faces toward our point program which is their goal they will not turn back until they have achieved includes it.
PRICE CENTS Delegates Meet to Decide onNewParty atConventions Labor history will be made in New York City this coming week.
and class conscious militant in the United States will he turned to the conventions of the Communist League of America and the American Workers Party.
At these conventions, to open on November 26th and to conclude on November 29th, the momentous step for the organization of a new revo lutionary party in the United States will be debated and decided.
On November 30th, given a favorable outcome at the respective (EDA and every indication points that way the representatives of both organizations will met in joint convention and there hitch the wagon of revolution to a new star the Workers Party of the United States.
country are pouring into New York. galaxy of the most distinguished representatives of the working class, from the class war battle fields of the glorious Minneapolis strike, Ofrom Toledo, from the scene of the Frisco general strike, from the coal fields of Illinois and West Virginia, from the unemployed movement in the heart of America, from every major industrial and political cen ter from coast to coast, from Canada to the Gulf, are gathering to make a decision that will mark a turning point in the course of the American proletariat.
Not sleek, self satisfied bureaucrats such as are seen at of conventions but fighting militants fresh from the picket lines these are the delegates that will be seen at the conventions of the CL. and the They are coming not in ullmana with luxurious sleepers, not in limousines. Far from it. in freight trains, on the highways, thumbing a ride, in ramshackle automobiles.
the delegates are beating their way to New York.
All of them will be present and the host or them represented on the platform at the musa meeting to greet the conferences of th and the which will be held on December 2, PM. at Germania Hall, 160 Third Ave.
The list of speakers is a first class treat for the New York work ing class: Vin at Dunne, Miles Dunne and. an Skoglund lenders of the Minneapolis drivers strike; Ted Selnnrler and Sam Pollack who led the picket line that broke the injunction in Toledo, Arnold Johnson, Bill Truax and Anthony Rainuglia, leading militants in the an»
employed movement; Gerry Allard from the Illinois miners movcment; Brunt Scott from the West Virginia coal fields, Negro militants from Philadelphia and Pittsburgh; Joseph Carter, National Secretary of the Spartacus Youth League; Man»
rice Specter and Jack Mac Donald, spokesmen for the Workers Party of Canada.
The convention of the American Workers Party opens on November 28 and ends November 30. For details see the current issue of Laban Action which Is on the press at this writing.
The convention of the Communist League, marking the third in its history and the consummation of six years of struggle, will open at the Stuyvesant Casino, Ninth Street and Second Ave. at 10 Monday, November 26. More than 50 delegates from approximately 20 cities will be represented.
The convention will hear reportfrom members of the National Committee on the Situation and Per spectives of American Imperialism.
on the Negro question. the international situation and the work of our international organization, on the proposed programmatic statement for the new party which it will dis.
cuss, amend and revise as it sees fit. It will draw a balance of years of factional activity which saved the banner of Marxism from the disgrace of Stalinism. It will center its attention on moving out into the class struggle and on forging the best instrument for this purpose. Hcre the question of fusion with the American Workers Party will be democratically discussed and a decision arrived at.
The conference of the Communist League will be open to delegates and members of the organization only.
The Fusion Convention. beginning on Nov. 30 at the Stuyvesant Ca slno and ending December will be open to all members, friends and sympathizers.
Revolutionary workers all over the world will watch the proceedings with keen attention and await the results. The successful culmin ation of the fusion will be a mile stone on the road to the Fourth International.
The formationof a new party in America means the dawn of a new era in the history of the world proletariat. Forward!