11 :5, ms. stale organiutien would asap. weeds eat or nos.
But this is not all.
swan members of the MY. disposed of the Michigan or enintion, leArasd in some myntgfi.
on! way that the diminution of Mi.
chigsn state alone was not sumsiens. denial. the result of the Vutln.
15. decided to suspend all nleetiun.
on the supposed ground that some frauds had been practiced in the bal.
hang. Where was the evidence of these frauds. Do you lupposg they were in local New York where Gerber, the election boss, or his lgpfg. native attended the branch meetins! and watched to see that they. were not voting for the candidates opposed to the reactionary machine?
Not at all! The frauds appeared in the fact that the Left Wing branches paid no attention to the election bosses and voted as a unit for the Left candidates and she as Mum.
he were left without a single vote in a. pileol right under their own soessl And this is the whole secret of the frauds. In reality these frauds were the cloak of the hideous purpose of. the officials: To remain in power beyond the time allowed by the eonstitution (July 1st. And for the solution of the great crisis in the party they decided to call the National convention which will decide the truthfulness of the charges. This truthfulness will be reported to ths convention by Opportunists appointed hy Opportunisie the investigation committee, as they call it: But even this is not the end at the dirty work of the seven reactionists.
When they suspended the party election they noticed, that plenty of Left elements wsre in the party who might seriously examine the truthfulness of the elections even as the party convention. This was evident to them from the election returns, which were nearly complete. Now, what do you think? Suppose the branches send to the convention a majority of delegates who do not belong to the machine of the masterofllcislsi Would it not be necessary for the seven reactionary members of the to suspend themselves?
Just think of iti Have these man no brainsl Do they not reason cools 1y! All this was said most plainly by George Goebel tha Thirtwaaar Socialist when the time came for socailad discussion of the protest of seven language Federations against the elimination from the party of the branches belonging to those Federations by the New York local and state executive committees because of flirting of the program of the Left Wing. Instead of discussing what was to be done to the New York reactionsries, committeelnsn Kraut that sasn who has done nothing and was 1mln iscned as was very truly stated by his friend Jslnss Oneal, made a motion to suspend the seven Federa one until further notice. And When Comrades Wagenknecht and Klttarfeld poinhd out the silliness or such procedure, Goebel said: would feel far better i! at present moment. were not a mambo!
v! the But it we do not sus»
pend them (the Federations) they Will crowd the convention with their Mos and In the Socialist Party at America.
And therelore in order that thelr clarion work. o: mucous a pmy mm ruin end dldniem on should not be in vain; 1m. the coming convention may eurlly Adopt their resolution by which they elimiMcd the Michigan ante man. on ma suspended the entire election THE COMMUNIST of the party; In srder to ss llrs before hand so ii. 1. In.
Ilion may attend ! tha kind of e ions they spend seven is orbaiiozl The over llsirly thousand men: an ip es: th am. y favored the That these politicsna knew that th e Left Wing was in existence for over two years is frankly admitted by Goe bei, who said that he kept on his files copy of each manifesto, program and paper of the Leftwingers. It is eVldent therefore that the Left Wing was tolerated as long as it did not ary machine, as long as their programs were not considered as offenses against the party law. Only when lla left wing touched Ilse nest of the opporluniah did a beco violation of llsl plrty conetltutlors.
In connection with the suspension of the language Federations there was something ridiculous too. The Nationel Constitution says that the lanmiage branches under no circumstances should act contrary to the platforms and constitutions of local and state organizations. asked this reactionary committee: how do you know that the branches of language Federations concur with the resolution of the Michigan state convention forbidding the advocacy of legislative reforms? They may be obeying it under compulsion, because the National Constitution comp lo them to threaten the control of the reaction LEON TROTSKY ON THE MILITARY SITUATION At The Session of The Pienum of The Moscow Soviet.
On April first a preliminary meeting of the Moscow Soviet was held at the Blue Hall of the Soviet House.
Trotzky Report Comrades, you all know that on the eastern front we have had some reverses, which resulted especially in the loss of Ufa. Now we again enter the stage of anxious weeks and perhaps months, and in this tense anxious atmosphere there are born all sorts of anxious rumors. Here in Moscow, people said that the Kolcllakiats were nearing Kazan, and that Volga would be cut off, and at the beginning of navigation we should be cut off and could not utilize the river for purposes of transportation, etc. do not wish to minimize the import ance of our reverses and defeats. However, can say with much assurance that on the eastern front there were. no ca tastrophes, and that at the prestamps, membership cards, following the action of the ANNOUNCEMENT The National Organization Committee of the Con:snunist Party of America is now prepared to supply tem porary charters, application for membership cards, due to organizations endorsing the call for the organization convention on September lst.
These supplies will be valid until other; are furnished convention.
Due stamps will be sold to Local at five cents each.
Orders for the above supplies should be addreued to Dennis Butt, 1221 Blue Island Ave. Chicago, ill. Make checks payable to Stiison, treasurer.
National Organization Committee. Dennis Butt, Sec y.
obey. i e these branches to he eliminated because they obey the National Constitutionl Thus the protectofl of the unity of the party have split the party.
But are they sure that they will be able to dominate in the coming convention? No. Mter the session was over, chanced to speak with Goebal, Knit and Germar. To my question: what are thay going to do with those locale of the Left Wing which they forgot to eliminate, they replied that say will see about in they intend to eliminate the Boston and Cleveland loo ls, if it in use ry all Leis wingers. Therefore one thing is sure: they will knp on eliminatinuntil there will as no one in the plrly use them.
lo Solziizlacofl, who believed in left wing socialism (so he said. was cflntinuolly repeating the quastion: If there is any othsr way out. ii there is any. show it to all did show it to him: hop your nous out of the party sash. which can In ulna only by a convention and a re renduns veil. and that will he she has!
way out. But if that is unpleasant to you, sh is another ways a to ch. Labor Party, which Stedmn said he was not Ifrald to loin and is the Soul lint Party in. it will take ears of he own inter u and and the way out.
These gentlemen no doubt intend to do something of this character.
Thsy have proceeded to tie up the property of the party in such a manner that it will pass out of the control of the party membership for a number of years. ln the event that the reactionary should lose control of the organization then the proparty should not come into the central of the party or one of in fee.
tions, but should soeillisl instisuslea for the hen of Amer inn socialism. This statement was made by Goebel.
From the above it is evident that the party bosses will hesitate at nothing to retain their control. We may be indeed thankful that they have not machine guns at their dispusal as did Herr Noske. The only thing that prevents them from shooting down the opposition is that they have not ths executioners at their commsnd. It is quite certain that they are morslly capable of it.
No longer must we deludo ourselves with the hope that there is any podsibillty of working harmoniously with them. We have reached the parting o! the ways snd must ssvsr all connection with them.
Down with the traitors to the working class! n with the pseudo souialist mlslesdsrsl Long live the Communist Party of America.
Page Bum sent moment rnuch active work is being done toward restoring the crippled front line.
On the southern front and among the French troops in Odessa. and on the Black Sea Front in general, we observe a complete disruption and decomposition, and absolute unwillingness of the French commanders to interfere with our operations. This is explained by the fact that our Red Army has shown its power near the Black Sea and Don fronts. The army is the central point. the focus at which all our weak and strong points intersect. Our strong part is our unexampled working class, the advance guards of which bears things which no other class ever bore, and the support from the best elements of the peasantry. But as regards the conditions of transportation and food service, we have faults everywhere, and our work is met with numerous obsin uctions. Our enemies throw against us all their reserves. Kolchnk threw all his oflicers schools; Denikin also threw everything he had; Esthonians also received help.
If we should also consider the intervention of French and English, which at the present moment is mythical; then we must say that our open and rabid enemies have mobilized everything they have bad.
And if we lost Ufa, if we suffered reverses, this must not lower out spirit. We must consider that our front is so big that at some points it may be bent, but there is nothing startling in it. But we must say that between the Kolchak ofiensive and the attempin at uprisings in Simhirsk and Kazan provinces there is a definite connection. Together with internal and external uprisings, there began to spread monstrous rumors in Moscow and in the provinces. This is one of the mightiest weapons in the hands of our enemies to demoralize our struggle. to weaken our determination and energy.
Now, allow me to give you a brief summary. On the eastern front, after the taking of Orenburg, Ufa, and Uraiak, we lost Ufa, the situation is not bad.
nevertheless. 0n the southern front the situation is fine. In the near future we will be able to develop a complete ofionsive on that front. 01: the Ukraininan front we have taken Och.
akov and Meriupol; and the fall of Odessa is but a matter few dSYs. In the was: we are :1; the defensive, but no area an er that side 0. a 1m orth front we will send them furth the front. t