Peso Six (Continued from Pogo 3)
ism that socialism which for years and yous on inspiration to all opportunisb.
Knowing that the party would never renounce in opportunistic. pet.
ty honrgeols puitiun while the reins remained in the hands of the poisons who advertised in their papers (for money) the candidates of the corrupt capitalist parties (Berger in Milwaukee Leader. or such who were showing their loyalw to the working class by having their photographs in soldier uniform printed in the campaign leaflet (former Mayor Van Leer of Minneapolis) the revolufionary element: realised that it was possible to fight against such reaev fionary role in the party only by on (anixlny the revolutionary rum. to. the benefit of Revolutionary Sociallam.
In the meanwhile the war came.
The masses became restless. Indi dual members of the party and entire branches began to demand from the party oilicers answers to the question raised by democracy. Something had in be done, because silence on the part of the opportunists would take the party machinery out of their hands. In order to save their author ity from going into bankruptcy the opportunisb convcked the famous convention at St. Louis and there betrayed the members of the Socialist Party by feigning that they had hecome radical. Their fear was that the party might turn still more radical (reed Berger confession in Judge Landis Court at Chicago. and they secretly hoped to turn the party back again into filo. old rut as soon as the heat of the fanatics was gone.
They accomplished this splendidly dmring the time of greatest reaction by announcing that the party members should interpret the St. Louis platform according to their views.
But they made a mistake again. It is true, there were many members who indeed acted according to their own personal views. However the spirit of the radicals not only did not evaporate, but on the contrary, it captured still greater numbers of the party members than before.
Then the Russian. German and Hungarian Revolutions placed squarely before the party the clear question: will it lo with the reactionary elements, wbinl. during u. entire per»
ind of the wu have so earnestly work d (or bourgeoisie; or will it go with that Ionian. movement, whieh the worst reaction of the four year; has failed to bring down? To answer this quesfion a party convention was necmry. But the National Executive Committee did not see any reason for uning the convention, exp pining through the mouth of Germer, that. the regular convention is will: the next year (for the nomination of candidates to governmental efilcee) and it will be possible to solve there all each question; and if the convention should be called now, it would be a hard thing In to cover the expenses.
Where the secret of our refusal to call the convention! It here: who in II. might and the convention on. majority Juu munrmmh. W to :5 coo armors.
We u u to on. 11. Left. uu would unit. party with th swap. cg.
uni u, hateful Victor Hm I: and an: an. mm.
lilhl univ at the melul. u. u Manuh. mdh. fl, u found money to pay Mahlou Barnes 50. 00 week for the pflllmlnll y amnfernent of the convention. The!
thought everything would in smoothed out this way. In their scheme to call the amnesty convention the party ofiicela renounced even its 1: e character. they decided to call the convention not in the name of the party but in the name of some colorless league and they invited fox 4m organisers even such elements as officers of the American Federation of labor (who gave no answer at all)
and of the People Council (which but recently refused to allow Comp rsde Debs to make a speech: which adopted the Wilsonian fourteen onion. etc. yet the party mem hers. earnestly desiring to free the prisoners, in the absence of the opportunity to discuss the question of Amnesty Convention more fully, at first did not oppose such decision of the at least to no extent.
Entirely difierent. however. was the sending of delegates to the con feral ice of social traitors at Berna.
The National Executive Committee was vigorously denounced in this in stance even while in session in JanTHE COMMUNIST send from everywhere the strongest protests against such decision of. committee not only againstwastlng money on the pleasure ride of a couple of opportunilte but also because of bringing the greatest shame upon the Socialist movement in this country; they demanded not only the recall of this decision of the committee, but at the same time to help the real Socialists of Europe to Establish the Third International. But the the majority of whom understand Socialism not a bit better than does William Jennings Bryan, having in its hands the party machinery end understanding well its power, again decided to ignore the demands of the membership, still hoping that the revolutionary spirit would disappearand all will be well again.
It is true it took some time for that spirit to assert imelf. But it did as sert itself. The returns of the elections of the officers of the party have shown that the opportunists were beaten to the dust, that party management was taken away from them.
And. mark you, they are grown men, as Goehel says, and know that they can dictate the party position stitution of the Communist defrayed. In the state of Michigan purposes.
the future of the Communist Comradeslzi, The Call of the Third International has been answered by the formation of the Communist Party of America. The expense of the propaganda necessary to make that party a success must be met. The expenses of the convention that will finally draw up the manifesto, program and conper member has been levied to meet the expense of organizntion. That is not excessive and should be easily met.
We have not the space to make a full page appeal to you in this matter, even if it were necessary. The space in this paper is too valuable and must be used for other We know that you are behind us and will see the need of funds and answer the call. ACT NOW! Make your contribution as large as possible. With your loyal support Make all checks and money orders payable to STIISON, Treasurer, 1221 Blue Island Ave. Chicago, Ill.
Party of America must be an assessment of one dollar Party of America is assured.
nary, at which time this decision made. myself participated in on.
session and strongly protested against such conduct of the pointing that our party, if not in feet then at least in theory held a somewhat clearer position than the traitors of working class interests Scheidemmu, Ebert, Kautsky, Pluchnuoo, Henderson. Thorn Guesde and other socialists of this kind. stated out the Russian and German Conimunist pnrfiea were calling their con lerence. Moscow for the purpose of creating the Third International.
Then National Secretary Germur pompously stated that no one knew about such a conference being called 1t Moscow and that sum. was taldng his new: iron. the capitalist papers (as it he was taking his news about the conference of social traitors It Borne from any mince other than the clplkliet papal II. the brflbun of Phillip Sch mania.
In erlu feel the party numb re tie Natl eel Executive Committee planned the Auaeetf convent in laet d the emanation. and As loan as the party members learned that the National Exetuclve Committee decided to join the Amish lean Socialist Party in the yellow lomlleh in Europe they began to gust as long as the party management. in their hands. rams. they dm filled a. ppm the will of the memJu a, lm bore. Everybody knows that on. State itself has a constitutional h to expel members, no one he. such right to the are the purpose of Gerber e com: was something else.
For one thing be uld um ea member of «b. exeeutive commit. of local New York alweyl athudq the u. cu. of varioue band.
who u. elections of any pm. were in progress and. um the branches e veil. properly In other words he put. u. branches the uni reaction.
pew of the corrupt politisiua of Tammany Hall. But, notwithstnndiug the fact, dial; the election boss at the meeting was watching that branch voted properly, many of the branches unanimously voted for is.
oendidatel of the Left Win. and (h.
opportunist: were duh tad nun in such center of loci valt riotc as New Yorkl Then what could be expected from places where the votes were not sui e. All this was explained by Gerber in his hour and a half speech. He called attention of the especially to the fact that. he most ballots for the Left Wing :andidates were cast by foreign speaking branches; that they had steering committees to indicate how to vote (he almost forgot his :hat he was sending his representatives to the branches to watch that they should vote properly. Then followed the report of Na. tional Secrean y Geri oer. He remark. ed at the ouuat that the Russian, Lithuanian and some other foreign language Federations during the last few months were growing so rapidly, that it was simply an nnnatur growth, etc. And this shows nothing else but the desire and effort on the part of the leaders of these numbers of nlaelds by the help of whom they could seize the Socialist Party of America. Therefore he asked the committee to do something. to prevent the wt wings ers from taking possession of the party. After some time be presented to the the charge against the Socialist Party of Michigan because it allowed the membership to have a referendum vote on the question of the advocacy of legislative reform.
In that charge and in supplement to it (everyuilng in the nficisl report. Germer chided the chtwingess, so much that even Shiplacofl. that King of the Aventurists, advised omigiou of some parts as not pertaining to the report. But the main pain: was this: the members in Michigan had voted for the Left Wing candidates report of just few minutes ago bership. my coat. And for that purpose fliers is but one means Iorce. And here immediately after known incidents in New York where :he opportunisn have asked 21. pelice to throw the Left Socialists out of a meeting a Socialize meeting.
Secretary Gamer went to New York and visit. The results of this szlt was um immediately after his return to Chicago reports came that both English and foreign language branches which had joined to. Left Wing were thrown out of u. New York state organization.
0n nay 24 of on. year there was. session ot the in Chicago.
Julius Gerber secretary of local New ml. and member of to. state executive committee, came to it without mutation as he said himself and as Germer confirmed. Now. what did a.
come Ior He came to vindicate the b. ll. y. aims; Win. fiugv. commitm u. eliminating Ind ulmitud annulus mm o party several thouund mem bnd no knowledge wheth 5 several thousand votes! Therefore without any ceremony, without paying any attention to the mt that the motion to forbid the advocacy of legisleive reforms was only in the process of referendum vote md. ulshl yet be rejected (whizh was pl. inlv noted also by the members of the E. Comrades Kagenkuecht and Katterfsld) this did not stop the actionaries bent on holding the ruin!
of the party management in their hands at any price. They refused even to give a chance to the Cor rsdes of Michigan to explain or dieate themselves they. Iimu the or. or. u by. inflstroke of the en. And only. a. fail to uud. u. thle all nation was directed not for P action of the party commutio lull Purpeu of Ihrowin our the viam