M, as. me ya them from demucfion at the ban. Charles Vopicka. ministodl tzgtllhselrs llifi:smrk speaking of the Lelsue of Nations recently, Hid: It, to will bring nn end to the bolshevist donger. In the left. Nations the capitalists of the Allied Powers believe theyg hose forged an instrument with which to perpetuate their power.
But, Band of Nations or no Band of Nations capitalists moot solve the contradictions in their own system.
the fish of the proletariat. History in Working fol. their final triumph. Victory 18 their: and they will not be denied. SOCIALISM AND SUPERIOR BRAINS We have often been told of the sliperior mental equipment 90889 9894 by the batter classes in society; when some individlnl succeeds in stabbing at? a generous share of the wealth of the world. fOI SOOth. 11: la because of his Superior Brains.
The pm Of money is the badge of success in bourgeois society.
Occasionally, however, members of the upper class are pinged in a position where the crudities of their mental cousin action cannot be concealed from the public gaze. Such was the case in the Ford Tribune suit at Mt Clemens, Mich. Of course.
it is of no vital concern to the workers whether Henry Ford secures a million dollar judgment against the Chicago Tribune or not. Ford is one of the most successful exploiters of labor in modern times; the other is but an institution serving the interests of the capitalist class. Nevertheless, the case is both instructive and amusing, for when thieves fall out, honest men get their due. So, in the court room at Mt. Clemens, much is being revealed about the great automobile inventor and manufncturer, that goes to prove what socialists have long cantended: The mere acquisition or possession of money is no guarantee that an individual is the possessor of superior mental equipment.
Mr. Ford conduct on the witness stand proved beyond a doubt that he is an idealist, and an ignorant one at that, as the Tribune attorney put it. Total ignorance of simple historical data with which any school boy is familiar would not be surprising in an Arkansas hill billy, but it is inexcusable when displayed by one of our best citizens. When a man doesn know when the great revolution took place that gave us the vast liberties we haven got, and at the same time holds in the hollow of his hand the destinies of thousands of workingmen bud women, it is apparent that there is something radically wrong with the social system. We respectfully suggest that Henry Ford attend one of the citizenship classes conducted in his automobile plant, or that a social service worker be detailed to the million dollar farmhouse at Dearhorn.
Mr. Ford found himself beset with difilculties when he attempted to defend his pacificism; pure pacificism being an lllogical and unnatural thing. Believing in and supporting a sys tem that breeds wars, his attempt to explain his mental contradictions was a screaming farce. The Tribune attorney, always about two jumps ahead of Henry, mentally, led him a merry chase.
Acknowledging ths probability of attack and the necesIlty, from a bourgeois point of View, of preparing for the en: my, be was in about the same pickle as our former socialist Congressman, Meyer London. when he put forth a palflfis rather than a socialist position in the House of Representatives.
Within the confines of the capitalist system fill 193. 0f militarism cannot be solved. With predatory capitahfits preymg upon one another world wars are bound to come in the effort to Ielxlc their conflicting interests. Nothing short of the lnstltution of communism by the proletariat of. the world will once and for all time settle the problem of wars and the rest of the contradiction of the profit system. mg prefer Ford uncaring at history on We elm 1m banio, cannot stall: this. and so flounderegg buut on the witness stand like a fish out of sister. If 13. at: be twisted into meaning isnoramus by the W111 i: Baggy. he Wmnfing the Tribune. then FogsfhanS 053 bleeds gall to ignorance on mes.
One 11:11 1001 no farther than the Ford Tnbunreflcnsgh: find all the argument necessary to the :8 on vitamin role because of their superior brams.
FAdmoun McAlpinc chall;l; h:tNfit;n;lhExecuti. cinnm 9 mm. fightwith ahawk. on o! m chicken P1011111 THE COMMUNIST Pug Pin Communiques By a most diligent search one might be able to locate one of those all Mashioned persons who believe in socialism by ovolnfind Chicago Daily News. o o. n. Jul lO. Tho United States navy a tn line the gfl fit battleships in the world, it was revealed today when Secretory aniell awarded a contract to the Ne rt New. Shipbuild ing company for battleship 53. an lsccmcnt 4, 1, 0 tons, and to hav15 inch A contract for nno er battleship o! the Inns type wlu be awar ed next week, it was stated. Battleship No. 53 will cost 21. 000. 000.
What was that we heard, Woodrow, about the war to end all wars. o From Adolph report it appears that one of the good reasons why the language federations should be expelled was that they were showing marked activity and a notable increase in membership. o o o.
Henry Ford didn know the date of the American revolution; thought it might have been in 1812. No, Hank, it was in 1776, and Columbus discovered America in 1492. o o o a Let the Party function now. Don be fooled by the plea Wait until the Convention says Katterfeld. That is our idea of it, too, and we re putting it into action.
o o a. We have serene confidence in our victory at the coming party convention IF that convention is held. In other words, Comrade Ketterfeld is absolutely certain that possibly, maybe, perhaps. o n. To send delegates to the Socialist Party convention would be to turn the other cheek.
o o a It appears that the Left Wingers in New York have two ideas. If. If. If we capture the Convention, alright; if we don t, alright. But isn it rather uncomfortable, sitting on two chairs? Kerensky tried it, and we all know what happened.
a o o a Clear the Decks. The Left Wing has captured the Socialist Party. That is indisputable. Should the Left Wing capture the Party Convention. It is necessary to clear the decks. Conquer the Socialist Party.
Frsina gives us a lesson in grammar: The Socialist Party has been captured; it should be captured; it must be captured. o o.
When you capture the Party what will you do with the prisoners? t The proletarisn: Pardon me, Mr. Capitalist, but whom shall hate next? The Japanese? t 3 Or the greasy Mexicans. t 3 Or John Chinnmau? t 3 Or you? t t It may not properly be a communique, but it cannot be gainsaid that it is comic to see the name of Max Eastman ap pearing as one of the founders of a new scientific journal of Marxian socialism! t t. Chicago placards shout: Jobs for Soldiers free. Really, it wouldn be quite fair to ask the heroes who have made the world safe for Democracy to pay for the opportunity of remaining amongst the living. n. Oh yes, jobs are that scarce that citizens in the land of Equal Opportunity are paying a premium for them. t C LWords and words. Nero fiddled while Rome burned; and there are those who are still arguing a communist party ought to be formed. They hesitate to cut the imbibical cord connecting them with the Seven Saviors of the revolution.
o o a Holy Family versus St. John. m ball in Chi. Strife in heaven? No: